Another family Values Republican Revealed as a Crook and Hypocrite

People in Mississippi love talking bad about other states’ politicians despite being so roundly failed by their own. Normally the local invective is saved for Nancy Pelosi or AOC. It’s kinda like voter fraud that way, people around here want to talk about it when the Texas Attorney General goes off half cocked accusing Mexicans of voting illegally and not so much when the GOP in North Carolina demonstrates their detailed knowledge of how to perpetrate it.

And then we have Rep. Duncan Hunter, a family values Republican who evidently spent his campaign money so he could hump lobbyists, a staffer along with some other act of perversion the Federal Prosecutors essentially said was NSFW and wanted to submit under seal. It also explains why his wife turned on him.

Watching the clown show that is the modern day Republican party collapse under the weight of its own corruption is pleasing. So is watching Franklin Graham reveal himself as a political prostitute. Will the evangelicals give Hunter a pass like they do Trump claiming humping around is OK, because after all King David did that and worse? One thing about the good ol’ days that I do agree with is back then, people knew the difference between right and wrong, without watching Tee Vee news or listening to Tee Vee preachers that are more interested in building net worth than leading people to salvation.

Meantime Mississippi’s new bogeywoman, AOC is giving the Democrats a much needed enema and that is very pleasing to see as well. The only open question is whether or not the Dems lose next year by picking Creepy Joe Biden as their standard bearer. Not so pleasing are the people drinking the Koolaid that actually think one party is better than the other when the reality was well summed up years ago by the late Molly Ivins:

As they say around the Texas Legislature, if you can’t drink their whiskey, screw their women, take their money, and vote against ’em anyway, you don’t belong in office.

Meantime we can all wonder which GOP Congressman hits the pokey first, Hunter or the crook from New York.

10 thoughts on “Another family Values Republican Revealed as a Crook and Hypocrite”

  1. I think I taught your brother David at St. Clare nearly a half-century ago.

    And I agree (sadly) that each side believes it is “the good guys,” the other side being “the bad guys.” If it weren’t so sad it might be funny.

    1. There is humor to be found in the sheer absurdity of today’s politics, where wedge issues are used by the political parties to keep otherwise well meaning people at each others throats while the pols back up the trucks and rob us all blind (while blaming the Mexicans and other Latin Americans).

      In my opinion my class at St Clare was far superior to the rest. I think CF will back me on that.

  2. Watch the Democratic Debate!

    It is rife of failure and giving away of wealth and the fruits of labor to those that don’t embrace the opportunity of America to fulfill their own dreams but to embrace those who fall short of the grade.

    How about building a platform of success for your family to succeed! This American value is being forgot and making government responsible for your success or failure!

    1. Yeah, but I didn’t see any blatant family values crook and hypocrites like the one Doug was describing in this post, except for de Blasio who is another NYC dumbass like Trump.

    2. The democratic debate is ridiculous they want programs not jobs. Everyone gets everything whether you work for it or not. 49% cannot provide for 51%.

      1. They are only interested in raising campaign funds. No agenda to win. Just hate the otherside. Diversity is not as complicated as they make it. If you fail it is someone else’s fault!

  3. When You Use Campaign Funds To Pay For Your Pet Rabbit’s Trip, You’re Doing It Wrong

    The tag says “Lying Crooked Sack of Shit Politicians”?

    How prescient!

    TPM calls to attention the alleged involvement of Eggburt in the alleged crimes of alleged congressman Duncan Hunter.

    See page 8 and 9 of the indictment.

    The government alleges the illegal use of campaign funds to pay airline charges of $250.00 for Eggburt to accompany the Hunter family on a vacation they allegedly could not afford with their own funds. Eggburt is (was?) the Hunter family pet rabbit.

    Duncan Hunter’s Eggburt escapade… probably qualifies him for some for some sort of award!

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