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Posted on June 19, 2019

Sure, Iran did that thing in the Gulf of Oman. Why wouldn’t they? They figured it’s time they showed they didn’t want to be fucked with forever. All that sanctions bullshit designed to strangle their economy. Sanctions for what? For keeping the deal they made with Obama. Yeah, Barack Obama, the guy who could think and talk and execute a handshake and who you could believe. An actual President.

So, nobody got hurt in the Gulf…not like when Israel “mows the grass” in Gaza with a couple of thousand dead, many under 10 years old, while right wing Israelis dance in the street chanting “Tomorrow there’s no school in Gaza, they don’t have any children left.” Sick.

The Iranians…Persians…took a chance. They made a carefully calibrated strike. Nobody got hurt and no US assets were touched. They got to take America’s temperature. Interesting, no real public outrage. Quite the opposite. Many didn’t believe Trump or Pompeo… only when the Military (Central Command) weighed in were people willing to trust their own government. No President in our history has had such a trust deficit.

Israel First types, like Sheldon Adelson’s favorite columnist, Bret Stephens, formerly of the Jerusalem Post, now of the New York Times, were salivating at the prospect of a muscular American reaction. After all, isn’t that what Adelson paid for when he came in for Trump $30 Million strong in the last ten days of the Election? He didn’t come in with that kind of cash hoping for peace or good government. He came in for an Iran wipe out…”nuke them in the desert and tell them the next one is in downtown Tehran” as Sheldon said with typical subtlety. If Sheldon wanted peace and good government, he could get a bellyful in Switzerland. They’ve always got room for one more billionaire taxpayer.

The key takeaways from the incident in the Gulf are: 1) Our Military has credibility. 2) Trump, Pompeo, Bolton have no credibility. 3) There is no American appetite for another “preemptive” unnecessary mideast war urged on us by Israel and their hyper-active friends in the US. 4) There has not been a “Peace Lobby” worthy of the name in the US since the end of the Vietnam War. 5) The public reaction to the incident in the Gulf tells me there is a constituency for pro-active peacemaking on the left and in the middle and a “do this or we’ll kick your ass” approach is dumb and dangerous.

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  1. This post was written before the the Iranians shot down our drone. Even though that is the case,
    I think the post is totally relevant and timely.

    This is going to be a moment of truth for Trump. I don’t think Bolton is the right person to rely on.
    His “brand” is to advocate regime change as the first and only option. That means troops on the ground.

    I think Trump’s instincts are to not get involved in an Iraq type situation. But, he has to fight the impulse to always appear the “tough guy.” If I were advising Trump, I would tell him to call in some old-timers who have been exercising good judgement for years…Former Secretary of State Jim Baker or Former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell come to mind. This may sound crazy, but I have no doubt that Barack Obama would talk to Trump, completely off the record, if Trump wanted to.

    If he gets some good advice, he can change the trajectory of his Presidency. If he makes the wrong move
    hundreds of thousands of people could die unjustly.

  2. Trump pulled back at the last minute on a planned attack of Iran when he was told there would likely be about 150 deaths.


    There are powerful forces close to Trump who want some dead bodies in Iran…the more the merrier.
    This is THE Moment of Truth for Mister Donald J. Trump.

    1. Tom,
      I have a feeling this Pres. is going to be his own man, whatever that means to some, no matter who is ” breathing down his neck!” Just a guess. Am no political expert.

      1. “Let’s make Iran great again.” Quoting Trump 11:18AM today on the White House Lawn.

        Trump, sometimes, has very decent instincts…then, there are other times. I absolutely think he did the right thing in this case. People commenting in to the New York Times are generally strongly pro Israel and not pro Iran were almost unanimously in support of Trump backing off the planned strike.

        People who know their Bible know Iran has a great history…I believe its Isaiah 45:1…
        “Cyrus anointed…” Someone will correct me!

      1. The right thing in relation to what? Trashing a deal that was working just because Obama cut it? He made his own mess, I don’t give him much credit for not making it worse.

        Just a thought but maybe the Iranian leaders want to provoke us into doing what almost happened last week to distract their own populace, which is certainly suffering the results of the Trump’s economic sanctions.

        Meantime the Iranians now must work toward building a nuke, it’s the only thing that will ultimately even the odds for them.

        If this is MAGA winning, losing is certain to be a major bitch.

        1. I am not a prejudiced person but I do question our allegiance to Israel at times.
          I do believe they should defend their territory, and understand the fact that they are an island in a sea of their enemies, but at what expense to our country to help ensure their safety.

          I am not completely ignorant about the world wide oil market and often wonder if we became completely independent with our energy needs, how would it change our stances regarding the Middle East.
          By independent I mean all sources of energy that we could capture while maintaining the reasonable costs that we are accustomed to.
          I believe that there is some merit to the isolationism policy our country displayed until WWII no longer allowed us to do such.

          1. As citizens and taxpayers we have every right to “question” our relationship with Israel and any other country for that matter. When Israel was founded in 1948 right after WW II, and the
            holocaust, it was totally correct for the US to render significant financial and other assistance.

            That was 71 years ago. Now, Israel is a very wealthy country with a population of Eight Million. We give them $4 Billion per year in aid which is more than we give to all the countries
            in Sub-Saharan Africa combined, a very poor region of 950 Million. That is ridiculous and obscene.

            1. I agree that there is much good work to be done in Africa where the news media, for some reason, ignores the murder of innocents on a daily basis. Hearts have to change for money to get to the right places, and that is a very loooong conversation.

              1. Their own governments need to change. Money n food do not get to ones in need. It isn’t an American Problem…it is a world problem. Others have to help. We have our issues of poverty at the southern border whether it is recognized or not whether you agree on the solution or not!

        2. Doug…

          Your first paragraph, understand and agree completely. When Trump does something reasonably
          sane in the Iran situation I’m going to give him credit hoping it will have a multiplier effect and
          encourage him to do one more reasonably sane thing.

          Bolton is crafty and sneaky. One of his bosses at State during the Bush II Administration said “he could be great working on something when he was on your side…but you didn’t always know if he was on your side.” Bolton knows the Iranians are very proud…with their 3,000 year history they have a right to be. He goes out of his way to taunt, ridicule, threaten and humiliate them hoping they’ll make a mistake. So far, they’ve been patient and disciplined

          They’ve got guts taking down that drone. I’ll bet it will eventually becomes known that the drone was in Iranian Air Space.

          Iran’s problem is that they have nobody who speaks for them in the US even though there are 1,000,000 Iranians here. The only guy they have in their government who speaks good English and has a bit of charm is Javad Zarif who was Kerry’s counterpart on the Iran Deal. He did some
          interviews with Charlie Rose which were good and even entertaining. They’re findable through
          Google Videos.


          T. C.

  3. Yes, he is best at market and political position for us to compete in the world moving forward. We can’t be the land of milk n Honey that accommodates everyone’s needs all the time.

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