Election Year Sacrificial Lambs…..

I do not have a ton of extra time today to write a more comprehensive post on this topic but is the State Auditor’s repayment demand related to the City of Pascagoula designed to help get Mayor Dane Maxwell a seat on the PSC? In my opinion the answer is clearly yes because both the City and Shad White stopped way short on going after all of the culpable parties such as the audit firm which evidently never bothered to read the bond covenants to test compliance with same, to name one such party. Heck, Mayor Dane even re-hired the audit firm, which evidently uses the three wise monkeys method of auditing so they were actually rewarded here.

The fact that the co-mingling of bond money into the general fund didn’t end until Mayor Dane ran up over $9 million of the accumulated deficit should not be lost on anyone.  None of that excuses the actions of Maxwell’s predecessors Joe Huffman and Bobby Parker but Shad White’s office stopped far short here. I’d submit that Maxwell is a cesspool politician of the type that White would do well to keep an eye on rather than assist.

Maxwell is opposed by Kelvin Schulz on the GOP side for Southern District PSC. Based on his June campaign finance report, Schulz does not appear to be a serious candidate.  Former Ocean Springs Mayor Connie Moran and Sugar Stallings are battling on the Democratic side.

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  1. If this is what you post when you don’t have a lot of time I cannot wait to see your comprehensive report. My guess is that Shady Shad is in cahoots with Mayor Dane – the sky seems to be the limit for their shenanigans in Pascagoula. My boy scout troop could have done a better job of investigating.

  2. Led Fillingame can give them lessons on comingeling funds. Les mixed DOJ restricted funds, utility funds, harbor funds, Grant money, reserve funds and the girl scout money. He fooled the council in paying accounts with the comingeled money that was forbidden. The state did nothing.

  3. I keep reading articles and Facebook post about Maxwell. Proof or justification is rarely provided. You guys need to provided more than an opinion. You might be right, but it’s time to provide proof.

    1. Perhaps SNC you should check the links in my post and learn to work some simple math. Here it is since you need proof of simple addition and subtraction:


      In that post, besides Slabbed’s ability to add and subtract Tyler Carter at the Mississippi Press proved he too could do rudimentary math. Here is their story:

      Reports show current Pascagoula city leaders have overspent by $9 million.

      Perhaps the problem is not the author or commenters. It could be an issue with a lazy reader.

  4. Mr. Handshoe, I think you have nailed it in your short report. It is
    too bad that no one seems to care or be outraged, except the handful
    of people who are paying attention. One wonders what it takes to be
    noticed by the proper authorities. Then again, are there any proper
    authorities with no ties to Maxwell with enough gumption to start
    sniffing around? Hopefully, someone in authority will befriend the Former Comptroller and his faithful Assistant who took his place (how she has remained for 2 years and escaped unscathed to a new job outside the city is a mystery as well) and get their confessions before age and ill health possibly take effect. If not, I am afraid that the truth will disappear like the
    setting sun on the water and it will be dark before you know it.

    1. I’m afraid you are right as the light is fading fast. DMax will play the “Yes-puppet” role for the fat wallet utility boys (like he’s already done with Goula’s former gas system which was in motion long before he announced publically his run for PSC just sayin).
      It’s a crime that no other individuals in the current administration were held just as liable, unless they lied. OR just maybe it really is to protect DMax’s chances at getting to screw the rest of the southern district taxpayers. Who knows? What I do know is that this all started to relieve, release, and protect the Jackson County Utility Authority and the behind-the-scenes “powers that be” from a sure-fire damning audit and a docket of lawsuits. It has evolved into a multi-headed monster known as D-Max, who has left a wake of financial ruin, political favors, and ruined careers and lives all so he can guffaw with his go along to get along cronies. His lacking qualifications and those of his assistant city manager for the positions to which they are ascribed and aspire to are severely lacking. One can only hope that the so-called Watch Dogs within our state like Mr Shad will strike a match and light a candle before Darkness prevails.

  5. Pascagoula is losing so many employees. The former Assistant Comptroller became the Comptroller and she had 2 assistants I believe. All 3 of them have left their employment with the City. Beautification has lost their head employee to a local thriving company. The Fire Chief has just retired; however, he has accepted another chief position in the Carolinas. The mayor, with the help of a few councilmen, the Assistant City Manager and City Manager/City Attorney, sold off the gas system which was the only money maker the City of Pascagoula had. What is left for Mayor Maxwell to destroy? Unfortunately, I am sure he will find something. And yet, some want to elect him to a more powerful position at the PSC where he will control rates and services of multi million dollar utilities. I cannot fathom that at all!

  6. I am serious about running I just refuse to take money from persons that I have to sell my soul to, and be commit to their agenda which is not mind nor citizens of Southern Mississippi. I elected to finance my own campaign, and when I found out that I had to fight the MSGOP machine I decided to save my money.
    I still have a change of if you vote for me and contact all your friends and neighbors to fight for honest representation

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