4 thoughts on “We Have a Cancellation”

  1. Not a surprise Spears is at the stinky end of the political stick of our corrupted JPOIG who has political aspirations.
    Of all the real corrupt things McClintock doesn’t pursue regarding the Roberts/ Shang / Martini/Lopinto politico gang he is once again doing their bidding to go after Spears / Johnson who don’t play ball.

    It looks like Van Rankin has sold out her explanation of having to hire inferior work for not having sealed bids for professional is coming back big time with the recent letter from Yenni regarding the EJGH debalkal.

    The politico legal firm in question paid $17500 for the contract to represent EJGH. First payment was a week before the advertisement so they new before the it was voted on and the last 2 payments to councilmembers were the day the resolution was adopted.

    To make things even more interesting the same politico law firm paying campaign contributions served as a bond attorney using Roberts business partner that failed to obtain bond insurance that avoided the insurance due diligence. Let you guess why that wasn’t wanted.

    The now EJGH labeled junk bonds pay off (that I have spoken about) exceed what anyone is willing to pay for a lease deal particularly with the Nemoff Qui Tam pending. $2 billion in defrauded medicaid funds and you really believe no one is going to be criminally charged?

  2. Could this possibly be a follow up to your post of May 31st concerning rumors of indictments of prominent public figures? Nothing happens by accident, particularly when it comes to the political machinations of Jefferson Parish.

    1. You are right saying in politics little happens by accident.

      Unrelated, I am hearing Marion Edwards is slated to take Templet’s seat on the Parish Council.

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