Mosquito Control: Phillip’s Pest Control hit with notice of procedural default

Lana sent this in Monday:

After a 20 minute Executive Session, from which District 3, Board President, Blaine LaFontaine recused himself, County Administrator, Eddie Favre, recommended payment to Phillip’s Pest Control Services for the month of May for $15,000. District 1 Supervisor, David Yarborough, motioned for payment, seconded by District 2, Greg Shaw, motion carried unanimously with an affirmative vote by District 4, Scotty Adam. District 5 Supervisor, Bo Ladner was not present for the meeting.

The Board also voted unanimously to direct their attorney to write to Phillilp’s Pest Control to begin complying with the items cited in the study done on the company’s performance as per his contract with the county which was executed on October 3, 2016

Cassandra Favre filed this story for the Wednesday Echo snagging a quote from State Senator Phillip Moran:

“The voters of District 46 are no fools — they know what’s going on. There were no problems (with this contract) for 2 1/2 years and now suddenly, just before the election, there are. It doesn’t take a genius to understand what’s going on here. … Whatever questions (the supervisors) have, we will answer.”

I’m not sure that blaming this all on electioneering gets Moran off the hook with the public, based on what I’ve seen in social media.

And to think the politicking hasn’t really started. I imagine more muck will be flying, much more, in the coming weeks.

26 thoughts on “Mosquito Control: Phillip’s Pest Control hit with notice of procedural default”

  1. Doug-Though it is very immature of me to judge someone without ever meeting them or even knowing much about them, I do not hold Blaine in high regards and think of him as being the hail-fellow-well-met type.

    Now my interactions with Moran go way back to when he was a one term supervisor in the 90’s. He paved roads in the month prior to running for re-election knowing they were about to be cut up for the installation of grinder pumps at the homes along 603. Luckily (I guess), the majority of us saw through his stupidity and voted him out. When he lost, he began paving roads around his house and those of his friends in his final days.
    Fast forward to 2011.
    If I remember correctly he was given a large some of money by “The Friends of Tate Reeves” for his election campaign which explains his blind loyalty to that little shithead.
    As I stated in previous posts he is used in Jackson to sponsor legislation that many senators did not want their names attached to but were willing vote for to increase revenues for the state. One example of that would be the state lottery that was not popular in many conservative Baptist areas of the state but he was happy to sponsor for Reeves in the senate.
    I also had issues with his pest control company in the past that cost me a lot of money.
    The bottom line IMHO is that those that live in Senate District 46 really do not have a good option in this year’s election and the real bullshit between those two knuckleheads has just begun.
    I see it getting very ugly and wouldn’t trust either candidate.
    Maybe I’m lucky knowing that Senator Dawkins will get re-elected in my district and accomplish nothing, but she will not have the opportunity to screw anything up either.

  2. There is no over sight in the county. We have witnessed Moran, Ladner and Adams family go unscathed. It all gets brushed under the rug.

    1. Very bad. I wouldn’t vote for his underlings for anything. They just follow orders not rule of law! There was a time I bought in but now I see it! We need outside oversight. They can’t get of their own way. Family n connections come first!

      CJ Collier is viable now that we know all our concerns have happened with the Adams brothers.

  3. Short of Lana none of you have the balls to put your name on $h1+…go lay back down on the comfy couch or bury your head in the sand… Ray Charles can see what’s happening. Eddie is on a guessing game…if he actually showed up at his way overpaid job like most people 40 hours or more per week I’d say maybe he knows what’s happening. Put your name on something when you call BS!!! It’s about time all elected officials and their hired hands are held accountable!!!

  4. Hummmmm guess I hit a nerve… just had a voice mail from no info available… guess I hit a nerve. Think of the real world we call business. The CFO has been paying a contractor for almost 3 years then calls it all in question.!? The CFO gets the can from his board of directors… just saying employees at the government level should be on a time clock each and every day they except a paycheck if not why not?

  5. Thinking, you screw the people and scream political, you audit and find lies, you report the facts and it’s political, the crook reports it’s criminal, haters of the whistle blowers state it’s political , all are accused of being political, in the mean time the crook that’s screwed the citizens looks like a genius because he claims everything was political and you idiots believe the crook. Amazing
    For all the Farve Adam Ladner haters, tell me when one of then was ever convicted of anything? Anything? Because believe me if anyone one of you, the dump or pool or wannabes has anything on them it would have been turned over and prosecuted.
    Own name or not facts are facts. Pool you are friends with the dump man and believe he deserves a dump. Your opinion because you are friends. Hitting a nerve? Nope. Just don’t bye the BS you are serving this time . Remember, you are only a twisted recording away. But do agree that everyone should be held accountable including Moran.
    Pool Evidently you just think Farve should be held accountable. If you are the dump man or any of you had anything on him it would have been turned in to fbi ag dea cia doj da or one of them 2-3 letters. Damn
    The senator screwed the people and it’s ok because you don’t like the whistle blower and the auditor and the FACTS.
    Bull 💩💩💩💩

  6. Pool man, you hit a nerve with HHH and after a few drinks got the nerve to respond after 11 pm. It sounds like EF defending his job and bosses. I don’t blame him, he makes about $200.00 per hour according to the girls in the board office, it’s a slap in the face to them. He commits fraud ever time he cashes his paycheck.

  7. I haven’t found Blaine to be a hail fellow well met — more like someone with a map of where he wants the county and state to go and the drive to try to move it that way. I recommend listening to what he has to say so you can see if it fits your ideas of what would work well for this area. Nobody’s perfect and no one can please all of us all of the time, so I’m putting aside things that annoyed me (the way the library situation was handled for instance) and focusing on the fact that he wants to accomplish better things for this area and the state and has demonstrated his ability to make things happen. I just heard the mosquito truck several nights ago, first time in months, and can finally go outside without involuntarily donating blood. If you can’t even rid my yard of mosquitos, I can’t see how you’re going to improve anything else.

  8. Mosquitos can’t be eradicated that easy. How can you let a contractor go almost three years out of compliance and still pay them? If they had a case against Moran they would have fired him. The board was afraid of another lawsuit. Blaine can’t be trusted and is for sale. He don’t stay anywhere very long because he will wears his welcome out, he can’t tell the truth. The lobiest in Jackson would love to have him. He would accept all the free stuff at the taxpayer’s expense.

  9. I just wish we had good county oversight. We have no idea exactly what is real because they are all in charge of oversight of each other. No checks n balances just scratch my back I scratch yours. I’m extremely disappointed in all of it from the Supervisors, Sheriff, Civil Defense Director and Moran. We are a county that lacks investigative reporting and honest dealings in behalf of the taxpayers not cover up for employees. Don’t forget the tax office employee quietly let go for cheating the taxpayer for gain.

    It shouldn’t be up to them to grant immunity but the judicial system. That is where the problem lays.

  10. Blaine is the board president he could have called for investigations into these alleged crimes. The girl in the tax office lowering her property tax, numerous county officials and employees using county property free for personal use and assault on a politician at our park, just to name a few. It’s a culture of corruption and Blaine can’t speak out because he is guilty of accepting bribes too. Anyone see the group eating on Comptons credit card lately or do they quit that are election time?

  11. Beth Timmy Tim whoever
    No nerve hit. Definitely not EF. But just don’t buy the BS you selling. like I stated
    Turn your facts over and prosecute. Oh that’s right no facts. Just lies. Sounds like les Wendy rafferty seal reed.

  12. Now moron, numbers don’t lie. Look at the facts and not the messenger. If you get past the messenger. He be Guilty, lied, screwed the citizens he represents, now wants his buddy Kellar to investigate not Farve. Cover up? Lana that’s a good one for you to ask why you want Kellar, Kellar and moron very close. You ask for buddy to cover up. Can’t handle the truth. District 46? Do not be stupid and believe political. Every time illegal shit is brought up the politician screams political. Moron not a bad guy because he screwed you and blames Farve lafontaine and others for a witch hunt. Just to arrogant to think anyone would call his bluff. Now you want to speech about sleeping with everyone need to look no further. And this guy TJ running against Adam. Who’s backing him? Yep the wannabe dump man and his friends. Why? Control. So when you go vote look deep at the candidates. See who’s supporting who and figure why they are supporting who and what they got to gain. Cause they not spending that money and expecting no favors. Right Beth Timmy Tim pool Hancock regular and others want a dump? Not really a little Blaine fan but he’s better than moron and friends. Moron has done nothing for us so give another a chance.
    Tim look at the dump guy and see who he brings fishing or hunting or tries to fill a pocket. But be careful cause he will record you.

    1. HHH, your rambling again, making yourself sound guilty. Everyone in prison denied, denied and denied wrongdoing. So many things go unchecked in government, not enough investigators or jail cell’s. You saying prisoners used, county tents used, assistant ema director working all on private property for someone’s personal gain is not illegal? Are you kidding? We have no accountable with Blaine as board president and I feel he would be a disaster in Jackson. Its been going on for years. Just heard EF lived several years at the Hollywood casino campground. Was that paid at the going rate? $65 per night x 365= $23,725.00 per year x 5 or 6 years???????? Was it a campaign donation for free building permits? While EF is leading the goat’s around you can’t expect them to be angels. I do believe in the culture of corruption theory.

  13. Just
    Never once said tents used, prisoners used, ema done anything. I believe everyone should be held accountable.
    But what I do say is that a lot of statements are said on here and I ask for the facts to back it up. Evidently you think it’s true because someone on here makes accusations against someone.
    You right everyone in prison denies but none of these have been in prison or have had charges filed on them. So they have nothing to deny. Just gossip with no facts spread by haters of the Adam Farve and Ladner families. And I can say I’m one of the few that is able to say I’m not related to any of them.
    Talk about goat leading you need to look no further than the dump man taking his neighbor around so he can get a dump. How much he be sinking into their campaign fund. Disaster in Jackson you state. You need to look no further thank what’s there now. That’s a disaster. Me guilty you state. One speeding ticket a few years ago. And paid it. Sorry no corruption theory here. Speaking of dumpman , for me it’s hard to trust someone who had to be wired to save his own ass. And didn’t he kick a door in not too far back? Make sure you do some homework on some of these statements. He was a pretty good councilman though.
    So we both believe everyone should be held accountable. Even the good Senator Moran. Remember everyone is to held accountable.

  14. You keep bringing up the dump guy. He don’t have a boat and he’s going blind. I never heard of Ritchie fishing with anyone. I heard plenty of rumors of ritche and his buddy Steve doing questionable activities. Ask his sister, the bar owner. Was told he lets supervisors dump houses from their demo business for free. I will get copies of campaign donations the elected officials have to report to see if that’s why we are protecting him from competion. He has the county contract for waste, he shouldn’t be able to give money or free dumping to the supervisors.

  15. Stupid, sorry, My mistake on dump man. Should have been wannabe dump man. Don’t know much about Richie but again you admit rumors not facts. You can also get the facts on contributions for elected officials and the ones running for election if it wasn’t received under the table. And again show the facts and let’s hold all them accountable.

  16. Well, the day of reckoning is here, and now my city is being called on the carpet to produce names of all of the “numerous complainers” who contacted my Mayor in Waveland about the lack of mosquito spraying.
    The Board of Supervisors is in receipt of a letter from Phillip Moran’s attorney requesting the log of complaints and names. They state that they will now be in touch with the city of Waveland.
    Get the checkbook.
    The letter is posted on the Supervisors Agenda for this coming Monday’s meeting under the County Administrator–items 7. and 8.

  17. I agree with Moran’s attorney. Who complained and what was the actual conversation. We saw a lot of that type stuff in the Filingame/Rafferty Regime.

  18. Another lawsuit pending from ignorance on the board. Another sucesfull business fighting the BOS. It could and should have been handled differently. And the taxpayers will pay for this lunacy.

    1. Not one Waveland Alderman signed the letter along with the Mayor complaining about mosquitoes, not one.
      And, this has not been on the agenda of any meeting for quite a few months. So, is this really city business?!

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