Mosquito Control: Phillip’s Pest Control hit with notice of procedural default

Lana sent this in Monday:

After a 20 minute Executive Session, from which District 3, Board President, Blaine LaFontaine recused himself, County Administrator, Eddie Favre, recommended payment to Phillip’s Pest Control Services for the month of May for $15,000. District 1 Supervisor, David Yarborough, motioned for payment, seconded by District 2, Greg Shaw, motion carried unanimously with an affirmative vote by District 4, Scotty Adam. District 5 Supervisor, Bo Ladner was not present for the meeting.

The Board also voted unanimously to direct their attorney to write to Phillilp’s Pest Control to begin complying with the items cited in the study done on the company’s performance as per his contract with the county which was executed on October 3, 2016

Cassandra Favre filed this story for the Wednesday Echo snagging a quote from State Senator Phillip Moran:

“The voters of District 46 are no fools — they know what’s going on. There were no problems (with this contract) for 2 1/2 years and now suddenly, just before the election, there are. It doesn’t take a genius to understand what’s going on here. … Whatever questions (the supervisors) have, we will answer.”

I’m not sure that blaming this all on electioneering gets Moran off the hook with the public, based on what I’ve seen in social media.

And to think the politicking hasn’t really started. I imagine more muck will be flying, much more, in the coming weeks.