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  1. Speaking of sweet music a friend was shopping in downtown Ocean Springs a couple of Saturday’s ago and whitnessed the arrogance of Scott Walker. Apparently she was in a downtown shop when Ebola Scott walks in and demands a gift certificate. Shop workers ask him to leave. He refuses. Police are called. Ebola Scott still refuses to leave. Apparently the Ocean Springs police were friends and refused to arrest Ebola boy for trespassing. This is not shocking as I recall they found Ebola Scott several years back ran off the road engine running with a mailbox under the car at 2 in the morning. No charges. Beat the ticket. Ocean Springs has a friend in Ebola Boy. Just wondering what Ebola Scott could be providing for such privilege? Ebola Scott was not finished my friend followed him a couple shops down. He was apparently looking for a gift card for a teacher. In this shop he brought the plague of hell down. Screaming and hollering about how important he is and how well connected he was and how much money he has. Bragged on his upcoming family trip to Belize and several other Caribbean islands. Insulted these employees saying none You poor folks could afford to go. Just wondering if he paid all those fines back? He certainly has enough of the taxpayers dollars but arrogant shits like him get a pass from Rat Pickering, from the crooked Ocean Springs police a free pass. Yes, money can buy a lot.

    1. What a pile of shit that whole family is. This is just another example of the scum they are They are nobody but can’t except the truth so they have to draw attention at all cost. Sounds like the O S police needs some heavy house cleaning. Sounds like they don’t know the law or just won’t apply it to certain families.

  2. The Walker family needs to learn a valuable lesson. They are not wanted. They are a pile of shit. They are nobody so they try any and everything to draw attention. They will always be scum. Money can’t buy respect. Do us all a favor and stay home out of sight The OS police need to do some heavy house cleaning and learn the law or maybe they know it but won’t apply it to certain criminal families

  3. Yes they are above the law and the Ocean Springs police do not touch the arrogant good ole boys 👦. Shame on the courts for not holding them accountable for their crimes committed against all. Robber barons of America.

  4. It is about time for our new State Auditor to post information on the payments received from the DMR Gang! This would include all involved that were indicted that were ordered to pay the Taxpayers’ money back. This would include the prison rats, the ones who ducked prison but are now felons, and all who took Taxpayer money and used it for their benefit. How about it Mr. State Auditor? Rat Pickering ducked his duties as an auditor. Are you up to the task of doing your job? What is the status of the repayment of Taxpayer funds by the DMR gang crooks?

  5. News flash Scott Walker and his “close friends” are going on a taxpayer funded international rest and relaxation trip to Costa Rica. Five pals are using your money to vacate when all the while he tells the federal judge “I ain’t got no money.” So wher is the money coming from? There were always quiet rumors that David Harris and others involved in the DMR scandal hid money in accounts in Costa Rica. Rat Pickering was much too distracted with the stealing of office supplies rather than take on the Republican Guard. So let’s see if Shaddy White is interested in justice rather than protection of the elite. Perhaps the rumored gift certificate was for Ebola Scott’s man friends. Maybe they all wanted matching costume jewelry. Or a fabulous new dress to shock the locals. Maybe the corrupt Ocean Springs police will escort Ebola boy and his entourage to the airport so that those unintending pestering locals can’t bother him. It was the Ocean Springs police that scrubbed the record of the female DMR officer found drunk on the bridge. Even though whitnesses abounded. It’s the Billfish tournament wonder where Jesus Davis will “donate” all that protein? Remember the law only applies to us common folk.

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