We are again hearing rumors of prominent public officials being subject of federal indictment rumors

Same story folks, just different politicians.

14 thoughts on “We are again hearing rumors of prominent public officials being subject of federal indictment rumors”

    1. Nope, just a tip to run 2 names through the criminal section on PACER. I did get lots of salacious background on the Robert’s case. It appears the Roberts had several unshareable needs that drove his poor financial decision making.

        1. Since it is a rumor I will not name names. It took about four months from the January tip to the Robert’s indictment. Because elections are coming up in Louisiana, one would think in this case the feds would do something sooner rather than later but Federal investigations have their own timelines, which often make no sense to those of us on the outside looking in.

          1. I’ll add that I confirmed the Federal Investigation with another well placed source. Best to do another post on this.

  1. Doug, I think some good candidates for indictments could be the Federal officials who have looked the other way regarding the Bonnet Carre Spillway. How do NOAA, Nat. Marine Fisheires, Audubon Society, etc…. allow the Corps to dump on us without any mitigation plan. You can’t build a pier or bulkhead without years of planning, permits, Gulf Sturgeon studies,and bureaucracy.. Yet they allow this? It’s outrageous. The Mississippi Sound is a wasteland. The Morganza was delayed for black bears and one more week of crawfish production. And they are “slowly opening it to lessen the effect on Wildlife”. Morganza should be opened every time Bonnet Carre is. I would love to hear your readers comments. Thank you

  2. The bonne Carre is a disaster! We are regulated by Mobile Corp and La is the NO Corp.

    We don’t have a seat at the table! Our Federal Reps including Palazzo won’t step up to the plate! They want to live off a Disaster Economy! I find it offensive that we are treated as a storm water run off basin!

    It is a double whammy! Louisiana destroys our seafood industry and we have to buy and catch theirs. It creates a demand and increases our local prices!

    They need to fly a drone over that area with a camera then here and compare what’s worth protecting more!

  3. LA has wasted nearly every Federal Dollar they have received since Katrina, BP and before! Why are they protected?

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