Hancock County Supervisor Bo Ladner Hurt, Hospitalized

Hancock County Supervisor Darrin "Bo' Ladner via the County website
Hancock County Supervisor Darrin “Bo’ Ladner via the County website

Folks there are lots of rumors flying about as to the nature of Mr. Ladner’s injury. I’m sure the facts will bubble up once the medical emergency has passed.

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  1. The short of the story was he was involved in a melee at a county baseball park. It involved his son and others. During the melee Bo was struck with a instrument reported to have been a tire iron. Before the taxpayer pays his medical bills we need to find out if he was a culprit or a victim. It is not up to Mr Ladner if there is an investigation or not. There was a serious crime committed on county property to include a couple of felonies. Assaulting someone with a weapon is one the other is assaulting an elected official much less the other violations on county property. We have to find out if he is the victim or a culprit!

    I see law suits against the county coming.

      1. No, I’m told the park was vacant. It was a premeditated beating. We should ask the county administrator for a full investigation, similar to the Moran probe. Who did what? Why on county property? Any arrests? Any resignations? Who’s paying the medical bills for this foolish self inflected injury?

        1. Are you saying there was no official activity at the park? Are the taxpayers doling out $$$ to maintain property where people can meet and take their hatred and vengeance out on each other. Those parks should be monitored better. Who in the world is looking out for our publicly funded property in this county? First a tent, now a ballpark! Is anybody in charge in Hancock County? Eddie should not be burdened with investigating this. He has assigned duties in the business office, and he’s not law enforcement. My guess would be the Board of Supervisors and the Sheriff’s Dept. are responsible for resolving this, and they had better as far as this taxpayer is concerned.

        2. I’m sure the medical bills are paid for by Ladner’s insurance. IF by some chance this is being handled under Worker’s Comp, that would be a whole different ordeal.

          1. Ladners insurance is paid by us, the taxpayer. Selfinflicted hospital bills will add to the county insurance cost. We know the people involved, lot’s of alcohol and controlled substances usually surround them.

  2. It seems that Bo is a thug. Him and his family just beat an older man, some black kids now a deputies son and his friend on county property. Is that the best past time hoby Bo can think of? Getting high and drunk then fighting. Wow what next. He put the county at risk of lawsuits acting under the color of law. That park is under the BOS care and custody. I’m hearing he was hit from behind, bull mularky, you don’t get a broken eye socket and broke jaw from a hit from behind. Its election time, let’s see how the sheriff handles this case.

  3. It was Ladners vers Allisons not Ladners vers Adams. Don’t expect much other than lies and cover up. The SO couldn’t catch a cold. Vote for Tommy Carver. Bo and all involved should be arrested for public intoxication, fighting, drugs and alcohol at a county park, assault ect……

    1. You sound so ignorant!

      Public drunk and alcohol on county property … both misdemeanors that have to occur in the presence of a law enforcement officer in order for an arrest to be initiated by a deputy.

      Drugs on county property … any evidence to support that charge? Hard to make a dope case with no drugs taken as evidence.

      Assault … hard to make a felony case with no victim statements or cooperation.

      If Tommy Carver has someone this dumb speaking on his behalf, kind of scary to think what law enforcement would be like on his watch. I can hear the redneck now ‘just lock em up … who cares about the damn law or civil rights’.

      Where have people even gotten that Ladner was acting in any kind of official capacity? Why would the county administrator have any need to perform an investigation. Its really quite simple – Ladner is a victim of crime and doesn’t wish to pursue. Dumb on his part but not criminal.

      1. If this would have happen to anyone else, the headlines of the paper would have been “Man Assulted with Tire Iron In Park Leads To Investigation And Several Arrest”. The Sheriff quote would have been “We’re not going to tolerate this kind of behavior in our parks.” In Hancock County, it is all about who you know.

        1. Does anyone know why Bo Ladner is providing cover for the tire iron wielder other than to have us pay his medical bills? He really needs to resign from the Board if this is the caliber of public service he provides—only to himself. If his district is going to be without representation anyway until he is well, he might as well leave in my opinion.

          1. It is the terrain. Wendy did it. Kidd did it. Just a right of passage. I will say neither one of them commuted a crime. They just sucked the benefits down. This guy is a criminal. More stories than the law allows! Sorry, it does allow! Ask Rickey Adams. He can’t throw stones when he lives in the glass house with the tent debacle! Only common sense for him. We need county oversight!

            1. Please let’s get oversight going! This ongoing county publicly elected officials do what they please on our nickle. The deputies under em start doing it do. Not good for public safety!

              1. Lots of people feel victimized by them but they just squash it with political power. Very unfair!

              2. Blue,
                Sea Coast Echo story online tonight on incident in Bayside. Echo doesn’t make it clear, but did victim have to file charges before the now documented and reported investigation has started there?!

              3. Let’s put this in prospective with a couple of scenarios: A domestic violence going on in a home and a sheriff’s officer hears of it. They go out to check the situation out.
                Woman or man comes to the door obviously beaten. They don’t want to talk. Is the officer going to walk away at the point? No! they take it upon themselves to make the arrest.
                Man shows up at hospital with gunshot wound and later passes away. Just because no one is talking does this go away?
                I hope this is not the direction our county is going in. It is not about what happen here it is about the response. The people of Hancock County is not ignorant and most recognize that the law is not being upheld with “Equal Justice for All!”

            2. Geeze Lawezze I do not have a horse in the race but District 5’s Superviser got injured 5 days ago! Wendy you say? He’s not milking anything. It’s obvious to everyone but Lana that Bo isn’t covering for the guy with the tire iron …

              1. So domestic violence laws are the exception and allow officers to make an arrest without witnessing the crime.

                Gunshot wounds and death lead to a dead body. Victim doesn’t need to testify, they dead.

            3. Listening,
              The difference between Wendy’s and Ray’s situation and Bo’s is one was the victim of an accident, and the other an incurable disease, no malice involved in either case and neither required a criminal investigation. Big difference. And, the person who accidentally hurt Wendy was identified. No comparison.

              1. Yep just a matter of conscience to be paid or not as a part time employee when not doing your job. That is the common link!

        2. Good point, BB, but to clarify it should say,” Public official attacked in public park with a potentially lethal weapon!” By the way the penalty for assaulting a public official with a weapon according to Miss. Code can carry up to 30 years in prison. But who cares. His own colleagues on the Board won’t call for an investigation. They are too busy investigating bug spray, and weren’t even interested in that until the election year got into full swing. They can’t be bothered with a man who could have been fatally injured, and the assailant still at large.

  4. I would like to know why he went to a hospital in Louisiana? Ochner is not good enough or was it to hide?

    1. To your point Ex, that is a good question. While it seems like something is fishy, not sure anything can be done about that.

  5. When a felony is committed it is investigated. Not optional. You question all parties and get the facts. It happened on county property where kids play maybe that is just run of the mill to heatherens not in civilized scociety where we are ruled by laws.

    1. But obviously absent of a victim, said felony investigation is not going to go anywhere. Victims and criminals both have rights.

  6. Yep especially if you are connected! Let that happen with anyone else it will be investigated if it is a public park! Fact not fiction!

  7. Lots of accusations about Mr. Bo.
    Just wonder how many of y’all making these accusations was there and witnessed all the drunks, alcohol and drugs. Go forward to the sheriff and give your statements. My guess is NONE.
    Damn, some just can’t tell the truth and loves to keep shit stirred because they didn’t get their way or what they wanted.

  8. H, that’s the point! There needs to be an investigation or basic police work to see if there was a problem. An elected official being assaulted and other obvious improprieties o public property seems to be be logical to at least peek into it. The persons involved are known and available! If it was a bunch of black kids it would be investigated and heads hung!

  9. Can anyone posting here imagine for a second being attacked like this with what could very well be considered a lethal weapon (tire iron), and not wanting an investigation and prosecution of the perpetrator. This has to happen or we should just lock the doors on the Sheriff’s office. It is bad enough that it happened on public property, but I don’t care where it happened, this warrants a complete investigation. This is, in my opinion, sociopathic behavior, and has to be looked into. If things come up that involve others, so be it, but really, people, this is over the top. Let the truth come out no matter what it is. This cannot go on. By the way, who called the Sheriff? That has to be a public record.

  10. Yes, elected official beat to near death no investigation! Come on! This needs federal investigation! Was he a victim or a culprit?

  11. He needs to have a statement ready at the next board meeting. I’m going to ask what happened, who was involved, why did you seek medical out of state, why didn’t you press charges, do you think that kind of conduct is becoming of a supervisor, can you remember the oth you took, who’s paying your medical and when are you going to resign. This thuggish backwoods type of behavior is exactly what I expected from Bo, you just can’t fix stupid.

  12. The county administrator is not the one to investigate this and
    not because he’s too busy. He’s not creditable, he’s cheaper to buy than a fat girl on backpages.com. The state police or feds have jurisdiction to conduct investigations on county matters when the SO has a conflict. The SO’s budget is approved by Bo and a deputies son was involved in the fight. Something must have been illegal for him not to press charges. I’m for Tommy Carver also.

  13. Anonymous,
    Really. The public is paying his salary and bills. Come on man! He was assaulted he went their and got more than he wanted! The cover up is always worse than the crime! The public is informed! He was a big supporter of the boy that took illegal money on the county and went to the big house! That is the fabric of their thought!

    It is simple question ask questions and find out what happened!

    1. So the man is a victim of crime and people think they have a right to pry into his personal business. The ‘public’s right to know’ has been taken too far in Hancock County and shame on all of the folks who feel entitled to know these things.

      Guess what … you don’t. And guess what else … this is why our government leaders are deterred from serving this community. Why would anyone subject themselves to this nonsense.

  14. I am warning everyone right now—if you want to sleep tonight, do not read the Echo online with the statements by the Sheriff and President of the Board of Supervisors. Wait til morning. Unbelievable.

  15. Sad! Very sad! Immunity to bad behavior! Kind of like the Emmit Til storey! Same people different time!

    The State and Fed need to be brought in! The county can’t police themselves! That is obvious from Moran, this, tents etc. sheriff right square in the middle!

    It will stop I will assure you! Enough is enough!

    Sheriff ain’t Jesus resurrected!

    1. I don’t disagree. But I also think we have to put this in perspective. Had the Sheriff or Blaine said too much, they were at risk of violating Mr. Ladner’s rights to privacy as a county employee, private citizen and victim of crime.

      1. Mr. Ladner is not a county employee. He is an elected official. Ironic to me that someone who allegedly has no qualms about letting his guard down in public on public property now wants privacy. And let’s not forget Ladner is one of the elected officials legally responsible for the proper use of the public’s property. It appears he may be trying to have it both ways here. As Doug said the facts are bubbling up.

        1. Elected official or not, he was the victim of a crime. Thats what everyone has said. Victims of crime have rights also. It seems like we are trying to make him the criminal.

          I don’t know Mr. Ladner and from what I do know about his work as a supervisor, he is a blooming idiot. I’m not arguing that point.

          I’m just saying, where does the public’s ‘right to know’ end? Where is the line where people, elected or not, have the right to make personal decisions (i.e. to seek healthcare in Louisiana versus Mississippi; to pursue criminal charges against their assaultant or not; to allow their coworkers/administrators into their private healthcare matters to ‘investigate’ something). I mean at some point, it has to come to an end.

          We seem to be hung up on the fact that this ‘elected official’ was on county property when this happened … and, your point? Unless he is alleging this is work related, not sure it matters.

          1. Anonymous,
            Let’s see if we can make this simple. No one here, certainly not me, are trying to say Supervisor Ladner has no rights as a victim. What is an enigma to me is that he won’t exercise his rights. Someone attacks you with a tire iron, sends you to the hospital, and you don’t press charges? These injuries could be life threatening, or at the very least, quality of life threatening. If Bo doesn’t care about himself, he could at least report this sociopath and have him prosecuted to save someone else from his total lack of restraint and respect for the well being of others. It could be Bo had to seek care elsewhere. There may not have been a reconstructive surgeon to address his injuries here on the coast. That happened to a friend of my recently.
            Where does the public’s right to know end? I’ll tell you. Our rights end when the crime (and I think it is safe to say attacking someone with a potentially lethal weapon is a crime) takes place on property that we are not taxed to maintain, that’s when. Then it is legally none of our business. All of our elected officials, Supervisors and police should know that, and Bo should as one of our elected officials responsible for the proper use of our public property.
            The Supervisors just recently responded to a complaint by the Mayor of Waveland and launched an investigation on one of the county’s vendors. And all the Board President can say about this where bodily injury has occurred, is it may be personal, not public. Please.
            I wonder if someone else who witnessed this attack could report it to the legal authorities? Something needs to happen because we have a dangerous individual on the loose in Hancock County who has attacked a public official. If he gets away with this, no one is safe.

            1. But the legal authorities cannot make a prosecutable criminal case absent of a victim.

              I agree its shady that Mr. Ladner would not press charges, however, people do that all the time.

              Occurring on tax payer property … has no bearing on this at all.

              Safety of others in our society … first valid point that has been made.

              1. Occurring on public property, namely one of our ball fields, could definitely have a bearing if we are going to try to encourage people to bring their children to our fields for America’s favorite summertime sport!!t

          2. To the extent the authorities have not been involved you have no basis to say that Ladner is the victim here since there has been no investigation. I can understand why Adam and Lafontaine took the charitable route with their co-worker with the Echo, but absent an investigation they too have no basis to conclude that Ladner is the victim as opposed to being a perpetrator that got his just desserts.

            To the extent Mr. Ladner went out of state to seek medical treatment and evidently does not want the Sheriff involved, the most reasonable inference in my opinion is that Ladner lacks a pair of clean hands to take to law enforcement.

            As to the public’s right to know this one is not even close, especially since he attempted to keep this on the down low. Besides being stupid, as you correctly observed, this is likely not an isolated incident with Ladner and his son as Beth pointed out and yes on that I have substantial reason to believe she is correct with that assertion.

            As to your general question as to a hypothetical crime victim’s right to privacy, I think when it involves minors and sex crimes the balance lies in favor of the victims absent extraordinary circumstances such as those engaged in soliciting prostitutes that end up getting rolled. Reasonable people differ on this subject.

            1. So that is far more information than was originally provided. That is what changes the scenario enough that some of the assertions made here make more sense.

            2. Doug makes a good point here: we don’t actually know who the ” victim” is. We know who the ” injured” is, but since no one is going to do anything about this, all we can do is speculate. For all we know the tire iron wielding person could have been pinned to the ground with a 6’7″ Supervisor beating the snot out of him, and used what some would refer to as an ” equalizer” I would advise everyone to stay away from these ball parks. They are dangerous and what is more dangerous is no one who could address this cares. I would suggest they be used for political rallies and let them all have at each other–but keep the kids away. Harrison County has some first class sports complexes.

  16. He is not an employee he is an elected official that has a sworn oath to uphold the law and be open and transparent! He ain’t a farm boy who had an argument on his property! He chose the venue! A public property paid for by us the be a sanctuary of safety! We pay his salary and his medical bills which affect everyone else’s medical bill in the county! Let’s quit playn this as a good ole boy incident! Assaulted to near death in public property at our expense! No explanation no investigation! It’s coming I will assure you!

    1. The Feds didn’t wait for Steve Scalise to file a complaint!! Maybe that’s who we need, the Feds to turn this place upside down.

      1. Appreciate your perspective Anon as you make several good points. I do not believe Ladner has any right to privacy here however as he is a public official that is either involved in or is the victim of criminal activity.

        Neither Lafontaine or Sheriff Adam have an interest in covering for Ladner IMHO. The facts have a way of bubbling up and they are indeed doing just that. Thank you for lending us your perspective.

  17. Making an insurance claim while in the commission of a crime is not a covered expense. If there were no crimes the county or the insurer has the right to recover their losses from the perpetrator Let’s keep it simple.

    Falsely making an insurance claim is a very serious offense.

    Basic procedure stuff. There has been too much smoke from the county!

    Tax office employee misdoings covered up, inappropriate county tent use covered up, Moran Contract Obligations pushed aside etc. just from recent events.

    We either have to ability or want to police ourselves in the county or we need outside help from a higher authority.

    This is being good stewards of the offices they hold and keeping the trust of the public!

  18. If you get shot and go to the hospital, victim or not, the police will investigate and get to the bottom of it.

    This is about as backwoods as it gets!

    Suspicious activity is investigated each and every day. We pay for proactive police work. Laws are enforced not only to punish but deter!

    Common fricken sense. This is like deliverance

    1. It was discussed at a Supervisors meeting recently that the use of these ballparks hasn’t been what they hoped and anticipated. More over building. But this should be the icing on the cake. Maybe we need a boxing arena in the county rather than ball parks.
      And, yes, if they ever do a remake of the movie “Deliverance” they can come here for auditions.

      1. Vacant and seldom used to Unused property breed this type behavior to carry out the situation if it is neglected! It’s a safe zone for dubious behavior!

  19. He didn’t start wearing shoes until he became supervisor. At least he didn’t forget where he came from. Getting high and drunk, fighting and running about like wild Indians is the norm in his neck of the woods. That goat needs to be on a chain, he’ll eat through a rope. Anyone knows who is running against Bo?

    1. Brandon,
      So many kinda insulting things in just 2 lines; an entire area of Hancock Co & the poor Indians or Native Americans to be PC. To answer your question, Diana Ladner is Bo’s opponent, unfortunately, this is not a joke. If you remember, Bo replaced Tony Wayne Ladner. I guess that’s all District 5 has is Ladners.
      I certainly wouldn’t be afraid to bring children to the Hancock Co ballfields. I totally go along with the “tire iron self-defense” theory. How else could somebody reach his 6’7″ face?
      Ochsner Slidell has LOTS more surgeons also a person could allegedly say ‘the pain was so bad I had a couple of shots’ or ‘took a pain pill’ to explain blood work. It’s really old trick…allegedly

  20. If the BOS don’t make an official request for an investigation into exactly what happened at the county ball field and is county health insurance being utilized we should vote them out. Tomorrow is the BOS meeting and my family is watching. Bo said he didn’t know what happened, his jaw was broken from behind, he was trying to break up a fight, it stinks. I was told he was preventing someone from trying to break up a fight. The guy was getting beat very badly and Bo was incuraging hopitilizing the guy. The friend has no choice but to get a equalizer, he’s 5’7″ against out of control Bo. The store across the highway should have video. He should want an investigation if he doesn’t know what happened, providing he’s being truthful.

  21. Read the article in the Sun Herald on a George County State Representative. The Police have all details he can’t redact his story as he needs it to sound like they doing for Bo. No police work no story! Hell don’t get mad a Jussie Smollette Bo getn same deal!

    1. Listening,
      You got that wrong! Just the opposite on Smollet! Police n Politicians tried to get him the judicial system failed! Bo got da politicians n Sheriff in his corner!

  22. Geeze Lawezze I do not have a horse in the race but District 5’s Superviser got injured just 5 days ago! Wendy you say? He’s not milking anything. It’s obvious to everyone but Lana that Bo isn’t covering for the guy with the tire iron …

    1. You may want to rethink your opinion that it is obvious to everyone but me. Then why won’t he press charges and name the person who “attacked” him? That is the question many want an answer to. His district was unrepresented at the meeting on Monday. Do you have any idea when he will be back? With no investigation and no one being held accountable for his injuries, the taxpayers are on the hook for his medical bills. Wendy’s medicals were the result of an accident, no malice involved. If he’s not covering for the guy with the tire iron, who is he covering for, Geeze Laweeze??!!!

        1. This needs to be investigated, and the Supervisors have the legal authority to ask the Sheriff for an investigation. For pity’s sake, it is one of their fellow supervisors, and on public property for which they are legally responsible. It’s time to drain the local swamp.

  23. Unauthorized Tent use by the Sheriff and a favored candidate: Civil Defense Director (Hooty) is his brother and lent it to him. His Other Brother is a Supervisor (Scotty) along with Bo Ladner and has oversight. No investigation.

    Supervisor (Bo Ladner Beat with tire iron in a dubious situation): Sheriff does not investigate. Favors owed to him by Adams brothers. No Justice.

    Does anymore really need to be said. Halfcock County has no oversight.

    1. No, until we get an investigation, your speculation sounds pretty accurate. Those who won’t look into this are forcing the public to speculate, and in politics, perception is everything.

  24. Ain’t going to be different! It is how it is as disappointed as we may be with these guys as we know em……they still just good ole boys beaten the system! Big families and all just really an extension of the thugs they arrest everyday. I’m done!

  25. I’m sure Bo will be doing damage control this weekend at the Dedeaux Bazaar. That will be a good place for him to get on the stage and tell the truth. If he can tell the truth. If not he should be asked while on the stage. I hope him and his family can stay sober and not cause any trouble at the church event.

    1. He can sip his beer through a straw after the ass whipping he got! He ain’t shack bully anymore! Fell like an oak from what word is up at Kiln!

  26. How is this case any different than the one in the echo this week. Two men fighting one pulls a knife/ weapon send the weakest and slowest to a out of state hospital. The SO didn’t wait or ask for charges to be filed. The knife/weapon user was arrested for assault manifesting extreme indefference to human life. A weapon is: a thing designed or used to create bodily harm. Just as a tire tool or pipe. This is the type of selective enforcement that gets county’s sued.

    1. I am not defending any of the mental giants involved in the assault with Ladner but it is not quite the same as the stabbing incident.
      If emergency services were not involved with Ladner getting his grill busted up and nobody cooperated with pressing charges on either side or everyone questioned used the words quoted by many individuals “I ain’t seen nothin” it is difficult to pursue charges.
      Again, I am in no way defending Ladner.

    2. The only difference in the incident in Bay Side Park is that it happened on private property. Our Supervisor was injured on public (our) property. Maybe we should demand the Supervisors request an investigation of what happened on “our” property they are supposed to be overseeing for us.

      1. PS: one other difference–the knife wielding guy in Bay Side has been arrested–the tire iron wielding one on our property is still at large with his weapon.

    3. You know the deal! They need their jobs! Adams is king on the legal side! They can violate lil boys or girls n walk if the investigation doesn’t start until evidence is gone! No more than a cold case! I’m very disappointed at the underlings and the bosses.

  27. Damn regular, Adam family violating little boys and girls. This site getting no better than jerry springer. Doug , all the good you do and now all these bogus accusations, not by you, made against innocent political figures because one didn’t get a dump or their buddy didn’t get elected or we want this one elected so I can get this or they got big families or whatever. But again I ask all to tell me when criminal charges was filed against Farve Adam Ladner. Again believe me if you had jack shit on them you would have presented it. Especially with some recorded conversations as some are famously for.
    I do believe this should be investigated.

    1. Hancock, Don’t know. Not a lawman. I think they should. I would press charges if it were me. Maybe he will when he can speak again. I would like to know the thug that took the iron to him. Oops gots to go.

      1. It takes a thug to whip a thug. Bo can speak, he told a dozen different stories of what happened at the Dedeaux Bazaar this weekend. First time I didn’t see him drinking. He must be taking pain pills or reading Slabbed.

  28. Just heard Bo Ladner is back in the hospital at Hancock. More complications from the ace woopen. I hope he’s better soon. The sheriff should go check on him before lawsuits get filed. And possibly recoup the medical expenses from the attackers. Two icu bills from separate hospitals, could be six digests.

    1. Your full of shit about any lawsuits. Hammering the point makes you look petty and small. People that are in Ladner’s spot refuse to cooperate with law enforcement all the time. It is their constitutional right in fact. Hopefully Mr. Ladner does not die from stupidity, that would be a true tragedy.

  29. Liberals that pay very little to no property taxes or income taxes are usually petty and small. I pay more than my share of taxes, I don’t look for cash workers for my yard or nowhere else, I pay legit contractor’s who also pay taxes. I don’t want Bo to die and wish him no harm, but it’s not about him. It happened on county property, he’s on county insurance and he’s missing county work, all paid for by taxpayers. He can have all the privacy he wants when he gets off the taxpayers back. You don’t get privacy in politics especially when on public property. I think it’s quid pro quo, letting the Adams family off for misusing public equipment. You have your opinion and I have mine, tax brackets and the amount of taxes paid in are probably separating our options. Trump is going threw hell for things done before he was sworn in.

    1. Your first statement is imbecilic in its construct and has nothing to do with Ladner’s medical condition. And in case you haven’t noticed, years of conservative rule hasn’t made Mississippi any less of an armpit.

      I tell you what though sport since you think a lawsuit is appropriate here, sprout a pair and put your real name on a suit against Ladner, his insurer or the county, whoever your pissed at, so your legal theory can be tested. I’ll be happy to post it once it is filed.

  30. I have no reason to file a lawsuit, I wasn’t injured in Bo’s fight. I understand stand from the SO that numerous people were hurt and Bo is a giant of a man who is a known fighter. Therefore I think it would be wise to investigate and know exactly what happened in case a 5’5″ victim files against the county claiming Bo hurt him and was acting in his supervisors position at a county facility. Or to possibly recoup the medical expenses from the attackers to prevent a increase in the county medical premiums. Which are based on loss history. It makes sense to me to fully investigate and be prepared for whatever. Bo was the attacker or the attacked and the county has exposure. I’m only in the 50% group that pays taxes that’s why I care. And I do like Mississippi which unlike our country’s southern border has no walls, anyone unhappy with the state, our flag or our conservative rule can hit the road.

    1. Investigate what, the allegations of a bunch of keyboard warriors? Last time I checked no one was talking and a crime has not been reported. You’d overlook all that to get a shot in on the Sheriff though, just as some of the others have taken shots at Lafontaine and others that have jack shit to do with this.

      As for people leaving in case you haven’t heard Mississippi is hemorrhaging our young folks that are taking you up on your offer. After all, modern day conservationism in the South must mean satisfied with being last. Well that and scapegoating Mexicans for this country’s problems. For Republicans these days it must be easier than looking in the mirror.

      In case you hadn’t noticed, the states with the highest incomes are almost all blue states. Most of them cats just sit back and marvel at the sheer ignorance of a place that prides itself on being backwards.

    2. If you don’t like any of your elected officials vote them out.
      If they are not in your district you can still work to replace them.
      I too am a pretty conservative person but don’t understand why you would be calling for frivolous lawsuits.
      Isn’t that what liberals are suppose to do?
      As much as many people on this site complain about all the elected officials in the county, you would think it was like the old westerns when 1 rich crooked person controlled the entire group of elected officials.
      Give me a break.

  31. You need a break if you read I’m calling for a frivolous lawsuits. I’m not oblivious to the fact that people file against governments all the time. Look at the Falgout and Marquar suit that drug the city in. It’s better to know the facts, be prepared and be good stewards of the taxpayers money. Not investigating it looks like something is being hidden.

    1. But by your logic, any entity that provides health insurance to an employee ( including elected officials in this case) should pursue claims against anyone that acts like an idiot and in doing such increases future insurance premiums for the entity.
      With that logic the healthcare problem in this country could be partially solved because the actions of a minority of people in this country have a measurable impact on the premiums of their employer.
      Everytime a person with the mental capacity of a cricket says “hey y’all watch this” and injures themself, Poof !! deny the claim or pursue reimbursement from the idiot through the courts.
      Great idea.

    2. Taxpayer, something is being hidden but again, tell us what the sheriff is supposed to investigate with no cooperating victims or witnesses? If I didn’t know better I’d think you are bitching that man actually used the health insurance he earned from his employer because that’s the way you’re coming across.

      1. Doug I concur and believe that is what I tried to explain on June 6th.
        It’s not right what happened but you can’t do anything if nobody is cooperating.

  32. Doug, Thanks you.
    CF , Thank you.
    Some always want to hang em with nothing but BS and Rumors and No Facts of just for personal reasons.
    We always perceive the wrong in people when we disagree, just like now with the sheriff or the Adam Ladner Farve and other officials families. But again, if you witnessed this sad incident please come forward. But I would believe out of all the comments on here about what happened that day that no one was there. Again as I stated numerous times rumors are just that, BS and facts are fact.
    Again , Doug and CF Thank You.

  33. CF you must not know what subrogation means. When a third party causes the injuries, insurance companies can recoup the medical expenses from the third party. If Bo was innocent, the insurance company can recoup the medical expenses from the alleged attacker. It happens all the time. Not investigation is just irresponsible or corrupt. Someone will talk, just go to Dollys in the kiln for breakfast, it’s easy to find out what happened and who was present. Or call in the state if the SO has a conflict.

    1. Surely you understand that is the insurance company’s call. Surely you also understand the Sheriff works for the taxpayers, not the insurance company. Since we’re talking legal surely you understand that you have no standing to influence those events in any way legally.

      1. Insurance companies rely on police reports to verify what actually happens when there is a mishap. It is what helps keep costs down on claims. That is one of the reasons rural areas have higher premiums on certain things like theft, fire claims etc. I believe that the county would want to help insure that proper reporting would be done for many other reasons but in this case to assist the financially responsible entity to get fair treatment. It is no different than a car accident etc…Good police work and reporting keep premiums from escalating on everyone.

        1. The only difference could be that Supervisor Ladner’s injuries were not an “accident.” In other words, the person with the tire iron was not using it for its purpose, and it slipped out of his hand and hit the Supervisor in the head. There would have probably been a report from Ladner and Ricky’s hands would not have been tied.

        2. So with no victims coming forward and no cooperating witnesses what should this police report say? Quote the report you would have them write and assign fault for me.

          Wait here’s an idea, lets torture Ol Bo until he talks. Fuck the 5th Amendment. We’ll do it to make you feel better and save the insurance company you care so deeply for a few bucks.

    2. Timmy,
      That happened to us in my husband’s boating accident 2 years ago. The person at fault was neglectful, no malice involved. We got through the ER because no one is asking those questions at that time, but both of our insurance companies notified us when it came up as an accident. They wanted a report, of course, which we had, and it was a bit of red tape and bookkeeping with the hospital, but the insurer of the person at fault had to pay, not us, plus some pain and suffering. But, we did co-operate with the law enforcement officials when they arrived at the harbor. We did not withhold any information, and the coast guard and local water law enforcement were on hand immediately. I guess the Pass Christian Police notified them because my husband and son-in-law were both taken to the Pass Harbor. Yes, I know what you are talking about with the insurance company making the person at fault pay. But that person has to be identified. It is ridiculous for the injured not to identify the person who injured them.

    3. Timmy, I am very familiar with subrogation but you just don’t get it.

      Please let me know about any known local insurance cases that resemble a situation exactly like this one and how they turned out.
      Most people that are involved in cases like this don’t even have insurance on their pickup truck so who’s insurance do you go after?

    4. Breaking News!
      I heard there is a county employee with very high cholesterol, another couple consume alcohol and some even use products that contain nicotine.
      Shouldn’t they be held accountable for the increased health insurance costs?
      If not, where is the line that you cannot cross when it comes to holding county employees health accountable?

    1. I try not to make personal attacks. But you must be one of the stupid locals that you are referring to and it is impossible to have a battle of wits when your opponent is unarmed.
      They are all examples of choices made by people including drinking, smoking and getting into physical altercations as Ladner has been accused of on this site.
      Put down the corn whiskey and try to come with some type of forethought in your argument rather than acting like a half witted imbecile.

  34. Stupid is the word. DumBo telling folks he was hit from behind and didn’t see the attacker, but has a broken eye socket and broke jaw, with no rear head injury. He’s stupid for thinking we’re stupid. We will never know the truth but it stinks.

  35. I believe that in a Democracy we deserve who we vote for and as long as voter turnout is so poor folks like Bo will hold office. We are offered an alternative in Dianna. It is time for a new and honest voice. Local gove.segment resembles a fiefdom. There are other examples of this situation. Kenny Hoda runs Standard Dedeaux Water a non profit Corp for the benefits all, not Kenny. He also is running for Supervisor! He is a fool. Dave

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