Hotel and Restaurant Tax Still Topical in the Bay

Not sure when the proposal appears on the ballot but it appears that voters in the Pine Belt are more amenable than those on the coast to levying the tax for recreational purposes with Waynesboro being the latest to put on a levy:

Waynesboro voters pass 1% restaurant, bar and hotel tax ~ Quametra Wilborn

A few weeks back Hattiesburg voters voted to add the 3rd cent to their levy:

Hattiesburg 1% tax referendum passes with 81% of vote ~ WDAM

With the Midtown development coming on line Hattiesburg has become a restaurant and bar “boom town”, which goes with the rest of the booming economy in the Pine Belt. People there don’t mind the extra penny on the dollar because the results are tangible. Most places parks and recreation are like mom and apple pie (most people I spoke with in Hattiesburg especially liked the fact the City was stepping up for its College as Reed-Green desperately needs a major renovation).

That was not true in Gulfport where the measure never made the ballot even though it would have benefited Parks and Recreation.

Here at Slabbed and in social media there are many folks voicing opposition to the new tax in Bay St Louis, which has not yet held its election. One difference is that in the Bay some of the money is slated to fund a new tourism bureaucracy at the local economic development nonprofit despite the fact there is already a local tourism nonprofit. This appears on the surface to be an unnecessary duplication of efforts.

Personally I question the wisdom of putting any additional money into tourism when the City can’t yet even house its own police department. I think this is why so many people there are voicing opposition to the coming tax referendum. The difference is pretty stark. In the Pine Belt you have amenities like the Longleaf Trace to show for the taxes the people there pay. In the Bay you get contract services and additional jobs at a local nonprofit while the taxpayers get the trickle down impact.

An FYI for the tourism folks on marketing the Bay. Word of mouth has done more to promote Bay St Louis in the Pine Belt for people looking for second homes than every ad the tourism folks have ever run.  There is a group of motorcyclist that drive down from Marion County regularly to eat and have a beer in Old Town which practice originated via word of mouth. The town markets itself in so many ways once word gets out and in the Pine Belt it is out.

As for the Bay’s proposed tax, my suggestion is that parks and recreation or anything that enhances the quality of life for the people would garner far more popular support than a tax and give-away scheme with a local not for profit.

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  1. If our local cities are going to ramp up attracting more people to the area, whether visitors or settlers, they had both better ramp up public safety. The two go together. The more heads we have to count, the more we have to keep safe.

  2. Tourism had their own financial stream in Hotel Tax Revenue. Jimmy Ladner and Philip Moran amongst others gave it to the Tri County Tourism. Not saying that is good are bad but it created a lack of funding to Local Tourism.

    Parks and Recreation are already funded and we have had a 4 Mil Tax increase with Development in the Housing Market busting at the seams. Bay Saint Louis already pays Tourism $22,500 annually from the tax payer.

    Why on Earth would the local buying public self impose a 2% sales Tax to help put customers in the local restaurants and bars and other Venues when they themselves contribute not one nickel to Tourism.

    What is Tourism? If you ask the elected officials and get their myriad of opinions it equates to a general fund item.

    Why not pass a Tax on to the Hotel Guests coming to town and a Host Fee to out of State Boats at the Marina as is done everywhere else in the Tourism Destination Market!

    My opinion is subject to change if someone would show me where the Merchants who receive direct benefit are paying towards Tourism in a substantial way.

    1. Tourism had their own financial stream in Hotel Tax Revenue. Jimmy Ladner and Philip Moran amongst others gave it to the Tri County Tourism. Not saying that is good are bad but it created a lack of funding to Local Tourism.

      Parks and Recreation are already funded and we have had a 4 Mil Tax increase with Development in the Housing Market busting at the seams. Bay Saint Louis already pays Tourism $22,500 annually from the tax payer.

      Why on Earth would the local buying public self impose a 2% sales Tax to help put customers in the local restaurants and bars and other Venues when they themselves contribute not one nickel to Tourism.

      What is Tourism? If you ask the elected officials and get their myriad of opinions it equates to a general fund item.

      Why not pass a Tax on to the Hotel Guests coming to town and a Host Fee to out of State Boats at the Marina as is done everywhere else in the Tourism Destination Market!

      My opinion is subject to change if someone would show me where the Merchants who receive direct benefit are paying towards Tourism in a substantial way.

      1. Also, Remember the County just raised taxes 2 mils and the City of BSL just imposed a $2 mo they grapple truck fee at approx $48,000 per year revenue that they did not have before. Also, they are collecting $50 per golf cart fee that is new. Building permit fees averaging about ? $10-12,000 per month etc.

        We are busting at the seams on development what are they gona do if the economy turns? There is no answer to that that they want to give.

        If I didn’t know those guys better I would put a Bernie Sanders or Elizebeth Warren Sign under their names!

          1. FYI- there have been so many increased taxes and fees I should have written them down first. Also a 2% Mil increase in BSL! This mil increase raised the taxes on many things to include car tags, business personal property taxes along with increased property taxes just to name a few. I think we should start the conversation with where that is going much less have them tell us where the sales tax is going.

    1. And Myrna Green and her staff work their buns off promoting Hancock County. I will always defend the need for a local tourism office here. When was the last time we saw a commercial promoting Hancock County or any of our amenities here from the “coast wide tourism.” Didn’t we lose our boarding tax to them? They had to give it back, if I recall correctly, and then all of a sudden the powers that be in Jackson said they could have it after all. It’s a wonder we didn’t have a forest fire with the phone lines that were lit up between here and the capitol taking that away from us. Charity begins at home, and our local Do our supervisors running for re-election need to address the amount of tax $$$ that are walking out of our county instead of just rubber stamping the tax rolls at the end of the fiscal year? Maybe those running for state offices need to be approached for new laws governing tax breaks as well.

      1. Meanwhile, a sports complex is being touted to the local coaches … one who was asked to speak at the Council mtg, promoting just that

    2. I don’t think
      Tourism is the only
      thing that has had free ” housing” in that building; just the agency that gets slapped around about it the most! If my memory serves me, there were about 6 to 8 years when Moseley was the only payer in that building and took care of the utilities too.

      1. The Chamber Director was on TV promoting the 2% Sales Tax. The Chamber does not promote anything that does not eventually give them money. They would love nothing more than to get back into a City Building with free rent and get back at the Money Trough again in Bay Saint Louis.

        1. In my opinion, having Tish speak for the City was their biggest mistake. As Rod said, she’s not involved unless a % of the $$ is going to the Chamber. The Council & Mayor are losing their minds. The Yacht Club debacle was just swept aside but make them pay taxes! How 2% on bajillion short term rentals? Or better yet forget about it!

  3. Just curious.
    Up until recently I heard a lot of commercials talking about visiting “The West Coast of Mississippi “ on WWL out of New Orleans.
    Which entity paid for those?

    1. Myrna Green has gotten the Garden Club spots on WWL to advertise our annual Spring Pilgrimage Home Tour. Don’t know about the ones you mention here.

    2. CF,
      That is the local tourism. When ever you hear West Coast that is Hancock County Tourism.

      Jimmy Ladner and the Supervisors gave away Hancock Counties Tourism funding to the Tri County Tourism where our contribution barely pays the Tri County Managers salary. Hancock County was funded exclusively by tourist as it was a 2% Hotel tax and left the BSL taxpayer alone. It is gone now due to Ladner and supervisors. Go figure how we will get any face time. Elected officials are run by the deep state…..that is unelected people who get to the elected officials to take from one and give to their friends who pull their strings.

      In Bay Saint Louis there is not one business supporting Tourism they give their support and money to the Chamber. They pay the Director of the Chamber to Lobby Supervisors and City Councilmen and Women to get taxpayer funds for their pleasure. They need to pick and choose who they need, The Chamber or Tourism and let them pay for it.
      Hancock County Tourism entire payroll budget is less than what the businesses pay the Chamber Director! Tell me who should get the funding.

      The Chamber is the Troll at the Tax Toll on the bridge. They get between the Tax payer and the elected officials and collect a tax that primarily just pays their salaries and parties, and Gala’s with VIP Tickets and Face Time amongst self anointed city leaders. They have refused time and again to show financials to municipalities and the county.

  4. If it says West Coast it is the Local Tourism. That was their Slogan. The Tri County has their own slogan.

    Our Tourism works on very little but their efforts are 100% towards promoting Hancock County. The Chamber Leaders have been lobbying against them for years to get what little funding they have. I believe if the Merchants were to have to make a choice on who provides them the best revenue representation they would support Tourism first.

    1. That would make since then. The commercials talked about the wave pool at Buccaneer, something in Waveland that I can’t remember and Second Saturday in the Bay.
      They ran it a lot in the past and were pretty good commercials.
      I’m old school and listen to WWL talk radio when I get a chance.
      That station is heard in over 30 states at night.

    2. Was a member of the chamber 20 years ago. Wasn’t a fan back then as it seemed the few businesses that hung together and kissed their asses were the only ones receiving any benefit. All be it very small of what even they received.
      Some enjoyed spending corporate money to be the part of the in group while receiving more personal benefits than benefits the sponsor’s paid for.

      1. That’s correct CF. It is more of a social club by my estimation although they do get public grants from taxpayers and hand out no bid contracts to their members.

        I have never understood how they could be on the government funding from the county, cities and various state agencies as well as other govt funded nonprofits and only represent their members!

        Bay Saint Louis took them off the public dole several years ago. The main reason was their refusal to open the books for financial review to reveal how the funding was spent.

        1. Thanks for the reply Rod, and I am sure more people concur with our opinions than not.
          As I stated earlier it has been a long time since I was involved with them, but the same people are still running it and I expect nothing changed.

  5. Yes they tirelessly promote this area no matter the size of the event! The businesses need to step up and save our tourism!

  6. God Bless Ms Myrna devoid of foolishness, she is such a blessing to the Bay. My goodness, I agree with Rod Ward I never thought I’d see the day LOL The businesses need to step up & the City needs to come up with a PLAN!!! Are we the Coast French Quarter; a Guy Fieri stop; an art community; a hot mess? Council get a grip

  7. The businesses need to decide if their money is better spent with the chamber or both! Otherwise it could end. Pay for payroll or results is the question!

  8. Guys and Gals,
    The Chamber has as of today had a Racial Discrimination Law Suit filed on them as a result of the article in last weeks Echo Report on the Hair College. I’m sure a follow up story will made on this. Corporate and Government Sponsors will be reading it I’m sure. Cant say there is any fire to the suit but there sure is smoke.

      1. Mrs Connie, I have followed this closely since I read it a just made a public request. Law Suits are public information.

  9. She should name Hancock bank in the suit for housing and protecting the chamber. And the board of supervisors for failing to offer assistance. They could have investigated the allegations and stopped funding them with our taxes until satisfied. I may go to the meeting Monday and ask how many attended the gala party with the chamber and how much money does the port and harbor & board of supervisors give to the chamber each year. And why didn’t they mention the funding last meeting when they said they couldn’t help. Vote the prejudice SOB’s out. They only want to get involved if they are getting something out of it personally.

    1. Thank you so much for your comments. I am the person who has filed the law suit and even though I would love to say a lot, I think it is best if I just listen to public opinion. I have my eyes & ears open and I am not just hearing I am listen to gain knowledge and a clear understanding

      1. Connie, there are a lot of common people who have experienced what you have! Glad that u have the courage to challenge it. I would hope the Govt supporters n publicly traded companies will step up n stop it! Otherwise it will continue!

  10. The chamber needs to be audited by the IRS. Tish lives a very comfortable lifestyle. Her bartab expenses would shock most folks. Between salaries and alcohol they have nothing left to promote the members. A member just gets a sticker and a bill once a year.

  11. All should be considered innocent until proven guilty, and I have not reviewed the allegations, but if the plaintiff prevails here, all public funding should be pulled from this non profit. And, if our elected officials don’t have the gumption to do it, then we should demand it. Our tax dollars cannot support prejudice against anyone.

    1. Lana,
      I believe innocence until proven guilty also. I have the emails from that day. I will be posting them on my school Facebook page. The emails are from September 21, 2018.
      (I had to message because she would not return my calls after our meeting. Thank God, because now everything is in writing) In the message which was posted on the Chamber page I repeat to her every word that she said to me and explained how it made me feel. Her response was I am sorry to “,hear” that. Let start fresh on Monday. She has not called yet despite numerous post that I have made on the Chamber page. Any one of the board members could have responded but no one has which confirms that were in agreement or simply ignored the blatant act of discrimination. I will post the link here in a few moments. Thanks

        1. I clicked the link and it went through. Try one of the ones below or We are Facebook friends under Constance Mims

  12. It should be be stopped until it has been investigated! You can’t get the funds back afterwords and say oops!

    This is serious. Public funds and publicly traded companies supporting a violation against the the public at large!

  13. The previous Director embezzled money even public funds and corporations and did nothing but get an ankle bracelet. The money is never recovered!

  14. Councilmen in bay st louis had the courage to kick them to the curb when they refussed to be transparent. Hancock bank officer who spoke for the chamber told them the payroll was not the business of the council. So the Bay stopped funding the chamber years ago and now it’s the 5th coolest town in the country. It took councilmen who don’t take free stuff.

    1. Ward 5 & Joey Supporter here… Joey and Mr. Lonnie stood fast on transparency that night plus Seal told Hancock Prez. “It is our business.! Then they sold Court St.! Is it true Ms. Lana that BObullcrappers give more money to Tish than Ms. Myrna? Can’t get “After Hours” if not in clique alcohol site…

      1. Alliance, Yes it is true. The BOS gave away Tourism Funding to the Tri County Tourism while giving the Chamber Funding through board and Port Bienville. It is very lucrative at that!

      2. Have no idea. Just personal experience that Tourism will advertise events whether or not you are a donor–Chamber will not. They only advertise for paying members, which I personally thought was a bit strict especially when they were enjoying a free rent facility off the taxpayers for 5 years. Why not advertise every event that would bring visitors to town, but no, hard and fast rule–$$$ or nothing. Garden Club did join one year because they said they would publicize our biggest event-Spring Home and Garden Tour. Then told us later the funds they were using for us prohibited them from advertising east of the Miss. river. That experience cost us $150. Went back to doing our own advertising, which is really very simple once you develop your contacts. I often wondered if the new Coastal Tourism group squelched us? They definitely don’t want this area successfully promoted locally. I say we need all the help we can get.

        1. The Chamber does not support Hancock County…..Hancock County Supports the Chamber. They have their donation hat out at every opportunity! The are a for profit business operating as a nonprofit! They send out marketing proposals to businesses and manage other nonprofits for profit. If a member has an event there is an extra fee negotiated to promote it. Your membership just entitles you to hang out with Tish at the local watering hole if you are of high enough social standing!

  15. I noticed that I posted a couple of comments forgetting what the post was originally about.
    In the past 10 years many local governments in the state have passed additional taxes under the premis of funding new recreational facilities to entice youth sporting events.
    Example, I lived in Brandon for 4 years and the city promoted a new restaurant tax to improve all of the baseball, softball and soccer fields, expecting to draw families from all over to come for large tournaments.
    The problem with the plan was there was really only one sit down chain restaurant and two run down hotels in the city while the neighboring city of Pearl boasted scores of restaurants and dozens of hotels.
    First off, if every city has a sports complex expecting to draw people for the use of such facilities I find it hard to believe that all of them would receive the intended benefits. The city did create an outdoor theater that they use as a local concert venue that does benefit some of the locals.
    I’ll stop rambling but I am trying to show a tax on food and lodging in a city that really has neither. Meanwhile the city next door is receiving the real tax boost as they have the infrastructure in place to reep the benefits.
    Another example of a local tax that provides little in return to the residents that live there.

      1. Doug I have heard good things about it as well. Don’t know if the people believe it is worth the additional tax.
        The sports complex improvements are still very questionable. If you don’t have a reason for and amenities to be utilized by the surrounding population you are hoping to draw, it becomes a direct tax on the locals as there is no place for the intended audience to help support it. They spend their money in Pearl where they can eat, sleep and shop.
        As an outsider up there I noticed the locals were all about hosting sports tournaments and didn’t care about the amphitheater at the time. I am glad that it does provide some entertainment for the locals.

        1. Some places need promotion! Some do not. We are growing in BSL on an organic level! We don’t need taxation we need business contribution to their own identified needs!

  16. CF, I agree. It is just a voluntary tax on locals. We support commerce year around. I believe firmly the businesses that directly benefit from Tourism should step up and fund Tourusm. The 2% is just a pass through for those that report it. The others just ge a 2% raise!

    The Hancock Tourism Bureau and the Electecd Officials need to focus on capturing their direct beneficiaries.

    I am a very small realtor and I voluntarily donate to Tourism amongst other things I want my money to go to! I do not need government picking and choosing for me how to donate! In a lot of cases they are persuaded for the wrong reasons to give public money! Personal Opinion on what they think is a good cause. I don’t need them to do anything other than be a good steward of managing our assets and keeping us in a livable environment! Let entrepreneurs develop and let tax payers support the causes they believe in.

    1. Ward 3 neighbor of Mr. Ward. I volunteered when Sports Complex built, soccer field built. Very modern, need expansion & improvements. Served on Board to re-create McDonald Field. Beautiful place not utilized or modernized. MLK, same thing, stagnant in beautification. Smith Park, same as it was 7 years ago. We already own the facilities, problem is here in all of Hancrok County you gotta beware of who does what with da cash and who controls it. It will always be governments ideas till something goes wrong then silence. Right Mr. Rod, fund the plan don’t give it to causes.

      1. I will bring in the Ward 6 Choir at no charge ♫ ♫ Use what you you ‘ve got … use what you’ve got! AMEN Know what you’ve got … know what you’ve got, you morons, I mean, yes baby

  17. Alliance, Well put. We are experiencing a growth like no other time. Let those dollars catch up. 4 mils, later let’s enjoy property values increase, and see where we are. The value of a Mil Has increased along with the increase in home value! That 4% has increased along with the other previous mil charges! Plenty of potential revenue, enough to budget for parks and recreation. Don’t forget permit fees go straight to the city! They are huge. We do not have a Tourism problem we have Problem with Tourism engaging in money discussion with business owners!

    1. I believe that there are very few good taxes.
      I believe that when gaming came to Bay St. Louis back in the 90’s the mileage rate was about the lowest in the state, but it has been creeping up since then. When my wife and I moved back to the coast a couple of years ago she fell in love with Long Beach. Our city mileage rate is about 49 mills compared to the Bay which is around 23. (I am taking an educated guess about the Bay)
      All combined we are at around 144 mills plus a school system that has maxed out their bonding capacity. All this while our home values have also increased a good bit.
      Of course there is no such thing as an apple to apple comparison when looking at 2 different cities but I thought maybe I could give you Bay Rats some kind of good news to start your week.
      I am not saying you guys should not question any tax increase, but hey it could be worse.

  18. We are about 36 mils but we have a casino and if you add that we are excess of almost all of Mississippi! We tax shit out of em! So don’t let elected officials BS ya on millage!

    1. Rod
      BSL is about 27 mills if I remember correctly from budget meetings.
      Also compare sales taxes.
      BSL has The 2nd or 3rd lowest mill rates on the coast
      2nd or 3rd lowest sales tax on the coast
      Yes the have a casino but.
      All in all Ice and council do pretty damn good managing their pennies
      Hope this info on taxes help.

  19. It’s all about per capita revenue. The last administration was awful but we can’t tax our way from it we need to manage our way from it!

    1. Ward 3 again! Right again Mr. Rod. Past Adm. terrible at managing money. This Council raising mils 5 in 2 yrs. Last Council rolled over to them, per audit, approximately $389k in cash. Last Council extinguished bankrupt fires and bad management. Road fund, ad valorum, sales tax and building were all rising when this Council and Mayor came in. My Councilman says another large Bond request on way.???? Council, let revenue build before you sink it in payments, Bonds, interest and attorney fees. Please………

      1. Rod
        BSL is about 27 mills if I remember correctly from budget meetings.
        Also compare sales taxes.
        BSL has The 2nd or 3rd lowest mill rates on the coast
        2nd or 3rd lowest sales tax on the coast
        Yes the have a casino but.
        All in all Ice and council do pretty damn good managing their pennies
        Hope this info on taxes help.

      2. Alliance
        Show me where’re this council had $389,000 rolled over to them for spending?
        Another bond ?
        You must have had yours paved last time.
        You didn’t want council to wait On a bond 4-5 years ago and let funds build up did you? 10 to 1 you did not.
        This administration is watching pennies and putting dollars aside and it is not coming from selling city properties neither!
        So I hope the bond starts tomorrow. Still waiting for my road to get paved.
        Yes the 3 amigos cleaned a lot of shit up not Ward 5&6 alone.
        Remember ward 5 was there when shit went south for 4 years prior to 2 new guys taking office.
        What was he being promised by lying les to sit quite?
        Maybe just needed some help?

  20. Since we are on the subject of taxes, and will be for the next several months since all of our public entities are winding up and starting new fiscal years between July 1, (school districts) and Sept. 30, (city and county), you may want to check out page 5a of yesterday’s Sea Coast Echo, where you will find the Bay St. Louis 2018-19 budget ( adopted last Sept. 30, 2018) and amended 6 months into the fiscal year dated April 15, 2019.
    I have a copy of the budget for 2017-18, and noted the following:
    In that time span:
    taxes for year ending Sept. 2018–$5,460,388
    taxes (amended 4-15-19) $7,768,497
    Personnel for year ending 9-3-2018–$5,030,391
    As amended 4-15-19————–$5,211,439
    Municipal Reserve Fund–9-30-18–revenue $637,548
    Mun. Res. Expen. 9-30-18—————-$543,853
    Mun. Res. Fund as amended 4-15-19 Rev. $1,023,555 (???) from what?
    Mun. Res. Fund Expen. as amended 4-15-19–$ 923,555 (???) for what?
    City Council Expen. Increase from $304,575 to $318,973
    Judicial Court Expen. from $239, 955 to $258,224
    Adm. and Finance Expen. from $2,540,088 to $2,439,615
    Bldg. Dept. Expen. from $292,284 to $337,310
    Police Dept. Expen. from $2,052,948 to $2,153,661
    Fire Dept. Expen. from $1,324,830 to $1,351,296
    Public Works Expen. from $1,964,625 to $2,419,584
    Stay tuned…….

  21. If Fillingame and the last group would have had that kind of increase in revenue we would have all new streets

    1. Board of Supervisors in Executive Session right now:
      Agenda item J. County Attorney:
      Motion passed 5-0 to enter Exec. Sess. for potential litigation concerning Shelter and Annex professionals and contractors: Phillips Pest Control
      and Boudin Environmental
      Services. Just came out of Exec. Sess. no action taken.

  22. Lana, Budget Comparisons

    My memory on the budget and notes.

    10% health insurance increase this year across the board. Covers most increases.
    That was told during workshops for budget.

    Public works- $350,000 grass cutting and raises.

    Police- Cars and equipment with raise.

    Also if you look through the budget they adopted in September you would see they have $250,000 going into the reserve this year.
    There is the money for a road bond and let’s finish the paving in our ward 6.
    They also had matching funds in the budget this year for grants.

    Lawsuits settled and attorney fees from lying les and Rafferty kicking them down the road and not turning over to Insurance co.
    They should be held accountable for this.
    That’s who needs to pay to these lawsuits.

    This should help explain the budget increases.

    would not matter if lying les and gang had ten or 10M dollars they would blow it on dandelions and the chamber and yellow rubber duckies.

    you say wait for road work.
    Wait? Been waiting for 20+ years. Wait?
    I bet you live on a paved road or probably had it paved again a few years ago.
    Did you say wait then?
    So if it was good a few years ago why not now?
    There are 1/2M $ or better homes on my street and can not get down it at times in my car.

    You don’t want to see this group do what is needed for ward 6? And other parts of the city?

    Last council did do good with getting finances on track.
    They raised the mills by 4-5 also. In desperate need.
    Raised utilities as well. In need?
    Yes this council has raised mills 4 but can show where every dollar is going so far.
    You can’t say that about the previous 8 years.

    Rod, I do not believe our tax mill is 36 for the city.
    More around 26-27 mills
    Still probably one of the lowest on the coast and the state. Yes we have a casino but thrive on tourism and Frugal

    So any way the headlines are about the 2%. Not Tish and the chamber or Myrna and tourism.

    Yes I favor this if we address the needs at all our parks, start a new event or two, look what the pirates done this weekend. Host tournaments that bring people to our city. We need upgrades at every complex.
    Soccer, baseball, we have no football or basketball.
    MLK and al smith and the other parks.
    Tennis courts? Splash pad? Amphitheater? Infrastructure?

    As long as it is run through the city and NOT Tish or Myrna! They get $000$
    I will be good with this.
    Having fun in our great city.

    1. We get 18% of sales tax if it is reported. $1,000,000 in reported sales brings $12,600 to BSL.

      These events are awesome but the businesses need to pay to promote. The Tax Payers are the customers and they pay the 7% and the businesses are only a pass through if they report the cash. Not an argument but a fact. Real money comes from property tax. The casino revenue added in brings us in line with the rest of the state per capita. Just a fact not opinion.

    2. HHH,
      10% health coverage “across the board?” Does that include the Council who are part time? Do we know whether the city pays health benefits for their part time employees or just part time elected officials? Just wondering what “across the board” means.

  23. Lana
    Good questions
    They just said health insurance was going up 10%
    Across the board means everyone who takes it.
    Would not think part timers gets it.

    You are correct and 2% of that 1M would be another $20k to sink back in to the community, children’s programs , new events and some infrastructure.
    Most all collected from tourist.

    Sounds like them bars shops and restaurants need to be audited.
    Call the state auditor.

    1. Do you mean you don’t think part time city employees get health benefits? Because the part time Council takes it with the exception of Seal. If they won’t provide their part time employees health coverage, the Council shouldn’t take it either in my opinion. One of them told me recently he paid over $20,000 in income taxes this year. Does that sound like someone who needs the taxpayers, especially the poor ones, providing his health insurance? Please.

      1. Lana, you are correct. Tourism brings entrepreneurs that cannot by law provide to their key employees. But, they are not sustainable jobs. I have rental property and rent under value to accommodate their lack of sustained income. It causes rental values to be low so their is no real development to accommodate their needs. But hey let’s just pretend that it is great. Tax and elected officials will fix it! Non Profits will fix it after they get their salary! Growing knowledge on this. It isn’t poo pooing on anything it is reality! Give them money they will get theirs and ask for accolades! No one gets ahead except the ones who enjoy the party!

  24. Now we talking! If there were a tax it needs to be identified exactly how to be spent not general fund. I for one am against it because the value of a mil has increased with the mil tax! Development needs no encouragement it is happening faster than ever before. Let’s slow down and not fund pet projects for elected officials. If they know how to grow money growth they would become entrepreneurs! The few that are should invest in these ideas. The rest just homestead and listen to who tells em what they want to here. Most ideas come from nonprofits who need the elected officials to fund them. It is what it is. Bring it to a vote. Then you will see what the citizens think!

    1. Yes we here prosperity non profits n taxpayers!

      Business owners only participate if it benefits them but no sustainable contribution with the exception of a few!

      Let’s put tourism growth on their shoulders!

      The ones I talk to with exception feel that the pass thru Tax is their contribution!

      The nonprofits think the money they receive to pay their salaries is a right of passage! Give benefits to elected officials, anoint them and high five!

      1. And ask any of these business owners if they pay health benefits to their part time employees in the private sector. Better yet, Ask the 4 Councilmen who are private businessmen if they do, Rod?!$

  25. While I thinking about it, I reported months ago to the city that the golf cart rental businesses do not have sticker permits. Ask if they had a different ordinance for them. I was told they were notified and the police would be cracking down. Seems some people are special.

    1. I have yet to see, in either city, the Bay or Waveland, a golf cart operator wearing a seatbelt while driving. Talk about discrimination– automobiles drivers are ticketed for this, and in the Bay when their ordinance was passed, it said they had to obey all of the driving requirements auto drivers do. I worry the most about the little ones I see hanging off the back of these things unbelted. But if their parents don’t care, oh well. I gave up on both cities for Enforcement long ago.

      1. No doubt public safety is important but I’ve yet to see one with a tag so the City is leaving money on the table which I don’t get.

        1. Good point, Doug. I forgot the tags they were supposed to have to help the rest of us who are required to if we drive autos, to keep up our roads and bridges.
          I understand the Bay Council is a tad concerned lately because no one attends their meetings anymore. Well, for pity’s sake, you don’t know what’s happened when you leave if you do sit up there for 3 hours. I guess the folks are finally catching on.
          After the 1st Public Forum Tues. night, the room was clear with the exception of the Council! There was a lot of agenda left to cover too.
          Waveland is no better, or maybe even worse.
          And virtually no one attends the Supervisors meetings with the exception of employees and county officials. Five or 6 citizens and one newspaper.
          Reading the minutes and watching the tapes works for me unless you feel compelled to address them personally on something. As I said, people I have talked with are getting bored sitting there watching politicians do nothing, and manage to do a lot of that wrong!!

          1. I would like to see a service fee annually applied to golf carts with a service! Check turn signals, brake lights, seat belts etc, DL to the registered owner then issue a sticker with the $25 fee to be applied to road maintenance! ThT is a privilege fee. If you do t want to do it park it! User fees not always taxes!

            1. Rod,
              The meetings I attended stated that the city’s ordinance would be in keeping with the state with regard to operating a motor vehicle on the public streets:
              driver’s license
              turn signals
              seat belts
              sticker from city showing you paid your fee
              This may have been amended. I don’t know, but I would think it would have to have been done with permission of the state.
              What would happen to us in cars if we allowed 12 year olds to drive our cars on the public streets, unbelted with no turn signals?
              As I said, I gave up because no one cares, so it’s on the parents and cities as far as I am concerned. No one is going to do enforce driving laws anyway, except on us automobile operators.

          2. I have found that it makes no difference if citizens attend or not; this Council is going to do what it wants to do, public be damned. I think after a number of issues when citizens filled the chambers (PJ’s drive-thru, noise ord & Ugly Pirate) Council politely listened & then blew them off.
            Also Lana (& everyone else) if you’re watching the meeting on the City’s portal, it’s a “not secure” site & sometimes that carries over to other sites like Slabbed when you’re done. All you have to do is change to or whatever site you’re on in the address bar.

            1. Trix, they represent the voice of 10,000 people not who fills room. As far as the coffeee shop issue not wanting so they don’t compete with the mockingbird and were creating a safety issue and a danger to small children! They had to think they were a bunch of leftwing Lunnies! The other issues are still a matter of opinion. And they did set time limits!

        2. They don’t get a tag. They get a permit sticker. All the carts I’ve seen have them. The State of MS will not allow you to tag a golf cart.

          1. Some are tagged if they are large enough to have a vin number. The rest have a sticker, but are required to operate on the streets meeting all requirements of motor vehicles with regard to safety.

    2. Same for Dan B’s! It says no parking next to them and they man the barricades to let people in and out. The have destroyed the grass and crushed the side walk! Police ticket others in the area for the same stuff different location. I guess being police officers they get to pick and choose the rules they follow!

  26. Golf Carts stickers are $50.00 in BSL.
    I have 2
    Cost $100.00
    They both have all the safety devices and We Wear Our Seatbelts.
    And both have Insurance.

    Yes I still see a few without a sticker but see most are tagged.

    Seatbelts are required along with everything else

    You are absolutely right.
    100% with you.
    They stand up against the minority that are against everything.
    if it is good for the city the council makes their own decisions and does not let a few rule them.
    And this is just killing some of them.
    They lost
    Play that song Doug
    Tear in my beer.

    The lefties against PJ’s preached safety?
    So what do the do, park in the road or on the sidewalks.
    Same with the hotel.
    Why cave to a few with big mouths?
    I’m proud of Josh Larry Buddy Ice and sometimes Gary and gene for not giving in to them.
    They are there to do what is right for the entire city. Not just their district or the few neighbors that are against anything and everything.
    Not often that happens.
    Keep up the good work.

    Not sure about DanB’s
    Heard they bought that property?
    Anyone knows?
    I saw it was blocked last week but that may have been for the pirates.
    And seemed seemed to have been surveyed a few weeks back.

    Seems no one may be at them meetings because things are going pretty well for our cities.
    Grass crew gotta get a little better in the bay. This time better then last cut. So maybe they will get it.

    City got a few dollars in their accounts and a whole lot of good publicity going on.

    Keep up the good work.
    But more importantly stand tall and don’t cave to the few with big mouths and are opposed to everything.

    Trump 2020
    Ice 2021
    Council 2021

    Happy Memorial Day and Thanks to all of our Heroes who served or are serving.

    And may God Bless you, the Good Ole USA and keep shining on BSL

    P S
    Seal and Reed need to get on board and ride the high that is going on in our community.
    Be you own man, not a few’s puppet.
    This is your second or third chance to do what is right.
    Remember, you 2 were a part of the lying les and fat raff fiasco. Allowed 6-7 years of the lies and misspending to go on with NO clue to what was happening.

    Now Ice is pretty straight shooting and y’all drill him.
    Makes me wonder what you be up to?

    Again Thanks to our Heroes

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