3 thoughts on “The Chris Roberts Indictment for those interested”

  1. No surprises but I venture there is more to come. Remember this the top expert in leasing mergers of public hospitals in the US. Nemzoff and company filed one of, if not the largest Medicaid fraud Que Tam cases for $2 Billion that was bi-laterally investigated for the past two years.

    From 1997 to 2003 Cris Roberts was vice president of Sisung Groupe work with his other company group United Professionals who certified the Upper Limit Payments the difference in what Medicaid would pay and actual costs of procedures for WJGH reimbursement from the state. During that time a nurse filed a Que Tam over the hospital billing Medicaid fraudulently for a newborn procedure when the hospital didn’t have the equipment to do the procedure the nurse collected over six hundred thousand.

    Just because of the DOJ and state AG didn’t initially intervene in Nemzoff’s Que Tam doesn’t mean later they won’t. I have personally seen Roberts squirm under normal deposition he’s looking to make a deal you betcha.

  2. I am speechless. With so much manipulation and chicanery going on, how did this man have the time to govern and fulfill his public duties? Can anyone think of anything this man has done for the residents of Jefferson Parish that’s had a net positive effect? Anything that wasn’t self serving? I understand he was beloved by residents in the lower part of the Parish, but he held an At-Large seat. This means he represented all residents. So, what did he do for the broader group? I can’t think of anything that he stood for that affected the larger population. Corruption will be his legacy. The voters of Jefferson Parish need to start thinking critically about who they put in office.

    1. @uptow., It will take years for the parish to financially overcome what he did just with the hospitals alone. And why is Newell Norman still on the EGJH board that’s anotherone ?

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