Thursday Special: Dedicated to all the lovers in the Yenni Building (and their paramours)

The big question is how long Mike Yenni can keep this covered up.

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  1. There is way more that’s about to break in the Yenni building multiple scandals. Largest is EJGH inability to pay its municipal bond debt without help. Roberts business partner who has had no-bid evergreen contracts to be parish bond underwriter did a rate swap in 2011 without acquiring bond insurance. Had an insurer done it’s due diligence they would have found bond attorney no-bid contracts obtained by paying campaign contributions to council members at the time of the award with parish attorney falsified affidavits. Now because Robert’s undermining HCA efforts to purchase so his business partner could benefit from being the financial advisor for the pension funds causing the hospital. EJGH bonds to be designated as junk. The parish has to find money to prop up the hospital or give away under LCMC lease agreement. FYI Roberts business partner obtained $1.4 million the day WJGH was leased to be pension advisor since then there has been multiple pension financial advisors 2 so far this year for contracts wort tens of thousands of dollars.

    1. This was posted by me Tom Heaney not sure how Maureen Marrow got posted please remove her name and retract

      1. Sadly, the best the Council can do is nominate Creepy Kieth Conley to serve in the interim. I seriously question his fitness for public office, in any capacity — either appointed or elected. While I understand the value of bankruptcy in our society, this guy plays hard and fast with the money. If you can’t keep your own financial house in order, how can you keep the public’s fiscal house in order?

  2. Thanks, Doug,
    So much crud in the parish it’s gotten mind-boggling. JP council circled wagons yesterday singing kumbaya for River Birch while awarding the gasification contract ignoring the conflict and history regardless of the renewed Civil Rico by Waste Management Inc.

    Then you have McClintok who is Roberts bro-pal cleaning up Roberts old office before his resignation letter was even mailed. McClintok in my lawsuit made public records unavailable or destroyed them then lied about and got the assistant JPOIG Smith to purger himself. I took a polygraph and hired an IT professional after McClintock blurted out there were no emails to prove the recorded meeting took place. Well, sure enough, I had some missing but the IT professional was able to retrieve others. And they also found Spyware on my IP address. All parish resources were used even JPSO. I have a security recording that would blow your mind. Give me a call let’s talk off the record I’m easy to find.

  3. Just in 29 counts against Chris Roberts. They gonna squeeze his.fatass to roll on other councilmembers, associates and business partners better be ready get the popcorn out this going to go all the way to elections.

  4. This is what happens when elected officials become too entrenched in the system. They begin to think that the ordinary rules of behavior no longer apply to them. They start to feel untouchable, and loose the ability for introspection. This leads to an addition that’s more powerful than any drug. It’s an addiction to power that’s so overwhelming that they’re willing to lie, cheat and steal to hold on to it, whatever the cost.

    1. I meant to say “ this leads to an addiction more powerful than any drug.”

      As far as Mike Yenni is concerned, I can’t imagine what you could be referring to when you mention the words “lovers”and “cover up” in your headline.

      1. He has had his share of bad publicity. I suspect the topic of this post will bubble up sooner rather than later.

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