6 thoughts on “Something must be in the Water at the Yenni Building”

  1. I’m struggling to decide if there is a connection to be made between this observation and the tweet about the NOLA.com story about the Jeff Parish lube plant…

    1. Don’t know if this post has anything to do with today’s council meeting. But, here we are, 10 years later, and all the money and capital improvements in the world won’t take away the stench of the landfill debacle that’s been ongoing since 2009. Another gift that keeps on giving, courtesy of the Jefferson Parish governing body.

  2. In the echo there is an article on the Moran Debacle but it over shadowed the small business owner story that is worth the read.

    A black entrepreneur joined the chamber and they would not let her host an event but instead suggested they give the Chamber $200 for posting on their website! This is in addition to her dues.

    The Chamber is funded by every level of tax payer government. I feel for the lady as she is definitely stepped into the shark tank with them.

    Just an FYI they have given Moran Pest Control Business of the years status in previous years! Go figure that process and how that works!

  3. Newbie is wrong. The City of Bay Saint Louis quit funding the chamber and giving them free rent some 5-6 years ago.

    Since then the city has grown by unprecedented amounts and a viable tax paying business is in the building they occupied for free as well it is back on the tax rolls.

    It is true , however, that every other level of government from municipal to state funds them to include other tax payer funded entities!

    No one is sure what they get for it. The Chamber of Commerce is the largest lobbying group in the nation!

    1. Guys we have a couple of Bay threads going on page 1. It helps if everyone keeps the comments on topic to that of the post. Thank you

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