Mosquito Control Contract Monitoring is Complete and on Today’s Supervisors Meeting Agenda

Trixie was nice enough to post the live stream link for us in comments. Lana Noonan is there and she indicates Board President Blaine Lafontaine is not in attendance today. The following contract compliance evaluation was obtained for Slabbed by Lana Noonan:

Hancock County Board of Supervisors via Lana Noonan
Hancock County Board of Supervisors via Lana Noonan

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  1. I am not sure what was stipulated in the contract but it is not surprising. These types just suck off the system as if they are owed it.

    I would say that if he is bonded we need to go after his Contract Bond to fulfill the lost services and in the future submit all this verification with each bill before payment or just terminate him and move on.

    1. Stupid,
      Are the Supervisors bonded? They released our money to him each month while he allegedly was not complying. He couldn’t write himself a check.

  2. Actually, I am not there, Doug. Had to be at home today, but am watching Live Stream. As you and all can see the document I sent you has no letter head, date, or signature. Is this official business or not? This is a 48 month contract at $15,000 a month. The BOS minutes reflect they have received and accepted the required monthly reports, and now, all of a sudden this? How long have our elected officials used our tax dollars to pay what they now claim is a non compliant contractor? And, the Board President is not present to facilitate the discussion? Good grief!

  3. This may even make the echo now that it is proven to be more than political. Frauding the public, especially with health concerns should be huge to everyone!

    1. Yup,
      What is the proof that this is more than political? I am hearing they paid him on recommendation of County Adm. The allegations of non compliance were pretty strong in the unsigned, undated document Doug just posted.

  4. Thank goodness for County Attorney, Gary Yarborough. District 1 Supervisor, David Yarborough, and Senator Moran both wanted to discuss the issues with his contract in Executive Session. County Attorney clarified that contractor issues are not legal for Executive Session because the contractor is not personnel. Attorney went further to say the only way the contractor could be discussed in Exec. Session is if the Board announced potential litigation in the matter as the reason for closed session. So, the ball is in the Supervisors’ court.
    Moran was there, to his credit, even though Board Pres. LaFontaine, left the room, and said he would respond to the report presented by the County Adm. by next month, which he claims will clarify the information in the report presented today.
    So, I guess, if the Supers are not satisfied with Moran’s response next month, and vote to enter Exec. Sess. to discuss the matter, they will be contemplating legal action against him, which, according to their attorney is the only justification for Exec. Session to discuss a contractor.
    I would think the Supers had better be on solid ground, since they voted unanimously to continue to pay Moran.

  5. Wow! Roger Ladner went to jail for getting paid without doing the work! He was just a rank and file employee! I hope the details clarify issues otherwise we need the DA or State Auditor.

    1. YUP
      And remember who reeled him in and sent him up while saving his own behind.
      Couple deaths later and many years and still plenty of rumors surrounding this.

  6. He is a huge Chamber Member.. He doesn’t miss an event and promotes them whole heartedly! Was this another no bid contract for one of them? Who knows? Quid Pro Quo! What about the county dump site? Is it monitored or does it take a Municipal Elected Official to question it. I recall they had issues on the last Audit!

  7. I wonder who came up with the questions the county gave Moran, that group is not smart enough to have. Have they asked them questions before and if not why? Why have they not had any oversight until Waveland requested it? Why do we pay so much for a administrator who won’t come to work? I wonder what oversight is given to the beach contractor, waste contractor or the free county dump. The county pays them more than 15k per month. That’s why contractor’s give gifts to prevent oversight and competition. Philip must have cut back on the grease. We need the state auditors or the feds to check this group out.

    1. Excellent points, Tim. As a matter of fact, if we are going to cite parties for non compliance, the BOS, as per the language in the contract they signed with Phillip, obligated themselves to notify him no later than the 20th of each month if he were out of compliance, and they could withhold payment if he were. Also, either party could terminate the contract at any time for any reason. So, here we are 30 months and $450,000 down the road well into the 2019 election cycle. As the old saying goes, Helen Keller could see this. It appears Districts 1,2,4, and 5 do.

  8. So let me get this straight.
    Someone complained and the board looked into it.
    The documentation that was requested by the board was not available.
    The documents required by the contractor for monthly payments have been submitted, because if not the contractor could not have been legally paid.
    The monthly documents submitted were not as detailed as the ones that were recently requested by the board (which is very common in contracts, but most contracts require that it be available upon request).
    Moran at this point is not fulfilling the request for the backup documentation.
    It is simple, he is not in compliance with the contract.
    Please don’t confuse the documentation submitted monthly for payment, with the backup documents that must be available when requested.
    Waveland sent a letter requesting that the BOS look into the whether the work had been completed per the contract.
    BOS realized that Mayor Smith had at least some truth in his accusations.
    Probably should have been checked into sooner.
    But because Lana did not bring the complaint to the BOS herself she’s still not happy.
    Good grief, it appears that the situation is being handled at this time and that if not for the letter from Smith nothing would be getting done.
    For the record, I have not lived in Hancock County in 8 years and I do not try to pick sides, but I do not trust Moran.
    Just trying to look at things realistically.

    1. The County Administrator who has reviewed all of the documents, recommended the BOS pay Moran BECAUSE,” he is substantially in compliance.”
      Unanimous vote to pay him by the 4 Supers who remained in the meeting for the discussion.
      Just reporting what happened. Perhaps if the other 2 Mayors in the County had written complaining and some of the Supers had brought the matter up on behalf of complaining citizens in their districts, this might go somewhere. But the message was clear this morning to Blaine and Mike Smith from Districts 1,2,4,&5. It appears this is over.

      1. Oh, OK now I get it Lana.
        Now you think letters from mayors to the board regarding a potential issue brings action.
        That’s a different tune than you were singing last week.

          1. No stubbornness is your weakness. I agree with many things that you post but you are wrong here and can’t admit it.
            I read the part where you also stated a couple more citizens complaining woul help and that you believe the issue will die but evidently you can’t comprehend your own posts.
            I hope I never get to the point where I believe that I never error.
            You are wrong!

  9. CF
    Bravo, You are spot on.
    A+ 100% accurate.

    Now Timmy,
    Waste Disposal
    Beach Contractor
    Seems you have dislike for them all.
    Maybe you tried to get some of this work and you didn’t.
    Now they all dumb ass no good SOB’s
    Sounds like you and a couple others know a lot about greasing hands and calling the FBI or the State Auditors.

    And you and others talk about leading one around on a rope?
    Look no further than past councilmen toting their wannabe supervisors around because they didn’t get what they wanted or they didn’t get elected or their buddy got beat or they are just a angry person.
    You talk about goat roping and greasing. 🐐🐐🐐

    On another note
    Seen a few stories back that some insinuated Ice took donations for the city Easter Egg Hunt and used for his own private hunt.
    Some just never quite.
    Sad part is one D A starts this bs and another D A swears to it.

    I had the pleasure to attend this event along with our neighbors and grandchildren.
    We were in awe at the turnout and all the eggs and candy on the ground.
    First Call Job BSL

    Been to a few events at the depot throughout my years in the Bay and have witnessed nothing that would compare to the event. To see the faces on the kids was amazing. Free at that.
    Not even the Moseley music fest can compare to the turnout this event had.

    So hats off to Ice and Staff and Volunteers and the City of BSL for such a wonderful event.

    Let Haters Hate🤬😡🥵 and keep up the good work council and supervisors.

  10. Stone cold, are you stoned? I kinda like Timmy and Lanna’s perspective. You sound as if you are protecting yourself and are afraid of an investigation. I don’t think ice would take anything, he seems brutally honest. And the egg hunt was great and Mike should be appreciated for all his efforts. Now his brother is a different cut. He’s the bad weed in the garden. He knows how to get his share of the pie and a little extra.

  11. Mississippi as a whole and Hancock County have a long history of public corruption. We ranked number one, a few years ago, per capita as the most corrupt state. The education level of public officials and the culture of corruption makes it low hanging fruit for investigators. With possible contract fraud, potential use of government property & prisoners and alleged bribery all over slabbed, I would hope you wouldn’t have to ask to be investigated.

  12. There’s no smoking gun here because if there were the citizens of Bay St. Louis would have resolved it years ago. They are completely satisfied with a moron representing them. Senator Moron has been elected and re-elected. Never mind the man behind the curtain. No records, unable to provide records, does not match previously submitted documentation. But he got re-elected now didn’t he? No accountability yet he got re-elected. No y’all get exactly what you vote for. Don’t have too high expectations of a corrupt board either. Everybody is helping the family and friends. Sounds familiar? We have seen this level of corruption before. And don’t count on Shaddy White he is too busy chasing those secretaries that are stealing office supplies. Rat Pickering served the Coast well and snuck off the cheat the veterans out of their home mortgages. More, rumors of Moron cheating with the whores of Babylon. If you can cheat while the cock roaches are flying about don’t have high expectations for the bug spray.

  13. What about the county employee that Jimmie Ladner left off the hook for falsifying tax records? Memories are short for some but Hancock is a haven for uneducated criminals to be on the payroll! Just look back and forward. It repeats itself over and over again! Tents and tax payer money supporting elections to taking money! Supervisor stealing committing suicide n his wife fills the position! Really! It won’t end until a top brass person hits the clink!

    1. And the Waveland Election Commission last December allowing the Mayoral appointee, City Enforcement Officer to serve as Bailiff in the City Elections, and he lives in Bay St. Louis in direct violation of state election laws, which state clearly that anyone working any election has to be a resident and a registered voter in entity where the election is being held. Yeah, we could write a book. Maybe we ought to. Hell, it’s being written right here on Slabbed.

  14. Brandon
    Quite the Contrary
    Audits are good.
    Just like the one happening with Moran right now that some claim to be political.
    Evidently audits for some but not all.

    I think if you or anyone has all this political corruption on anyone than you should report it.
    I just do not believe in slandering anyone for your own good.
    Facts talk huge volumes and goes a long way.
    Black And White

    Now it is my understanding the elder Favre has been in the political arena for many years.
    If you or anyone else had anything on him or any other political person I think you would have reported them.

    So either you reported him and AG, Ethics, Auditor, Pope or the Man Himself could see the BS you are serving or you just like to feed the BS and let others feed on it and stir the pot more.

    Damn the money and the power that man has to stay out of Investigatiors and jail.
    Sounds like the Kennedy Family.
    Oh I know he has all the grease money.

    Sounds more vindictive because you or others did not get what you may have wanted.
    Or your buddy is being audited now.

    But me
    I get audited every year by the IRS and held accountable every day by my boss, coworkers and customers.

    You should write a book.
    Would it be a true story or fiction?
    That is the million dollar question.
    Paul Harvey, some are not.

    Now here is some homework
    I keep hearing how corrupt this county is.
    So tell me how many politicians have been arrested or charges were held up against them in past 20-25 years.
    Surely all these claims of corruption were turned over to someone. And a lot of arrests were made.

    If not, once again a whole lot of jealously going on.
    Or I didn’t get this or that
    Or my buddy didn’t win this election
    Or my opinion is not state or federal laws.
    It’s my interpretation not there’s.

  15. Stone stop ranting, you are sounding quilty. I used the term goat’s on a rope because I knew y’all wouldn’t play with pigs, they will squeel on you, lol. The only thing I would like to have is my family’s fishing camp canal dredged as promised. Mr. Zimmerman told everyone in my neighborhood it would happen. On the other hand, I do have a few neighbors and fishing buddies who have been violated by the board of supervisors. One neighbor lost her 16 years at the hospital on a BS deal and another who won’t pay bribes, he can’t get a break. I think it criminal activity and should be investigated. We have a few beers at night at the camp on my pier of knowledge and discuss politics quite often, the more we discuss it, the more it drives me to drinking.

    1. Tim,
      Do you understand why people are so reluctant to publicly challenge public officials?!
      There is an epidemic of the ” Herod” complex here: If the power brokers don’t like the message, they go after the messenger( or have their minions do it under some clever little screen name ( which is perfectly acceptable here, especially if you are uneasy about revealing your identity). We’ll see if Phillip’s Pest Control Service can put the Supervisors at ease regarding his contract compliance next meeting, or if they decide to take what they deem ” appropriate action” as the County Attorney advised yesterday. At this juncture the County Administrstor advised the Board that after he reviewed all of the documents, he found the contractor in substantial compliance and should be paid. Time will tell. It always does one way or the other.

    2. Tim, I really do feel sorry for the employees that worked at Hancock Medical and were paying in to PERS for retirement. The individuals that did not have 20 years of service were put in a bind when they had to either find another job that participated in PERS or find another avenue to invest in retirement.
      With that being said, the supervisors absolutely made the correct decision when they sold the hospital. I couldn’t believe how much Ochsner paid the county for a failing hospital that had been barely staying open and definitely not self sufficient.
      As far as bribes, I have never seen one take place and believe me when I say that I used to know many elected officials in Hancock Parish. I’m not saying that it never happens, just that it certainly is not as prevalent as many think. Do business people who that want to talk to officials buy them meals absolutely!
      All persons who are running for any elected office in Mississippi are required to list all entities that donated to them over $200.00 and with a little research you can find that information out for yourself.

      1. Most goes unreported to the state. Such as free fishing and hunting trips, free travel on contractor’s jets, free meals, cash, over valued purchases from politicians, all sorts of untraceable gifts, ect…. Do you think the use of the county tent and personal was reported by the canidates? Your fooling yourself if you think they report everything.

        1. Spot on Tim, EF would shake a contractor down until they were on the virge of bankruptcy, then try to get a promissory note from them. Now he’s holding class for county officials. Appears some are making honor roll.

        2. The incident with the tent was wrong. No doubt about it.
          I’m just saying that the improprieties discussed on this site are not all true.
          If they were, all of the accused pocket liners would not have any money left to run their businesses. Even as large as some of these contracts are, there is still only so much profit to be made.

  16. Moran pulled in a favor and is getting paid. Wow that isn’t how the summary reads. If someone gets a mosquito disease they should go after the supers and moran.

      1. PS: Stupid,
        Are you referring to the summary that has no letterhead, no date, and no signature?! And please don’t jump to the conclusion that I am on anyone’s side, but really?!
        And not one, not one Supervisor asked where that summary came from or who prepared it!

        1. Maybe you should look at the information on the agenda for the meeting. On page 723 there is a cover sheet from the board secretary. The backup documentation continues through page 732.
          I am not taking sides, just helping those who choose to display their ignorance on this site.
          Oh, it took me 7 minutes to find it so maybe some should spend a few minutes researching before bitching.

          1. I did go to the Board Agenda. That’s where the Summary was filed that Doug posted. CF, there is a difference on this site between commenting and bitching.

            1. You are the one posting about no date, no letterhead, etc.
              The backup documentation is behind the summary you are referring to.
              Maybe look before posting.

              Thanks go to Doug for posting what was made available to him

              1. Since nothing is ever done correctly in your eyes.
                How should this issue be handled?
                I also believe that all elected officials should be held accountable, but you can’t continuously complain because you would have handled situations differently.
                How about you running for elected office?
                Hey, even an unemployed truck driver that didn’t take the time to vote for himself win the Democrat primarily for governor last election cycle.

              2. That’s too funny, CF. Go back to Doug’s comment under the document he posted. He states I made it available to slabbed. Doug and I don’t compete as to makes info available to the readers on his site. He is most capable of obtaining documents, and I share with him when I find something. Good gracious, calm down.

  17. Blaine and Eddie has been seen eating out of town a couple times. I think the timing and motivation is questionable. Not saying that Moran is in compliance.

    1. Newbie,
      Moran told BOS that he would be able to clear up all of the misunderstandings in the Summary by either next month or next meeting. We’ll see.

      1. What bothers me most about the Moran issue is why not give his explanation in an open meeting? First asking for executive session then being told he could respond in writing. Will that response be read into the minutes of the next meeting? He actions make it look like he is trying to hide something. Should his explanation be kept secret?

  18. Now Timmy
    Not ranting just like facts to back up BS.

    You have a buddy who wouldn’t pay a bribe? Really, report the person who wanted a bribe.
    This should be turned over to the AG.

    As far as pigs, it is my understanding some have squealed to save their own hide.

    Telling you I will clean your canal and not doing it is not criminal.
    Don’t vote for that person next time if he really told you that.

    Because sometimes people say things and there is none zero proof.
    No facts.
    Sometimes things are twisted one way or the other.
    Just like when you and others reported the council approved the beach signs.

    I don’t go after the messenger.
    I go for facts to back the accusations up that some say.

    But again you want to twist the questions that I ask because one may not agree with you all the time.

    Where are all the facts?
    Where is all the politicians in jail or been convicted of all these corrupt activities?
    That would show corruption and that my friends would be what I call FACTS.

    1. Stone,
      I did not say the Bay Council approved Rotary Beach signs. That was the County Road manager in response to County Attorney’s question as to why the Rotary did not come to Board of Supervisors on issue. I also didn’t say who was going after the messengers. Funny you responded.

      1. Well then Lana. Did you know about the cover sheet and backup documentation?

        Oh, you never answered my question.

        1. CF,
          Or, could it be that maybe the Summary was done by someone who has no authority to use County letterhead, nor was never officially authorized by Supers to do Summary? Just got neatly tucked into report? Hmmm?!

          1. I was typing a long reply but I erased it and decided to change my angle.
            Lana, you are nuts!
            You had 1 sliver of the printed information and rushed to post it.
            I believe Doug trusts you and went with your summary sheet.

            The discussion regarding The mosquito contract was a line item under the County Administrator section.
            Followed by the cover letter here.

            Then the backup you discussed yesterday.
            You are now back tracking and defending yourself by accusing others of improprieties by accusing them of adding backup documentation.
            I used to trust what you posted on this site but now I think you are just a shit stirrer the majority of the time.

            1. I do trust Lana though we do not always agree. I did speak with her this morning and she told me exactly what she has refused to post here. Sometimes you learn things in confidence and you can’t betray those but rest assured there are layers to what unfolded at the Supervisors meeting.

              Is monitoring contracts a good thing? Absolutely. In fact Moran’s contract essentially calls for monthly monitoring before payment. No problems have been noted until Mayor Smith raised the issue with the Sups, as is his right. The problem here is one of timing and the question it raises – whether the interest in Moran’s performance is more about politics and less about spraying for mosquitoes.

              That contract evaluation was not prepared by a County employee, at least according to what I have learned. Maybe that is why Lana keeps questioning why it is not signed or otherwise traceable back to the preparer.

              There are layers here that aren’t readily apparent at first blush.

              1. Thank you, Doug. Alan and I have been married over 50 years, and we agree occasionally lol!! But in the end, like you said, we trust each other. That is what friendship is– disagreeing without character assassination. But then, you and I know who we are speaking to on here. You are so right on so many levels here. I was just chatting with a member of The Hancock County Alliance for Good Government earlier this week about all of our personal time we have invested in attending public meetings in an effort to make sure we don’t rely on rumors and gossip, and we both agreed that even after spending hours at meetings, you still don’t really know what’s going on.
                Some folks get caught up in hidden agendas for whatever reason. That’s for them to deal with.

              2. Thanks Doug, and I do appreciate people speaking and holding such information in confidence as it very rear these days.
                I also agree with Lana more times than not. What I don’t like is when people jump out with a little bit of information then backfill information when questioned.
                I completely agree that the timing of the allegations are quite suspicious.
                Most folks like to see ambitious people move up the ladder so that they are out of their hair not because they are pulling for them to succeed.
                Maybe I don’t worry as much as most because I know whoever wins the senate race will have a lot less stroke that my old friend Kenny does at the capital.
                Coastal representatives are laughed at and used by the ladies and gentlemen from representing the “important citizens” of Mississippi.

            2. You throw out a lot of citations against me that I suspect you would not do if you posted in your real name as I do. But that’s okay. No hard feelings. You seem to be all about “cover” like in “cover letters” “cover” screen names, which are all legit here, but do give you “cover” to air your opinions with no fear of reprisal from those you attack. No worries.

              1. I do not use my full name to protects friends and former co workers. They would be the ones who would have to deal with the repercussions of my opinions.
                No, none of them are involved in Hancock County politics.
                You just like to depend on early information that you receive to create your facts, then when some of them prove to be crap you try and find reasons to defend them.
                I had been around the block quite a few times before failing health all but brought me to a complete stop.

              2. I hate to hear you’re having health problems CF. Hoping you can get started again.

  19. In the echo there is an article on the Moran Debacle but it over shadowed the small business owner story that is worth the read.
    A black entrepreneur joined the chamber and they would not let her host an event but instead suggested they give the Chamber $200 for posting on their website! This is in addition to her dues.
    The Chamber is funded by every level of tax payer government. I feel for the lady as she is definitely stepped into the shark tank with them.
    Just an FYI they have given Moran Pest Control Business of the years status in previous years! Go figure that process and how that works!

  20. Newbie is wrong. The City of Bay Saint Louis quit funding the chamber and giving them free rent some 5-6 years ago.
    Since then the city has grown by unprecedented amounts and a viable tax paying business is in the building they occupied for free as well it is back on the tax rolls.
    It is true , however, that every other level of government from municipal to state funds them to include other tax payer funded entities!
    No one is sure what they get for it. The Chamber of Commerce is the largest lobbying group in the nation!

  21. According to the article the BOS’s say they have no control over the Chamber of Commerce. They do not make day to day decisions but they control the tax payers money that they give them! If a taxpayer is being discriminated on they certainly have the right to defund them.

    1. Sold Out,
      How does this alleged discrimination by non profits affect their tax status? Does the Yacht Club still require a photo with membership applications?
      And who told this other lady it would be “too expensive” for her to host a Chamber After Hours?” Shouldn’t that be her call?!

      1. Lana, Yes I would think she should decide. I was told the chamber director charges $400 to host an event. Then she would get at least 10% is what I’m told!

        1. So, Truth, you are saying Chamber dues paying members have to pay an extra $400 to host an After Hours, which promotes the Chamber as much as the hosting business! Who would put up with that?

  22. I think Mayor Mike Smith should ask for an Investigation on this. Waveland gives funding to the Chamber and it appears a Waveland Business is being discriminated on by the Chamber.

    1. Mosquitoes kill more people than any other animal: over 700,000 each year.[4][5][6]

      Mosquito control is only paid for by tax payers because since the beginning of modern disease control it is known that they kill, mame, retard and otherwise are detrimental to all life human life and and live stock. Faking treatment and receiving monetary reward for it is unconscionable. Being who he is he should be prosecuted for many reasons. He was given a contract in his perceived interest and honor ability. Now the stories are coming out in his termite lack of coverage! Not a good guy as he touts. The chamber can promote him all he wants facts are what they are!

        1. Not to nit pick but the chamber got paid good money to put up signs that are falling down with out putting them back up! Guess they will need another grant for that!

  23. We need a Democrat on the board of supervisors, Scottie just sat on his hands offering no help. Why didn’t he make a motion to cut the chamber’s money off. He’ll be knocking on doors soon asking for our help. The chamber, the school board, the yatch club and the BOS are just too white.

    1. Barbara you have biased opinions with possible racist tones.
      The county had predominantly Democrat elected officials until recently and they changed parties, probably to convince those in Jackson that they were”on the same side”.
      Party and race are not the problems facing the county and to state they are is a bigoted remark.

      1. CF,
        I think it was in 2010 when Republican Steven Pallazzo
        defeated long standing Democrat, Gene Taylor in Hancock County (Gene’s home base) that got the attention of the local politicians, who all of a sudden realized they were “Republicans at Heart!”
        That was a pivotal political moment to put it mildly.

        1. Yes I agree, but the elections of the state legislature, governor, SOS, Lt. governor, etc. had more of a local impact on the county officials. Up until recently Cochran brought home the Federal money for Mississippi but much of it was dolled out from Jackson and the R in front of their name became important. Think about CDBG, Tidelands, and other discretionary funds that came to the coast.
          Also, the fact that most city and county officials ran as Democrats until the past few years ago was partly a generational thing. . “My momma was a Democrat, my daddy was a Democrat”and such down the line.
          Many coast residents also made the change during that time as well, so it was partly self preservation.
          I feel that political party affiliations matter very little, (it does affect how some people vote with the state’s closed primary system) especially with local elections, but when the state legislature switched to Republican majority 7 years ago for the first time since reconstruction there was a mass exodus by the local politicians.
          When in Rome…..

    1. Especially if the non profits are discriminating against some who are providing the cheese!!🧀

  24. It’s hard for the supervisors and staff to hold the chamber accountable when they accept free tickets to the annual gala and other chamber hosted events. Just another unreported perk.

  25. CF.
    I appreciate and respect your need for privacy, but rest assured, I am not creating my own facts. That is not my style. My source is impeccable. As they say, this situation is what it is at this point. We’ll see what the Supers do on May 20. Doug is spot on—timing is the issue here as it is in the contract!!!

  26. When is the next supervisor meeting? I am curious as to what Philip has to say to defend his position on the mosquito contract.

    1. Next Mon. May 20, 9:00am County Complex across from Hospital or watch live on
      County website by going to Supervisors Meeting Agendas.

    1. Don’t know. County Attorney told him he could respond in writing if he chose to. I would think anything he turns in will be a Public Record as soon as he finishes, since he is being paid with public money.

      1. If he responds in writing, citizens will be able to see it in the “Agenda Packet” portion of the meeting portal.

      2. PS: Eddie usually scans into his section of the Agenda any communications he has received, etc. Just start checking the Agenda for May 20 over the weekend. And Phillip may be there himself again.
        We’ll see.

  27. Just as I was leaving home tonight minutes before 8:00pm, here comes the Mosquito Control Sprayer Truck in Ward I–Waveland. As I said before, they pass regularly in our neighborhood. Don’t know about record keeping or any of the other requirements, but we do get sprayed.

  28. It’s just a witch hunt. Blaine and Eddie are trying to unseat Philip. Hope he brings a good lawyer with him to the board of supervisors meeting.

    1. Disgusted, if you watched the meeting, the County Adm. when asked by the Supers if they should pay him for April, said,” yes, I recommend paying him because after reviewing the documents ( I would assume that included the Summary) he is substantially in compliance. If a contractor can be paid for being ” substantially” in compliance, what is there to prove next Mon.?

  29. It doesn’t make sense at all. The elected officials are not the best stewards of contracts and money. They wouldn’t pay it if it was their check book. I believe there would a bit more negotiating on the amount!

  30. That county administrator will lead the board straight to court or jail. How can they pay for something they didn’t get?

  31. Eddie recommend payment because he not going to be held accountable if the auditors office gets involved. The supervisors will be held accountable, they voted to pay after reading a report alleging fraud.

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