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Our Country needs an Intervention. We need the best we’ve got. Nancy Pelosi and Bob Mueller are the best we’ve got.

Donald Trump and Sarah Sanders and Stephen Miller and Jared Kushner and Robert Barr are not the best we have. They’ve shown themselves to be a second string collection of liars and opportunists who make us look mean spirited, stupid and for sale to the highest bidder. They have two skills…lying and stoking hate.

There’s some serious stuff going on here, in our Country, and in the World. Business as usual will not suffice. We need honesty, wisdom and courage. We need goodness. Old fashioned stuff, corny stuff…for sure. Most of the time, goodness is part of the background music of the good old USA…America the Beautiful. We had it under Kennedy and Reagan and Poppy Bush and Obama. And, I’m sure, we would have had it under Romney or McCain, if they had won. For much of our history Americans have been thought of as a “good” people with “good” leaders who were generally well received wherever they went.

Wisdom, honesty, courage, goodness made that possible. Can anyone say with a straight face that is what Trump is about? The question answers itself. Be serious.

Yet, even though Trump is who he is, he’s probably a 50-50 shot of beating any combination of announced Democratic candidates composing a ticket on the Democratic side. That’s why we need an intervention. We have to go outside the box. We need a ticket of two people who have shown themselves, over time, to embody the basic virtues of honesty, courage, wisdom and goodness plus have demonstrated skills at government. Two people whose past accomplishments command respect and, by virtue of that respect, allow them to assemble a bi-partisan team of the best and the brightest. Continue Reading…..

8 thoughts on “Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Democratic Party Draft Ticket ~ Pelosi-Mueller”

  1. Throughout American History we have been met with challenges both domestic and foreign. I suggest to wait and view history through the prism of time.

    We have always trusted the American Voter to make good choices and it has worked. Every several decades we face challenges such as George Washington and the Founding Fathers did. Then we had Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, John Kennedy on to Ronald Reagan. They are all great American’s that were put in office at a time when we needed their particular leadership most.

    Now we have Donald Trump and he is fighting a fight that many Americans believe in and some do not. Socialism is not the answer on an wholesale scale. Pride in ones country means different things to different people so be it. If a lessor man were in office I suffice to say we could loose the America that a lot of us like and love and are proud of. It is not a question who wins the argument today it is what the future shows to be a result. I for one would like to see things done in a more civil manner but both sides must start the discussion.

    1. I appreciate your observations and the manner in which you express them.

      I do not favor Impeachment at this time. It would be a futile and counter productive act. It takes 67
      votes in the Senate to Convict and Remove a President. Those favoring Removal would lose by 20 votes…
      or more.

      The reason I wrote the article is that I looked at the Democratic field and I didn’t see anyone AS IMPRESSIVE as Pelosi and Mueller for the the here and know. And, I think the “here and now” is
      super important.

      Nancy is a realist. A realist has to act in a way that reflects the aspirations of their constituents. Her constituents now are her District in San Francisco and the quite liberal Democratic Caucus in the House.

      Were she to become President she would have a whole new constituency. Her policies would have to reflect that reality. I don’t believe “flexibility” means “unprincipled.” It would mean her responsibilities

    1. Pelosi for President. As Speaker she’s in the line of succession after Pence. Mueller for Vice President.
      Both of them have a history of being good team players. They’re both in their seventies and neither one is “on the make.” Both are about “service” in my opinion.

      Nancy entered elective politics at age 46 (give or take). But, only after asking her youngest daughter’s permission. She’s 78 now but a very sharp and energetic 78. Mueller, I believe, is 74. He graduated from
      Princeton in 1967. Marines turned him down on his first try…bad knee. One year later they took him.

  2. Are you confident that Tom Perez and his party would give thumbs up to a registered Republican, Bush appointee as the top of their ticket and possibly Pres. in the event something would happen to the top banana? This would be the newsiest election cycle in modern history to say the least!!

    1. No I’m not. And, I’ve never been impressed with Perez. The last Chairman that I was impressed with was
      Ed Rendell former Mayor of Philadelphia and former two term Governor of Pennsylvania.

      The idea would have to seep into the public consciousness and then each fire.

      I don’t know, but I’m guessing that Mueller probably was an Eisenhower type Republican.

      He is most motivated by a sense of duty. A friend one class ahead of him at Princeton was killed in Viet Nam when he was a senior. It was a life changing event. He felt duty bound to join and fight. And, to this
      day says his proudest accomplishment in life is the fact that “the Marine Corps thought I was worthy to
      lead other Marines.”

      1. Ed Rendell has always seemed like a really nice guy to me too. I just wonder how Mueller would mend fences with the Dems who have criticized him so harshly for not indicting Trump. That would be something he and the party would have to answer for in the campaign. Hillary would most definitely weigh in. She was livid about it the other night in an appearance somewhere. Can’t remember the location.

        1. Under existing Department of Justice policy, Robert Mueller was prohibited from indicting a sitting President. When any President leaves office he or she loses that protection.

          I’ve had Clinton fatigue forever. If she’s upset with Mueller for not indicting Trump she’s woefully ill-informed on longstanding Justice Department Policy.

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