57 thoughts on “County to State Senator Phillip Moran: Tighten up on Mosquito Control…..(Updated)”

  1. That’s a political hit job. Eddie trying to help Blaine beat Philip. He owes Blaine favors for stopping some projects that now has the county getting sued. I’ve been in waveland for 40 years and have seen worse years for mosquitoes. Wet weather and standing water is the problem. And, I was told, the last contractor loaded Blaine and Bo up with free stuff.

    1. No denying this is an election year. If there are complaints coming from Waveland I suspect the Mayor and Board of Aldermen could shed some light on this topic.

      1. Spot on, Doug. The letter citing complaints from the Mayor and Aldermen in Waveland should also be published. But don’t hold your breath waiting for that august body to shed “light” on anything!!!You may get eaten up by mosquitos in the process. lol!!!

  2. I have always thought that the Moran Pest Contract was a little too cozy with Hancock County. Maybe he needs a little questioning on his bid and performance. They don’t pass by my house and I’m home all day n night.

  3. Thanks, Doug, for printing my Mayor’s contribution to the issue of mosquito control.
    Just a few questions for him:
    You state that “recently a citizen attended our Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting asking for our leadership to ensure we ae receiving proper services.”
    I have reviewed our meeting minutes in Waveland back to Dec. of 2018, and cannot find that presentation in the official minutes of the Mayor and Board. Could you please cite for me what meeting that citizen appeared and who they are since speakers are identified in the Agenda.
    Perhaps you and the Board should have referred those complaining to the Supervisors since they are the ones in contract with Philip’s Pest Control, not the City of Waveland.
    You also state in your letter to the Supervisors that “we” ask for a prompt investigation. Was a motion passed by the Aldermen to make that request of the Supervisors?
    The Board of Supervisors is not an investigative body, so exactly who do you and the Aldermen suggest conduct this investigation?
    You used city letterhead, and spoke on our behalf, so I think we, the citizens of Waveland, are entitled to answers to the above questions.
    Will look forward to yours and the Aldermen’s reply.

    1. Lana the supers are over the contract but the cities need to keep an eye on county services paid for by its citizens in the municipality! For instance, 911, AMR, Sheriff Office, Dump Sites etc. I may be wrong but I believe he is within his right to question but also should follow protocol and I’m not sure what that is in that form of government.

      1. Yup,
        I could be wrong too, I would think protocol would begin by being able to find the minutes where the citizen appeared calling this to the Board’s attention. Calling for an investigation on someone is pretty serious language in my opinion.

        1. My goodness. There is nothing wrong with holding contractors accountable for the job they are doing. “Political” actions take place every day without people noticing. Even when people agree with the questions asked by one entity some always find a reason to bitch. I have to go for now but I will further address the post as soon as I can.

          1. Especially if they are well connected politicians that work on favors and gratuities! Moran has never done better at his pest control business since becoming a high elected official! Fact not fiction!

            1. Yup, Someone said this week they are more comfortable with a rich man who becomes a politician than a politician who, while serving, became rich!!🤣😂$$$

      2. Yup,
        These citizens that are allegedly appearing at the Board of Aldermen meeting and complaing in mass about the mosquito contract could just as easily appear at the Supervisors meeting or call their Supervisors to complain. Supers are the ones on record in contract with Senator Moran.Every
        Supervisor district runs through a municipality in this county. We elect and pay them just like we elect and pay our municipal representatives. I don’t need the Mayor standing up for me about this. Maybe if the problems with Phillip’s Pest Control
        had ever been on the Agenda of a Supervisor meeting, we could have asked them what was going on?! Good gracious, we are now over 30 months into this contract and the Supervisors are just now being petitioned for an investigation by Mayor Smith? What have they all been waiting for?!

        1. Nothing ever happens unless someone complains or points it out! Politicians do not police themselves! Same as the sign debacle!

          1. Police themselves?! You have to be kidding. One involved in the sign debacle is an elected official. We put out hundreds of thousands in attorneys to supposedly keep them legal or ” policed” and some of them actually engage in the unethical activities themselves or sit there and watch the law be broken on our dollar. Waveland officials petioning the Supervisors to investigate someone on contract compliance is beyond belief. Can anyone reading this say ” pier” ” police station” ” subdivision off Nicholson” ” bladders” and ” infrastructure”?As Waveland Mayor Smith said at the Ward 1 meeting last Fall, and I quote,” we never get in a contract on anything that we don’t get burned!” I asked ” why, and who’s supposed to be looking out for us?!” Still waiting for a responsible answer.

            1. Lana you are off your rocker this time.
              This website is full of your comments regarding holding people accountable and now that Waveland finally does you still find a reason to bitch. Are politics involved, very possible but I ask you a simple question.
              What actions have been made by any governing authority have made you content?
              Please don’t respond with a drawn out response on why you do what you do bite rather respond with a short concise list.
              On a separate note Moran is a joke. I lived in his district 20 years ago when he paved streets 2 weeks ahead of reelection knowing that new low pressure grinder pumps were being installed causing the roads to be cut up. The public saw through him that year and he became a 1 term County Supervisor.
              I have personally been on the wrong side of his business when a lie by his technician cost me a lot of money. I do not know if he knew of the tactics used or not, but as the owner I hold him accountable.
              Ahh, the good old days when Scotty Cuevas was Senator and everybody just laughed at us, but no harm was done.

              1. Ah, that list hit a nerve with you, CF??!! Didn’t say Waveland officials can’t complain to the County officials. Just said so can the citizens of Waveland.
                We elect them too. I don’t like anything any actions taken by public officials? I made it very clear that I thought Mike Favre and Bay Council has done a great job cleaning up their representation on the School Board. Now Waveland voters have to finish the job in the next two elections this year and next!!

  4. They want to check em before office… I say check em on the way out and for at least 2 yrs…..Hilliary would shit!

  5. State Senator receiving personal business contracts in his own district?
    That would be a good question for Ethics.

    Enlighten us on the projects that Blaine had to stop and the county are being sued for.
    And didn’t know Eddie voted on or gave contracts out.
    Seems you say a lot about loading some pockets or fishing and hunting trips.
    Makes me wonder if you may done these things before or attempted too.

    Mayor made a complaint and a letter was sent.
    Didn’t even know we had a skeeta truck let a lone the senator had the contract.
    Never seen no truck spraying in the river areas.

  6. I have been privy to and observed with my own eyes how Mississippi government “covers” for Contractors and Engineers that screw up projects awarded to them. There is no accountability for anyone that donated to the political coffers. Our State covers for them. Especially if they happen to be a Senator, State Auditor, Representative, DOT official, etc. I could tell you tales about long standing Senators that would make your hair stand on end. BUT NO ONE will group together and hold them accountable. I can assure you that Philly and his clan won’t. Be careful who you give your vote to. You are the only one that can stop these crooks from continuing their rampage on our State!

    1. Ditto, Charlene, and from what I am told it’s not that complicated. Just get on the contractor’s and engineer’s
      “lunch bunch” list😎

      1. Also, their fishing, hunting and golf buddy lists tell a great story. That is where they meet and cook up who will get fleeced next. Fishing trips, hunting trips, and golf rounds are a way of “rewarding” those who play the game correctly and where new recruits are looked at. So sad, but all true. Too bad the average hard working men don’t stand up and put an end to all of this shenanigans. But they don’t want to break the “man code” or be “black balled” and they just keep their mouths shut while they are being robbed along with the rest of us. Even the Pastors at the churches that these grifters attend turn their heads the other way! How awful is that! They even hold out their hands for some of the ill-gotten gains to benefit the church! They will all have to explain one day. Glad it is not me!

  7. Well Mr. Moran will be giving his explanation on May 12th. Have no idea how that will go but very specific on accounting! Ya what ya think?

    1. Yup,
      Do you mean April 12? In Eddie Favre’s letter to the Moran’s he asked for a response by April 12, and it is my understanding that the response has been received by the Board of Supervisors. Maybe it will finally be on the Agenda of their May 6, meeting.
      Time will tell.

  8. I have no doubt Moran will defend his company. He’s been in business for years and is very respectable. Baby face Blaine is a crooked salesman by trade. Blaine will promise to call you, meet you or whatever else you want to hear and will not follow up. Blaine’s word is as worthless as a three dollar bill. He would be terrible at the capitol. Blaine and Eddie are inseparable. One will lie and the other will swear by it. Its hard to get good politicians with old ones lingering around to corrupt them. Eddie runs Blaine, ask your self how did the letter get public?

  9. Blaine LaFantian did have charter fishing trips and hunting trip pictures on his Facebook page until he was exposed here on Slabbed. He seems to use his position for personal gain. They should have to announce publicly at every meeting anything they received from contractor’s. Free hunting, fishing, golf, stripped club trips, meals ect….

    1. I’m for that Tim! I think if a politician is elected by the people that he should have to be public and that is just part of the job. If you want to do the job…then your life must be transparent. How else can your constituents trust you? All gratuities should be made public….including, but not limited to, “seafood donations” for individual and events to elect the politician, golf rounds, fishing trips, hunting trips, out-of-state trips, out-of-country trips (last year, some went to Sweden!). Their lives should be open books…including these Agency trips out in the Gulf that are supposed to be checking on the redfish, etc. Just how many of these boat trips (stocked with booze, marinated crab claws, marinated shrimp, cheeses, etc.) are necessary for politicians to attend? How many oysters are greasing hands on our Coast? Please pay attention to who is supporting who in this upcoming election and vote against the incumbents. We need new blood….but not new blood that is controlled by the old blood!! Especially in Hancock and Harrison counties! Use your vote wisely!

  10. Lana I am not taking up for Waveland’s screwups on the other projects because they were not done well. I know more information about them than most, but will not comment on them as this will turn into a legal fight for those not already settled.
    I am just stating that you are raising hell about a letter sent to the county regarding questions the city and some of their residents had with a contract. I think it was done much better than the way a lot of things get done in this area.
    Yet, it wasn’t done the way you think it should have been handled so you complain.
    The “list” did not strike a nerve but rather the fact that you insist on complaining about everything did.

    Regarding local officials receiving free trips from contractors, the state already requires that elected officials list anything received over a certain monetary amount received from others. I don’t remember the exact amount of value that must be reported, but is very small. Maybe $50.
    People don’t need to create new ways of reporting such acts, simply enforce the rules on the books.

    By the way, your constant letters to ethics commission, AG, Governor, etc. wear out their welcome after a while. Maybe just stick with items that you feel are importance and have a real affect, I bet you get more and better responses.

  11. I am not raising hell about anything. Just commenting. Yours is the typical response from either politicians or those that protect and support them–you don’t like the message so you go after the messenger. Nothing new.

    1. I am neither.
      I have never defended an elected official.
      You still have not told me what was so wrong with the letter that Waveland sent or how you would handle the situation, unless you believe a citizen contacting the county with a complaint would carry more wait than a letter representing all the people of a municipality.
      You are clueless at times.

      That is all…….

      1. I agree CF. We need the response from Moran! He has either sent it or asked for time. If he asked for time he doesn’t have a file on the contract which means he just generally performed on the contract with no expectation of request! Let’s see how it plays out! He is old school and you all know that process!

      2. CF,
        Mayor Smith, in his letter to the Board of Supervisors, declared that in the last several months, the city had received an excessive amount of complaints regarding mosquito control services, and that “recently” a citizen attended the Board of Aldermen meeting asking for their leadership in securing those services.”
        I have no idea what the Mayor’s definition of “recently” is, so, giving him the benefit of the doubt, I went back and read 6 months of minutes of the Board of Aldermen.
        I found no mention of anyone or any Agenda item addressing mosquito control issues coming before the Board of Aldermen. It would have been helpful if Mayor Smith had at least referenced for the Supervisors the date of the Aldermen meeting at which this citizen appeared.
        I would think something serious enough to generate a letter to the Board of Supervisors about the compliance of a contractor and requesting a prompt investigation, would merit being included in the minutes. In addition, I found no vote by the Aldermen to authorize the Mayor to write to the Supervisors concerning this matter in reaction to these excessive complaints and the petition of a citizen for action by the Board.
        Those are the things I find wrong with Mayor Smith’s letter.
        How would I have handled the situation if I were Mayor Smith?
        I would have made sure this topic was recorded in the minutes and requested of the Board of Aldermen that a letter go out to the Supervisors. And, I can assure you, CF, without a smidgen of a doubt, if even one citizen, much less an excessive number, appeared before the Board of Supervisors'” live streamed meetings” about Phillip Moran failing to comply with his mosquito control contract, it would have carried more weight than Mike Smith papering the walls at the Government Annex with letters.
        I think it is time for the Waveland Board of Aldermen to stop talking about live streaming their meetings, and do it, and make sure everything is included, from the Pledge to the Flag to the adjournment, and that includes Public Comments.
        They are way behind the other two cities in the county in transparency, and when transparency is a priority, no one is clueless. We will all know what is really going on, as we deserve to.

  12. Eddie leads them around like goat’s. He’s training them. When he was mayor he used the Hollywood golf course free and every company that wanted to do business with the Bay better buy a hole or sponcer a team. And all department heads had to come help out. He took in thousands strongarming companies. Now he’s leading the board of supervisors like goat’s or donkeys.

    1. Haven’t heard anything concrete, just that Moran did respond by the April 12, deadline that County Administrator, Eddie Favre requested of him. The Agenda of the Supervisors May 6, meeting is not posted yet. Should be coming out later in the week. The Supervisors did notate in their minutes of April 1, reception of the letter they received from Waveland Mayor, Mike Smith, asking for the prompt investigation of Senator Moran’s mosquito control services. Smith’s letter can be read by clicking on it in the County Administrator’s section of the Supervisors Agenda.
      Interesting that Mayor’s Smith’s letter to the Supervisors dated March 27, was not in the Waveland Mayor and Board of Aldermen meeting Agenda of their meeting 6 days later on April 2. Thank goodness the Supers keep better records.

    1. We’ll have to check the Agenda of the Supervisor’s May 6, meeting. They are the entity that is in contract with Moran. No doubt transparency and accuracy of contract compliance is of utmost importance, and not just with the Board of Supervisors, but with every entity in the county. As I said before 30 months into a contract is a mighty long time to wait to report non compliance. Time will tell. Do you know how to check the Agenda of the Supervisors meetings?

  13. Let me say that in the past few months the skeeeter truck has passed my home. Sounds like politics to me… Tell Mayor Smith to get off his fat political ass and see the poor job Brent is doing with wet ditches and grass not being cut. That’s where the mosquitoes are coming from.

    1. Would you be referring to that big tree branch that has been in the ditch for months at the corner of Turner and Fayard ? And they wonder why water doesn’t drain? Or do they? Yep. They breed them, and then go after Phillip for not killing them fast enough. I can’t be counted in that “excessive” number of citizens that are complaining about no spraying. We see the truck regularly too. In fact, I miss the light bugs, but understand they are the collateral damage in the battle against mosquitos.

      1. I support facts and truth. Let’s see what bears out. Monday’s meeting may be interesting. Mosquito control is everyone doing their part. No standing water on our private property, cities and county keeping ditches clear as best they can, mosquito control contractor complying with his contract, and the Board of Supervisors and city officials reporting non compliance when contractor starts slacking, not 30 months down the road. Supers have approved 30 dockets for his pay at $15,000 a month—that’s $450,000 of public money. Wonder when they noticed he was allegedly not doing his job.?! He has an obligation to fulfill his contract, and Supers have an obligation to protect our tax dollars.

  14. Philip needs to apply more grease. Here in Halfcock County you have to grease the politicians and administrator to stay in business. They will hit a perk faster than a trout hits a live shrimp. It won’t help him with Blaine, he wants the whole hog, he knows what’s possible at the state level, BIG perks. Philip should retain meal man Mickey on the side to smooth things out. A few meals, trips and Benjamin’s will get everything back to normal. Or waveland can request a presentation from the mosquito contractor on what issues they are having, what can the city or citizens do to help with mosquito problems. Standing water in your yard in old tires, open ice chest, bird baths, ect…. A water bottle CAP can bread hundreds of mosquitoes.

  15. Ex, you are correct, we need new leadership bad. Blaine and Scottie are out of control. The job has created monsters. They talk to us some condesendly and seem to forgot where they came from. They should talk to my new neighbors, a single mom with three kids. Now after Ochner eliminated her position and her retirement she rents a housetrailer and took one child out of St. Stanislaus. We don’t have a hospital with personal located care anymore, just medical airport.

    1. OR
      When the Easter bunny is delivered to the city easter egg hunt that they constantly asked for donations
      Wonder how much donations went to the hunt by way of Farve’s

  16. Well here we go the BP Money is coming and the non profits will be making a bums rush to get it!

    I’m sure the Hancock Chamber will be in the fray! They will get it through as many channels as possible. They represent a slew of Non profits through the Hancock County Community Development Foundation which in turn is the Chamber. It gives them a chance to siphon off the service fees. All eyes will be watching and verifying!

    1. I attended the hearing in Diamondhead last year when Tate Reeves presided on BP funds and their distribution. One high ranking Chamber member argued for a building to be built in Kiln. I was thinking,” did Kiln lose a building of that description in the oil spill?!” I thought the BP funds were to be used to remediate the losses caused by the spill– like the biological and ecological integrity and future maintenance of the Gulf of Mexico! Am I wrong?

  17. I hope my canal gets dredged out, Mr. Zimmerman promised if elected he would get it done. Our canals haven’t been cleaned in years, we still hit trash with our boats from Katrina. Wolfe, Good and Fiber St. canals all need dredging. Piss on the chamber, do what you promised. Dredge my canal, more people will build here.

    1. Yes Mr. Timmy, Ward 5 drinking a few so we all can guess Buddy Who? Ice bunny show was good but donations to him? Not the Iceman! But my man Joey would not let the grass and ditches here and everywhere look as crappy as it is. Worse than Sir Leslie and Buddy Z days. Mailman gonna oust Scotty and Booodin will return to get crap done. My votes in JoJo.

  18. The Chamber would like to build a building they can manage for a management fee. That was the wisdom behind the Waveland Incubator! Look what that produced. Non Profits do not develop communities nor do they stimulate the economy. Their focus is to raise funds for the Managers Salaries and chase tax dollars in most cases. There are legit ones but here in Hancock it is big business and Politically Motivated.

    The BP Funds need to go to the Municipalities and Counties not to pay management fees for pie in the sky Non Profits who have nothing to do with the environment which is what this is all about.

  19. Well, it’s show time tomorrow at the Hancock County Board of Supervisors meeting concerning the Mosquito Control Contract with State Senator Phillip Moran’s company, Phillip’s Pest Control.
    Prediction: Another example of the incompetency epidemic in Handcuff County government.

      1. Are you watching, Trixie? Where is Board President, Blaine LaFontaine? The alleged non compliance of Phillip Moran to his mosquito control service contract with the County is on the Agenda, which I assume is prepared by the Board President, who is also one of the signers of the contract along with Moran and Eddie Favre signing as a witness. Besides, there is other business to discuss. What message does this send?

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