No good deed goes unpunished but what about the bad ones?

Sheriff Adam Fund Raiser using County EMS Tent | Reader submitted photo
Sheriff Adam Fund Raiser using County EMS Tent | Reader submitted photo

On the use of the Emergency Management Dept. tent by Kendra Necaise for her campaign fund raiser [constitutes an] “improper use of county assets”, as State Auditor’s office said 2 weeks ago. It seems like there are 2 or more County employees and one elected official that were involved in this situation. The employees are subject to disciplinary action by the Supervisors as per the Employee Handbook. The elected officials actions could be brought to the attention of either the State Ethics Commission or State Auditor’s Office. (Edited for clarity}

Being as this is an election year I imagine people have already complained about certain candidates use of the County EMS tent and allegedly trustee labor for their political fund raisers up to Jackson. Pictured above is from Sheriff Adam’s campaign event.

As far as those signs the Rotary club bought and installed without collaborating with the County:

Supervisors voted unanimously to have Bay St. Louis Rotary Club be given notice that the bottom of their signs which advertise their personal, for profit businesses have to be removed. The public information on keeping the beaches clean is okay. The removal has to be done by this Friday, April 19, or County Road Administrator’s beach crew will remove them.

Ultimately a couple of wrenches will solve this problem. Slabbed has no problem memorializing those that made the signs possible so following are some pictures of them taken recently on a gorgeous spring day earlier this month for our out of town readers.

Reader submitted photo
Reader submitted photo

Reader submitted photo
Reader submitted photo
Reader submitted photo
Reader submitted photo
Reader submitted photo
Reader submitted photo

Finally, speaking of signs here is the actual grant paperwork for the 2018 Bay St Louis-Waveland sign project:

Signs 1 by on Scribd

4 thoughts on “No good deed goes unpunished but what about the bad ones?”

  1. As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Your post here, Doug, illuminates the fact that I brought before the Board of Supervisors at their April 1, meeting, “there needs to be a process in place for the use of county assets; someone to apply to, a log kept, uses that are proper, rules and regulations for the use of the public’s property, etc. And, it has to be followed by all.” I know that procedure would cramp the style of those who suffer from the entitlement disorder, or as psychologist, Dr. Laura Schlessinger puts it, the 2 year old philosophy of life–” if I want it and like it, it must be mine!”

  2. The Chamber owns the Hancock County Development Foundation. There were two (2) entities that made money on it. The Chamber made a $3,400 management fee and lighting Quick signs was handsomely paid to do the work. It was a no bid project with public funds for Chamber Members only. The Chamber was going to make $5400 but Tourism didn’t give the Chamber the $2000 donation that the Chamber asked for. Believe it or not they were trying to get money from Tourism to supplement the Chamber Management Fee. Wow that don’t sound benevolent like the article that was published in the echo!

  3. Well it’s clear the Adams Family has overstated their welcome. They have made a killing off the backs of taxpayer’s. I understand Scottie may have some ethical charges pending and Rickey and Hoot may see criminal charges. Use of taxpayer property for personal gain is serious and should be. Telling us it’s raining while they are pissing down our back again. Anyone hear about the ladies getting sexually abused at the jail??? Getting pregnant while incarcerated?? I heard the board is trying to sweep it under the rug. Eddie has been put on it to silence it. We may have more Adams kids than are registered.

  4. Beth
    Never heard them rumors you spreading there about the Adam Family.
    Pretty good.

    But I did hear about some pictures floating around.
    Scottie and the sheep
    Ricky and the goat
    And poor Hoot and the hog.
    Alway something.
    Momma said if you can’t speak good of someone just make up Lies and BS and slander them.
    Some are pretty good at it.

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