Comment Bump: Sheriff, Other County officials using County Equipment, Inmate Labor for Partisan Political Campaign Events

I guess the question I have is since Sheriff Adam has done it for one candidate are we going to empty the jail for every candidate’s campaign parties. Maybe the County could have the inmates go place signs out and knock doors too.

The optics look worse than terrible here, what in the hell are they thinking?

Start with Brandon’s comment here and work your way down.

Meantime the Bay City Clowncil is evidently giving permission to put signs up on property that is not within the City’s jurisdiction to permit.

Slabbed has pictures of both the County tent and the offending signs that I’ll try to post later.

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  1. Our supervisors were also allowing multiple companies to stage equipment at the county arena for years, until the pool man stopped it recently. They act like they didn’t know, they are grossly negligent or corrupt. I wonder how many free perks they have received from the contractor they help and protect against competition. Free hunting trip, fishing trips, vacations, meals, sacks of oysters, landfill dumping and medical expenses is hard for them to pass up. Politicians are like baby diapers, when they start stinking it’s time to change them.

    1. I want to know the kickbacks everyone got from the HUGE hospital deal where they awarded the deal to the sole bidder, Ochsner.

      Blaine, Gary, and others had to be paid off for that deal.

  2. Update! As of this morning, looks like Rotary AND Chamber members absconding with the public’s property to their $$$$ benefit. Not news for the Chamber since they had use of a building owned by the Bay taxpayers for 5 years, but I am surprised at Rotary.

  3. How did the seven dwarfs on the city council give permission to have off site commercial advertising on county property? Offsite advertising is prohibited. Who made the signs, who is on them, follow the money ? Someone is benefiting on the taxpayer. Did the supervisors approve through the minutes????

    1. Okay, Timmy,
      1.Knoblock said that he made the signs, but individual Rotary members installed them.
      2.Don’t know why or how Rotary got go ahead from Council instead of Supers. Council has an attorney who should have caught it. Signs are on county beach property in
      Waveland too. Don’t know what happened there?!
      3. No, Supers did not approve. Said signs are basically okay, message is good about keeping beaches clean, but names of businesses have to go. Did not give permission. Their road manager brought issue to their attention at meeting on Mon.

  4. So where does the BSL council come into play?
    Lana , not sure if you was at the meeting last night but I did not hear anyone mention this at the meeting. If you was there you should have asked.
    I see no problem with the signs. Someone else paid for them instead of tax payers money. It’s freaking keeping our beach clean signs. Saw one at pavilion with other name on it but again we chose to rag on MacPhaille. Why all the hate on this guy?
    See Benches, Fences and other objects with support signs all across the coast. But it’s illegal in BSL or Hancock County. Guess it’s ok in Waveland. Don’t hear them mentioned. Maybe they gave permission? Don’t ever hear anyone mention them for supporting the chamber or Diamondhead. Some don’t want to use tax money to fund Jack 💩💩💩💩 for our kids so others pay for it and they cry wolf once again.
    Call the AG. Call Ethics. Call the Auditor.
    He’ll call Trump.
    My God a few business paid for signs to keep our beaches clean and you would think Katrina just came again.
    Just Can’t handle that things are good and some just have to wine about something.
    And to compare Rotary to Chamber.
    Rotary saw a need.
    Raised the money.
    Installed them.
    No cost to tax payers.
    And may have not gotten permission to put up.
    Hang em Monday at noon on the court house steps.
    See everyone there.

    1. Stone, it is against the law to use public land to advertise or do business or profit. May not be a big deal to you but give us your address and will have advertising put in front of your domain. It is about process or lack of. No guidlines. Each sign was done independent of any responsible entity. Now the county has to track down each party like rogues to comply with the rule of public law. Like I said it violates all basic laws and at least one one of the individuals makes and us sworn to uphold the law. If you don’t get it it is because it may not affect you. Our beaches are taken care of by the county and there is not a trashing problem. This isn’t your generation of user! It is just a vague use of nonprofit muscle. They didn’t disclose the private business advertisement and did not have approval to start with. Again if I knew your address I will have signage by Joe blow put it up across from you. All with great intentions and no recourse of personal violation.

    2. No one is in disagreement with you, Stone, except the Miss. legislature who says private property cannot be used to advertise “for profit” businesses. Yes, I was at last night’s meeting. I didn’t address it because I though maybe the Council would since they gave the permission.
      It is a noble cause, to encourage visitors and locals to keep the beach clean and pick up after themselves. I was at Supers meeting Mon. also, and they said the same thing, BUT, the advertisement of private businesses part of the sign has to go. Just because you are doing a good deed in the community does not mean you have license to side step the law.
      As for Waveland, Heaven only knows how they handled it!!

  5. I like it. Get lightening Quick Signs to make signs and put em where you want. Hell he has the full faith and credit of the chamber and rotary! Lots of taxpayer freebies for a d elected official. Just sayn. Violation of Federal, State and Local Law much less over use if elected authority! Com on let’s get it real here! Stop this crap! People who help their community don’t need recognition or financial reward otherwise they are doing for themselves! Old value.

    1. You get the point, Duh. You know that old saying about “good deeds.” If you do it expecting or demanding something back, you just erased the “good” out of your “deed!”

  6. You assuming council knows they are accused of wrongdoing.
    Let’s ask and see.
    If they approved than we can hang en high noon.

    1. Stone,
      Council meets again on the 16th. Why don’t you take the podium and ask them. It’s open to all, but you do have to identify yourself.
      Let’s get serious for a moment. Two on Council and Seal and Reed, and Mayor, have been there long enough to know any questions about use of beach or beach road has to go to Supervisors. Trent Favre made that clear to when he was Counsel. The Supers made it clear to them in 2005 when Compton presented their bid for the repair of Beach Blvd. and FEMA eliminated a large portion of the scope of the project from the Bay because it belongs to County. I think that is yet to be resolved. When Rotary came to them for permission to put these signs up, Council should have sent them to Supers right then. That only settles geographic jurisdiction. The issue of private “for profit” businesses using public property for their own financial gain has been settled by the Miss. legislature a long time ago whether it is beach front or elsewhere. Got it? Hope so.
      Now Rotary needs to contact all of their members who are advertising on our public beaches and tell them to go remove their business’s name from the signs. This is not rocket science, but anyone who speaks out about it will be vilified like Tuesday night when Cliff Rabalais took the podium and raved to Council about how wonderful they all were and how he would never be able to put up with the bashing they take off the public. That was, in my opinion, a feeble attempt to discourage citizens from addressing their elected officials unless you were going to stroke their egos. Forget it. The voters elected them because they claimed to know how to run a city. The voters then have thousands of dollars of taxes levied against them to send them all to MML training, and here we are with something this simple, and they themselves don’t have the intestinal fortitude to say, “hey, on the sign issue, we goofed. We’ll contact Rotary and take care of this.” No, they spent almost the entire meeting talking about things they have been discussing for at least 3 years (sound system, phone system). And the public is the villain. Pitiful.

  7. The council didn’t know exactly neither did the county. The business signs was an add on after vague discussion of what was going to be put up. No call first before you dig or any other interaction with the municipalities utilities etc. I’m sure they would have to have exact location and utility markings etc if they would have been involved.

    1. Ward 3 here: Tents being used, signs made and put up? If it’s wrong it’s WRONG. If it helps, let it HELP. But SOMEONE in BSL, Waveland or County must be point of ok person! Too many wannabes looking for recognized praise but when 💩 or normal questions arise 🙈🙉🙊.

  8. It can all be done, the tent, use of county property, use of city property, ect…. It just has to have a fair rate established in advance by the governing authority. Not after the fact. A reasonable rate that’s consistent with market value. Not for free if you are a member of the Adams Family. The taxpayer is being told it’s raining while they are pissing down our back. Second point is that Bay St Louis has a ordinance against off site advertising. Was a variance given. These businesses need to be exposed and boycotted.

    1. Barbara, don’t know if you were at Supers meeting Monday, but it was announced that the candidate that used the tent had given the County Adm. a check for the use after the fact, and County attorney told them not to cash it because according to the State Auditor, it was “improper use of County assets.” If the use is improper, you can’t do it period, even if you want to pay. Attorney advised County Adm. not to cash check.

      1. Yes, but a rate as I said, can be established in advance. Government assets are rented all the time. Look at the Waveland building on Coleman Ave it has a restaurant and a art shop. Alice Mosley renting the Depo, a restaurant at the city building on 2nd St, the county and city marina is rented out, the community center is rented out. The question that was posed to the state needs to be public. It definitely was improper the way it was done. County equipment cannot just be borrowed then cut a check after your exposed.

          1. Our Ward 5 teatoaler just called me to report. Joey B. said Council was informed and Adm. since 2012 from County that they BSL couldn’t approve anything on Beach Blvd. south with ok from County first. This all started he said with Trapani Rest. sidewalk issue. Past Council deferred and this Council in for 20 months should know? “ Why didn’t Attorney stop them? Did Mayor’s signature approve Special Events or signs without stating, “County must approve”. Something in planning missing he said that’s all.

        1. I know these places are rented out all of the time, but are they rented to “for profit” businesses? Lots of non profits use them–community organizations, etc. The language the Auditor used was, “improper use of public assets.”

  9. Why would Eddie contact the state auditors, why not the attorney. Is Eddie the fixer? Why was the attorney kept in the dark, why did arrogant Scottie, twice, try to skip over the descussion? Where’s the Fed’s? Where the newspaper’s? Hellllp…we are being violated.

    1. because they are all hypocrites-state auditor needs to investigate
      MF used the county equipment for his election-county worker uses of equipment for election-
      eddie trying hard to cover his booty-
      I bet MF paid for the use of the big light from the county???
      I just can not figure it out-

      1. Ward 5 here. Please comeback Joey. I’m told Hootie made mistake and admitted it. So did Sheriff! But what burns my butt is these Supervisors been there for almost 4 years plus David Y more, BSL Council what 21 months? Like them all BUT they all was elected to do right, not act and play dumb. 4 votes in my house plus more Mr. Joey.

  10. Blaine and Eddie are very reckless with the truth. They will say and do anything to accomplish whatever agenda they have. “Trust but verify” Ronald Reagan.

  11. Joeycomeback
    Yesterday Ice used the tent.
    Today Ice used a big light.
    Now Ice used county equipment.
    Tomorrow Ice will ride down a county road. Show me the pictures.

    You and others want JB back.
    Check him out. Ask the Ladner in jail about him. JB was wired to keep from being jailed for the same thing. And brags about how he got away with it.
    Still able to stay on council.
    How screwed up is that.
    Lots of hate going on.
    And one ask where the feds? Call JB

    Again show the pictures of MF using tent lights equipment and we will hang him at high noon.
    As one says trust but verify
    I say verify and than open your mouth. Not spread BS💩 trying to destroy one because you may have a problem with them or their name or didn’t get your way.
    Be a lot better off.

    And Lana
    If them signs bothered me I would ask.
    But they don’t.
    So seems you and others are bothered and making statements, true? untrue?, should be the ones to ask.

    1. Stone,
      The signs don’t bother me at all. As I said in a previous post, I agree with the Supervisors. The message is good. Encourage beach goers to clean up after themselves, but don’t use the sign to advertise private businesses. That part of the signs has to go. But, we’ll put you down for not being bothered by a violation of state law regarding the use of public property for private monetary gain. Everyone has an opinion, and you could still take the podium on the 16th and be on record for not being bothered about violating state laws.

    2. I think jb Lonnie and mf made Les pay back a lot of money to to the city and exposed quite a bit of corruption. Some of which led to the chief shooting himself.

  12. It is obvious to me that the people of the Coast have lost our communities to snake-like crooks with no moral compass or belief in God. From Jackson county all the way to the end of Hancock county….it’s all the same….shame and denials. What has become of our residents? People that I know personally and looked at as friends have turned into criminals! We have a large population down here that I feel have started a new mafia gang! Where will it all end….when will it all end???
    Have the last group of crooks finally paid off what they stole from the Taxpayers to the State Auditor yet? How about it Mr. Auditor….what about a report on the missing funds in Pascagoula status and the balance of the DMR clan? The Walkers, Joe Zeigler, Tina Shumate….to name a few. Have they all paid their fines? I think a qualified State Auditor should keep the people informed on this one since our last Auditor ignored our Coastal Judges ruling. Do you think the Auditor might provide a site for us to keep up with the payments on this?
    Miss Lana, does Hancock county have any outstanding fines that need to be monitored regularly? I know that Jackson and Harrison counties do. Maybe your organization can get us some help down here since we have a new Auditor who wants to do a good job (I think).
    Remember folks….vote them out! Be sure to vote the incumbents out and give another person a chance to show they are honest and want to do a good job! Forget about party….we need integrity, diligence, and someone who cares about our Coast!! No more lip service!!

  13. Charlene,
    As someone pointed out to me this week—we have always had public officials with the entitlement mentality, and sticky little fingers, but now a lot of them are involved with these so called “non profits” who are on the take. They just view life differently–“we do so much good for the community, why should we have to abide by the rules, we are entitled to something for all we do.” Sickening. It’s like a cancer that’s spreading in the public sector as I said in a post earlier this week from Joe Biden flying his son all over the world in Air Force 2 so he could swing deals with the Chinese to politicians thinking they can use public assets for their political rallies or a non profit advertising their “for profit” businesses on public property maintained by the taxpayers. And if you call them out, they put someone up to the podium to say how wonderful they are and how much abuse they take from the public. Really?

    1. You are so right Ms Lana. There is some rumbling about another group forming to clean out Harrison and Hancock counties. But to date, even when they are caught, they just get a hand slap and carry on. This is one State for sure that does not need to vote for the party. These fake republicans that are running this State don’t even make their family members pay their water bills or taxes!! How can that be considered conservative?? Just saying….and they have grabbed on to the abortion ticket because they know that most people are not for abortions….but I can name several card-carrying “republicans” who have had abortions…on the sly of course….but yet, they continue on with this game of taking and taking and then call themselves Christians. Glad that I won’t have to explain that to the man upstairs when the time comes! Keep up the good work Ms Lana! Thanks for being there for those who can’t.

  14. Regan said it well “the best minds aren’t in government, if they were businesses would steal them away. It’s good we have people like you Lana and others who watch our money. Some of us can’t get involved because of our job or our husbands job. Keep up the good work, you have them on the run. Soon you can sit back and watch them self destruct. The cover-up is usually worse than the crime.

  15. Why can’t they just say sorry I will correct it. If they don’t they will be vilified to the public and tarnished as should be. GK should know better. He is a sign contractor. I guess sakes over rule decency.

    1. I requested and received today the Hancock County Sign Ordinance, which says:
      No off site premise advertising will be allowed except Bill Boards. All outdoor advertising/signs must be located on the same premises as the business it advertises, and shall comply with all requirements of Sign Ordinance Section 811.
      No wonder the Road and Bridge Superintendent for the County reported this with a picture to the Board of Supervisors at their meeting on Monday. This is plain English, and yes, Duh, not just Gary Knoblock, but all of the business owners who are violating this ordinance should know better. None of them are novices. They are all honorable men, and should take that part of these signs down themselves.
      Pilger Title Co., Jim MacPhaille, Dave Mayley, Matt Stieffel , Chuck Underwood, Frank Conaway, all educated men. If Rotary doesn’t take care of this, Supervisors need to at their meeting on April 15.
      By the way, the County Permit Office informed me that no applications had been made for sign permits either, which raises the question: “who put them up??!!” Come on, guys, step up to the plate, and that includes you, Supervisors: Yarborough, Shaw, La Fontaine, Adam, and Ladner. I know it is an election year, but too bad, take care of business.

      1. Ward 1 lol slow this am. Over served last evening.. BRAVO to County Supt., Permit Dept. for doing their jobs. Someone ordered someone to put signs in place? UNSUBSTANTIATED and CANNOT verify but a restaurant patron we overheard stated “BSL Public Works placed at request of BSL Councilman 4”. Regardless, someone ordered placement. As usual in Hancock, a nice idea becomes a “me idea of egos”.

      2. Well you have to be intelligent to take action and Yarborough, Shaw and Ladner don’t have a combined IQ to equal intelligent.

        Lafontaine and Adams are just crooked.

  16. They took advantage of the public and elected officials . An employee caught it and now they need to do the right thing and remove their commercial signage. Rotary ought to insist but not sure of their care or concern. Maybe just another free donut and coffee group!

  17. Alliance
    Unsubstantiated and CANNOT Verify.
    BSL public works fault now.
    But you still spread it and can not verify.
    Get a life
    We just keep making S💩💩💩 up every day.
    Some of y’all are a real piece of work.
    I’m still waiting on pictures of tents lights equipment Farve used in his elections and where he or council approved the signs with the sponsors they gave permission to put up.
    Some continue to spread lies just to get others fired up.
    For their personal gain?
    Because they didn’t get what they want from elected officials?
    Because they or the one they supported didn’t get elected?
    A mistake may have been made and now they are all corrupt and are ignorant.
    Everyday we wake up, make up more BS and put it on Slabbed.

    1. Stone,
      You are still waiting for where Mayor Favre and/or Council approved the Rotary signs on the county beach front? So are the rest of us. Not on any city agendas, and so far Council members we have spoken to have no recollection of approval request coming before them? And, it better not have been approved by either city because it is not their jurisdiction. I was at the Supervisors meeting when it was reported to them. No one approached them nor their Permit Office, which I confirmed Friday. I am told by Councilman Knoblock that the signs were put up by “various” Rotary members. Did they approach either city for permits? I guess the next step is to do a Public Records Request for the permits from the two cities Permit Offices. I have written to Josh Hayes in Waveland, but no reply yet. Those signs got up there somehow, and very professionally done. Whomever did the work has access to high end equipment for the job. And you are going to publicly accuse posters on this blog of deliberately making things up and posting them here? Will you please name them. Otherwise you cast dispersion on everyone, and I resent that since I post only what I have seen and been told by the officials themselves, and verify through local and state laws.
      This is not BS. Seven businessmen, and a local Non Profit are being allowed to ignore the law, and illegally use our beachfront to advertise their private, for profit businesses, and thus far no one knows how it happened. But we will.

  18. Stone, come on what’s wrong with enforcing code whether you are affiliated with nonprofits or not?

    It ain’t a felony but enforcing reasonable ordinances that are put in place to put everyone in a chance or opportunity at government benefits.

    Advertising commercially on public property in a residential area because u r connected let’s dint start this crap. Just stop it and say no more or there will be advertising up n down our beach.

    1. Ward 1. Stone throws the finger to protect his/her friends. Did they 811 for location mark? permits? signed permit. You can be sure if a cities power, water or an explosion occurred these cities would be sued! Restaurants closed for days? Who pays? Stop defending and start demanding answers Stone……. could have been you. I was a member of YC, no more since tax debacle.

  19. There was not one protocol followed. No Permit, No Permission, no rendering, no locator, no call before you dig, Commercial Advertising in a residential area, commercial Advertising on public property what more needs to be said. It has started a bad precedent. No criminal investigations needed as they have their names so just tell them to remove the advertising or they can just take the whole sign down and place it somewhere else.0

    1. Duh,
      There may be some investigation warranted since we do not know who put these signs up on our beach, except Councilman Knoblock identifying them as various Rotary Club members, and the post here on Slabbed alleging it being Bay St. Louis city workers. Who engaged their services? If it were city personnel, were they off time? Whose equipment did they use? Did they get paid? By whom? Yes, we need to resolve this in detail so that it doesn’t happen again. It has gotten the attention of the County Road Manager and Beach Foreman. Our Supervisors have until April 15, their next meeting, to take care of this for us. If they don’t, this could mushroom, and the Supers will become part of the problem instead of the solution. It’s their call.
      One thing we all know for sure– things like daffodils and tulips are popping up out of the ground right now, but this is the first time I have seen illegal signs bloom!!!

  20. Mystery solved—Signs installed by Bay St. Louis Rotary’s Satellite Club. Gary Knoblock says he made them. Now, Gary is a sign contractor, and knows the process of sign installation and permit requirements, especially as former Chairman of the Bay St. Louis Planning and Zoning Commission. Guess Rotary thinks they can by pass the county requirements for permits and no off site advertising for businesses. What I don’t understand is the interest, all of a sudden by Rotary, in keeping our beaches clean. Personally, I think it’s more about advertising their businesses. Go to their facebook page. Some of the Rotary members even wanted their pictures on their signs!! Too funny. Hope the Supervisors stick to their position of making them take the name of the business off of the signs, and charge them double what the permit would have been for proceeding with construction without one.
    I would imagine if Rotary members had known they could not put their names on those signs, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Using public property as a vehicle to promote themselves.

  21. Alliance
    I’m not protecting no one.

    You have repeated BS you supposedly heard in the cafe. And even stated you couldn’t verify.
    Now you are worried about power to here.
    Now you out the yacht club.

    You and others have stated the BSL Council and mayor approved these signs.

    You and others have stated BSL public works put them up and gave their blessings. Suggesting wrong doing with city equipment.

    You and others have stated Ice used
    County tent
    Big county lights
    County equipment
    And other things during the election.

    You and others have claimed supervisors and attorney are all ignorant.

    You and others have claimed every Hancock County elected official is a crook.

    So when you and others put BS and Rumors with NO PROOF, I do call BS.

    Lana, I am not denying the signs are up but all I asked was show me who gave them permission to put them up.
    Not he say she say

    Not all The Who used what country equipment with no proof, just making up BS as they go.

    I happen to have faith in this BSL
    The current board of supervisors and othe county elected officials
    And Waveland’s administration.

    Yes I do think the signs are ok.
    I see benches in Long Beach Gulfport Biloxi and on down the coast on the beach with advertisements on them.
    There are signs with sponsors on them as well.
    May be legal there? Not in Hancock?

    Guess you figured out by now I don’t buy into somes BS.
    And if you haven’t figured out by now that I am a show me the proof and facts or if not I call BS very quickly.
    I will pray for you.

    1. No one in our group said Ice did anything with tent or equipment or Council approved. We asked who, what and when? You don’t want BS, we ask for law compliance. Taking liberties on anyone’s property is illegal. Look at national problems. If a call to arms about facts or proof bothers you it bothers others. It’s about remedies of transparency Stone not about BS. Oh Ward 1 again

    2. Thanks for your prayers, Stone. I am like everyone else–in need of as many as I can get!
      You want proof? I do too. Go to Rotary facebook page, or Rotary’s new Satellite Club facebook page. There you’ll find a pic of Dave Mayley (nice guy, we have used his services at our home) with pics of the signs saying they were done by the Satellite Club. The Supers were provided the pic by their Road and Bridge Superintendent at last meeting. Not one Supervisor objected to the message on the sign, just to the business advertising on county property because in Hancock County no off site business advertising is allowed, and to construct anything you do need a permit. The Supervisors are obliged to enforce the laws they took an oath to do when they were elected. That’s what they are trying to do here. And, the reason for all of this is not the Supervisors, it’s Rotary for not abiding by the law.
      Is this so much to ask of a group of professional business men and women, two of whom (Mayley and Knoblock) have and still hold appointed and elected positions in this community?
      Give me one logical reason, Stone, as to why the Rotary Club of Bay St. Louis, should get a pass on an ordinance that the rest of us have to abide by. Just one will do.

  22. I no longer reside in Hancock County not can I state with certainty which elected official is guilty of doing what.
    I will state unequivocally that the constant bitching, whining, accusing and name calling is why many good people do not run for office. It is much easier to question officials than it is to defend your own actions if elected.
    I am not going to sit here and defend any of the politicians but I will tell you that the people most guilty of the accusations will quickly defend their actions on this blog.

    1. CF,
      Citizens being accused of whining and bitching when they question a public official actions are also the reason decent, law abiding people are reluctant to speak out. It happened at the Bay St. Louis City Council meeting last week. What are they, above reproach?

  23. The other business that gets a pass is Dan B’s. They just push through the no parking on the land next to them as if the don’t drive on side walk and no parking signs do not exist! They have an immediate family member who is a BSL Police Officer!

    They were given permission to use this property for a lay down yard for construction and have just squatted on it since. The city has put barricades and signs they just laugh at it crack the sidewalk and park. The normal citizen doesn’t use it cause it says not to. Only family close friends an band use it cause they know the owners.

    Yep. Commercial success at any cost is becoming the mantra. Ignore signs, ordinances etc..

    They have turned a green space into a dusty dirt pit that has dirt Devils on it when the wind blows! Terrible!

    1. The land next to Dan B’s belongs to the State of Mississippi how can they have exclusive use to it? Why aren’t they required to bring it back to green space like it was before they used it. It is now a mud hole for their enjoyment.

  24. Alliance
    My statement was you and others!
    You have made some of the BS statements that was stated.
    So let me ask you this.
    Why is it legal to give Moseley free rent when they are a business there making money?
    Why is it legal for them to advertise on city property when they are a business there making money?
    And before you start twisting and crying I think it is a good thing.
    But they are doing the same as the sponsors on the signs.
    Advertising on city property.
    BS and rumors do not translate into remedies.
    Only muddies the water.
    And again I am not against the signs or Moseley but it seems what’s good for one is good for the other. And I know signs are on county property but according to the law it is not allowed anywhere.

    Never said they should get a free pass.
    Again you muddy the water.
    You Alliance and others stated and put the blame of these signs on the BSL Council administration and public works.
    So now you find out NO One in the city gave permission or helped put the signs up.
    Again some speaking on rumors and NO facts to back up any of these statements.
    But everyone was ready to hang all the elected officials over this and come to find out just maybe none new anything about them till it was brought up.
    Evidently you or the others on here did not know about the signs because if you did it would have been brought up before the Foreman brought it up in the meeting.

    So just maybe some need to apologize for making False Statements against them?
    But as we know that will not happen and some will just find more BS to spread.

    And Lana, in case you have not noticed the benches on Waveland’s city hall porches have names on them.
    You may want to check this out.

    1. Stone,
      You can apologize to me right now. I never stated city workers did this. I asked.
      We are not talking about city ordinances. Municipalities may have different rules. This is a county issue.
      You are stating here this morning that the businesses in the Depot are doing the same thing as the sponsors of the signs on the beach–“advertising on city property.” Wrong, the signs on the beach are advertising on county property, which is prohibited by county ordinance. Maybe you should do your homework. The beaches in Hancock County are under the jurisdiction of the County officials.
      You can drag this out all you want, but the fact remains. The Rotary Satellite Club, according to the County permit office and Rotary’s own facebook page installed signs on the county beaches without applying for a permit. The only ones being vilified here are those of us who have called this into question, and that includes a county official who was actually doing his job. Take your argument to the Board of Supervisors meeting on Monday, April 15. It starts at 9:00am.

    2. Waveland here, if you say it, it must be right? If Moseley is doing something illegal they shouldn’t and be stopped. Rent? Council I think approved that. At our get together, no problem existed about Ice, his lights? or tent? All of us heard a patron accuse Smith of signs. All who didn’t are cleared..

  25. Lana
    If you deserve an apology I would.
    But you do not. Not this time.
    But once again you have twisted and No facts to support these accusations.
    You reported with others on here that the city issued this and helped with this or approved this and come to find out none of this is true
    If you were quoting others than once again you passed on information & BS that was not true.

    Lana, You do too much good and bring good issues forward to stoop to others level.
    Stay to the facts that support your accusations and not accuse one based on hear say.
    As far as everything Ice is being accused of
    Or whatever as stated in the headlines, I am still waiting on them pictures so we can have our hanging at high noon along with the rotary.
    No, he or they are not mentioned by name but others have. Headlines states other officials and other events.
    Implying others have done this and everyone is a crook.
    Again show the pictures. That leaves no questions to be asked.

    1. Seems to me the old adage “no good deed goes unpunished” may apply here. The sponsorship add on to the beach signs can be remedied with a couple of wrenches.

      The misuse of county equipment and especially trustee labor is huge in my mind thus the name of the post.

      There are rumors floating about regarding a former Bay Waveland School Board member. I’m hoping that situation clarifies itself soon.

      1. Doug,
        Good to see you peek out from under the loads of work this happy time of year brings you. But Stone has settled things regarding the Rotary beach signs—all my fault for spreading “rumors.” Hilarious. Just one quick visit to the County Permit Office prior to getting out the old post hole digger would have resolved this because it really is a matter of permits–P-E-R-M-I-T-S. Rotary would have been provided the information I was given last Friday by the governing authority thereby eliminating all of this speculation. The county is bound to have a couple of wrenches they can distribute to the beach crew at Monday’s meeting to put this issue to rest. Get back to your calculator, and look forward to hearing more from you next Tuesday!!!

        1. Lana once again you are twisting.
          Never said anything about signs you fault.
          Yes I did say you spread false statements in accusing the BSL Council Mayor and Public Works for giving permission for the signs to be put up and public works helping with this task.
          Still not your fault for putting the signs up.
          But it is your fault for some of BS you stirred up by making false statements against certain individuals.
          That is the point I am trying to make.
          Not sure it can be any clearer.
          Just shoot straight which for the most part you do.

          I agree with you on the tent equipment or other issues.
          Should not happen.
          But what I did not like was accusations some made towards an individual with nothing to support their statements.
          Yes I did call BS on this.
          All I did was ask for the pictures.
          I do not believe that is too much to ask for when some are accusing someone of wrongdoing which could lead to very serious problems.
          I have seen this before and have lived through this type of situation and lost job family and more. All based on lies. But was too late when the truth came out to save anything.
          But some choose to get defensive and twist things or muddy the water just for the sake of their personnel grudge against someone or to push their own agenda.

          Again I do not think anyone should receive special treatment or favors or gifts.

          1. Once again, Stone, I did not declare here or anywhere else that city officials in the Bay or employees did anything wrong. I “asked.” Big difference. It was stated at the Supervisors meeting that the Rotary Club went to the Bay Council for approval. County attorney asked “why didn’t they come to us?” I witnessed the Road and Bridge Superintendent’s report to the Supers. Was there. I called Council-at-Large Knoblock the next morning, and suggested to him that it be cleared up at their Council meeting that night. I stayed for the entire meeting. Not a word said. Take the “twisting” accusations to the County Road and Bridge Superintendent, not me. You don’t seem to like the message here so you are going after the messenger. What about Rotary? Why don’t you ask them why they skipped the permit process? You are too busy going after me for posting what I witnessed at two meetings.

      1. For music, how about the 2nd song from Zeppelin II.

        As for the signs, I believe there was a misunderstanding and it can be quickly rectified as you stated.

        As for the tents, setup labor, etc. Having spent time visiting with the state auditor’s office in the past (just normal business as I was never questioned about any wrongdoing) I am willing to bet that the check mentioned in an earlier post reimbursing for said costs is all that they would recommend.
        I am not saying that I agree with how it was done, only that are not many ways to rectify the situation besides telling the accused not to do it again and someone taking financial responsibility for the improper use.

        How about people taking more interest in the upcoming statewide elections as the consequences there are much larger than people on this site even know.

        1. CF,
          County attorney advised County Administrator not to cash the check. The use of the tent was described by Auditor’s office as improper, so accepting compensation for it would not be advisable. That is what was stated at the Supervisors meeting, not something I am “making up!”
          We’ll see on the 15th.

  26. The high price county administrator is part of the problem. He leads Blaine around like a goat on a rope. Therefore he comes and goes as he please’ s. Why advertise a price then negotiate up on a ex politician who won’t come to work, he wasn’t around when he was the mayor. Its a slap in the face to the other county worker’s that work. A professional administrator that worked wouldn’t have the board in so many quagmires. Unless he knows where the bodies are buried and they can control him???

    1. Ex,
      I went to the meeting. Supervisors voted unanimously to have Bay St. Louis Rotary Club be given notice that the bottom of their signs which advertise their personal, for profit businesses have to be removed. The public information on keeping the beaches clean is okay. The removal has to be done by this Friday, April 19, or County Road Administrator’s beach crew will remove them.
      On the use of the Emergency Management Dept. tent by Kendra Necaise for her campaign fund raiser-
      “improper use of county assets”, as State Auditor’s office said 2 weeks ago. It seems like there are 2 or more County employees and one elected official that were involved in this situation. The employees are subject to disciplinary action by the Supervisors as per the Employee Handbook. The elected officials actions could be brought to the attention of either the State Ethics Commission or State Auditor’s Office.

      1. Shame on Rotary and Gary Knobloc. He was president of planning and zoning as well as is a councilman and is fully aware of sign ordinances. He is also a sign contractor. Go figure.

    1. I give the Road Superintendent the credit for bringing this to the attention of the Supervisors at their open meeting. He could have just called them privately. Slabbed and The Hancock
      County Alliance for Good Government reported what he said. I am being told he is a County employee that takes his job seriously. I suspect if Rotary does not get busy, he will, and I know the Beach Foreman is not happy with what Rotary did. We really need to thank Rotary for asking the public to use our beaches responsibly, and, in a strange way, for being part of the equation ( in their violation of required procedure) that has resulted in the public and official declaration that the beaches belong to the taxpayers!

      1. I was referring to the illegal use of county equipment, county employees and state prisoners by Kay Kay and supervisors.

  27. The County Sand Beach Crews and the Crew that maintain the Cedar Point and Lakeshore Facility do an awesome job. It is well run with dedicated employees that go above and beyond daily to make it an enjoyable experience for the visitors of these sites. I say job well done by the county!

  28. The Bay St. Louis City Council must be rolling in the dough considering the action taken at their meeting tonight regarding the lease of The Garden Center building on Main St.
    They just spent top dollar running an ad to invite bids on the building, and one came in. Only one. The person was there tonight for the bid opening, and offered a bid of $700 a month for a 3 year lease. The vote to accept the bid was unanimous.
    Then AFTER the vote to award, Ward 6 Councilman, Josh DeSalvo, stated he would like to sell the building. A discussion ensued, and the bidder was told they may put it up for sale while they were in it paying their lease. Changing the terms of the lease that had nothing to do with the language in their ad after voting unanimously in favor of the only bidder? What?
    The bidder pulled her bid because she felt like the terms were being changed midstream, and there goes $8,400 a year for 3 years or $25k out the door. So, we’ll just sit dormant rather than take the opportunity to gain some revenue for the city. That rent would have paid the insurance and whatever maintenance was needed on the building.
    Now, I guess they’ll spend no telling how much for 2 commercial appraisals. The last appraisal in 2014 came in at $110,000. There was some discussion then about FEMA wanting back what they paid for the land, which made it not even worth it by the time the city deducted that from the $110,000.
    But to change the terms on a bidder right after their offer was accepted. Unreal. What else is new?!$
    You have to wonder what is really up their sleeve, really!!

    1. Ward 2 owner here! My partners looked at building, nice location. We were told DIRECTLY from our realtor not to bid because his info was Ice wanted it sold. We wanted 2 years with 2 option. Waste of money on all parts. What’s strange to us is three months of lease, lease then get one, approval then sell. Seems our Councilman Hoffman was blindsided cause we were told to lease it not buy. Their right to sell but bird in the hand denied.

      1. really, rent a building for less than two dollars a square foot. the last tenant paid 1100.00 and MF wanted to raise rent to 1300.00-tenant moves out and big supporter offers $700.00-
        smells fishy

        1. That’s why it’s empty. Been so neglected. Not worth top dollar. I don’t think the City wants to be a slum Lord😩

          1. the building had a new roof put on three years ago.
            Not neglected, you just like spreading your hate…muddy the water
            the last tenant loved the building -could not afford the rate increase MF wanted!
            but keep spinning MF will do what you want-everyone knows

            1. Garden Club occupied that building for 5 years with Highway Patrol and Kiwanis. Not spreading hate, just experience. Three years ago new roof? ah, after all organizations belongings got soaked for years due to neglected roof. I guess the last tenant did love it. They didn’t have to keep a bucket in the closet. Rotten wood, broken windows, and have you ever hear of curb appeal? Makes a big difference in a real estate sale. Drive by.

    2. They have poor legal advice. There should have been a minimum bid with the council to have the right to reject any bid that was not favorable to the tax payers.

      1. Our attorney is young with no real experience and it shows routinely at the cost of the council and administration and ultimately the tax payer!

      2. Good point, Just Sayn, but, I do think it should speak volumes to the Council that only one bid came in. One. It’s not like people are fighting over this building. Does anyone know what the City Attorney meant when she said that a governmental lease is different from a lease in the private sector? That was in reply to a real estate agent in the audience offering that the bidders lease would take precedence over a sale for the building if the sale came in before the lease was up.

        1. Government procurement and leasing/sales is very different in the state of Mississippi. Google some key words regarding them and take a look at what is dictated by law.
          Hell, you can’t even put up a vote to ask citizens if they approve of some local tax increases or even drive a golf cart on a city street without getting the legislation passed in n Jackson.
          I could give 2 shits about the building they want to lease/sell I’m just trying to explain how backwards this state is in many ways. I do think $700 a month is too low for a building of that size but the free market sets the price if all is done on a level playing field.
          I do agree that the attorney should provide better guidance on such matters before letting the local boards vote on such actions but the legislature still passes bills that are so convoluted that it takes months to get a interpretation regarding what they meant by their own language, so I can see why some struggle.
          Part of my point is people need to pay closer attention to what actually goes on in Jackson because it affects everyone. If residents have enough time to read local board meeting agendas and minutes or attend every meeting of the year held they should think bigger and get a better idea about the ongoings of the state legislature. Hell, they’re only in session 3 months of the year except the year after elections then it’s only 4 months. I will try and stay off of my soapbox but it’s very difficult sometimes.

  29. Who is the big supporter? I agree to liquidate it and get it on the tax rolls. As far as an agreement not sure how binding it was?

      1. They wasted public $$$ paying attorney to draft ad, Echo run it. Should have just hung a For Sale sign on building.
        I want one of them to tell me again how the School Board wastes money and the teachers don’t need raises!!

  30. Poor Waveland. Board authorized their attorney last night to appeal FEMA’s decision not to pay for sewer bladders. It seems like too many were ordered for the scope of the work or something like that. Now, if FEMA said “no” they must have say “why.” Wonder who prepared the bid for the work and what was needed to do it? Anyone on here recollect this? It has been an ongoing issue for some time now.

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