County to State Senator Phillip Moran: Tighten up on Mosquito Control…..(Updated)

Earlier this month County Administrator Eddie Favre sent the following letter to Phillip’s Pest Control.

Eddie Favre Letter to Philip Moran by Slabbed on Scribd


Here is the letter Mayor Mike Smith sent to the County on Mosquito Control Continue reading “County to State Senator Phillip Moran: Tighten up on Mosquito Control…..(Updated)”

No good deed goes unpunished but what about the bad ones?

Sheriff Adam Fund Raiser using County EMS Tent | Reader submitted photo
Sheriff Adam Fund Raiser using County EMS Tent | Reader submitted photo

On the use of the Emergency Management Dept. tent by Kendra Necaise for her campaign fund raiser [constitutes an] “improper use of county assets”, as State Auditor’s office said 2 weeks ago. It seems like there are 2 or more County employees and one elected official that were involved in this situation. The employees are subject to disciplinary action by the Supervisors as per the Employee Handbook. The elected officials actions could be brought to the attention of either the State Ethics Commission or State Auditor’s Office. (Edited for clarity}

Being as this is an election year I imagine people have already complained about certain candidates use of the County EMS tent and allegedly trustee labor for their political fund raisers up to Jackson. Pictured above is from Sheriff Adam’s campaign event.

As far as those signs the Rotary club bought and installed without collaborating with the County:

Supervisors voted unanimously to have Bay St. Louis Rotary Club be given notice that the bottom of their signs which advertise their personal, for profit businesses have to be removed. The public information on keeping the beaches clean is okay. The removal has to be done by this Friday, April 19, or County Road Administrator’s beach crew will remove them.

Ultimately a couple of wrenches will solve this problem. Slabbed has no problem memorializing those that made the signs possible so following are some pictures of them taken recently on a gorgeous spring day earlier this month for our out of town readers. Continue reading “No good deed goes unpunished but what about the bad ones?”

Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Observations No. 1

Posted on April 8, 2019

HAS TRUMP HACKED THE POLLS? How hard would it be to hack the polls? Not very hard at all. Why would anyone want to? Think about where we are now. The Conventional Wisdom holds that Trump can’t be removed from office because his base is still with him. We “know” his base is still with him because “the polls” say they are. In other words, the polls ARE the Conventional Wisdom.

The polls are Trump’s life line. They are key to whatever power Trump has left on Capitol Hill (elected officials watch the polls constantly) and his ability to draw crowds in so called “Trump Country.” Currently, Gallup has Trump at 39% job approval which is on the low side for a normal President interested in successfully governing. That’s not Trump. Trump is in survival mode. Actual public service and stewardship…please, that’s not Trump’s cup of tea. Trump has a desperate need to survive. He has to stay in the White House. Take him out of the White House and he’s looking at lawsuits, back taxes and criminal trials at the State and Federal Level.

If you look at Trump’s Job Approval numbers (Gallup) since he’s been in office they haven’t been above 45% or below 35%. That narrow band makes me suspicious. (Obama fluctuated between 69% and 40% and George W Bush between 90%, right after 9-11, and 25%). Trump’s poll numbers look managed and phony. How would Trump’s people execute a hack? Not my field of expertise…ask Mark Zuckerberg. I do know ethical considerations didn’t (or wouldn’t) stop them. Good poll numbers beget better poll numbers. The subject appears in command and looks like a winner. Bad poll numbers beget worse poll numbers as the subject appears out of control and looks like a loser.

Do you think the guy who gave us Trump University and bone spurs is going to leave his fate in the hands of his fellow citizens responding to poll questions and not seek to doctor the system? I don’t think so either. Continue Reading…..

About a month ago the website was down for almost 30 hours…..

It happened a few days after this post was published. That turned out to be an important weekend for a few other reasons as I also caught up with a particularly well connected source with a deep institutional knowledge of the South Louisiana political landscape.

In any event while Slabbed was offline the tech team here, working with Slabbed’s web host made several security improvements to the website that insured that the odds of being knocked offline by another major DDoS attack would reduced to the minimum. Along those lines yesterday’s attack was a mere blip on the radar with the added bonus that we were able to trace certain of the traffic from proxy server to proxy server. It will only take one slip up and we’ll have an IP address. Such is a simple matter of time.

As for that visit I had last month with an old friend, I was told that prominent politician that was subject to those indictment rumors is likely in the clear. Indictment rumors are notoriously unreliable as I mentioned back in January the twist here being that Team FBI was indeed building a case but it evidently wasn’t strong enough to merit prosecution. That observation isn’t coming to Slabbed from the government. Sometimes the best sources in such matters would be the targets themselves. That is how Kim Savant’s indictment leaked for instance. We will file that old post under case closed.

Comment Bump: Sheriff, Other County officials using County Equipment, Inmate Labor for Partisan Political Campaign Events

I guess the question I have is since Sheriff Adam has done it for one candidate are we going to empty the jail for every candidate’s campaign parties. Maybe the County could have the inmates go place signs out and knock doors too.

The optics look worse than terrible here, what in the hell are they thinking?

Start with Brandon’s comment here and work your way down.

Meantime the Bay City Clowncil is evidently giving permission to put signs up on property that is not within the City’s jurisdiction to permit.

Slabbed has pictures of both the County tent and the offending signs that I’ll try to post later.