Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia executive director Marilyn Smulders is a common US Copyright troll

Lawyers come in all shapes, sizes and varieties folks and I’ve crossed swords with a few by now. Some of those associations ended up with everyone gaining a measure of mutual respect, others not so much. In 2014 my overall litigation strategy was questioned by a judge, rightfully so I’ll add given I was a pro se litigant. I kept my mouth shut and executed on the plan, which I knew would take years to work through and sure enough it did.

Litigating in Federal Court for five years isn’t just any kind of ‘fun’ folks as Uncle Jimbo from South Park nails the experience, in a misery loves company kinda way.When an old lawyer asked me my litigation goal when we first conferred my answer was not to make an ass of myself before the Court, a goal I thought was achievable. Should anyone ever again think it is a good idea to mess with this website or its commenters, the Courthouse doors are wide open to me, of that I am fairly certain.

As for my former adversaries, that $300/day contempt sanction they continue to owe me has added up to a whole lot of money. I do not think they’ll ever be coming back to live in the United States and that is a good thing overall for everyone as they leave collateral damage wherever they go.

Today, the following was published to Slabbed uploads on Scribd:

Slabbed publisher Douglas Handshoe obtained a default judgment against Marilyn Smulders and Progress Media of Nova Scotia after both knowingly misrepresented a DMCA takedown notice in December 2012. Smulders and Progress Media were duped into misusing United States copyright laws to unwittingly aid Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard, who was later indicted and convicted of corruption charges in metro New Orleans Louisiana, including allegations by United States Prosecutors that Broussard used his Nova Scotia property holdings to perpetrate a bribery scheme. This is the first such 17USC512(f) judgment obtained in the United States Federal 5th Circuit, which includes Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas.

Handshoe v Perret Et Al Doc 349 by Slabbed on Scribd

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