Lana Noonan: Waveland to Begin Publishing its Claims Dockets Online

Lana advises that she made a presentation at the Wednesday Board of Aldermen meeting and after a discussion, “all agreed that no motion was necessary because new City Clerk Mickey Lagasse stated that the dockets will be on the website starting the end of next week.”

This bit of financial transparency is well overdue compared to the others Cities and County government but it is a welcomed development nonetheless. Live streaming the meetings should be the next step.

122 thoughts on “Lana Noonan: Waveland to Begin Publishing its Claims Dockets Online”

  1. Publication of dockets is well overdue and live streaming of the meetings that are open to public would be a positive beginning for transparency. I am not ready to exhale just yet. The greatest little magic show on earth that goes on in Waveland will continue. I believe that most people won’t or can’t take the time to crunch numbers and follow streamed meetings. This gesture of transparency is just a bone with no meat on it. The lack of involvement with city affairs was all too evident during the last election. The city is counting on more of the same.
    The matter of corruption and irresponsible spending still needs to be examined. Corruption occurs when someone in the government has the power to give something of value to someone else. If I had to sum up in 2 words what public officials do, it would be this: Allocate assets. Allocate meaning to give away by voting or making appointments. Assets are anything of value… money, contracts, positions of power, titles, etc. Rings a bell, doesn’t it?
    I will take a wait and see attitude toward this new development. In the meantime, I will continue to print out previous meetings, highlight remarks, research data, add and subtract numbers and question anything left blank.

    1. Journey,
      The reason I approached the Mayor and Aldermen about this is because I do read the claim dockets of the other entities in the county. I had an auditor tell me once, “if you want to see how your government is being run, read the checkbook!” That is when I noticed that Waveland was the only government in the county that lacked this transparency. When The Alliance for Good Government approached the Bay-Waveland School Board for this in 2010, they did it immediately. Now, I am not going to say the Superintendent at that time was happy, but the Board made her comply.
      The Mayor and Aldermen in Waveland all jumped in Wednesday night when I made my presentation, and said that they had been talking about this. lol!! The Mayor was so “happy” I had brought this up. For pity’s sake, he’s been in office for 4 years, and hasn’t done this yet for the taxpayers of Waveland. Shane LaFontaine and Piazza have held office the longest. Nary a word from them until I requested it. They are all incumbents, and have had 4 years to get this done, but took no action on their wonderful idea they have been “talking” about. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. But if we don’t see dockets at the end of next week, I’ll be back!!!! Waveland has to step foot into the 21st century at some point.

  2. Ms Lana, it is expected that the website should be formatted and the docket of claims be published on or before Friday afternoon. And yes it was true that the city attorney and I had discussed doing this the same week you asked during public comments. Thank you

    1. Mike you have been in office 4 yrs! WTF? You getn like Filingame! Just had a meeting, somebody misunderstood, somebody made a mistake etc…. you getn good after this you will be able to sell life insurance!

      1. Waveland,
        It’s all their idea. You didn’t know that?! Has taken Shane over 8 years to bring it up, and the others over 4. lol!!! With someone as capable as Lisa Planchard at their disposal, this could have been done long ago.

  3. Qualifying time is running out this week. Still have several unaposses seats. Some very nice salaries and perks. My employer won’t allow me to be in politics. But some of the best jobs in the county are in county government. Tax collector still unapossed, pushing 100k in direct benifets, indirect unknown??? Probably free meals and boat slips at the tax exempt yatch club. Or chancery clerk unapossed, pushing $200k in direct benifets. Never at work, no set hour’s, hunting trips around the globe free and plenty of young ladies to employ. And I think some supervisors seats are still open. 50-60k direct benifets. Part time work, full time county truck, insurance, retirement and only two meetings a month that are not required. All with no education required. Just talk with Scotty and you will know that education is optional. They are all nervous and should be. Don’t cost anything to run just have to work hard for a few weeks. Then you in the money and a life of luxury. I’ve heard heart burn over your hospital being sold, medical waste sites taking waste from several states, tax abatements, free scholarship given on the taxpayer ect….. Don’t bitch, run.

    1. Bethany,
      You sound like you are in the know, and would make a great candidate. You must have a really good paying job in the private sector if you would rather stay there than pick up the salaries and perks you mention here. Good luck if you change your mind.

  4. I think the supervisors should stay out of the scholarship business. They should give checks from their personal account. Liberal Blaine LaFantian said, “Oh we won’t have to pay till next year and it coming from our casino revenues”. So it’s been used for something that will have to be paid back with tax revenues, duuu Blaine. I don’t have the temperament to serve with individuals spending other people’s money like drunken sailors and pissing down your back telling you it raining.

    1. Timmy,
      What happened to the Casino revenues being dedicated to our local public schools Kindergarten through 12th grade? If they are successful there, they can earn scholarships. Did I miss something?

  5. I would suggest everyone read the Sea Coast Echo story on the College Tuition Assistance Program that our Hancock County Supervisors are attempting to obligate our Casino Revenue towards.
    After reading Board President, Blaine LaFontaine’s comments, it appears, at least to me that this is a move to accommodate Pearl River Community College, as they are suffering, according to La Fontaine, from the competition of Miss. Gulf Coast Community College. According to LaFontaine over 60% of students graduating from schools in Hancock County go to Miss. Gulf Coast Com. College, and jus a little over 30% go to PRC.
    Forrest County Supervisors have also entered into a MOU with PRC. Perhaps there should be a study to see how PRC can better compete, and attract the students and ultimately the tuition on their own. Also, does anyone know how much Casino Revenue is allocated to the Hancock County School District Kindergarten through 12th grade and how this will affect them. The state is not exactly going out of their way to support public education at the elementary and secondary level. Hopefully the locals won’t abandon us as well.
    No wonder the Sun Herald reported last week that Miss. lost population in the last 4 years including educators. So, tell me what have we gotten out of the state incumbents who are all running for re-election?$!
    One last question: Where do the Pearl River County Board of Supervisors stand on this? Are they allocating college tuition support for the Jr. College in their county, or just letting their neighbors pick up the tab?

  6. It sounds as if they are taking the Ocasio Cortez/Elizebeth Warren/Da is Baria kind seriously. Jr College is affordable to everyone as is. That is why and how they were started. what Was the money used for previously now that will go underfunded. How about a Hospital? All we have now is a helicopter pad to bring us to Oschner’s.

  7. Been checking the City of Waveland Website for the Claim Dockets since Mayor Smith and City Clerk Lagasse both said that they would be online by Friday afternoon. So far, nothing. Are we shocked?

    1. It is on the website. Been on there since around 2pm Needs to be easier to find but it is on there. Its a work in progress and they can fix it. But it is posted on there. It’s the one from the last meeting

      1. You obviously did not go to a BSL Council Meeting! She was unable to do basic arithmetic, uninformed and as stated Les n Raff lead her like a goat on a rope! He was on the dole for nearly 2 years after an accident without attending a meeting but kept an active social life and had the gall to try and get RE- Elected!

      2. Parade over Wavelander here tipping a few . Wendymac brought nothing to marina area I’m drinking in? Ok here it is? Wendy wanders around with Baria looking like deer in headlights hoping to coattail on Bariaboy, than Leslie boy comes to save BSL and we all live happily taxed for ever by Wen, Les and BSL Millage Bond Council. Pray for my brothers and sisters of BSL. Funny true crap there folks.

        1. Wendy is no more than a goat on a rope for the left to push what they want! She is a socialist silver spoon person who has no original thoughts or ideas! She will regurgitate what ever Baria and company say! Fortunately she will not be able to intellectually get it done. That means we will be impotent as an area to get anything!

  8. Damn, 2 years on the taxpayer dole as council woman without attending a meeting in BSL and she is ready to go back to the trough. She must need the retirement. Before she was defeated in the last Council Race she wanted to build a public swimming pool funded by who? The good ole BSL Tax Payer. She is Socialist.

    1. Hungover Ward 5 here. what we now have in Baria district is a “wanna be and a has been”. Baria waits to last second to exit for friend Wendy. He did dis service to all of us to get good qualified people to run. Anderson has run like a railroad for any position! Sad bs phony’s.

  9. Fac, You are correct. The left which is Baria and McDonald will stoop to any level to get to the trough. McDonald couldn’t lead a goat on a Rope much less our conservative area. She will get a few Main Street votes and others who want handouts but that is it.

    1. Baria’s announcement yesterday stated that he felt it was time for him to be home with his family as the reason he was not running. Just 4 months ago he was ready to leave family for 6 years to serve in the
      U.S. Senate. These people believe their phoniness to the point that they think everyone else does.

  10. It should be a crime to create a handicap score for McDonald to try and get more Pers. she will be serving herself if elected! Let’s not let that happen!

  11. I mean Baria created a situation where there were 2 people running falsley. I’m sure they will both push the flag issue, encourage kneeling during the anthem and punish white males and push for reparations!

    1. Baria has plans for another role in politics. Hope it blows up like it did when he was told he would be the next speaker of the house if he vacated his senate seat and ran in the house instead.
      I’m sure his plans will be revealed before the next election cycle.
      He thinks that he is smarter than everyone else.

      1. He does not represent the majority he represents the ruling class that want to tell us how to speak, act, think and otherwise just give them our money to redistribute in their likeness to their base of habitual victims!

  12. Wendy will be lead like a goat on rope by Baria! When she was Council Woman, up till she went on the dole, she was a goat on a rope for Filingame!

    Her biggest accomplishment was being the first Pirate Queen appointed by Raff and his band of followers. Think about this. Is this who will lead South Mississippi?

    1. We tipping some at Yacht Club after the parade. We got Moran now but if he loses, south Hancock has got no stroke in Jackson. People in 2 Ward ran Wendyles off and Anderson can’t fill a bladder tank! Got two Demos drinking today saying Baria is done after anointing McDonald. Dogusting people

      1. Is Wendy running as Lamb, Winters, McDonald! That covers a lot of turf!

        She can’t do math and has never had an original thought that was viable!

        The joke will be on us!

        1. Blue Eyes,
          You would think as a former school teacher, Wendy would be up in arms at the Yacht Club dodging school taxes. That privilege they got from Jimmie, isn’t even offered to corporations or investors. In fact, it is made clear to them that is the one tax they will have to pay. Cure isn’t getting a school tax break on his abatement for his hotel project from the Bay St. Louis City Council, and Waveland officials made it clear that school taxes would not be part of the abatements they are offering for the Coleman Ave. Corridor.
          I understand the restaurant at the YC is in financial peril. Maybe they can use their $60,000 in tax exemption to address that. But, as someone said, “it will be easier to fix the restaurant than their public image right now.” And, you are correct, that is Wendy’s support system–the “tax dodging elites who want to raise everyone else’s taxes.”

  13. Brent Anderson has my vote. I’ve watched Wendy worship Fillingame and drink his coolaid while refusing to hold him or anyone else accountable for breaking laws. She would be terrible. Ward 2, Habitat and her first bunch of husbands kicked her to the curb. We should do the same if we know what’s best. I’m going to donate a couple hundred dollars to Brent and hope more of you can help him. Windy will have Baria and others raising money to blow it out all with agendas to push.

    1. What I always wondered was why it took Habitat so long? The related party transactions can be shown using public records with the allegations surfacing in her first campaign against Jim Thriffiley. She was reelected to BSL Ward 2. Had it not been for that very unfortunate accident I have no doubt she would have successfully completed her second term. I know little to nothing about Anderson except that his name has appeared on various ballots several times in the past.

      I have no horse in the District 122 race. When I look at a ballot for would be legislators, I try to ask myself who will the person be representing in DC or Jackson? Themselves? Some special interest? Their community? The County real estate record contains some very strong indicators that McDonald would be going to Jackson looking out for herself first and foremost.

      A legislative race is a level beyond running for a small town city council. I imagine the GOP will be doing some opposition research down here because of the muck potential combined with the chance to flip a seat.

      1. Good questions, Doug, on “who will this new House District 122 Representative be representing?”
        To offer some first hand insight to those questions, you took me back to a surreal moment at a Bay St. Louis City Council meeting in Wendy’s second term. This was before her accident.
        At that time there was an ongoing problem of people parking their cars on the sidewalks in Wendy’s Ward 2. Citizens took the podium one by one to complain about it and the overall lack of available parking in downtown.
        One shop owner on the second block of Main St. took the podium and admitted that she actually parked on the sidewalk herself when she was unloading her car to bring merchandise into her shop. She share what she considered an upsetting incident when she was parked on the sidewalk one day right around lunch, and a “man passed by in a truck, and actually honked at me. I thought that was so rude.” Wendy’s reply was, “don’t pay attention to people like that. He probably lives north of I 10.”
        As I said, it was surreal. A public official publicly describing a citizen like that and assigning rude behavior to a certain geographic of the county. All I could think was maybe that person was in the Bay for lunch and looking for a parking place. Who cares where he’s from. Certainly not the business owner who is going serve him. Unreal!
        Wonder if she can bring herself to cross under I 10 and interact with “people like that” since she will have to solicit their vote? Maybe David will make those contacts for her, and she can concentrate on Ward 2, and the Yacht Club, where she and her husband are members.

  14. That is a good depiction of Wendy. She is short sighted and self indulgent. She helped put BSL into near bankruptcy. She thought the empty trolley on our dime was just amazing. She was also for the Garbage Processing Center on the Tax Payers dime to support her friends that didn’t want to get a dumpster. She thought the Daffodil Farm was a great idea as well. The City would provide the land, labor and insurance and get 10% of the Daffodils each harvest to plant as annuals! Amazing business lady! HAHAHA

    1. Stupid,
      For the record, that is not my” depiction” of Wendy. I was at that meeting and watched her make that remark in real time. Nearly fell off my seat. Daffodils, Sea Horses, and Trolleys don’t mean a thing to “those kind of people north of I 10.” But Baria always manages to win, and he may pull it off again. Would like to see the breakdown in the boxes in the county versus the cities. Lagasse gave him a good run in those boxes from what I can remember. Gonna be a fun election cycle.

  15. Oh yea she is a leader of the elite! She isn’t elite she just identifies with it and will spend their money and attract em at elite events. She won’t be at the equestrian show those are just north of I-10 Red Becks that she needs to guide!

    1. The most damage a freshman representative can do is embarrass the people in the district. (Think back to when Dirk Dedeaux represented the north part of the county). Whoever wins will probably end up on the “Constitution Committee” which does nothing.
      I can’t remember any time that 1 vote decided anything in the house.
      I am not trying to downplay the situation too much, just hoping to put some at ease a little.

  16. CF: you are correct. The job has no real consequence just trying to stop Wendy from trying to ge a higher payment retirement bye winning a few more years. They get the highest paying 3 years. bay Saint Louis paid her roughly $18K a year and this Position pays $50K per year. Her past performance tells you she is in it for the perks and pay. Maybe pick up a lil side gigs for the family!

    1. Ward 5 here! It’s about not getting a seat at the big boy/girl table when money flows like Tidelands, BP etc. She like Baria will be a number in voting that’s all. She gains PERS, Hapless Henry will think he’s important and they can sit around Les’ house telling each other how wonderful they are. Good ole crap again! Scary thoughts and nothing for Hancock County.

  17. Fact, u are most likely correct. They will do a lil hob knobbing and feel connected otherwise just no value to anyone except their ego.

    1. State elected officials have their own version of PERS. Don’t remember all the differences but you know it’s better than the regular government employees.

  18. Wow!! The Sun Herald article about casino expansion in Clermont Harbor has to be putting smiles on the faces of the Hancock County School Board. Mike Cure has applied to the Gaming Commission and the Silver Slipper is announcing a large expansion.
    Why did our elected officials in Waveland cave to the annexation?! Oh, I forgot we got an unusable Lighthouse out of the deal!!

  19. A new multi hundred million dollar investment can’t be bad. Lots of hurdles but it brings interest of development and jobs.

    The left will come out and find a problem! The Shoo Fly will be salivating to stop it. They prefer trollies with no passengers. They are not developers or entrepreneurs just stump talkers exciting the uninformed and unambitious.

    1. The business office at the county school district says they currently receive between $225,000 and $250,000 annually in casino revenues for their school district just from the Slipper. That will increase if Cure’s new venture is approved, and the Slipper expansion is completed. Don’t know what the Bay-Waveland School District receives in revenues right now from Hollywood, but will find out and post. Waveland missed out, and spent thousands on attorney fees only to bail. This is the definition of leadership in Waveland.

      1. Lana, looks like the supervisors are going to be diluting those casino dollars from children to adults that to go to Pearl River Com College. If you think about it why can’t they go to any other campus in the state. Pearl Tiver County does little for us.

        1. Well, Stupid, that is the question we have to ask. How will the allocation of tax dollars for tuition assistance at the Jr. College level affect our children in the elementary and secondary schools? There are many ways to get to college, but our younger ones are being neglected at the state level so we do not need to lose anything locally.

          1. So that regular hard working single mom that busted their asses so their children could get through college & get good jobs? Hey that’s me!

  20. Wendy will be a disaster.
    Baria was and is a disaster.
    Totally sucks the way she was snuck in.
    Just like the weasels they are.

    She was part of the council that did bankrupt BSL not almost. All the misspending of Funds and didn’t even know. She is clueless. Months behind on utility payments, spent DOJ Funds, probably didn’t know they even existed, spent bond payment on no telling what along with the other utility funds as well.
    Wendy, numbers guy Doug and now Reed all part of that council that was totally dumb founded.

    How much did the McDonald family get out of habitat?
    Habitat/McDonald -councilwoman Family property sold to?
    How did Reed get that block of land by MLK park?
    Housing Authority/ Reed-councilman?
    Council voting for each other’s gains?

    Don’t know much about Anderson but you would be better off to send a real live 4 legged jackass instead of voting for McDonald.
    You will be better off with the jackass than socialist Wendy.

    People make no mistake and do not down play this position.
    Funds flow through this position along with local issues and we need help in getting Funds and legislation passed and the two legged woman jackass will not get ur done.
    Republican Controlled house and senate.
    Reason enough to vote Anderson.
    Wake up and vote.

  21. Damn Stone you know the Wendy McDonald we all know. Getn the council tape with her disparaging those north of I10. Let her answer to that! She will say Gaga uh and but not yes don’t remember. Kinda like Pelosi! She likes the camera and headlines more than the obligation. She is always gona Be just Daddy’s lil girl that is lead like a goat on a rope!

    1. Stupid, that was a special Ward 2 meeting to address the issue of parking downtown. I think Council Clerk can type in what meeting tape you are looking for and pull it up for you. Yep, “don’t pay any attention to people like that. He probably lives north of I 10!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t need the tape. I was there. As I said–surreal!

  22. Lana, thanks.

    Aliance, Baria will bankrupt us like Les spending money for non producers and hoping for grants to pay for it. Always look at politicians personal finances to see how they will manage the public’s. Baria n Les are examples!

  23. Have you ever read anything as puzzling as the account of the Special meeting of the Waveland Board of Aldermen as reported in the Sea Coast Echo today? Cassandra Favre is noted for her accurate reporting of events at the meetings she covers. The topic was the discussion of the possibility of Waveland selling the city’s gas system. In my opinion– long overdue.
    Ward 3 Alderman, Shane La Fontaine, chaired the meeting in the absence of the Mayor. He is quoted as saying,” the city’s gas system is costing us more than we make on it.”
    We are down 1/6 of the users we had before 2005.
    Public Works Director, Brent Anderson is quoted, ” the system is not beneficial to my department or the city.”
    City Clerk, Mickey Lagasse, ” selling the gas system is probably the best option the city has.”
    After all of this, Ward 2 Alderman, Bobby Richardson, motioned “to authorize the Mayor and City Clerk to explore soliciting bids for the city’s gas system.” His motion died for lack of a second.
    LaFontaine wouldn’t even second the motion after his statement on the financial loss to the city from operating the system. You just have to wonder, what in the world are they thinking?!$$$$$$

  24. As the paper stated Aldermam Lafontaine was Mayor Pro-tem that night in the absence of the Mayor. He isn’t able to make a motion , second, or even vote when he is presiding over the meeting. I think it was Alderman Lafontaine who requested the meeting to discuss selling of the gas system in the first place.

    1. Debbie,
      Notwithstanding Wednesday night’s meeting, and accepting your information on their rules of order, what has kept them from bringing this up and motioning for it to be taken care of in the past 4 years? They are ALL incumbents and we have had the same Director of Public Works! This incumbent Mayor and Board have allowed this financial loss to the city for 4 years? What is the explanation for that? It had better be something stronger than Robert’s Rules of Order!

  25. I agree with both of you on each specific point.

    They were operating like it was the Eisenhaur Era of technology and the Alderman wasn’t in position to make the call at that time.

    Seems they all would seek advice and direction from the State Auditors Office on how to operate openly and transparently and correctly much like BSL did before they have to do for the reason BSL did. Which was to stop corruption and the clear perception of corruption. In other words use best known best practices to protect themselves and the public. Otherwise they deserve what they get.

  26. The more important question is, and has been for years: ” why is it that every city east of the Bay St. Louis car bridge has their gas customers buy directly from the gas companies?” They don’t run gas systems.
    Would the world come to an end, would the sky fall for Waveland and Bay St. Louis users to do the same?
    We are going to have to enter into the 21st century at some point over here at the westernmost corner of the Miss. Gulf Coast, but these archaic thinking politicians just can’t seem to muster up the gumption to do so.
    Would also be interesting to view the user list and see how many are delinquent.

    1. The municipalities only problem with running it is they don’t charge us users to expand it which is huge to property value and utility as a city over all. Why keep the propane company in business as well during tropical storms and small hurricanes it works regardless of electrical problems it is inexpensive and reliable.

  27. Lana,
    Maybe you should do more research so that you would be able to post with actual facts. The gas system has been brought up several times, but since it was funded thru grants there is a waiting period before any action can be taken.
    The real fact is since the candidates that you supported were beat with large margins you have been on a witch’s hunt ever since the election and nothing the current administration has done or will ever do would make you happy. As a matter of fact looking at all your post I’m not sure if any County, School Board, Municipal or State elected officials could make you happy, unless it’s your idea! It’s a good thing that when you speak or post most people know that it is without actual facts and therefore you have no credibility!

    1. Troll,
      Thanks for your worn out rhetoric. Just what would be expected from you. you are so predictable. And, what was your name, so we can all know who to contact when we want facts. lol!

    2. Troll Wrong! I do not know Mrs. Noonan personally. She is not related to me, i have never spoke to her but have seen. I have no sin in this statement! I have been told by people that works for city of Waveland, City of Bay Saint Louis , Hancock County and Bay/Waveland school district that when she puts her name behind her comment, statement to media, or standing at the podium , She has her shit together! That is the exact words most used. maybe 3 used the facts. They tell me she is not afraid to speak up or speak out and she will definitely admit when she reported or received wrong information. Not very often but she will correct the information! Teachers has told me first hand, everything she had said about what was going on in the district from the past is very true. Teachers would also say, she is speaking up for us and saying the things we cannot say ourselves! One teacher that lives in Harrison county but teaches at Waveland said that Mrs. Noonan really stood up for us. She laughed and said that lady doesn’t know it but my new hero! She was going to leave to another district because of all the turmoil. Spoke to her at the Mardi Gras parade. Before she left for 5 day break, she signed her contract for 2019-2020 ! 😊 Keep up the good work Mrs. Noonan

      1. Thank you, On Point,
        I and The Hancock County Alliance for Good Government have no agenda but to expose wrongdoing in our government and work for better representation of the taxpayers and their vested monetary interest in their community. Sometimes we are the only ones turning the screws, but that’s okay. It is a worthy effort. And, we are patient. It may take a while to get some things done, but if you are on the side of right, you will get there. Trust me.

  28. Troll, you sound as if you are a crony that needs or has a position with the mayor or alderman! Transparency and questioning isn’t good for those types.

  29. And just this minute Larry Smith refers to Lana Noonan as Mrs Rhonda because all white people & all citizens of BSL look alike to him Bless his heart

    1. Trixie,
      I have been home since 7:30. That was Rhonda Oliver who spoke at Public Forum tonight, not me. I couldn’t take anymore, after I watched a Ward 5 resident speak at Public Forum and show Council a receipt for $400 she has had for a year when she visited City Hall in March of 2018 to inquire about having a parcel of land abandoned. She was told the City Attorney would have to take care of that, and the cost would be $400.00. Here we are a year later, and City Attorney has done zilch, while this woman is out $400 for over a year. Josh DeSalvo had to take over and find the parcel on the county geoportal map on his phone. Between that and the fiasco for the other person who wanted to lease the Garden Center, I couldn’t take any more. City Attorney was told last meeting to run an ad in the Sea Coast Echo for the lease. Not done. It’s just more than I could listen to. I thought it was 2009 all over again. At least the Council serving back then would take Rafferty to task for this foolishness, but these guys, forget it. Just stick it to the folks.

      1. Ward 1 here! We agree and disagree with Lana BUT we all agree she reads what’s there and then reports what she read! That’s called verified. We watched audio Tuesday and seems for three straight meetings BSL Administrators seems to be out of wack on numerous duties! Seems quite lackadaisical on Attorney duties and employees. Bring back in line Ice.

        1. Alliance,
          I didn’t report what I read about Tuesday’s meeting, I was there. Wish more citizens would attend. There is nothing like witnessing this in real time. And, yes, I agree with you, the Mayor and Council need to reign in the publicly paid people who work for them and the taxpayers.

      2. Lana,

        really, as if you do not know who the other person is..It was MS Libby Garcia-part of your Alliance in 2009. just makes you wonder-one city building given away and now another one in the works!
        Like you always say-something smells fishy
        the council stated you owe money-but we will renew your lease-all on taxpayers dime!

        1. Let ’em have it,
          Libby Garcia has been trying to obtain a lease from the city for the Garden Center since Oct. of last year and has been given every excuse in the book by the City Attorney. She is not asking for any favors. Hopefully Council will take control of this opportunity to realize some revenue on the building and grant Libby her lease. They are in charge of all finances if the city by law and should move this along for the benefit of the taxpayers. The lease can help pay for maintenance on the building which is sorely needed.

          1. Ward 5 here people. Questioned some Council and all stated “they visited Depot Museum, examines finances and Grants and rental of downstairs and the return to BSL is legit not counting money spent by tourists at festivals or when leaving museum. Ms. Myrna endorses their efforts.” Council actually looked first hand and to us that’s good. Garden Center a disgrace by Les, Raff for no use but show, now Ice, Blondie Cluck and Smithy losing rent again. Who’s on first, what’s on second nobody playing third.

  30. Aliance, do your math one non profit on the dole supporting another is not a litmus test. We get 18% of 7 percent of actual spent and reported dollars. Put on your rose colored glasses and give em your money on a monthly contribution! You will not because someone else is paying for your ideas and good Will! Get with AOC and y’all can get the stuff we all need and want!

    1. Patriot,
      The reason I support the city leasing their property to non profits or for profits is the opportunity for the city to realize some revenue for the maintenance of the public’s property. Whether anyone stays around long enough to buy a shrimp po boy or not, the city will still get the rent and be able to keep up the public’s property. It is a shame to neglect it.

      1. Leasing is very different. Taking is another. We have the chamber, Hancock county development foundation, the yacht club, Alice Mosely and many other take but not give non profits working off group votes and give aways that we all suffer through! Very few give they take and sell their value without a calculator that our supervisors and councilmen vote for because they are weak when they fill a room. They give at high profile stuff like Crab Fest etc but otherwise they have fish hooks in their own pockets! Tourism gives them free passes and VIP Status because they give them our money. To justify this when the supervisors quit giving to tourism they quit giving them the goodies. It has not one thing to do with supporting the community. Ask the chamber to support an event they will give you list of needs for them and their families. Enough of the it is great for everyone. Everyone just foots the bill for them!

  31. By the way most of the businesses that benefit use calculators not cash registers on cash transactions and just pocket the 7% tax that we only get a stipend on! Open ur eyes if and when you actually spend money! Most just want free events that the tax payer foots the bill on! Allcolades to you!

  32. Alliance
    Losing rent is no different than giving free retail space.
    Heard excuses why Moseley shouldn’t pay.
    Hear they are making money and buying houses and flipping them.
    See they are sponsoring teams and events around town.
    All the while they are getting free rent.

    Have not heard Ms. Myrna endorse them once. She is the one still bringing bus loads into our city.

    Garden center
    Council was told they could get 2 appraisals and lease to the Minister that was there. Would not have to advertise and take bids.
    Could have saved money, time and have contract by next meeting.
    Not Ice Smith or clerks falt deal was not done. Delayed advertising why, maybe to help the Minister. You tell me.

    Brings me to the phone contract
    Still spend money with no savings. How much council lost on this. Gary STated he is surveying workers on what they need for phone service. Can’t wait to hear this.

    Maintenance on that building is about like the rest of city property and equipment nothing the previous 8 years. Did notice the Community Hall was pressure washed a few months back.

    Ice and city need to start cleaning parking garage hall.

    Who’s on first what’s on second
    Double Play
    Chamber no free rent for the first out and Mosley no free rent for the second out to end the give aways.

    By the way
    If I heard correctly Moseley owed almost $2,000 in utility bills and all of a sudden they received a grant to pay this on the same day they are asking for free rent.
    Did they pay this??
    They cut mine off for $69.69

    Now Ms. Lana and rest
    That’s the smell of a RaT for sure.

    Have to agree with alliance
    Ice and crew seemed a little out of it at the meeting.

    Council against Amtrak?
    Hope not

    1. Ward 5 here! Agree on some points but I wrote what Councilmen told us. Said Myrna wrote letter to them in support. Just called one Council, he stated that there is no utility meter/bill that they agreed to give us $150 month in utility help and do when operating grant comes in. He said Ice and Sissy was ok with them doing that. He said 7-0 vote was not surprising to him after he saw docs. This man was going to vote negative he said but he told us he was pleased in actual proof of the benefits they do for BSL. I again like teamwork Council displayed on this. Garden bs makes no sense of lost revenue and dormant building.

      1. Anyone who had been at the meeting would have already known this. Moseley is the only tenant who has been publicly trashed in that facility after carrying the ball for the operation for about 8 years with rent and utilities. Such is life. No good deed goes unpunished.

        1. Wavelander Member here. I go to Museum and they help Ground Zero Museum. Know a fact Mayor Smith endorses Moseley. Her paintings in our City Hall. Very nice Mayor Smith. Ice also supported Moseley according to my Alderman and wrote a letter supporting them. Wow is cooperation and teamwork coming to Hancock? I sure as hell hope so! Tks Mayors.

  33. Tax payers are making Alice Mosely more than she was. Her family ought to pay us promotional fees. They are are getting more out of it than we are! That is factual!

    1. Ward 3 resident.. you’re negative assumptions is what’s wrong with Hancock County. Mr. Tim has never asked for a dime but we have no family Attractions in Hancock and you bash a gift to BSL. Miss Alice has had over 23k visitors to BSL since 2009 not locals. She’s a declared State of Ms. Folk Artist and so is her home. She has her former students as a teacher and thousands more worldwide that follows her Museum in BSL to see what’s going on. Myself and my husband both are donors and my grandchildren want to go there the minute they visit. Patriots find value not search for negativity.. Hancock hating folks is the reason we’re last in everything. Look at the gift not gouging. Sad. Hell even Les heavily supported Ms. Alice.

      1. Les supported it says all you need to know. Daffodil Farm, garbage processing center, chamber free rent, trolley with no passengers. Thanks for reminding us.

      2. We seem to have gotten caught up in the violation of the tax base by” non profits” to the point that we are forgetting that some filthy rich” for profits” also manage to get their share of breaks from having to support the public coffers through abatements and exemptions; some to the point of being absolved from even supporting public education, which is sorely neglected at the state level.
        Suffice it to say, all the hands in the cookie jar do not share the same level of need. Far from it.

  34. Fact, I will concede that it is negative but when I watch what Non Profits are doing right here in our city to benefit them selves without much calculable social redeeming benefit to our tax payers it makes you negative.

    1. Patriot. Ward 2 here having lunch with others. I was in total agreement against Chamber & Museum but went there at urging of others. Grants are our money yes but these folks when and “brought home” over $33k that they can’t keep and must be spent in BSL including that great festival which I heard they’re doing again. We also saw that dungeon downstairs which in paper was over $10k Grant to make a classroom and included rent and insurance for BSL. Their little gift shop generates some tax monies and they offered to pay City $150 month towards utilities. Met Moseley while there. He bought over last 2 years, 3 HUD owned in name homes that were NOT on tax rolls, fixed them and BSL now gets ad valorum tax. Shocked when he showed me this! Bravo to Tim, Council 7-0, Ice, Mr. Falgout and Ms. Lily(?) and others for seeing value to community. My wife and I are now supporting them. Btw, vote at our lunch and (drink) table on this posting, 11-0……..

  35. I cant argue with most of what is said but their must be more responsible ways to allocate funds from the general funds than that sounds good. Most people do not understand that benefit is calculable when you talk about financial benefit. To give away $10K in rent to an entity it would need to bring back $760,000 in reported sales each year. This inequity is on the back of the tax payer who is only very indirectly benefited. The merchants who support this stuff as a life line to success and are directly benefited handsomely pay nothing to tourism, Alice Mosely or any other taxpayer philanthropic taxpayer funded thing. Why would they? No one has asked them to and they wont volunteer it. Kinda like local welfare for them. They pay the chamber and so do the tax payers of Mississippi, Hancock County and the Port with our money. This sets them up to make beaucoup money on grants and doling out business of the year awards that they turn into a big fund raiser. Hancock County Development Foundation…………..dig into that and its ties to blood sucking all run by a Non Profit. There you go for facts.

    1. Stupid, as I said in my earlier post–not all hands in the cookie jar share the same level of need. Do you think anyone representing any of the non profits in the Depot make over $125,000 in salary?

  36. Lana, I never disagree with you. I just may have a different spin! You and fact are correct I’m just looking a bigger picture and how we real it in. If it is just cultural let’s say it. If it is bringing in tax dollars as a benefit let’s calculate it. The reference with salaries is obvious as a dilusiinal investment. The Chamber does nothing that benefits anyone more than the salaries of the people who run it. The Hancock County Development Foundation is no more than a conduit to help pay the chamber salaries!

    1. Patriot,
      I see your point. I really do. Maybe the best way to do this would be to calculate a real number for all who receive from the taxpayers. Let’s say do it on the back end. When you guys bring in a certain number of tax dollars (that are documented) to the city, we’ll talk about support, rather than just handing it over up front.
      Look what happened to the Garden Club for example. That Garden Center building on Main St. was built by FEMA (FEMA even purchased the property because they would not build it back in Cedar Point. Too much of a risk. I agree.) It was designated a city building, primary use for Garden Club.
      FEMA built, Garden Club furnished, city used it and allowed other organizations to use it with our furnishings making revenue for the city. It was a good working arrangement. We paid no rent, but city used our equipment to earn revenue. We got nothing from the proceeds.
      Then we get kicked out because Les couldn’t manage the opening of a jar of mayonnaise.
      Is that the way to treat non profits?
      What I am saying is that it works both ways. The non profits aren’t always the ones at fault.

      1. Ward 2 again! Mostly agree with all said. The thing I missed before I went up there is it seems and is true that they have brought many mini shows, Festival and now some kinda classes for all to see and use. Most nonprofits take take and don’t relate. Dis group is constantly trying to give something back. My wife and I were impressed and the young lady showed us their projects. Also my wife said that’s it’s an Federal and State Archived Building which cannot be commercialized and or modified. I didn’t realize that. It’s a good fit, only our opinions. Tk you.

  37. Got it! Then it is cultural and educational. Not financially vibrant. There are people who enjoy it and others who do not! It needs to be presented as such. Not a financial asset but a cultural one. As I recall it was sold for a grant that did not materialize and supporters said it was financially viable to the community. I challenge those who feel this way to pony up. Not donate a stipend, pay for it or just declare the truth. If it was a financial success entrepreneurs would invest! We have seen multiple ventures entrepreneurs try to make great events and money! Bridge Fest by the Chamber. No money no event they are in it for the cash cow they need. The leader said moving forward it’s about the benjamins. That tells all. 2 other entrepreneurs tried to make it work. one just took the hit and and moved on. Rosario left the service people unpaid and moved on. There is no local commercial interest as they want everything for free just like our citizenship that doesn’t realize they are paying for it on their awful property taxes. Just make money is the mantra In our tourist district without contributing. I could call out businesses but everyone knows who they are. They want our off season money and our tax dollars to support their coffers. Here is our problem. Shame them to support and contribute or just cut it. Cruising is paid for by the tax payers the only entity paying anything is the Silver Slipper! All your favorite spots are benign and riding the pony and bitching when weather affects it with no investment what so ever other than opening their doors! Watch and learn !

    1. Ward 5.. now we agree. They showed us where they lost one grant, got another and still had Amanda Shaw free concert! Councilman said yesterday to us, “they get one $7000 grant from State for all Operating costs. Rest of Grants they received are educational and or community based and every penny must be spent on or they will lose their non profit status per State and Federal 990 laws.” This was told to us all at parade from a BSL Councilman who was 100% against till he and others looked at books and Grants. Looks to us, they use a 1000 sq ft room for Museum with BSL help, rents a classroom from BSL, helps with Utilities and used $17k in grants on other things for free to community. If they wasn’t doing right by BSL, Ice wouldn’t support. We really appreciated the openness of showing us anything we brought up by Ms. Lilyana. She’s a gem…

  38. Well now we talkn actual not perceived. Education and cultural are good things but there are many who only facade what they do for the community! Ad Nauseum the Chamber and the Hancock County Community Development Foundation have a financial agenda and suck other entities in that are desperate to keep there own play ground open and pay there salaries. There should be no more taxpayer funds to them until a complete audit and transparent look at their books is made public as the law does allow it. Blindly giving other people’s money without disclosure is not what elected officials are paid to do especially when we have had 4 mil tax increase in BSL and 2 Mil at the county level and now a proposed 2% Food and beverage tax.

    1. Bravo!! Let’s see if any of the governing bodies you mentioned will ask for records!! Don’t hold your breath. The paying public will have to take action.
      You are taking me back to the Bay St. Louis City Council meeting when Joey Boudin was Council President, Chamber appeared in the person of Clay Wagner requesting financial support, Boudin asked for financial disclosure to determine their need, Wagner said “no.”
      990’s are helpful. But there again, filer can give preparer only info they want known.
      Can non profits (or anyone for that matter) file under two different taxing statuses–one with the IRS, one with the state?! Maybe Doug will chime in.

  39. Thank god we have found common ground! Chamber should go ahead and put up AOC and Bernie Signs. We take and need just keep working hard and pay ur taxes! They have salaries to support!

  40. The chamber went to the supervisors for support. Babby face Blaine and DumBo Ladner love giving other people’s money away. Especially when they get free stuff for themselves.

  41. We can debate all the pros and cons for free rent, nonprofit or chamber.
    We all believe our reasons for or against are correct. Not saying who’s reasons are right or wrong, it’s what you believe in.

    I believe Patriot mentioned 2% tax on food and beverage. If they use it for what they say, parks and recreation and promoting BSL and events than I am all in. All that brings family, tourists and money.
    Gulfport is pushing the same 2% tax to pay for a new $50M soccer complex.
    Youth sporting events bring large tax dollars to the cities.
    We don’t have a lot of retail so this can make up for it.
    That’s my 2 cents.

    1. The Non Profit debate is like everything else in life. The greedy give the whole concept a bad name. Some probably do things for the community that would otherwise cost the taxpayers, others not so much. It takes just one rotten potato to stink up the whole bag.

  42. We keep funding to creAte tax revenue but the taxes continue to be increased to fill the need where do you start using a calculator to justify what is given and taken. When do the people who get direct benefit such as merchants step up to offset the costs with their profits

  43. Yes it does in our case we have several just sucking off the system for their own ends and not Community Development or Cultural Advancement.

    Take Hope Haven for instance, they are providing needed social services that are not done by the government. It isn’t a pretty job, I’m sure, they see a lot of the social ills that there is no money for because other less worthy non profits take it before it hits the table.

    The Chamber is just taking care of the social people and their own salaries with dummy fronts such as the Hancock County Community Development Foundation. No more than a front to funnel grants and donations through so that The Chamber keeps its cost down to the membership and keeps it’s pay up for the managers. As they say follow the money and influence.

    All the while we have a heliport for a hospital that transfers our dollars to Louisiana. Such as the tax break for the YC that is largely Louisiana Represented. Nothing wrong with being from Louisiana our neighbor but you wont see them sending business nor tax breaks our way!

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