“Bodyguard of Lies”: Waveland applies the maxim (poorly) to peacetime small town politics

To set things up let’s do a quick comment bump from Gerald Lampkey (Slightly edited for clarity)

I’m told the alderman had two names on the table for consideration for city clerk, both came with excellent governmental qualifications and both turned down the job before Lagasse was offered the job.

I was told Charlene Black, who supposedly is a certified clerk for Bay St. Louis and a forever long time employee declined the offer. Not sure why she turned the job down, but she would have been a wise choice for Waveland. I’m just curious who was the second person that Waveland was considering?

Versions of this rumor have been circulating in Waveland ever since Mayor Smith made it known he would be backing local good ol’ boy Mickey Lagasse for the City Clerk position. The main incarnation of this rumor was that both Charleen Black and Sissy Gonzales, key Favre Administration employees in the City of Bay St Louis, applied for the vacant City Clerk position. Unlike Mr. Lagasse both of these women possess the qualifications to be City Clerk.

The only problem is the rumors about Ms. Black and Ms. Gonzales, which originated out of Waveland City Hall, are about 95% bullshit.

We need another comment bump at this point, this time from, Sticks and Stones:

I heard Charlene was offered the position as city clerk but is a happy camper in the bay. I heard Mike Smith made a lot of promise, par for the course!

Let’s leave aside for a second that one sister City trying to poach employees from another would be considered bad form in most polite business circles because it is considered exactly that, Charlene Black and Sissy Gonzales are not exactly hard to find people and Slabbed has excellent contacts there at the Bay City Hall. This is what I found:

1. Sticks and Stones is correct. Smith offered Ms. Black the job, sight unseen, no application just an anointing. Ms. Black is happy in her current job at Bay City Hall and declined the Mayor’s offer.

2. Ms. Gonzales never applied for the Waveland Clerk’s job and like Ms. Black is also very happy in her current position as Bay St Louis’ City Clerk.

I suspect neither much appreciates being used as fodder for a political bob and weave that resulted in the Mayor installing an unqualified good ol’ boy as his newest City Clerk. Former Bay St Louis Mayor Les Fillingame used to play those kind of games the difference being Fillingame and Mayor Smith being that Fillingame was actually good at it.

As Waveland City Officials start another term of office they’re off to a very inauspicious start.

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  1. Good job Doug.
    Don’t know much about Black but hear nothing but good and I think Gonzales does a good job too.
    Smith should not play these 2 ladies like this and against their boss. Glad they stayed in the Bay.

    Not sure Fillingame was good at anything but lying, deceiving, misspending and lying.

  2. Local Municiple politic discussion, at a high level, has now turned to the Smith Administration in Waveland.

    He seems to be going the way of Filingame. A few aldermen cronies will support him to failure. Then they will have to kill Frankenstein much like, Reed, Seals, Compretta. During Filingame Regime after McDonald was eliminated by a personal issues and there was a change in power and then big RAF was sent packing! After that there was found to be financial problems and shenanigans that resulted in State intervention and a suicide of a Police Chief with payroll fraud theft of weapons etc. only because there were no controls in place for a reason.

    Filingame thought that State Law and norms were optionable and he and his legal council thumbed their nose at everyone who questioned.

    The same will happen in Waveland because that is how it happens all over America in small and large towns. The Legislative Body will separate and the ones that supported him will act like they are mad and throw him out! Then they will run for RE-election as cleaning house! There you go.

      1. Yes it was the drug forfeiture funds. Utility funds and general funds commingled. It got straightened out when Raff hit da trail n a certified clerk was hired. In authorized pay raises etc…
        Filingame though laws and processes were just suggestions. Compretta, Seal and Reed and McDonald agreed to his shenanigans until the public revolted. McDonald and Kidd went out the picture and the cheering for Les stopped!

        1. Stupid,
          I wouldn’t go so far as to say “it got straightened out” when Raff left. The taxpayers of Bay St. Louis still had to pay off the illegal loan Raff, Kolf, and Fillingame orchestrated at The First Bank to cover the misappropriation of Solid Waste garbage collection payments. No one still knows exactly where that $$$$ went. You see, Fillilngame was Chairman of Solid Waste Commission at the time and, according to SW bookkeeper, was not sending in his city’s payments which had already been sent to city hall by Bay utility users. The delinquent months were in one fiscal year, and the loan to pay them in the subsequent fiscal year—Wright, Ward, Hatten, and Guel, the city’s independent auditor cited them for lacking statutory authority for the loan. Municipalities cannot legally make loans in the name of the taxpayers to pay off bills from previous fiscal years. Those bills have to be included in the new budget as liabilities. But they got away with it because we had that empty suit in the State Auditor’s Office, Pickering, who had issues of his own. The DOJ issue was far more serious. They actually had to answer some questions on that one. Between the Solid Waste funds of $358,000 and DOJ of $300,00, it was a nice little piece of change. But, hey, like I said my new slogan is , “just stick it to the folks!”

    1. If it is true Smith is doing his last 4 years as Mayor one way of thinking about the hire is that Lagasse is the next Mayor in training.

      1. I wouldn’t have a problem with Mickey Lagasse as the next Mayor. I think Mickey is very good for the City of Waveland.

      2. The Mayor has recently told me that he intends to run again, assuming no unforeseen health issues. Given the fact that he is about to get a $5000 a year raise, who can blame him. Then in 4 years he can give himself another raise. Mayor gets 6.9% raise this year while majority of the workers get 3%. What does that equate to ~$900 a year for the person making $30,000? Streets will get $1 hour raise which is ~$2080 a year. Meanwhile we have Fire and Police folks bailing left and right. Add to that that a couple of the alderman feel they need a raise in excess of $2000 also. Waveland is way to top heavy in my humble opinion!!!!!!!

  3. People, you need to watch tonight’s council meeting that took place in BSL! Jeffery Reed you are one pathetic person! You definitely want a black person on that damn school board . You knew this appointed position was coming up and 11 hours before the meeting you wanted to throw a name in there to be interviewed! Really, as long you have been a councilman you knew damn well when that position was going to be reappointed! You had months to summit a name or a few names and you didn’t! Now you want to ask the Attorney General’s office and the ethics committee to check to see if it is legal for the Mayor’s Son Casey Favre to serve on the board. You have letters from them but you ask for more detail! Jeffery Reed you want word for word from them both stating exactly what is allowed! We all know they already stated the mayor can reappoint Casey Favre as long as he doesn’t get paid. Casey Favre said he does not want the pay. Now Jeffery Reed wants them to add no money will be used to pay for any classes, travel expenses along with lodging and food for Mr. Favre. All school board members has to keep up required training to stay on the board. Well Jeffery Reed you see it’s not about the money and I can guarantee you, he will definitely pay for his own expenses to get the proper certification to remain on that board! Casey Favre will not go away and you need to except it! I know for a fact, he will have no problem paying for getting the proper requirements to stay on the board! It is not about the money! It is about the students, staff and community who he represents! Here we go again people, taxpayers will be paying for this investigation! The councilman approved him with a vote, he took oath with the school board and is President of the board but Jeffery Reed changed his mind tonight and wants to remove that vote that took place a few weeks ago and we all will have to pay for this! Heather Ladner and Jeffery Reed had a huge heated discussion. Very interesting meeting! The NAACP was at the meeting so Jeffery did a good dog and pony show! The NAACP is all talk and no action! They meet with Sandra Reed to start volunteering in the Bay/Waveland School district to work with students on issues they are having trouble in Reading and math or just to eat lunch with students. Yes they showed up the first week. Now we are down to 2 or 3 blacks maybe and about 11 white people volunteering! They never finish anything they start! After they make the paper with there concerns and complaints, they disappear! They wanted to do there part in helping getting the scores up and Sandra Reed was excited to have them volunteer there time. I cannot recall his name but the one man that started this program and meet with Sandra Reed showed up the very first week and has never been back or seen! Really??? Jeffery Reed you make everything a black and white issue and you have no room to call anyone racist! Remember Jeffery you serve the lord. You should know first hand, God don’t like ugly! He loves all. #Goddoesnotseecolor #moveon

    1. I stopped watching after a solid hour of his show. My favorite part was when our city attorney said something to the effect of ‘I’m ending this conversation” & the Rev said “I’m the President of this Board & I’ll say when the conversation ends!”. He referred to the City Council as the “Board” all night .
      I guess I’ll watch the rest today but I’m sure it was downhill from there

      1. Trixie,
        The farce, in my opinion, which is being advanced by the NAACP, with Reed as their cheerleader, is their sudden opposition to Nepotism. Three years ago when the Ethics Commission and Attorney General both issued opinions for the Bay St. Louis-Waveland School Board to end the nepotism situation in their Business Office where the Superintendent of Education was overseeing the work of her brother, the Business Manager, Joan Thomas voted to ignore these two agencies and supported that situation with her vote as a School Board Trustee. And the silence by the NAACP was deafening. They still have not addressed it.
        I confronted Reed about it at Public Forum, and he switched gears and told me he was promoting diversity. I told him that the motion he made was to have the City Attorney seek an AG’s opinion on Nepotism, not diversity.
        The Miss. Code states clearly in Section 25-1-53, the litmus test for Nepotism is, and I quote,
        “no public official can appoint any relative either by blood or marriage within the third degree who will BE PAID OUT OF PUBLIC FUNDS.” Believe me, the Superintendent and her brother were handsomely compensated out of public funds to the tune of $125,000 a year for her, and $92,000 for the brother for over two years.
        The Bay St. Louis City Council ratified the Mayor’s nomination of his son, Casey, 2 weeks ago based on his agreement to serve without compensation to avoid Nepotism.
        To this date not one member of the NAACP has submitted a resume to the Mayor to be considered for the position. So, exactly what is their point?

  4. What happened to judging people by their character and not the color of their skin. This seems to have been lost on left sometime ago.

    This is a school board appointment not social experiment.

    He was correct in telling the Attorney he will decide when the conversation is over as President of the Council. It is a Council Meeting not an Attorney Meeting. I also appreciate the fact that he does represent the lone Minority Ward and does owe them what they elected him to do. He isn’t being racist he is being their representative. He just should have lobbied it before the 11th hour and been proactive and upfront about his concerns well ahead of time.

    1. Stupid,
      Unless I misunderstand voting districts, a minority Ward does not guarantee any ethic group anything except the opportunity to have a seat on a public body. You see, the government cannot demand how people vote just because they live in a certain designated district.
      Just another farce that is being advanced by the uninformed who rarely show up to promote good government unless it advances their cause, whatever that is.

  5. As well he is on a board that is specifically called the City Council. Petty argument. I say stick with pertinent issues. He represents a certain group of people but did not represent the way they wanted when the appropriate time was available to do so.

  6. As I stated before a wise man once stated
    One day a person will be judged by their character not by the color of there skin.
    Reed believes this is only true if the skin color is anything but white.

    Good points by all BUT
    stupid you are DEAD WRONG in stating he represents a certain group of people, which may be his ward but he owes all of our children the opportunity to succeed. All Children
    The Diversity as Reed Seal Knoblock ask for FAILED our children!
    40% Minority Representation was on the board where les than 20% of students are minority. No biggie if they are their for the right reasons.
    Not Farve But
    Singleton Kidd Bell Thomas failed the students. 50% minority.
    These 3 idiots even suggested the board has nothing to do with the failing school system.
    Seal even tried to argue with Ms. Lana that the assistant superintendent was over the brother. That position cost the taxpayers $100,000 for a second superintendent to oversee him which she didn’t do. But that’s ok. WTF did she do?
    Oh yeah Seal is a numbers man. So was lying Les. No wonder they got along so well till the 3 amigos busted their bubble.

    So you see stupid this wasn’t about sticking up for his ward. This was about all the children in our school system.
    Something much bigger than a ditch or pot hole or a damn wall in the depot.
    Sometimes you need to be a man, say and do what is best for the big picture and not play politics with our children’s future!
    Thank you
    For doing the right thing for my child and all the children.

    To the other 3, wake up and do what’s right and quit being other’s puppet.
    Grow a set 🎾🎾 and don’t give in to a few because you don’t have a spine.
    Very disappointed in them. 💩💩💩
    No respect for them.

  7. Lana, I totally agree & that’s what I was thinking the whole nepotism time.
    Stupid, the Citys attorney cut off a conversation that was borderline stupid, in my opinion, something that she had patiently explained multiple times was not possible. He could not comprehend & she finally called a civil end

    1. Trixie,
      Councilman Reed’s problem that is shared by the NAACP is that the Mayor did get an AG’s opinion. They just don’t like the opinion so they want to spend public money having their attorney cast her line in the water again to see if they can come up with one they like. Damn foolishness.

  8. Tricia
    You are correct with explaining to reed.
    No one in his ear what to ask so he beats a dead horse.
    Same with Gary with financial.
    And Doug likes to look up BS on his computer to leave ok good like he knows something. Wish he would have done this with lying les
    Waveland , Think Mickey will be fine in his new position as well.

  9. Y’all are all correct but it is a Council Meeting. We fought hard to get that straightened out with Raff n Les. Attorneys in Hancock county represent sometimes more than one local political entity such as she does and the Yarborough clan. They don’t dictate the meeting or agenda because first they are hired by the governing board and represent them as well as they, including, the city attorney here have conflict of interest. Did we pay her way to Jackson to benefit us or her position on the Hancock county utility authority? She tries to rule that with an iron fist as well.

    Nepotism and conflict is here, Waveland attorney etc. who do they represent?

    1. Stupid,
      Do you mean the Hancock County Solid Waste Authority? If you are talking about Heather Ladner Smith, that is the other Board she serves as attorney. Don’t know about Utility Authority.
      Knoblock pointed out to the attorney last night that she is already 70% into the budgeted legal fees with 7 months to go in the fiscal year.
      She is chronically over budget at Solid Waste–fiscal year 2015–151.8% over budget—
      2016–231.3% over budget—2017–156.4% over budget—2018—$3,115.00 over budget.
      Knoblock is on to it. Hope he gets some support from other Councilmen. She finally presented the engagement letter from Butler-Snow last night to Council. Admitted she’s had it for over a year?!
      Maybe with some restrictions and monitoring, they can reign this in and not sit there like Solid Waste Commissioners looking the other way.

  10. Yarborough is county attorney his wife is the Waveland attorney. He often fills in for her. It affects lots of things. He is inaccessible for his county job to the public and supervisors and is representing a separate tax paying base etc. exact same thing for the Bay Saint Louis Attorney.

    1. You should do a public records request and get the “Yarborough’s” cost to the city of Waveland and the County. If you add it up including their time as “public” attorneys. There is no way someone can work that many hours in a day. Someone is getting screwed, either the tax payers or their clients, more than likely both….

    1. Patriot,

      I went to the Waveland meeting tonight. Wondering why Mickey still has to leave the room when business with Compton is discussed. He has cut all ties with them according to item” G “on the Agenda:
      “Spread on the minutes Mickey Lagasse’s letter dated February 6, 2019, accepting the position of City Clerk and that February 5th was his last day with Compton Engineering. It also states that upon acceptance of the position he has no further interests in Compton Engineering. ” He left the room more than once when business with Compton came up???

    1. Perhaps that’s what the minutes should have said, rather than spreading on the minutes that he has no further interest with the firm. If that is adopted in the minutes next month, then he should have no reason to leave the room, or explain to the public exactly what the situation is.

  11. Where was the attorney? Right now that is something that I see as a pressing issue is the conflicts of interest and power that attorney’s get representing multiple boards as well as husband and wife teams etc…

    For instance, the City Attorney attending a function or meeting in Jackson with the City. Did the other public entity she represents get any benefit from it? I don’t know, but it looks bad when you openly operate with conflict of interest not report back what was accomplished or discussed all on the public dime.

  12. Knoblock on to something?
    If not mistaken all the attorney fees are not Smith’s.
    Previous law suits
    Civil Service Hearings, which is wasted.
    Wrong house torn down
    Ethics Complaints and nothing but don’t do it again and learn from this.
    Ethics Opinions
    AG opinions
    Citizens calling
    Council Calling
    Mayor Calling
    But 20 something lawsuits now how many?
    So you can use a Budget but with all the BS that goes around you should not have to look at why it is what it is.

    1. Stone,
      All legal counsel for public boards and commissions assume the work left from their predecessors, just like elected and appointed officials do. Knoblock was pointing out that 5 months into this fiscal year, which began on Oct. 1, 2018, the city attorney is already at 70% of what Council budgeted for legal fees for her. Is there something wrong with a Councilman actually looking at the books. I think it’s a good thing. I sure wish the Solid Waste Commission would follow suit. It’s public money$$$
      And, for those of you who have a problem with Ethics Complaints, remember the Ethics Law was written for the benefit of the citizens to assure honesty and integrity in government, and the citizens have every right to avail themselves of it if they feel they have been wronged by their elected and appointed officials. After all, the taxpayers pay for all of it, and the attorneys make money off of it. In the case of my complaint on Open Meetings, the city attorney would not accept the Ethics Commission’s ruling and objected to their findings and kept writing letters asking for reconsideration of their ruling when she could have just accepted it and moved on. But she was getting to bill the city for it, so it was to her advantage shall we say to drag it out, and lose in the end. Ethics would not buy her defense of Council. They violated the law. Period.

  13. The Filingame Regime and his legal counselor created debacles that will ripple for years to come. I do not understand why his E&O Insurance is not called in on the wrong house torn down. It took the council 13 months to get him to get it now exercise it! All I can figure is that he was handling personal business for them as payment. Most all like free shit. Cruising Passes and Chamber Gala Tickets etc….

  14. The City Council just approved free rents to Alice Misely Again. This museum would need to create $800,000 in reported spending to pay the $10,000 a year rent equal. Just sayn. Must be more to it than what is obvious. Free event tickets or something. Family Passes who knows?

    1. I remember back in the Fillingame administration when the Moseley Foundation paid $800 a month rent to the city for their upstairs space for their Museum. That went on for about 6 to 8 years, and they paid all of the utilities on the building. They are being portrayed as some kind of bad guys, which is really unfair in my estimation. Carter Church ran his Mardi Gras costume and float design business on the bottom floor for years and paid nothing while Moseley paid. It was even discussed at the Council meeting Tues. night that Moseley Foundation was 4 months in arrears in their utility bill, so one Councilman wanted to cut them off, and they even talked about putting Tourism out of the building. My feelings, you better cut off everyone else who is arrears on utilities as well, not just some. I would encourage everyone to take a deep breath and get some oxygen going before rash decisions are made for what may be personal political grudges.

  15. Lana, Agree for the most.
    I was just stating why we have spent so much on attorney fees and different attorneys are in the kettle.
    Gary should question things.

    Patriot, did not hear about the free pass for museum. Just heard reed crying about a wall. Museum is good. Have to think on this one.

  16. Lana, I think they stated utility bill was about 10 months past due.
    They cut a friends off after 2 months when he was off working out of town.
    Don’t believe this is Political grudge.

    Some just don’t believe in giving.
    Neither did Boudin.

    Difference I was told is Mardi Gras Museum is a Museum. Moseley is also a retailer. How much does rent cost in ole town for a shop?
    I would be pissed if I was in a retail business and paying for a shop or rental business and the city was giving space for free.

    Remember some of you are the very same people that Thought the chamber was the devil with their free rent and or anything else they do.
    I would rather see the city in the chamber than give free retail space.
    They would get a lot more bang for their buck.
    I bet BSL is a minority for cities not belonging to the chamber.
    This could be reeds and Seal’s diversity.
    Don’t belong to the chamber.
    And Now I am told one of them council who dogged the chamber because they were receiving free rent from the city in exchange for a membership and also kicked them out, is the same that is in charge of Moseley Museum and getting free rent. I smell a big rat here.
    Anyone know about this? Is it true?

    Patriot not sure just heard reed and Mayor arguing over some wall in the depot. Build tear down build tear down

    1. At Tues. night’s meeting, Mrs. Gonzales said Moseley hasn’t
      paid utilities since Oct. 2018. Do the math. Marci Gras “Museum” was a place for free storage ( display) of costumes designed by Carter. His business cards were on all display cases. Moseley sells items. Carter sold services. One has at least paid some rent and utilities. The other– none. Equal treatment across the board would be appropriate to me. And Tourism hustles Hancock County on their little budget. Please leave them alone. The Garden Club learned the hard way to get away from government owned property after we were thrown out of the Garden Center on Main St. that was built by FEMA. We furnished it and city used all of our things for rentals to earn income for themselves. Then booted us out with no notice. The Presbyterian Church where we now meet has appreciated the work we do in the community and treats us with respect. Hopefully Moseley and Tkurism can find something other than a government owned facility to operate from. They have no idea how much better off they would be.

  17. The Chamber has been trying to take them over for years. We know what their motivation is. $$$$$$$$ They wont work on pennies.

    1. Not just the Chamber, it was confided to me that 3 others, well connected in business and politically, want them gone. I just don’t get it. Just my opinion, but I think Hancock County benefits from a Tourism presence at home.

      1. Ward 1 here. Not a fan of free but I’m a visitor (plus artist) to both Museums in Depot. Their combination plus Tourism office upstairs seems to generate more interest in Depot area than we’ve seen in long time. I love the concerts they do. Isn’t Tourism doing a school downstairs with them? Not sure that building should be retail with historical laws. Full disclosure to all though, I displayed my art for free exhibit upstairs, sold a little but got good leads. If Train comes back, it’s a good fit. Don’t know enough about Museum.

  18. Moran and Jimmy Ladner gave their funding away on Hotel tax to the tri county. That was a brilliant move. Hahaha! Like Regan said, the best minds aren’t in government if they were the private sector would hire them. Hence, Mickey Lagasse. LOL!

  19. The depot is awesome. Tourism is there specifically grow the tourism interest. Alice Mosely is their to preserve a family treasure. They moved to the depot and quickly went for free rent so they could better utilize Alice Mosely house for rental revenue. They were supposed to get a big grant for this exchange with the tax payer over a year ago. That opportunity to perform has come and gone. The exchange is gone now it is just free rent to support a family aire.

    1. Ward 3 hung over here! Live and own 2 vrbo’s in BSL. My customers go to Moseley & rave about it plus it’s free. Saw Moseley my own self at Sunrise Cafe, don’t own Alice’s house since 2010. Where y’all been? lost one grant, got 2 others and put on 4 mini concerts and a big one per Moseley last year all free to bring folks to Depot area?? I believe him cause I at 74 went!! He said another one this year, plus kids classroom with other groups on a grant! Political bs. Our teatotalers all say them and Myrna in a old building are good team leave them be.

  20. Lana, You May be right that Moseley utilities were paid in November but if you listen on the tape someone states that did not catch them up and Gary stated that they still owed $1,400.

    I do think
    Tourism is good
    Moseley is good
    Costumes are good
    Chamber is good.
    They are all good for BSL and all of the county.

    But the hate is always on the chamber.
    They make money on grants. Yep
    But all Grant writers make money on them. Some choose to hate the messenger with the chamber. Most cities belongs to chambers but BSL.
    The messenger.

    Some want to cry politics because some councilman don’t want to give freebies out to Moseley but theses same people cried to stop giving freebies to the chamber. And yes they want money but as I stated all Grant writers gets a piece of the pie.
    You give up 3-5-7% or what ever it is but the cost to you is ZERO! You may get a million. With out them you get ZERO.
    Get pass the messenger people. You are really not this naive.

    2% Tax sent to One Coast. Good deal.
    We get way more bang for our buck.
    Some may not believe this and they will never. They fear taking the blinders off.
    Tourism is good as stated for our community but one coast is very big and yes BSL is promoted and so is all of the county.

    One coast
    Are all good but some will never believe because of The messenger.

    Hope we get the passenger train.

  21. Stone,
    I haven’t listened to the tape, but was at the meeting. It was stated Moseley hasn’t paid utilities since October. 2018. Alliance hasn’t seen the Bay’s delinquent list in several years. Wouldn’t mind reviewing it again. Maybe the names of all delinquents should be read aloud at an official Council meeting! Might encourage some to pay!! Don’t just pick political enemies for exposure.
    As far as 2% Tourism tax–
    Don’t you remember the state ruling a couple of years ago that money had to be returned to Hancock County?! It should have never gone to One Coast Gourism!!$$
    I have nothing against Grant writers. All entities could use one since most of the public official wouldn’t know where to begin.

    1. You know you are always bashing. Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is? Maybe since you are perfect you should run for office. Or you scared you might get beat. They are elected officials by the majority voters. You seem to know so much. Should we all be taking advice and listening to someone who is a hair dresser? You seem to know so much but you really only know how to cut hair. What knowledge do you have? No elected officials claim to be grant writers, accountants, or attorneys. They are elected by the people in their ward. Obviously they have traits that their constituents seem to like. So why don’t you try to support them instead of always knocking them down.

      You think it’s cute to be a bully. Well it’s not.

      1. Waveland,
        I do put my money where my mouth is when I send the Tax Collector my check every year to financially support the city and county and school district where I live. I believe in transparency in government. Apparently that is your definition of bullying.
        Why don’t you put your name where your remarks are?!$

  22. Grants are tax payer money. Don’t stand on a soap box like the Chamber Director and tout all you do for the love of Hancock County and spend 99% of your time pandering elected officials for money and contracts. Be up front and transparent.
    The Hancock County Community Development Foundation is just a pass through Foundation for other Non-Profits and Government Grants to hire the Chamber who owns it to manage and they are paid handsomely from it. They even get unqualified non profits on the pass through by slight of hand. I would like to see an audit done. A legitimate Foundation would have one performed periodically by an independent source anyway.

  23. I would like to add that all these things are good but there is a financial sensibility to it. When there is no definitive result and financials are held closely etc the tax payer has to be protected.

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