Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Seven with a Chance….Amy on Fire…Plus Country Boys

Posted on February 11, 2019

KAMALA HARRIS. Smoking hot with the eye of the tiger. Great listener. Infectious laugh. Lots of charm. Smart. Tough. Charismatic. Question: Can our President and our Dominatrix be the same person?

AMY KLOBUCHAR. As they say in the South, “You say you like Amy Klobuchar, I been liking her.” Calm. Almost sleepy. Very smart. Not a slash and burn type. Opposite of Rick Santorum. Gracious. Not the first choice to lead a revolution. Question: Will Amy Klobuchar be able to stay awake long enough to finish her own Inaugural Address? Oops! Spoke to soon. Amy just knocked it out of the park announcing her candidacy in the MN snow. Dynamite launch. Like I say, I been liking her.

JOE BIDEN. The perfect heart, mind, soul, and temperament of a Vice President for a cerebral aloof somewhat exotic President with a name like Barack Hussein Obama. Joe did that and did it well. His presence on the ticket was an assurance to middle class blue collar whites that Obama was “OK”. When Joe runs for himself he’s like the baseball player who runs until he makes an out. Joe talks until he says something stupid. Question: Can Joe accept the fact there is no shame in never being President?

ELIZABETH WARREN. Stick a fork in her. Continue Reading……

5 thoughts on “Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Seven with a Chance….Amy on Fire…Plus Country Boys”

    1. Hey Lana…

      Good to hear from you. The Corinthians quote was in the Readings at Mass about six weeks ago
      as I recall. It perked my ears up.

      I recall reading a long time ago that when a Roman General would return to Rome after a great triumph he would go through Rome on a chariot receiving the cheers of the multitude. A junior officer was always assigned to stand behind him and repeat in his ear…”all glory is fleeting.”

      Another way of saying…”pride goeth before the fall”

      Be Well!

      T. C.

      1. If we could bring anyone back, especially right now, wouldn’t St. Paul be a good dose of medicine for this troubled world. He preached with total abandon. I have family and friends sometimes who ask me why I am still so interested and involved in issues. I always say,” I’d rather wear out than rust out!” May not get it all done, but want to be remembered for trying.

        1. St. Paul was a genius.

          I appreciate your activist philosophy. Remember the statement by Benjamin Franklin…”a Republic if you can keep it.” That was his answer to a woman who had asked him what the people
          drafting the Constitution had produced.

          Tell your friends you’ve been hanging out with St. Paul and doing what Benjamin Franklin told you to do.

          1. Loved Ben. Loved the Broadway play too– “1776” Winston Churchill had a good one too–
            “Oh, you made some enemies? You must have stood up for something!”
            Okay, I’m off to watch an episode of The Crown. It’s a phase I am going through. I’ll get over it when I grow up. lol.

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