Meetings galore on tap

It’s on tonight in Bay-Waveland with both the Bay City Council and the Waveland Board of Alderman meeting.

The Bay City Council meeting has potential because Mayor Favre is making another school board nomination tonight. Rumor holds he will reappoint his son Casey Favre to the Board. I’m further advised the gang has checked out the legality of such an appointment and was told it is OK provided that Trustee Favre serves without pay.  School Boards are not big spenders on their Boards with per diem set by statute so serving for free is not a big hardship. Given last year’s controversy that portion of the agenda has fireworks potential. The Bay City Council meeting starts at 5:30 p.m. sharp.

In Waveland the appointment of the new City Clerk is on tap. the Waveland Board of Aldermen meeting starts at 6:30 p.m.

9 thoughts on “Meetings galore on tap”

  1. Ice done done it again.
    Farve reappointed to school board.

    Again Reed is a prejudice as they come. Accusing everyone others that didn’t agree with him of being racist.
    Doug playing the field. So sad on such an important vote. Oh his kids are out of school.
    Gary was a worm. Read a wonderful letter about Farve from one of his constituents but didn’t vote. WORM

    Ice told them BWSD was a C and D rated school system.
    They didn’t even know this. But now we get are interested in voting for a minority just for that one reason.
    Shame on them. Sounds like a former council has their ear.
    Seeing the goat On the rope again.

    Josh Larry Gene and Buddy thank you for putting the best person on this board no matter one’s color but based on qualifications. Thank you for not caving to a few.

    Reed and Doug even stated board has nothing to do with school results. Dumbasses the board appoints the superintendent and votes on funding and personnel.

    Finally the bell kid thomas singleton circus🎪🎪🎪🎪 is over.

    Ice Josh Larry Buddy Gene thank you

    The 3 clowns 🚂🤡🚂🤡🚂🤡💩💩💩

  2. Stone Cold, well after watching the meeting, I totally agree with you. I have no respect for Seal or Reed. Lost that along time ago. My breaking point was when “ Reed “ received a Anonymous letter that he decided to read out loud at the meeting when Thomas was not being reappointed . Acting like whites was threatening him. It amazes me how we never heard anymore about that case and Reed hasn’t received anymore letters. That makes one wonder! You just get one letter on that night you decide to read out loud using the N word ! That night i lost all respect for Reed. Seal, he might do his homework but all he is doing is preparing for his campaign for mayor! I was told by many staff and faculty in the district that Mr. Casey made a motion to give raises to assistant teachers and Bell and Kidd ask why??? He said because they haven’t had a raise in about 5 to 6 years! They play a big part into the school district . They are subs, ( saves District money ) Tutors with individual groups or a student that needs that one on one time or learns at a lower pace. They become teachers when there teacher is out sick or at training. The class keeps running smooth and on task. They play many roles in the district as do the teachers . I will say many staff and facility are please with the things that came to surface and the changes that are happening in this district. He is not a yes man! Mr. Favre is not always right but he will stand up for what he thinks is right. He has always said, he is on this school board to make this district a great school who parents would want there child to attend and know they are learning and in a safe environment while under the district care. Mr. Casey is working for the taxpayers, community and most importantly the students. He has taken some major heat but he stood up to that heat and when it was all over, he went back to work. I do love to go listen to the school board meeting because Bell and Kidd will question Sandra Reed and I sit there laughing because she always has the correct answer for them! They both look like fools after she not only answer their questions but she has her data to back her up! There faces are priceless!

      1. My phone was blowing up because all they were getting was the turning circle ( downloading ) I was able to get it because I have a friend that is in the know with Webcam. They are getting the glitch fixed and they will add it to YouTube in a few days. There was some wonderful heated debates between Larry Smith and Jeffery Reed! I have to say, Larry Smith won that debate hands down. Jeffery Reed needs to stop playing that race card! There are 52 cards in a standard deck! Jeffery Reed has used that deck and now opening a new deck! He was throwing the word diversity out there and only seeing the meaning of the word that it stands for color ( race ) ! He needs to remember diversity has many more meaning to it then race! That is what he wants on the school board. To him it doesn’t matter if the person is qualities, has the best interest for the student, faculty and staff and our community! He just wants a African American person on that board! Stop looking at color and go with the best candidate! Doug seal is another one that is a joke! He can care less about public schools and education !

  3. This is what “diversity” got our school district over the last 10 years:
    student achievement falling to a C rating district wide as reported by the State Dept. Education
    Waveland Elementary Campus falling to a D rated campus as reported by the State Dept. of Education
    Total chaos at the Waveland campus because of the appointment to replace the PhD Principal who retired with someone who had never even served as an assistant Principal negatively affecting student and teacher performance and morale.
    An athletic department in chaos
    The creation of unnecessary administrative positions to support an unqualified Superintendent overseeing the work of her brother as the District Business Manager.
    As I sat at that meeting last night watching the contentious debate, playing of the race card from the get go, and the attempt by Council President Reed to force an 11th hour resume of someone Mayor Favre had never heard of down his throat, and in essence Reed getting to make the nomination himself in contradiction of state law governing the process, I counted at least 12 to 14 members of the black community, none of whom volunteered to serve, but faithfully volunteer to criticize.
    Perhaps they ought to attend a school board meeting occasionally to become aware of what it really takes to serve their community in that capacity rather than show up once every 3 years to demand who serves.
    The Mayor did well standing his ground, and I am glad he did. I have seen enough of this. Too much.
    The children and teachers of our school district deserve better, and now they actually have a chance to experience all that Casey Favre, Vicky Arnold, and Ann Lathrop can provide for them.
    Hopefully Waveland will wake up and provide the school district with better representation in our elections in 2019 and 2010.

  4. Lana well said, I have spoken to many employees, teachers and staff. Very happy with the changes. Some has admitted to me they were worried with changes but also realizing it was working and not as bad as they thought!
    They are so use to doing things a certain way but they also admitted those ways was definitely not working and the changes they have been so far given this year has been good and very positive. They do think Central office is very supportive and shows them all the time ( this year ) how they do respect and appreciation there hard work. Now I was also told there is a few teachers that is very negative about everything. Those will never be willing to try something new or to lazy to even try ! Nothing is going to make them happy and hopefully they move on to another district! The teachers i spoke with wants our district to become a district that everyone wants there children to attend and be recognized for a great district! P.S. it wasn’t just a few that i spoken to. I have talked to many teachers, counselors, maintenance and staff at different events, parties, restaurants and community functions you see them and they love to talk 😂

  5. Very well said ms. Lana
    So true
    Thanks you for standing up for our children
    Reed we expected.
    Doug and Gary very sad they are followers. Very disappointing and will not get my vote. Never know where they stand. Depends who is in the ordinance.
    Gary even let mr. Ron down after he read his letter by not voting for this. Worm

    But give credit when credit is due
    Josh Larry Buddy and Gene stood strong as well even when they were accused af being racist.

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