Slabbed’s Word of the Day: Bagman

bagman noun bag·​man | \ ˈbag-mən \

Definition of bagman
1 chiefly British : TRAVELING SALESMAN
2 : a person who on behalf of another collects or distributes illicitly gained money broadly : an intermediary in an illicit or unethical transaction

Bagman – A bagman (or bag man) is a person or paymaster designated to collect or distribute illicitly gained money (“dirty money”), such as bribes to public officials, or money that is collected in a criminal enterprise, such as a “protection racket” or in the running of a numbers racket.

Let’s Hop in the Wayback Machine and revisit Childs v Hancock County Board of Supervisors

Last week on Comment Bump: Mickey Lagasse tapped to be Waveland’s new city clerk I wrote the following:

Last time Mr. Lagasse worked in government he was the Hancock County Building official. I remember his departure was precipitated by a newsworthy event but that event was around 12 years ago. Any additional background in comments would be much appreciated.

Since then Lana Noonan of the Hancock County Alliance for Good Government spent two days going through the Seacoast Echo archives searching for the story I vaguely remember but came up empty. It doesn’t mean anything per se because there was lots of news in Hancock County back in 2006 and the Echo many not have covered it so work remains there, especially if Mr. Lagasse’s (termed “Meal Man Mickey” by certain commenters here) appointment as Waveland City Clerk is ratified as expected. That said, Lagasse’s career in Hancock County politics is long and I found something of interest doing Google searches during a short lunch break last week in the Court case Childs v Hancock County Board of Supervisors. The Plaintiff’s Appeals Court brief contains a nice summary and it is there I start: Continue reading “Let’s Hop in the Wayback Machine and revisit Childs v Hancock County Board of Supervisors”