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  1. Any thoughts on HB1104, the civil asset forfeiture bill that’s currently in committee? I’m hoping it dies in committee.

    1. Thank you for reminding me. I’ve been locked in on today’s deadline. As Bay St Louis recently illustrated Civil Forfeiture is an avenue for low level local rot…whatever the local police didn’t embezzle the Mayor would spend on decorative street lights. I believe Pelahatchie has been exposed doing similar things. Not to mention the lack of due process and shifting of the burden of proof. Its legalized stealing IMHO. Anyone voting for it does not have the best interests of their people at heart.

      1. The bill’s author, Baker, and Governor Bryant have been pretty vocal on it. Yet I hear Baker didn’t bring it up in committee. He has a deadline to do that or let it die, I think.

        And Bryant’s idiotic FaceBook post today: “When drug dealers have taken over your neighborhood, call a Constitutional scholar and see how that works out for you.” Ugh.

        One plausible scenario is that Bryant is begging the legislature to kill it, because it’s been shown to be so unpopular. However, he keeps pushing because he wants to be a blue line supporter.

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