Comment Bump: Mickey Lagasse tapped to be Waveland’s new city clerk

Lana Noonan left the follwoing comment yesterday evening on the post Developing.

Confirmed by Waveland Mayor Mike Smith—Mickey Lagasse will be nominated to serve as Waveland City Clerk. Not to be accused of not liking Mickey, but does he have the credentials that the outgoing clerk had? She was a CPA and had experience.

Now, Mickey may have all of that. I am not certain of his education and job experience, or what he did for Compton Engineering. Certainly hope so because the City Clerk has a lot of legal responsibilities, lots. For instance reconciling the books of account for the independent auditor to do the annual audit.

When Paula Fairconnetue was appointed City Clerk in Bay St. Louis, the Council had to hire another auditing firm in addition to the independent auditor, to do the reconciliation of the books, because she couldn’t.

Just my opinion, but as one who will be contributing to this salary, our officials should have advertised for a Clerk. If Mickey wanted to apply, fine. Political appointments don’t always work out, and I am being charitable.

Last time Mr. Lagasse worked in government he was the Hancock County Building official. I remember his departure was precipitated by a newsworthy event but that event was around 12 years ago. Any additional background in comments would be much appreciated.

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  1. It is vital for a City Clerk to have accounting experience. Meal Man Mickey has none. True, Ron Duckworth is still the Comptroller, but he can’t do all the accounting that the City Clerk needs to do. The Good Ole Boy continues in Waveland.

    1. I will report as I hear, and so far today, these are the messages, texts, and calls I have received.
      Our “city officials, aldermen and Mayor, have “checked with the MML, and been told that a lot of cities are doing this now, having engineering firm former employees serve as City Clerks.”

      Okay, I have no problem with that as long as they have the credentials, and it may be a good idea that the firm they are with has not made a fortune off of the city they are going to “serve.”

      So, to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen:
      Run an ad with the qualifications you are seeking. If someone from an engineering firm applies and has at least the credentials that our last Clerk had (degree in accounting and CPA license), interview them, and see what happens. Give me one good reason to lower our standards in Waveland.

      But this has to be the best: “Mickey is the best for the job because he has contacts in Jackson.”
      Really, I have read the Manual for Accounting and Auditing for Municipalities in Mississippi, and the role of the City Clerk in Municipal government. No where did I find having “contacts in Jackson” mentioned as a requirement of the position. Actually, I would think that would be the role of the Mayor–contacting Jackson or anywhere else on our behalf. I think the Mayor made a trip to D.C. just recently on our behalf. At $109,000 a year, he can do the contacting and the Clerk can continue to do the math, if he can.

      This is the “good ole boy” system close up and personal at our expense!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

      1. What is it about Meal Man Mickey? No qualifications to be the Building Official for Hancock County, but he gets the job. No qualifications, or education, to work for an engineering firm(s), but he gets the job. No qualifications to be City Clerk, but looks like he will get the job. Amazing! Again, Good Ole Boy system at work!

        1. Agenda for 2/5/19 meeting states Mickey will make $60,000 a year and then will also have an additional job as Stormwater Director at a salary of $15,000 a year. So this makes Mickey receiving $75,000 a year which is $3,000 a year MORE than the Mayor. Anyone want to bet the Mayor votes himself a raise soon?

            1. I’ve heard several bad reasons why he is Mayor Smith’s pick. I’ve yet to hear one good reason why 1. This position was never advertised and 2. Why hiring someone that is clearly a good ol’ boy but lacks the qualifications for the position is good.

              I’ve been doing Slabbed for 11 plus years. In that time I’ve seen two elected officials either fire the internal auditors or hire an unqualified City Clerk. The thieving in both instances was never far behind.

              My experience is this is not going to work out well for the City. I doubt any minds will change and that is the worst part of it. Mickey Lagasse would be far better served finding a job for which he is qualified, whatever that is.

              1. It’s getting more complicated. Bay St. Louis Councilman just confirmed to me that their Stormwater Director is Jason Chiniche, a licensed engineer. Why did Mike Smith, Jeremy Burke, Bobby Richardson, Shane LaFontaine, and Charles Piazza agree to take our Stormwater Director position away from an engineering firm and give it to a person who is not an engineer, the same person who has no background to be a City Clerk. We are worse off than we know, I am sadly convinced. This is why these positions need to be advertised. But Waveland elected officials like looking stupid. However the public that pays them doesn’t.

      2. Lana, of course the city officials will tell you that other cities are hiring former employees of engineering firms. Bet they didn’t give a list of those cities.

        1. Nor did they give the former engineering firms employees credentials!!! It’s moot, Susan. We know what’s going on. They have no shame.

  2. The Chamber of Commerce tried to use Jackson political contacts to get back on BSL coffers. It did not work. The Jackson elected officials represent us because we vote and live here. Biloxi just rid themselves of a political conection because those types typically represent themselves first. Trying to sell influence is not the business it used to be. The law is always just behind it.

  3. The school children and their teachers in the Bay-Waveland School District had to endure a lack of competency when Vicky Landry was appointed Superintendent of Education from 2016-2018. She was allowed to serve while her own brother was business manager for the district. The test scores dropped to a dismal rating of an overall “C” for the district and an more dismal “D” for Waveland Elementary. Teacher morale and total chaos reigned at Waveland Elementary. Our two representatives from Waveland on the School Board supported and voted for Ms. Landry. It took the 3 new members appointed by the Bay St. Louis city officials to secure a new Superintendent and start to dig into the academic chaos that had been created by her lack of leadership and interest in the children. Waveland just seems to continue to produce sub standard public officials who are happy with the good old boy system at the expense of the public they are supposed to be representing. Do I personally see any hope for the future? No. Not when 1,300 out of over 4,000 registered voters cared enough to go to the polls on Dec. 4. The Sun Herald’s latest report on the progress of the gulf coast cities told it all. We are in trouble, and City Hall calls it progress!!

    1. Ward 5 wine member here! Great Police Chief demoted for a favor. PW Dir. they have no qualified person, another favor job. Now Lagasse at helm, every investor including myself and partners will run in fear of Compton being shoved down our throats or tipped off. Ice you did good on turning that thought off. Mr. Mayor Smith, I assure you we’ll never invest a dime in Waveland with this kind of hipocrisy of non qualified employees continuing.

    2. Note to the over 3,800+ voters that didn’t get out and vote on Dec. 4. 800 voters cast their vote for a mayor that is in way over his head. Finished 9th grade but lied on political literature since 2014 that he graduated from Bay High. Now, he has put in a new police chief that was arrested years ago and about to put in a new City Clerk that was arrested stealing lights off a police car when much younger. Ask some of the oldtimers around town if you don’t believe this. You won’t find these charges anywhere because they have been expunged.

      1. Verified by Bay Council–Chiniche is under contract to them as the City Engineer of record. No special jobs right now or other firms.

        1. Ciniche doesn’t play the Compton game of buying meals and other gratuities to elected officials. He works n bills. Doesn’t buy meals. I just wish he would quit the chamber awards banquet with public officials at his table. Give seats to tax payers who would like to go or friends n family. Otherwise he is legit.

  4. Why do people on here hide behind generic screen names or first names only?
    Why are you scared to sign your real/full name to your statements?

    Just asking!

    1. The mayor of Waveland has a reputation, according to some residents, of retaliation if you don’t agree with him or support him. So, fear is the motivator for aliases.

      1. You cant be talking about Mayor Mike Smith. Have you actually met him. He is the nicest person. He wouldn’t hurt a flea. He may do other things that you all don’t like or approve of, but being ugly or mean is not one of those, in my opinion and many other’s opinions. He really is a nice guy, maybe too nice.

  5. The whole point is his nice personality doesn’t serve the public if his appointments are made because he is nice to his friends! It is called collusion and good ole boy politics. Why did he wait til he was on his last run as he has said! Mickey needs the health bennies and retirement! Sounds as if Compton May find his meals on wheels a liability!

    1. Mayor emailed me yesterday that he offered the Bay St. Louis Clerk the job. ( I still have the email). Wonder if he offered her the same pay? $60,000 a year + benefits in addition to Stormwater Director at an additional $15,000, which was taken from the engineering firm who had been doing that for us ( and now will be done by someone we ALL know is no engineer by a long shot) total of $75,000 + benefits. She has a degree in accounting from Miss. State and over 12 years experience in governmental accounting. I don’t see us and our neighbors changinging our minds that this should have been advertised as Comptroller position was under current Mayor and Board 4 years ago. Why their change in philosophy? They are punishing the entire city of Waveland over one individual. You have to wonder if Mickey had the credentials, and Mike picked someone who didn’t, how he would feel. It’s over as far as we are concerned. I just hope I don’t have to hear any more sacharine sweet lip service service from the Mayor and Board about ” how much they love Waveland and EVERYONE who lives here! “Please!

        1. Gonzales has a degree from a 4 year university and over 12 years experience in accounting. If Mike took the trouble to call someone with her resume and offer her the job, why didn’t he just put an ad in the paper? It insults your intelligence to continue discussing this. It’s corrupt. Leave it at that.

  6. As long as the people of Harrison, Hancock, and Jackson county idly stand by and continue to watch the good old boys rape and plunder our Coast, nothing will change. There are many on the payroll that keep their mouths shut because they are benefitting from these thugs too.
    People need to stop standing behind these people when they KNOW that they are crooked and doing illegal things. They are as guilty as the good old boy. Wake up Mississippi! Vote the trash out and let us elect some honest and capable representatives that truly care about Mississippi and her people. We left England to come to America to get away from political suppression. Looks like to me that the Mississippi Coast is crawling with it. Vote the thugs out! Encourage your neighbors and relatives to do the right thing and turn their backs on the good old boy system! Don’t vote for a party – vote for someone who gives a damn about our future! Do you know a good candidate for our State? Encourage them to run for office and build a grass roots following. Tell your representatives that we want reform for our elected officials campaign funds so that money can’t control quality. If we all go to our representatives and work on this – it can happen! It takes a community for change. And although our community has been morally stomped, financially raped by politicians, and overrun with carpetbaggers, we are still strong, resilient individuals and are capable of winning if we set our minds to it. Ms Lana is on the right track….please continue to work behind the scenes and help her help us!

    1. Well, Charlene, other than the inaccurate history regarding “our” English origins and reasons for coming to the United States (sorry, and no offense meant, but it is REALLY inaccurate as to the origin of many coast residents), all excellent suggestions for not only coast residents (of any origin), but Mississippians throughout the state.

      And lest I forget and with apologies to Ray Stevens: It’s me again, Margaret…and the Lagasse situation has caught my attention. Be glad or forewarned, as each reader’s situation may warrant.

      1. Nunya I just have to ask you. Do you have a problem with women commenting on this site?
        For all practical purposes, our early Americans are immigrants of the Old World (Europe, mostly). And I pointed out that our predecessors left for a new world due to political persecution (which in many cases included conscription and not being able to choose their own religion. In other words – being totally controlled by the wealthy in power. Similar to what our State has been experiencing since [email protected]@$$ and his mafia stomped our Coast.
        If my posts offend you Sir, please skip over them and don’t read them because it is obvious to all who read your posts that you are full of rage and just trying to pick apart anything that is posted on this site. Instead of helping the problems, you try to make the bloggers on this site (especially women) look unable to say anything right by belittling their posts and calling them liars. If you personally have a problem with anyone on this site, then I suggest you move along. If, in fact, you want to be part of this group while we chew the fat and share what we know in an effort to improve the situations that we have found our communities in, then, please stop with the badgering and ugliness toward us personally. Thank you.

        1. My sincere apologies for calling your suggestions excellent. I will resolve to try to control my rage so that I never do so again.

          As to the gender sciences and history portions of this afternoon’s lecture, I’ll simply decline to agree.

          As to the inclusionary suggestions, I do appreciate them, but I could not in good conscience be a member of a group that would be so indiscriminate about its membership that it would invite someone like me to be a member – what group are we discussing anyway? If it involves any fat-chewing, I must also decline for dietary reasons. Lastly, how did unattractive badgers become involved in all of this? Wait, no, nevermind, your explanation will probably just trigger my well-known rage (or make me laugh my ass off and I find that I use my ass nearly every single day).

  7. Y’all all seem bitter and very unhappy!! Maybe take a look in the mirror once in a while before throwing stones! Know some pretty dirty secrets about Susan myself!!!!

    1. Don’t know Susan, and no bitterness on my part. Just want to see my city run correctly since I am contributing to all of the costs like everyone else.

  8. Political Campaign promise????
    Someone should check with Attorney General’s Office a person who works for Waveland cannot receive two paychecks for two positions held (City Clerk $31,000.00 and Storm Water Director $15,000)
    Can this man type? Is he a certified city clerk? To be a certified City Clerk he must attend three years of classes which are very expensive.
    Was this position advertised? were applications received other than Mr. Smith?
    If so, were they interviewed? Results??

  9. There are a couple of obvious things. Waveland needs a certified clerk. The choice of the mayor needs a job. He has postured himself over a lifetime to get it. Is it beneficial to the tax payers or to him? He has learned a lot over time on the workings of government. Does that benefit us or him? Answer these questions you get the answer. I personally resent legacy appointments but maybe he is the guy unqualified or not? I question it because he is a PR Guy and good at it with a credit card. Let me know your thoughts as I’m struggling with this for a lot of reasons. He may be the guy we need I do not know?

    1. Why is it obvious that he needs a job? Knowing the “workings of government”( whatever that means), and how to execute governmental accounting are light years apart. I thought he had a job at Compton Engineering. If the city needs a PR guy, then we need a change of government to Council/City Manager like Diamondhead. The City Manager runs the city with his or her expertise and education in business, and the Mayor ( paid less than $10,000 annually) has lunch with Rotary and Chamber, cuts ribbons, kisses babies, etc. and promotes the city. The serious work is left to those capable of doing it.
      What about “Mickey or Mayor!” Mike can be his campaign manager!!

      1. I just threw that out ther for fair discussion. I agree whole hog that Waveland will be short changed in this appointment. Look at what happened in BSL with ridiculous appointments by Filingame. BSL is still dealing with the fall out from those decisions from legal and financial stand points as well as building permitting.

    2. Waveland voter typing. Positions are created, structured and organized for municipal needs! Why in the world would we have a set, structured City Clerk for over 75 years by need, then wham! Not required. The forefathers of Waveland must be turning over in their graves over this tomfoolery of incompetence. I’m not qualified and wouldn’t think of accepting this. This is a perfect example of our leadership stuck in pre-2005 mode?

  10. I’m told the alderman had two names on the table for consideration for city clerk, both came with excellent governmental qualifications and both turned down the job before Lagasse was offered the job.
    I was told Charlene Black, who supposivly a certified clerk for Bay St. Louis and a forever long time employee declined the offer. Not sure why she turned the job down, but she would have been a wise choice for Waveland. Im just curious who was the second person that Waveland was considering?

    1. Sissy Gonzales, current Bay St Louis City Clerk. I am told both applied. I am unaware if either were actually offered the job, which was never advertised.

      It would not make much sense on the face of it for either Charlene or Sissy to apply for and then turn the job down.

  11. Doug Handshoe, I heard Charlene was offered the position as city clerk but is a happy camper in the bay. I heard Mike Smith made a lot of promise, par for the course!

    1. I have a post coming which will dispel these rumors. I am told reliably that Gonzales never applied at all and that Charlene was invited by Mayor Smith to apply but she too declined. Lagasse was the good ol’ boy choice as he had lost his utility at Compton.

      The position was never advertised, which should tell everyone exactly what they need to know about this odious hire.

      1. Ah. I can take respite from my well-known rage and misogyny where I find it, I suppose. I still advocate for a Slabbed decoder ring, but I admit that while I am fluent in certain languages, I am only conversant in Southmississippianese.

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