Comment Bump: Mickey Lagasse tapped to be Waveland’s new city clerk

Lana Noonan left the follwoing comment yesterday evening on the post Developing.

Confirmed by Waveland Mayor Mike Smith—Mickey Lagasse will be nominated to serve as Waveland City Clerk. Not to be accused of not liking Mickey, but does he have the credentials that the outgoing clerk had? She was a CPA and had experience.

Now, Mickey may have all of that. I am not certain of his education and job experience, or what he did for Compton Engineering. Certainly hope so because the City Clerk has a lot of legal responsibilities, lots. For instance reconciling the books of account for the independent auditor to do the annual audit.

When Paula Fairconnetue was appointed City Clerk in Bay St. Louis, the Council had to hire another auditing firm in addition to the independent auditor, to do the reconciliation of the books, because she couldn’t.

Just my opinion, but as one who will be contributing to this salary, our officials should have advertised for a Clerk. If Mickey wanted to apply, fine. Political appointments don’t always work out, and I am being charitable.

Last time Mr. Lagasse worked in government he was the Hancock County Building official. I remember his departure was precipitated by a newsworthy event but that event was around 12 years ago. Any additional background in comments would be much appreciated.