The Good Ol’ Boys have Cut a Deal for an Office….

This is one of those you can leave the political party out of it because anyone who vote for this guy after what he did to Pascagoula can only have their head completely stuck up their own asses. [For those interested in knowing what Maxwell’s dad did to the folks in Vancleave click here.]

8 thoughts on “The Good Ol’ Boys have Cut a Deal for an Office….”

  1. There is time for someone else to qualify to run against Maxwell and it will be interesting to see if this comes to pass. Isn’t it a big ole coinkidink that Maxwell is now running for a spot on the very commission that just approved the sale of Pascagoula’s gas utility to CenterPoint? The same sale that had to happen before 12-31-18. Take a look at the players in that game and your interest should be peaked. History, lots of history.

    1. Sally, Here is some I say, here is some history for you from 2014; look who wrote the article. I wonder if the Wizard of Paz (JCUA) and the “Good Ol’ Boys” have a name for their secret society yet? Oh, but that, I say that would be a secret.

  2. While that is a good history lesson Foghorn, I say, I say, there is so much more. The connections are deep and tangled but oh, so interesting. A good investigator would be in hog heaven!

    1. Sally, you are, unfortunately, so right. DMax is such a fully cooked premium, I say premium ham in a 16 oz can with no can opener in sight

  3. Look I have said this many times in public, hear on Slabbed and right in the face of Insain Maxwell. He will go down as one of the most corrupt leaders in Pascagoula history. Although he still has a ways to go to rip that title away from his daddy. Increased taxes and millage rates and like Dump Trump his supporters that can afford the increase think he is great. The dilutional Coast. Can.t wait from him to sick that big foot in his mouth again. Those free biscuits from your buddies on Market Street are catching up with him. Better enjoy them while you can. Prison biscuits are a step down.

  4. I say, I say, I like fully cooked premium ham with biscuits although I must say, I say I don’t want mine in prison. Any evidence to go with this meal? I would love to hear about it!

  5. The field has expanded far more than I expected. The addition of former Mayor Connie Moran should prove to be very interesting. Looks like Vain Maxwell will have some competition!

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