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  1. One of my all time favorite acts on TV!! Don’t know how to comment, but you must know something. This could go anywhere. lol!!

  2. Well Waveland has some very interesting things going on. We now have a New Police Chief! Mike Prendergast !! Yep David Allen has been removed. He was told he will be over investigation if he wants it. He is capable doing that job but not a Police Chief? I have to say, I am a little surprise about this. I just hope they have a good Assistant Police Chief in mine because he or she is gonna have to do all the work. Hope he or she is up for the challenge. Mike Prendergast might have had many titles but did he work under all the titles that he was placed in, NOPE! That is why the assistant chief better be willing to basically run that police department! On a side note! A few alderman needs to stop listening to rumors from Mike Prendergast and make sure they get all there facts correctly ! Stop being a YES man to the mayor ! You have been re-elected to speak and work for the citizens ! Do your job! Yes the mayor and alderman has a good working relationship but maybe to good. Just my thoughts!

    1. Well I guess the current Police Chief wasn’t doing his job either if being replaced. Not sure. Maybe there is a few more that need to be replaced also I guess Mayor sees more than we do as outsiders since he works everyday with them. I didn’t think any of the appointments were even done yet.

      1. If the Chief wasn’t doing his job, why wait till after a few weeks after election to let him go. If someone is not doing there job they should have been released of there duties . You can’t tell me that is just started not doing his job for the past few weeks! Oh that’s right, he was worried about votes. The mayor should do his job no matter what people thinks! He waited till after election was over! The one that is appointed, oh lord help us all! That is not only lazy but very very shady!

        1. Just got done watching the 6 part Netflix Series The Innocent Man, based on John Grisham’s only non-fiction work. If I could wave a magic wand, every small town Mayor in the country would watch it. You wonder what other skeletons died the day Chief Denardo shot himself because there had to be several more.

        2. Waveland voter on here! Allen railroaded with promises by Mayor Mike!! I’m told Mayor Mike shook Allen’s hand at his home in front of wife and kids three weeks before election and also on election night. Sad and Waveland continues in lies, empty lots and COLDmen Ave. desolate still for four more years.

      2. Appointments were supposed to be done tonight. Meeting two weeks ago was recessed, I think, so they could act on appointments tonight,

  3. I do love this song! I am hoping he is talking about the “big” announcement which is supposed to happen in Pascagoula today. Although, I do not know if it is going to help in the way people are thinking it will. Things are never as they seem.

  4. Here’s another DEVELOPMENT!!!!
    The Bay St. Louis-Waveland School District has a new Business Administrator!!!! This is mid- year since Jon McCraw’s contract was not to end until June 30 this year. Hmmm!!!
    Maybe having to answer to someone other than your sister was too stressful.
    I have a feeling Dr. Reed, the new Superintendent is actually doing her job, and this could give others in charge of our $26 million dollar budget cramps in their stomach too.
    Blue and Gold are the school colors. But Pepto Bismol Pink may become the color for the business office and some of those who govern our tax dollars$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

    1. Had a chance before the holidays to speak with an employee at Waveland Elementary who was very complimentary of the job Dr Reed was doing at that particular location.

    2. Yep you right, a big shake down went down and it is definitely for the good! All administrators was moved for next year! All principals were moved except one. Sandra Reed is doing what she have been done a long time ago! What I have heard they are all handling it pretty well! She had the state come in and observe all classrooms and teachers for input! I think that was awesome! She has no problem asking for help and advice instead of sweeping it under the rug! Some oh I meant to say 2 cannot stand her and when those 2 questions her about every little thing, she has the answer why and reason she has done something! Glad to see that! Bay/Waveland is only going to go forward ! Happy

  5. Charlene
    I do not believe them Ladners are related.

    Did the school board finally vote to go after singleton for his trip to Colorado and others for allowing this?

    As well as Bell and others for the other Attorney expenses they racked up in their hatred for Farve?

    I was told they did this a few meetings back but I have not seen anything in the echo or web pages.
    Not even here.

    Please post if you know anything about this.


    1. Stone,
      I am not sure where the recovery of the Singleton and Bell financials you refer to is at this point.
      What I am concerned about is Bay Mayor Mike Favre’s nomination of a school board trustee, which, according to the Miss. Code has to be done at the first Council meeting in Feb.
      A scene that was related to me that took place at the Bay High Soccer game last week gives me the jitters. Hope Mayor Favre can live up to his name “Ice” and that the Council will support him.
      Could be an interesting meeting to say the least. If it were me, I’d have the Chief on hand.

  6. Sun Herald online article this morning about ” development” in coast cities goes along well with this post, Doug.
    The report on my city, Waveland, unfortunately, is that there is no development to report except what we have on Hwy.90 and 603.
    We do have a dump that the city is allowing on our main thoroughfare, Nicholson Ave.
    occupied by vagrants. Huge eyesore amongst the homes and other businesses from 90 south to the beach.

  7. Developers have to be crazy or corrupt to do business here. Remember the team waste politician party? Fresh cigars had crafted drinks catered by half shell oyster house and a few Hooters girl’s, for supervisors and solid waste members. You have to pay or kiss azz to do business. Small minds and greed. Heard the medical waste group and Ochner’s paid up.

    1. Anybody got feed on Bay Council meeting last night? We could hear but not see??? A Mark F. blasted Council on telephone award with no bid, some specs? and limited info! Sounded? like Ice was getting aggravated and Councilman Josh spent a lot of time defending his choice and not the process being questioned. Then President Reed, I believe, states that State of Ms. offers free IT evaluations if called upon. Coffee grouper this a m discloses that City Clerk previously stated she “worked with this company in the past” and she handled spec process for BSL. No wonder that Mr. Mark F. made such sense outlining a six month “spec outline”. C’mon Ice, this ain’t your way of doing it.

      1. The much touted video system doesn’t work well but if you sign in now, you can watch the mtg but not access the agenda or packet LOL

    2. Bethany,
      Unfortunately, crazy and corrupt will get you a lot of business in Handcuff County, or as Doug calls it Hancock Parish!!!!

    1. Confirmed by Waveland Mayor Mike Smith—Mickey Lagasse will be nominated to serve as Waveland City Clerk. Not to be accused of not liking Mickey, but does he have the credentials that the outgoing clerk had? She was a CPA and had experience.
      Now, Mickey may have all of that. I am not certain of his education and job experience, or what he did for Compton Engineering. Certainly hope so because the City Clerk has a lot of legal responsibilities, lots. For instance reconciling the books of account for the independent auditor to do the annual audit.
      When Paula Fairconnetue was appointed City Clerk in Bay St. Louis, the Council had to hire another auditing firm in addition to the independent auditor, to do the reconciliation of the books, because she couldn’t.
      Just my opinion, but as one who will be contributing to this salary, our officials should have advertised for a Clerk. If Mickey wanted to apply, fine. Political appointments don’t always work out, and I am being charitable.

      1. As one of three Wavelanders in this group and I type for all of us, we’re appalled by the incompetence of selecting a non-certified individual to manage millions of our tax monies. His residency, credit card and smiling face does not make a City Clerk to be. If our Aldermen approves this Waveland will be under a veil of financial and investigative mode worse than BSL. Mike Smith you have truly killed our image of you and your legacy plus lack of leadership for Waveland.

            1. Not sure recall is available. Waveland is a weak Mayor charter. The Mayor may control the agenda but he is also one vote of 5. There have been some tie votes lately, which indicates Mayor Smith has 2 reliable votes given how the previous ties were broke.

              The citizens need to petition their alderman. Lagasse’s name was bandied about in the Bay as CAO but I understand Mayor Farve also got an earful and abandoned the idea so people should contact Mayor Smith too.

              1. I witnessed one of the tie votes that Mike was going to vote on and break the tie this past year. It was for 3 unbudgeted pay raises—2 for –2 against. He said, “I’ll break the tie and for yes.” Rachel Yarborough, City Attorney, spoke up and said,” Not until someone makes a motion to amend the budget. These are unbudgeted.”
                That’s leadership in Waveland from the top. Same thing goes on at Solid Waste, where he serves as a Commissioner.

              2. Doug,

                I am fairly certain the Mayor only votes in the event of a tie. Other than that he doesn’t have a vote.

                A few citizens have made contacts to their Alderman and the Mayor but it seems like since it hasn’t been “officially” announced many do not know. So until it becomes official the concerns may not come out and by then it will be too late.

                I am being told to give him a chance, or let’s see what happens. It all just went down shady in my opinion. No formal posting about out the City Clerk opening even though they were given much notice about previous Clerk’s impending retirement. Then boom!

              3. That’s correct Mikelle. A “weak charter” Mayor is still but one vote of 5 (or 7) depending on the size of the town.

        1. Waveland desperately needs a change of government. Diamondhead is getting a highly educated qualified city manager for less than the $109,000 we are paying Smith. The comparison of credentials and pay is stark ! An educated, qualified City Manager working with a Comptroller who has the same credentials ( which our Comptroller, Duckworth) has, could take Waveland into the 21 th century. We are in a very bad state of affairs, very bad😩$$$

  8. Lana,
    There ya go. Another Lane Duck appointment due to cronyism. He is not qualified. This will soon look like the Filingame Show. More to come. No rhyme nor reason for it other than questionable motives. It should cut off the meals on wheels except now he will be a recipient. Compton has to have him and Andersen.

  9. It is vital for a City Clerk to have accounting experience. Meal Mickey has none. True, Ron Duckworth is still the Comptroller, but he can’t do all the accounting that the City Clerk needs to do. The Good Ole Boy continues in Waveland.

    1. Don’t know what the Mayor and Aldermen have offered Mickey salary wise, but WLOX reported that Diamondhead’s City Manager, Mike Reso, is a graduate of Loyola University with degrees in business administration and finance and a minor in accounting. He has been a private financial advisor, and served for 12 years at St. Stanislaus as Director of finance. With this resume, Diamondhead is getting him for $85,850 a year. With a GED we are paying Mayor Smith $109,000. Don’t know what Comptroller Ron Duckworth is paid, but he does have a degree in accounting from Miss. State.

      1. On e again Ms Lana, the current salary that I receive is $72,000 which was set by Mayor Garcia in 2010. It’s not 109,000.
        I have worked for this city for going on 32 years. Many hats without pay

        1. Once again, Mike, your salary as documented in the budget adopted by you and the Board in September of 2018, is listed as $109,000. Correct me if I am wrong, but that is what the city of Waveland submitted to the Sea Coast Echo as required by law once the budget was adopted. You should approach the Echo for a correction if this is incorrect. Are you paying your own medical benefits and not taking PERS? If so, the paper needs to know that as well as whomever in the City prepared that publication and sent it to the paper. Perhaps that would clear up the difference in the two figures.

          1. Lana, wait until the new salaries are voted on and approved by the Aldermen. Mayor Smith didn’t come back for four more years at $72,000. He is going to up his salary so he can retire, if he truly does after this term like he promised, at the new higher salary since this will be his highest four years under PERS. His run as mayor has been his retirement plan all along.

            1. That is my concern as well. As a matter of fact that rumor, going to bump his salary by $10K, was going around during election time. Problem is we, the citizens, have no say in this. Only the board does. Sadly at least two of them will give him whatever he wants and then he breaks the tie…..Must be nice.

              1. When is the meeting where they vote on salaries? Will they try to sneak this through by adding it to the agenda the day of the meeting? Most controversial agenda items are added the day of the meeting and not published on the city website in advance. That way concerned residents don’t know about it to after it is voted on.

      2. Lana, you base my entire adult life on a GED but just so you know Every course I have taken since 1988, I scored the top of of my class for all of those courses so you have to look beyond the GED not including my completion of the advanced level of certification from Mississippi municipal League as a public official. Not including testing for General Electeic and being offered the position in 1993 and turning it down to stay with the city and I could go on and on

        1. Not basing your life on anything. Don’t know enough about your life to do that. Simply comparing what surrounding municipalities are paying their public officials in cities of similar size.
          My position on the hiring of our new city clerk is not personal. I stated that in my first post. I am interested in the process, and do not understand why my city officials are opposed to advertising for the position to see what talent is out there and who will apply, and why my representatives are satisfied to lower the standards from a qualified person who retired to one who has no background, education or experience for the job. It is my opinion, plain and simple, and I do not apologize for it as a taxpayer who helps fund the salaries and benefits of everyone in city hall, and I base it on the Municipal Clerk’s Handbook for Municipalities in Miss. The desired credentials for this position are spelled out very clearly for the benefit of the taxpayers.
          The advantage of advertising is obvious–no matter who you choose, you will have a pool of resumes for future contact in the event the one you choose leaves us or does not work out.
          This is not rocket science. The whole world does it every day even in government.

          1. Bravo Ms Noonan, well versed. Due to our investments I will not state our names but I assure Mr. Smith the good ole boy politics of he and his cronies will cost his city in developments and he will shortly discover our companies unpleasantness with his lack of broad base searching for quality.

            1. Alliance,
              I have attended a lot, a whole lot of governmental meetings in my life, and I have seen people hired and fired. Waveland is the only entity in this county that does not advertise for open positions. Bay St. Louis, Diamondhead, both school districts, and the county advertise publicly when positionS open. The school districts have Employment Opportunity links on their websites.
              What is wrong with these people in Waveland? They just don’t want to have to choose a cronie over a qualified applicant in public. This is coming down to “how small can we look?” The answer, gentlemen–VERY!

              1. Exactly ma’am. It’s not the bird dog they’re hiring, but it’s the field trials for the best bird dog. We were hoping the level of administration would rise the next 4 years. On the job training, bad past images and public disappointment has plagued Waveland again just like the end of T. Longo’s term. This is just not a sound thought out decision.

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