Dr. Conaway, like you’ve never seen him…..

For many down on the coast there is a real disconnect between the political happenings in Jackson and most of the locals. That is especially true in Hancock Parish, which far more identifies with the state of Louisiana than it does with Mississippi culturally. That doesn’t mean there aren’t locals that are active in Mississippi state politics but what happens in Jackson has always tended to stay in Jackson. Enter Jackson Jambalaya.

Kingfish does a great job covering the Jackson area and one of the places that he adds real value is covering the multitude of state boards, a true shadow government that even successfully resisted Phil Bryant’s best efforts to rein in. Late yesterday Kingfish put the spotlight on the Dental Board which Dr. Conaway currently chairs. That look did not reflect well on Dr. Conaway, who apparently lacks the temperament for the trade as Kingfish’s video of his very bad treatment of a citizen attempting to make public comment on an agenda item at last month’s meeting illustrates.

Here is a very small sampling of how the good folks up in Jackson see the Doc:

He missed his calling as a proctologist. He’s a natural.

Frank Conway is a complete ass.

His conduct is inappropriate…

Those were the nicer observations.

In today’s day and age where anyone with a smart phone can do video journalism, Dr. Conaway would do well to visit with Mayor Ice or Chipper in the Pass to get some lessons about how to conduct meetings without coming across as power drunk.

8 thoughts on “Dr. Conaway, like you’ve never seen him…..”

  1. Did that woman identify herself as a Doctor? Not that credentials make any citizen any more worthy of being heard than another, but what a uppity, condescending attitude toward anyone, but another member of your profession??!! And these Dental Board members are appointed, right? There’s our problem. Unappoint him, Phil.

  2. And the conduct of this Board is a surprise to any Mississippi citizen? All of the “Boards” appointed in this State act the same. Like they are untouchable. They run rough shod on the citizens of this State and are arrogant and self-serving. They do not care about the people of this State. They use these “Boards” to hold Public meetings and do not allow the people to speak. They tell the people when, how, and why they can speak or make them sit down and shut up if they are touching a nerve. Cover-up at its finest. They just want to take care of the good old boys.
    Try getting anything done any of the zoning offices. They have a “zoning board”. I am simply sick of boards that are ONLY used to shut people up. Where are you Mr. Puh-la$$-o? Brown-nosing it with the Trumpster, is my opinion. These boards need to be disbanned and government should be run like it used to be. One person calling the shots….not Jackson and its bunch of minions. One Mayor, One head of Zoning, One head of every agency that calls the shots….not all the positioned political hacks. I would vote for a governor that supported that type of government…..rather than being completely controlled by whichever party is the flavor of the month.
    It is sad that we have come to this. And shame on each board member that sit back and allowed this to occur. It is no wonder that our schools, roads, bridges and education are in such pitiful shape in this State. Vote them all out! And please, will someone qualified to look after the southern part of this State please run for Congressman??? We need help.

  3. P. S. Returning to the one Mayor, one head way of governing makes our leaders accountable, because they can not say “the board voted for it”, where no one is accountable but a “board”. One person needs to lead and decide and be accountable. That is what our government no long has….accountability.

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