Sources: Prominent Local Politician Subject of Indictment Rumors

I have a very reliable source with knowledge of the greater New Orleans political scene that keeps telling me to run a certain name through the PACER criminal section. Knowing this particular politician, who has been featured prominently on these pages through time, neither the rumor (indictment rumors are notoriously unreliable) nor an eventual indictment would surprise me. Since it is a rumor I will not mention any names but I am checking PACER faithfully. Stay tuned.

12 thoughts on “Sources: Prominent Local Politician Subject of Indictment Rumors”

  1. Doug it wouldn’t hurt the coast if they rounded up about half of the elected bozos we have now and threw them in the can….and their good old boy buddies that enable them too!

      1. Assuming we are talking about the same badge wearing former politician the answer is no, but I am told that guy to which you may be referring was made an offer he could not refuse by the DoJ to resign or be indicted.

    1. I would prefer not to say, though Slabbed previous coverage in Jefferson Parish has been extensive. I will say this, we have elections coming this year in both Mississippi and Louisiana, both state and local. Qualifying has already begun here in Mississippi.

      There are rules the Feds follow in indicting someone that is involved in an election campaign as the DoJ is very sensitive about being seen as interfering in an election by prosecuting one of the candidates. That would suggest we should see something sooner rather than later if the rumors are true.

      I’ll add that Slabbed is not the only media outlet that is aware of the federal investigation so rest assured there are plenty of eyes checking PACER and working sources.

      1. It’s not like a person could possibly suspect there is a snowball’s chance that the hot dog cart could be upset by a runaway antique firetruck overloaded with catered fine dining treats for the campaign staff?

  2. You gotta love Handcuff County politics. I spent a good part of my morning in the Tax Office waiting in line with my little number ticket. Room full of people. Two clerks behind the counter with an armed officer??!!! Are we in danger in there? Flu season one of them said some out sick.
    ANYWAY here comes a long standing politico who just announced his bid for re-election. He capitalized on the increasing crowd and began to politic making sure “some citizens at the counter were registered to vote in Hancuff County, and one of the citizens said, “and I am sure you can recommend who we should vote for!”
    The scene was not lost on some of us waiting in the ever growing lines.
    Wonder how many times a day he makes a pass through there to “take care of business?!”

  3. Election Time is when they work hardest! Right now is time to ask for a promise that will be budgeted for if RE-elected.

    Buddy Z said they had money for dredging when he ran. I know because he told me that. Where is it?

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