Municipal Election Day in Waveland

I wonder what the odds are of another tie in the Ward 4 Alderman’s race. I imagine they would be astronomical but it is hard to predict against the recent streak. We’ll update this post with the results after the polls close. Also on tap tonight is a City Council meeting in the Bay.


The incumbents swept the field yesterday. Here are the final results via WLOX. [See also Sea Coast Echo Coverage via Geoff Belcher]

MIKE SMITH 808 57%




MARK KIDD 75 27%

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  1. I am trying to find out ( just emailed SOS, Election Division) if a city employee appointed by the current administration, can serve as a Bailiff in the Municipal Election today. If anyone reading today can let me know, I would appreciate it. It is bad enough, in my opinion, that the husband of one of the current Mayor’s staunchest facebook supporters is the other bailiff. And I like all of them, so don’t even go there. The other night Brenda McComb, one of the city’s election commissioners posted on facebook that she had received a call from a candidate who said that they had issues with one of the persons selected by the Commission to serve as Bailiff, and she said that she told this candidate, “what the Commission does is none of your business.” I would argue that any and everything funded by the taxpayers is our business whether we are candidates or not.
    Will post what the SOS tells me so we will know for the future.

    1. Just heard back from SOS on Bailiff question. The only requirement of a bailiff is that they be a resident and registered voter in the city. However, they did say this particular situation could be better addressed by the Attorney General’s Office or the Ethics Commission.

      1. Update: City employee can work the polls in a municipal election according to Ethics Commission opinion this afternoon, but must be a resident and registered voter in the municipality.

  2. The people spoke loud and clear. Now we have no learning curves, no employees getting moved or fired or quitting and no shortage of things to do. Let’s get to work Waveland. Steal some of your opponents ideas. Economic development was a high priority according to the WLOX article and they spoke about other good ideas I hope get considered. Good luck, congratulations to all and happy holidays. 🤔 On a different note we should pay close attention to the Hancock utilitie authority meeting tomorrow. A couple of board members are trying to shake it up for the worst so that contracting it to fulfill promises made will be possible. Utilitie companies have been lobbying (free hunting and fishing trips for members) for some time trying to get them to privatise. Then we will all watch our waste water cost skyrocket. It’s a countywide concern. I hope Doug will help follow this. They meet on Texas flat rd tomorrow idk the time. I heard the first step is to fire the long time director. Idk what he done its been top secret.

    1. As one of two in our little tribe that lives in Waveland, last night’s status quo is more of the same ole same ole! Coleman Ave is a “don’t know how” mentality in a Republican State…I love these guys but voted for new ideas leadership. 15 years of empty green grass lots is enough. Utility bs, yep couple of mayors and Councilman trying to get rid of Mr. Pitalo. Sad controlling egos.

  3. 22% of Waveland’s total population decided that they thought it was important enough that whoever (or whomever) WOW 22% …. Don’t complain if you don’t vote … over 4,000 registered voters I was told by a candidate, today & there were 1200 votes cast. If you voted, you have the right to bitch & moan for the next 4 years, otherwise SSSSHHHH

  4. Alliance
    I guess you are saying Mayor Ice is going to fire Mr. Pitalo since no other mayor is on this board or councilman is on this board or alderman on this board.
    I call BS
    What proof do you have of this?
    My guess None
    Your ego may be hoping for this but I have read nothing or heard anything that supports your statement.
    Our mayor has yet to show a controlling ego you are speaking of.

    What is sad is that you and a few others can not stand that the mayor and council get along and things are happening.
    Killing you and your ego.

    Just like the ethic complaints that were filed against Ice and council by wells.
    Cost the tax payers thousands of dollars.

    Just like ethic complaints filed against Ice and Foulgoo last year by Oliver.
    Thousands more

    You file charges and give wrong information on your complaint you should be held accountable and pay the city’s attorney fees to defend this BS.

    2 highly respected companies you are accusing of bribing board members with hunting and fishing trips.
    You really believe your own BS.

    This is turning into the jerry springer show.
    Sounds like lying les along with fat raf and the gang.

    Pool man
    Not only electile dysfunction but
    Comments Dysfunction

    And yes Doug please be at the meeting on Texas flat road tomorrow.
    And get us some facts not speculation.

    Please get us some of them fishing and hunting trip booked that are being given away to these board members.

    1. Stone too defensive are you! I live in Waveland I voted! Ice and Council fine with me. Yes we were told Ice wanted to privatize by Wavelander and Mayor Smith wants to save money also, not take trips. Never insinuated anything about controlling by Ice just stating info like you. We too believe this is still a LesLegion of Cryers still stirring pot. Mr. Wells and his Alliance association we think follow Oliver’s annoyance to extreme.

      1. It was B. Anderson who was pushing the hardest to oust Pitalo. I understand he may be connected with the proposed operating company. I believe he eats with meals on wheels Mickey!

  5. Mr. Stone Cold….

    Just a few cents…..if you truly believe that the politicians in this State do not receive free hunting, fishing, and deep sea fishing trips and many other perks, including money, for favors, then please….I have some property in the Louisiana swamps that I want to sell you for you to develop!! (These creeps will turn it into good land for you to use!) This “republican” administration has done nothing but do favors, stick to party lines, and take care of the good old boys. So please don’t waste the time of the good people on this site, by trying to deny the truth of the matter. It doesn’t matter what is good for the people of this State that these idiots represent; if it is other than their party line, they will quickly turn their back on the people and what is right. Fishing and hunting trips? no problem…just another day with the boys.
    It is sad and sickening. BUT, the Bible says that they will reap what they sow. Their crop is about to come in and the Taxpayers of this State are watching.

    1. Charlene
      Wasn’t talking about people in the state taking hunting and fishing trips.
      It was said that the mayors and board are also along these trips and I called BS.
      And if you believe it’s only republicans taking and sticking to party lines than I will sell you that very swamp land for development.

      Yes privatized was looked at to save money and approved by all 6 members.
      That’s their job.
      It seems all 6 of the board members are trying to save money and are looking at many ways of dong so.

      What happened at tonight’s meeting.
      Was unable to attend.

      1. Mr. Stone Cold –
        That is why I put “republican” in quotes. There is no longer a true Republican Party. I guess I should have put “politicians” 🙂

        1. Just happened to notice Charlene that your comment is the 51,000 comment left here at Slabbed. Thank you for being in that number.

          1. I’m happy to be part of that number Doug. I wish more of our Coastal residents would take part in reigning in this rogue government instead of looking the other way with their hands out. So many good people post here and do their part to expose crooked politicians and their waste of OUR money. Though we are few in number, I feel like we can make a difference! Or at least let them know that someone is watching them.

  6. Interesting that Charlene points out the political party of many elected officials in Hancock County. Was not many years ago when the majority were Democrats, same people-different party. The current Democrats in the county, state and country also tend to vote party line to protect their party’s interests. (Go spend some time in Jackson)
    It is what it is, and most politicians will make time out of their schedules to discuss topics of interest with contractors when it is on their dime and doing what they enjoy doing anyway.
    Not saying it’s always right, just the way it goes.

    1. Anyone who thinks party affiliation at the local level has anything to do with results is not paying attention. They don’t vote on party issues just local issues that may benefit them to move to the next level. Follow the huntin/fishing/free meals and you can predict votes and decisions!

    2. CF – the Dems that changed over only did so because they didn’t want to be left out of the BP and Tideland funds that are being passed around so freely. If you notice – David Baria didn’t jump over to the other side. He has integrity and is one of the true Blue Dog Democrats. The problem with the “Republican” party as it now stands in this State is that the real Republican Party no longer exists! Refer to the latest election when a Democrat changed over to a Republican to get elected.
      It is all about the money. Follow the money. Most politicians in this State will sell out for a chance to grab some of the big dollars floating around on this Coast. Most people just don’t realize what is going on behind their backs. The Tidelands fund is just another way of diverting funds to the good old boys who donated campaign funds or are part of the “entitled few”. Believe me….the money is being funneled down to the intended source.
      All that being said….as we knew it in the past, and as the party that I voted with in the past, the true Republican Party no longer exists. It has been infiltrated with money grabbers and carpetbaggers. There is a glimmer of the old Democratic Party, and I am paying attention to where they are going now because we desperately need integrity, honor, and God back in politics. So, I wait….and watch.

      1. David Baria left the State Senate to run for the house seat vacated because he was told he was going to be the next Speaker. The Republicans won the House and ruined his plans. He did not show any “integrity” by staying a Democrat, only looking out for himself and his political ambitions. His plan did not work and now he’s stuck in the House with no chance of a leadership position. All he does is grandstand in Jackson and accomplish nothing so don’t give me that crap about him. Learn more about people before you degrade some and praise others. Your shallow story isn’t the half of it.

        1. David Baria doesn’t like white men or traditional American values. This can be argued but he has no political future outside the snowflakes in the artsy crafty world. They should name Main Street BSL Lib Lane!

  7. Hunting and fishing trips are normally very discrete. Must be leaked by a guest for us to know. Some are dumb enough to post the trips on Facebook sometimes. Look at the more bolder form of bribery. Just follow Meal Man Mickey after a county supervisor meeting. The politicians follow him straight to the troff like a bunch of baby pigs. He pulls that Compton credit card out and pays every time. That’s why Compton engineering can do no wrong, never held accountable. The piglets most fed are: Bo Ladner, Eddie Farve, Blaine LaFontain, Timmy Kellar and a few more I don’t know by name. It’s a traditional Steve Seymour started with contractors, you must pay to play in Halfcock County. It’s probably the most corrupt county in the state.

  8. You hit the nail on the head. You can find them in the Kiln eating after some meetings. Bo uses his position to hussel dirt work just like Steve Stealmore done for years. A dirt hauler struggles in this county if you’re not connected with a politician.

    1. Yes Byrdman true! But we’re being directly told from other Dirtmen is that a Bay Councilman buying a dirt property off Bayou Lacroix to go into the business? Connects and secret info makes certain few in the know only. Maybe he and Bo can team up. Just not right.

  9. Who ever doesn’t believe Compton/Mikki is buying lunch from elected officials just doesn’t eat out for lunch. After any and every meeting Mikki goes to, someone’s being fed for benefits.

    1. Has anyone ever seen Compton Engineering held accountable for bad advice. No. Not from Waveland or the County. That is the reason for Meals on Wheels Mickey.

  10. Mr. CF and Stupid Is –
    It is my opinion that you are both wrong about David Baria. But we can agree to disagree and still be friends. I feel that he is a great leader. And everyone in Mississippi (except of course the racists and bigots) are tired of hard-working people being treated unfairly – no matter what the color of their skin. If you work hard and pay your taxes, then you deserve to be treated fairly and like everyone else. Mr. Baria is probably fed up with the “white elite” ruining this State. Because Mr. Baria chooses to help all people, is no need to talk bad about him. He would have been and still is a wonderful asset to our State. Because he is not part of the good-old-boy network does not make him otherwise. And remember (we sometimes forget), our job is to love each other on this earth and live according to the words of the Bible. No where in the Bible does it say anything about mistreating people, shunning people and judging people is our business. Not one of us should hate people because of the color of their skin or their lifestyles. That is God’s job alone. So if your problem with Mr. Baria is because he supports all people, may I suggest that you think about it. I can not fault him for treating everyone fairly and working to help the less fortunate.

    1. Agree to disagree, but your impression of Baria couldn’t be further from the truth. Watch him grandstand in Jackson and switch his vote after legislation is passed for reelection fodder. Reminds me somewhat of the West coast elites who sit in there comfortable world and tell the rest of us how we should run our lives.
      He is part of the good ole boy system in this state, as it has been run by Democrats for far longer than it has by Rebuplicans. I lived in Hancock County for many years and thought it was the center of universe as well, but when I was exposed to the politics of the entire state I quickly realized how things work here. (As much as one can actually understand it) Baria is worried about himself more than anyone else. He gets his marching orders from people of his party from all over the state.
      Yes, there is a good ole boy system and it’s not always used for the betterment of all people.
      It’s also easy for us to criticize all of the elected officials as we tap on our screens but we control who they are every election.
      Anyone that runs for public office these days is a little bit crazy to do it in this day of instant information and cameras everywhere. Very few consider the toll it takes on the elected officials family as they are often scrutinized daily while trying to live a normal life.
      No, I am not an elected official, and am smart enough to have no ambitions for that life either.
      As a well known person in this state told me “I thought D.C. was screwed up but it has nothing on Jackson”

        1. Mr. CF
          Thank you for your response and I will certainly continue to watch and scrutinize all public officials. I recall that Gene Taylor was sold out by his constituents when he crossed the aisle and worked with Miss Pelosi to get a bill for the Coast concerning insurance after Hurricane Katrina. Instead of Taylor’s people finding out the full story – they turned against him and let Pul-ass-o and his uncle capitalize on that as a reason to get rid of him. They worked the people into a frenzy because he voted with Pelosi before anyone knew what was going on. Taylor was the best that we have had on the Coast and he cared about his people. But because he voted with Pelosi so that she would bring his bill to the the table for us – he was booted out. WE let HIM down. People don’t care enough to find out the entire truth. They just want to sit at home and complain and listen to lies from the grapevine.
          I do watch the legislative sessions and pay attention to what goes on. What you forget is that Mr. Baria is fighting a heavy”republican” house and senate. He has very little help to get anything passed and I am sure his tactics are to repay some of the ridiculous stunts they pull against him also. He is the minority up there. And I don’t see how he can be one of the good old boys. Sure, he has to work with them all to some degree, but I don’t see him as one of the “elites”. He is with the wrong party!
          But all of this is moot if EVERY PERSON does not get out and vote out the trash that has slithered in and ruined our State. They are siphoning off money that should be used to better our resources, roads, schools, etc. The only way they should serve more than one term if is they show results to their constituents. They should have to give reports to the people – just like the way employees are graded on their performance in most jobs. Please tell me what Pul-a$$=o has done for this state??? His position is bought and paid for imo. So what good is he to his people? He refuses to have local meetings with his people. Why is he still here? Because people are too lazy to get out and vote – that is why. NO employer would put up with his type of output.
          It appears that even if one of these politicos kills someone that they will still be elected. What do they have to do to get the peoples’ attention? Our past state auditor was fast to arrest secretaries and janitors for stealing paltry sums of money all the while watching the really big crooks robbing the coffers blind while he ignored Judges orders. None of the big boys were ever sent to jail, fined, or paid for the wrong they had done. Only a few “token” employees were arrested and punished. Heard anything about the Anthony case? Me either….gone and forgotten. And I could go on.
          All of this rambling is to say that I am ready for a change….any glimpse of someone who might can help us and change what is going on in our State would be a welcome sight to me. I am still hoping….and watching.

  11. Haha! Yes h is. In his political world he is King. He leads those that want more free services, gender phobes, Andover all feel like victims in every situation. He is pro get rid of ice stop enforcing border laws. He has Anti Trump mantra. Illegals may be his next vote to elect him.

    1. He is believer in the Ruling Political Class. Pay him his salary and superior benefits and he will take our money and direct it to those he needs most the poor and chronic victims as sees it in his vision and the rest of us will follow for a handout. He said it repeatedly white men make his blood boil. He was endorsed by Pocahontas and y’all want to pick on Hyde Smith? The left is humorous.

  12. The Waveland taxpayers put out a nice little chunk of change tonight at the Mayor and Board of Aldermen meeting beginning with a hefty Claim Docket for a city of a mere 7,000: $589,815.31. No discussion, not one question asked.

    Item no. 12 on the Agenda was a consulting fee to Eddie Favre for Governmental Consulting work for the Gulf Shore Properties vs. City of Waveland—$12, 562.50—no discussion.

    Item no. 15. Mickey Lagasse, representing Compton Engineering presented for approval Change Order no. 3 from DNA Underground for an increase in the contract price regarding an expanded Scope of Work for the Herlihy Street Area Sanitary Sewer Improvement Project in the amount of $234,410.00 to add 900 ft. of new sewer line to Edna St. approved– only real discussion between Lagasse and City Attorney.

    N0. 16 conditional approval of Amendment No. 1 to the Standard Form of Agreement between City of Waveland and Compton Engineering for Additional Engineering Services regarding the Herlihy St. Area Sanitary Sewer Improvements to provide design, RPR and Contract Administration for Edna St. Sewer Extensions contemplated in requested and conditional Change Order No. 3 from DNA Underground in the amount of $36,333.55. City Attorney again only one questioning Lagasse.

    The Grand Total was $873,121.36—MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

    1. Lana

      If you would have been at the December 5th meeting, you would have known those topics were thoroughly discussed in length at that meeting. The Board instructed Public Works Director, Brent Anderson and Comptons’s Mickey Lagasse to get the final figures for this meeting for approval.

      1. So, are you chastising the taxpayers for not being able to attend every meeting? Perhaps that clarification could have been stated last night by our elected officials. Doesn’t change the bottom line, however.

        1. I’m not chastising anyone for not attending the meetings. I’m just stating the fact that you should not accuse elected officials of not discussing items that have already been discussed in detail at the prior meeting.

          1. They did not ask one question about a claim docket presented to them last night of over a half million dollars. I am not “accusing” them of failing to discuss. I am stating the fact that they did not discuss it. It is what happened.

              1. Alliance for facts:

                Did the City Attorney say something about it being a service as opposed to a purchase?
                Let’s check that out as soon as I escort Santa out of my back door.
                I do not understand why the Bay cannot resolve their IT issues. They have been “discussing” them for 3 years!!!
                These government bodies are an enigma for sure. The Board of Supervisors and Waveland do little to no discussing, and the Bay discusses everything to death, and does almost nothing. And hold your breath when these lawyers say, “I’ll research that for you!” $$$$$ Especially one with no contract!!!!

      2. These items were not on the December 5 agenda. May have been discussed during Aldermen comments as was written in the Sea Coast Echo.

    2. Business as usual in Waveland!

      Gulf Shores Properties vs City of Waveland is a suit over the water ordinance and water bills. I can’t find it on any agenda where Eddie Favre was hired as a Governmental
      consultant. Don’t the Aldermen have to vote to hire him before he can submit an invoice for payment?

      1. Waveland Tax Payer,
        Who is duing who? Is the city the plaintiff or defendant?It’s a shame we have to call Scotland Yard to find all this out when we are paying for all of it. That is why the State Supreme Court ruled on Sept. 7, 2017, no more Executive Sessions titled simply ” litigation.”
        Public bodies have to be more specific about legal matters so the folks who are footing the bill ( that would be us) can know what’s going in!

        1. Waveland was being sued.

          On another note, the bids came in for the proposed Community Center at MLK Park on Herlihy St. Another Compton debacle! The sealed bids to build the Center were 42% higher than Mean Man Mickey’s estimated cost to build the Community Center. The Alderman from Ward 3, after defending Compton’s inability to come close on the cost of building anything in Waveland, didn’t have anything to say.

          The armpit of the Coast, Waveland, and its inept processes continue, and after the swearing in on Friday, there won’t be any stopping them for four more years!

          1. The Alderman from Ward 3 was defending Compton after a citizen questioned Compton’s ability (not inability) to set a cost for a project. Compton was way off on the Lighthouse and last week, they were over $100,000 off on the MLK Park Community Center. Compton said it would cost $326,000 to build and the three bids came in at $466,000 – $486,000. Why do the local governments continue to do business with Compton? Oh yeah, fishing trips, hunting trips, and free meals!!

          2. Can’t wait to see what the new “salaries” are going to be for the next four years.
            By the way, Compton Engineering does have an engineer on staff. Why does Mickey Lagasse always represent the firm? He even stated twice at the last meeting when asked about the Edna St. work and one other change order that “in his opinion” the change order was valid. Why don’t our city officials require Compton to send in their “engineer?” Nothing against Mickey personally, and I could be wrong, but I don’t believe he is a licensed engineer. His and a licensed engineer’s opinions could be light years apart.
            At our Ward I meeting last Fall, the Mayor stated, and I quote: “In every construction project the city gets involved in, we always end up getting burned.” I asked why, and who is supposed to be looking out for us. I still don’t have an answer. His answer was something about even firemen can get burned trying to put out a fire???!!! I have had more people who were there ask me what in the world did that mean in reference to my question. Totally unreal.

            1. Ms Lana. Just to clarify, My statement was that almost every project during a previous administration 8 years ago, the city got burned by a different engineering firm. I also stated that I was a fireman at that time. Not fireman getting burned.

              1. No, Mike, with all due respect, that was not your statement. Mickey even came and sat next to me and said whatever the city would want him to do, he would be willing to. Your statement was heard by more than just me. We have to find out how to stop getting ” burned.” Those of us who heard you can’t all be wrong. If you want to change your statement now, that’s fine, but we know what we heard. It’s troubling.

              2. Mayor Smith buys into the Mickey Cool Aid! Free Lunches etc…..From the county to Waveland Compton has em wrapped up just like their Christmas Presents. If it were not true they would pass a resolution to not accept gifts or gratuities from vendors!

              3. Mr Mayor, I and one other here who twice voted for you I must clear my thoughts. It seems to many that Compton thru Mickey dictates workage and engineering which we find suspicious. Meals, lunches, trips seem commonplace. Actual statements being heard is that Mickey planned and coordinated your victory party with the good folks at Da Kitchen. Sir, you’re a good public servant please stay focused and away from “same old, same old”! Let’s start a new Waveland sir for the next four years with integrity not home cooking.

              4. Alliance

                Thank you for supporting me in both elections! And for the compliment on being a good public servant. That means a lot because I try very hard to be. I assure you that I have never been offered any type of trip or anything else by Compton. I don’t hunt and only have about 30 hours on my 11 year old boat. As far as meals, I normally do not have an opportunity to eat lunch but when I do it is mostly either with my wife or Mr George Mcann. Him and I literally argue over who pays. My wife never argues with me over that. While in the fire department, we would not allow the firefighters to receive discounts on their meals nor did we accept any. The wonderful people at Da Kitchen approached me and my wife about closing the restaurant on a week night to have a meet and greet. Which we did and then I told them that if I won I wanted to have the after party there. Which I believe most if not all paid for their own meal. Chiniche eng is doing our sidewalks for Waveland Ave and wagoner eng was used for the police station. Compton was used for the beach bathrooms and the city wide sewer project as well as the MLK community Center. The last change order was at the cities request to add additional sewer line on Edna st to remove those residents from the grinder system and put them on gravity fed sewer. Which eventually we would like to do for every household on a grinder pump.
                We have found it better to use local engineering firms because they can be contacted directly if a resident has an issue and it is corrected right away.
                As was the case earlier this week on longo st. A resident had an issue and Compton was contacted immediately and it was resolved. They are all held accountable by myself and the Board.
                I have been blessed to work with honest and caring board members and look forward to working with them this term as well. Again thank you for you support and confidence. If there are any concerns or questions, please contact me. 228-493-6643

  13. In BSL the Citizens of Ward 5 got pissed on and told it was raining last night when Buddy Z motioned for a variance approval that had overwhelming citizen input against it! WOW, he rarely makes a meeting and when he does he has no support for his ward. He had no reason stated for voting against the citizens in his ward. Business as usual for Ole Buddy. He worked like a trojan for Les to stop Mr. Harding and anyone else they didn’t like. Maybe a golfing trip was all it took.

  14. I hear Josh, JB and LF might be running for county supervisors. Anyone know what Tommy Carver is running for? And how can EF rake in 100k with the full time county job and work consultant for Waveland and who knows where else???? Sounds like the Bill Carriage scandal that happened in BSL. Is that why he is never at work? Only in Halfcock County. Chanel 8, Lee Zurick help….

    1. Hmm. Are you talking about Josh DeSalvo, or Josh Hayes? Jerry Beaugez and Les both live in Dustrict 4, I think. That would necessitate Scotty not running for re-election because I don’t think either of them could prevail in a race against Scotty. Not sure what District DeSalvo is in the County, and Hayes may not be cognizant of election boundaries considering what happened in our City Election in Waveland!!!

    1. Sometimes the validity of those rumors from Watering Holes depends on how much ” water” has been consumed😂🤣.
      Thanks for the heads up.
      Time will tell.

  15. Fillingame would probably make a good supervisor. I don’t think he hunts, fishes or plays golf. And he eats lunch with his wife daily. He wouldn’t be purchased quite as easy as some. The Bay paved more roads, purchased more safety vehicles and built more amenities than ever before including present. The marina, the hall, rebuilt downtown, fire stations, ladder trucks, new police cars, paved several roads in my neighborhood ect…. I realy believe he would have gotten my canal dredged if reelected. He would have my vote.

    1. What hall are you crediting Les with building? The Community Hall in the Depot District? That was built entirely bh Rotary International. The project was spearheaded by an SSC alumni, Dr. Bobby Warner, who wanted to do something for his hometown after he visited the area after Katrina. It was a gift to the city. I attended the kickoff party! Not a Les project.

  16. Timmy, you may want to investigate your claims of Fillingames success. It’s so funny I bout choked swallowing my tobacco juice. You’re a coolaid drinker from way back, are you a Jonestown survivor? You sure sucked Fillingames coolaid down. I heard he is in Gulfport selling shoes, leave him alone, that’s a good job for him. Telling fat girl’s how good the shoes make them look. He’s probably the top salesman. Hahaha

  17. Filingame was a fiscal disaster! Missing funds, corrupt police, buddy n Jerry strong arming their enemies with unethical behavior, building permit fraud, unqualified building dept, law suits out da whazoo, Raff billing wantonly, giving city services away to employees and friends, trying to get in the dumpster business, co mingling funds, delequent on insurance causing lapses in coverage, did I miss anything?

    1. Concerned,
      You missed the destruction of the Police Dept. And the current administration is letting the taxpayers continue to pay insurance on a Police Station they cannot use because of the condition Les left it in. They should surplus it or fix it but not continue to burden the public with insurance on it.

    1. They have an obligation to have a Police Dept. and a station out of which it can operate. They have taken up space on the 1st floor of City Hall for Police operations, so it is time to do something with the old building or surplus it. Currently it is nothing more than a liability. Nothing of value to the public.

  18. Whole Lotta Rumors and BS being spread this Holiday Season.

    Alliance, Phone Service
    This is a service, does not have to be bid out.
    It was stated in a couple meetings that they all received the same and current information and checked the system out.
    Ice and Clerk has stated that over $100,000 would be saved over 3 yrs.
    All is legal.
    Services does not have to be bid out.
    Now you can wine that proposals were not the same or your buddy didn’t get it or the council’s friend didn’t get it but again everything is on record how this went down.
    $100,000 Savings and some not happy with that.
    Thanks Ms. Sissy for doing your job and saving taxpayers money.
    Some can’t handle it because of egos and it wasn’t their idea or control of the outcome.

    Lying Les and his puppets was a financial disaster.

    Hope this was the Holiday Joke of the year.

    We do need to move forward on a new police dept.

    1. In my opinion, the old PD needs to be torn down. So far my money has been used to move the PD & it’s computers to the Fire Dept. What was the total cost involved in that? Then, when they couldn’t play together, in that HUGE building, we moved the PD to the City Hall. What’s that total cost?

      1. Ward 1 here: Fire and Police coexisted for years on Old Spanish Trail great together. Though I mostly agree with Ice, cramming them in to CH in a small small space is a discredit to these men and women. They should have stayed in Fire Dept, plenty room and we’re told they liked it. Two officers in Fire Dept Administration. Sad egos!

    2. Stone,
      Just for the record and food for thought— just because a public official and one of his employees “state” something at a meeting, doesn’t necessarily make it a fact. I do hope Mike and Sissy’s figures on the phone service are correct, but Mike should know better than anyone since it was “stated” at a meeting when he was Councilman-at-Large that the Council spent the DOJ money. He was, in fact, the most vociferous in debunking that remark, and subsequently the DOJ themselves verified that the money had been co-mingled into the General Fund by the Mayor and his City Clerk.
      As I said, hopefully these figures are correct coming from Ms. Gonzales and Mayor Ice, but it never hurts when Council puts the pen to the paper as well. That is their legal responsibility and the oath they took to represent the taxpayers.

      1. Along those lines I saw Gonzales quoted recently by the Seacoast Echo where she assumes the role of spokesperson for the FBI on the Denardo payroll fraud matter. Knowing the FBI neither comments publicly on their investigations or authorizes small town City Clerks to speak on their behalf, I thought it was silly she’d even say such things and yes, the City absolutely needs to pursue Patricia Denardo’s bond.

  19. For dispatch and shared services it seems to be a nobrainer but I don’t know much about other than Filingame debunked it when he blew forfeiture money and let the PD Building go into despair. Now the problem is where it is. They are fizing problems one at a time from the Gilingame/Raff hangover!

  20. Doug,
    Elected Officials do not like to eat their own unless they are running against them. BSL was left upside down with law suits unanswered, money misappropriated, comingled etc…still no Bonds were called in.

    1. Ward 5 here Stupid! You and Ms Lana so right.. Especially Favre plus Falgoo and Boudin blew every whistle they could, then left the file etc. on a silver tray for them. City Clerk and certain new Councilmen won’t cause it might end up implicating their buddy LyinLes. No guts hush hush.

  21. Mayor Smith,
    Perception is reality. When meals on wheels Mickey shows up at every table with elected or appointed officials it becomes perceived reality that it benefits Compton. As well, could you point out any instances where they were held financially accountable for a $$ Mistake? It is not possible that they are perfect and never make a mistake. Hence, this is where the Christmas gifts and meals come into play. If it ain’t you, then it is someone under you. Make a city resolution that gifts and gratuities are prohibited along with the punishment for breaching it. Then it will be slowed down.

  22. Stupid
    I do believe BSL received $50,000 from dinardo’s bond.
    And have heard the administration say others are being looked at as well.
    Slowly working on them.

    Also hope they are correct with savings of $100,000 on the phone bill over 3 years.
    Would have a hard time believing Ice would make this statement and give the quotes with the cost of this service to council and no one called bs on him.
    Just saying.

    Ms. Sissy collected $50,000 from a apartment complex that was not being charged correctly on their utility bills and hear others are coming soon. Hear that the condos on court street just got hit for incorrect billing as well and was on the last agenda crying about it and lying les is part of that homeowners association.
    Who was responding for these bills being billed correctly?
    These bonds should be called in also.
    Les Kolf Katherine Candee
    Rate increases may not be needed if everyone was paying its own fair share.

    Agree with all that we are in desperate need of a police station. Hope they start one soon.

    Some thoughts kicking off the New Year

  23. $87,860.31—that’s the pocket change Compton picked up last night at the Waveland Mayor and Board of Aldermen meeting. That was approved in one fell swoop items (b) through (j) under no. 17 on the Agenda, and surprisingly enough with no comment from Mickey even though he was in the audience.

    The fiasco with the Planning and Zoning Commission was more like an episode of Seinfeld with a man on Vacation Lane who was approved for a 900 sq. ft. building, but somehow changed his mind to need 1,080 sq. ft. and that got ultimately approved. Only problem is the notice to the neighbors was for 900 sq. ft.. You had to be there. Oh, my, gonna be a long 4 years. Later in the meeting all of the members of the Planning and Zoning Board got reappointed. No, not joking.

    State Senator, Phillip Moran gave a report on the upcoming State Lottery and its limitations. Then he got thrown a curve ball by Ward 4 Alderman, Piazza, who asked Moran if he would be willing to introduce legislation for Open Primaries in Miss. “After all,” Piazza said, “our neighboring state, Louisiana, has been doing it for years.” Wish Piazza had gone a little further and said Louisiana also does not pay their state officials Insurance benefits and retirement. We would have had to sedate Phillip at that point for sure. He stumbled around saying he would have no problem with Open Primaries. My question is “why haven’t you introduced it before now if you have no problem with it?!” DO NOT HOLD YOUR BREATH ON THIS ONE.

    Still waiting on the completion of the Lighthouse Project—Now almost a month behind schedule.

    A woman by the name of Pamela LaFontaine was nominated to do Human Resources work for the city. Ward 3 Alderman, Shane LaFontaine recused himself and left the room for the vote. She is married to his Uncle. We’ve moved on from” Seinfeld “to “All In the Family!”

    Planning and Zoning Board all got reappointed. As I said, you had to be there!!!

    Another nearly half million $$$ Docket got approved with little to no discussion. $451,790.18.
    But all is not lost. We are getting a dog park and 37 palm trees. I believe the dog park will be near the Police Station. A grant with no matching funds required. Guess we’ll just maintain. You know those grant funds don’t hang around long. Palm trees coming out of beautification budget. All of this will make life so much better for the folks in the annexed area.
    No mention of WLOX being at City Hall shortly before the meeting doing a story that appeared on their 6:00pm report last night on the still undeveloped Coleman Ave.
    Meeting recessed until Jan. 16, at 6:30.

      1. The City Attorney, who was advising the Board by phone Wed. evening, said the person being hired was related to Shane in the 3rd degree, which is a conflict, so Shane recused himself and left the room. He’ll have to do that for the budget and maybe even the docket each month too as I believe her pay may have to be lifted out of the docket as a special item so he doesn’t have to vote to approve. I think that is what they do in the Bay for Buddy Zimmerman’s sister who is secretary to the Mayor and on the School Board where Vicky Arnold’s daughter is a classified employee. Small communities where so many are related complicate these things sometimes.

        1. That is not what the City attorney said. She said there is NO conflict because she isn’t a blood relative and the only conflict is if she is hired as City Clerk, Deputy, Officer or Stenographer. And due to the job description, no conflict exist. He recused himself by choice. The City attorney has said he doesn’t have to because there is no violation of the law or ethical violation. This was a Mayor’s recommendation for hire and the Mayor and Alderman Lafontaine asked the City Attorney to do a thorough check, which she presented to the Board via phone. He asked that it be stated for the minutes that there is no conflict. He can vote on both the budget and the docket, per City Attorney.

          Why do some of you continuously come on here and post half truths and one sided stories. Obviously the majority of the voters in Waveland were happy with the last 4 years, as that was shown in the election results. They are an honest board that do whatever they can to help the residents of the City. I’ve seen that first hand as I have only missed a handful of meetings in the last 8 years. Maybe some of you should spend your time looking at the positives instead of trying to find something you think is negative and telling half the story to try make them look bad because you aren’t happy that the one you supported didn’t win?

          1. I apologize if I posted something incorrect,Raquel. It was difficult at best to understand the City Attorney over the phone.
            But for the record, I don’t post half truths. Just go by the Agenda as to what happened at the meeting.
            And for the record, the current Board and Mayor did receive the majority of votes cast, but the majority of registered voters in Waveland didn’t vote. Not unusual. Happens everywhere–
            Voter apathy. Just in keeping with discouraging half truths here.

  24. Lana, im gona take it that Mayor Smith did not want to motion no gratuities and gifts from vendors. Even though he claims to have not ever taken anything! I still think he should motion no gifts or gratuities from vendors more than $5! With penalties! Let’s see it may spread to other municipalities and counties!

    1. I am concerned about the low surety bonds for the City Clerk, Police Chief, Fire Chief, and Superintendent of the Utility Dept. Only $50,000????

    2. It’s already in our city handbook about gifts And gratuities can not be accepted by employees It has been there for quite some time. We are working on live streaming the meetings also so everyone can see the true representation of what is said and approved. When projects are being done and nearing completion payments have to be made and some of those payments can be high which the dockets look high. But to add a truth here, grant projects gets reimbursed. The city pays the payments and submits for reimbursements which are on the agenda as well. But that is never mentioned on here.
      As far as Ms Pam, it was totally my request to hire her for Human Resources because she is good at that and payroll. Not because of any relation to anyone. The city atty researched it and found that it wasn’t a conflict and had stated that in detail especially since We knew it would make it on here. I offered the memo to anyone that wanted it.
      Everything is open and honest and transparent as has been and I really wish people could be more positive we all deal with enough negativity as it is.

      1. I think I made myself clear in my post, Mike, that these things are common in small communities where so many are related. Let’s start dealing with some real issues that have been in limbo for too long, like infrastructure in the annexed area, the enforcement officer getting on top of some really ugly issues in neighborhoods, and now one on our main thoroughfare, Nicholson Ave. and the development of our downtown. That should keep us busy, and we’ll address the others as they arise.

      2. The Waveland Attirney has a skewed thought on conflict. Maybe she just doesn’t understand like Raff. Her husband sits in in her abscence who
        Is the county attorney. All to keep the cash flowing to them whether it benefits the tax payer or not. Elected officials are employees as well. Anyone with purchasing authority and all employees should sign an affidavit each year that they did not take, get or otherwise benefit from their position. We all know public works, billing, and utility get bennies!

        1. Concerned,
          I have been thinking again about Shane recusing himself the other night and not voting for his cousin to work for the city in Human Resources, I think it was.
          His wife posted that the City Attorney stated over the phone that there was no conflict. So, why did he recuse himself? Does he not trust the Attorney’s opinion?
          The wife also said he will be able to vote on Ms. LaFontaine’s pay each month and in the budget. But won’t that be somewhat conflicting too since he refused to vote for her to have the position to begin with by leaving the room. How can he now justify voting on her pay in the dockets and budgets. Vicky Arnold and Buddy Zimmerman do not vote on anything pertaining to their relative’s employment. Of course they are closer related, but again if Rachel told the Board there was no conflict, wonder why Shane didn’t feel comfortable with that? Hmm?

          1. Lana I don’t think you would be happy with anything that they do. Now you are trying to start crap with Shane and City Attorney. You love stirring the pots!! My opinion on you is you need to get a life or put your name on the ballot next election since you aren’t happy with Waveland ,Bay St. Louis or the School Board!!!

            1. And the flip side of that is you are happy with anything they do. To each his own.
              Wonder if Shane would have recused himself on a tie vote?!

            2. Happy,
              It may seem that way to someone who is connected to the people mentioned but it takes scrutiny to keep them in line. It really in a lot of cases just slows it down. In most cases the they are not knowledgeable about the decisions they make or don’t seek advice or do any research. Questioning is a hallmark of American Government.

              1. Stupid,
                I could be wrong, but it would not surprise me to find out Happy or someone close to them is on the dole–tax payer funded salary and insurance!! Thus the anonymous screen name “Happy!”

            3. Lana, keep doing what you are doing. No one else in Waveland has enough guts to write the truth about city government. No city official, elected or appointed, should be free of criticism if they don’t represent the citizens appropriately and handle taxpayer money the same. The Ward 3 alderman wants to spends money on sewerage on Edna St where he lives, but gives the police trouble every time they make a request that protects the citizens. When you run for office and get elected, you are open game for criticism. It comes with the paycheck! I’m sure I’ll get a nice response from his wife now.

      3. Is an offshore fishing trip out of Biloxi in the Waveland handbook also. Is that an acceptable gift? Nice pictures on your FB page Mayor Smith of your catch and the quote about it being your first offshore trip. Yes, I know you took down the pictures prior to the election. Who paid for that offshore trip? I know you didn’t. My bet, Compton. Didn’t that trip correspond with the MML meeting in Biloxi? What about the trips to Grand Isle? Also, who traveled with you to Washington, DC to fight the deobligation of the bladder tanks? No other than Meal Man Mickey. What did he pay for on that trip? Do you think that everyone out here believes that you never take a meal or a trip. Especially from your main funder, Meal Man Mickey. Some of us just aren’t that stupid.

        1. Don’t worry about the wives, Susan. You know what Bill Clinton said when he ran, “you’re gonna get two for the price of one! Uh huh huh huh!” Good ole slick willy.

  25. Mayor Smith will not do it because it is a job supplement for his underlings such as b Anderson. Why pay em when vendors will. He just looks the other way n says yea let’s do it! Fact not fiction. It goes on with the county as well. Just look into Bo Ladner. Demolition business with benefits!

  26. The county supervisors and staffers are the worst for accepting gifts. They follow meal man Mickey around getting free lunches and vacations from contractor’s. Some get other perks. They should all have to disclose anything they receive and sign affiliated. The higher you get the bigger the perks. Blane LaFantian isn’t wanting the Senate job for the pay. They can’t help it, Eddie leads them around like goat’s on a rope, he trained them, heard he stayed free for 3 years in the Hollywood campground after Katrina. What’s that worth? 100k??? I also heard the casino received free permits and street lights on private property.

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