Municipal Election Day in Waveland

I wonder what the odds are of another tie in the Ward 4 Alderman’s race. I imagine they would be astronomical but it is hard to predict against the recent streak. We’ll update this post with the results after the polls close. Also on tap tonight is a City Council meeting in the Bay.


The incumbents swept the field yesterday. Here are the final results via WLOX. [See also Sea Coast Echo Coverage via Geoff Belcher]

MIKE SMITH 808 57%




MARK KIDD 75 27%

18 thoughts on “Municipal Election Day in Waveland”

  1. I am trying to find out ( just emailed SOS, Election Division) if a city employee appointed by the current administration, can serve as a Bailiff in the Municipal Election today. If anyone reading today can let me know, I would appreciate it. It is bad enough, in my opinion, that the husband of one of the current Mayor’s staunchest facebook supporters is the other bailiff. And I like all of them, so don’t even go there. The other night Brenda McComb, one of the city’s election commissioners posted on facebook that she had received a call from a candidate who said that they had issues with one of the persons selected by the Commission to serve as Bailiff, and she said that she told this candidate, “what the Commission does is none of your business.” I would argue that any and everything funded by the taxpayers is our business whether we are candidates or not.
    Will post what the SOS tells me so we will know for the future.

    1. Just heard back from SOS on Bailiff question. The only requirement of a bailiff is that they be a resident and registered voter in the city. However, they did say this particular situation could be better addressed by the Attorney General’s Office or the Ethics Commission.

      1. Update: City employee can work the polls in a municipal election according to Ethics Commission opinion this afternoon, but must be a resident and registered voter in the municipality.

  2. The people spoke loud and clear. Now we have no learning curves, no employees getting moved or fired or quitting and no shortage of things to do. Let’s get to work Waveland. Steal some of your opponents ideas. Economic development was a high priority according to the WLOX article and they spoke about other good ideas I hope get considered. Good luck, congratulations to all and happy holidays. 🤔 On a different note we should pay close attention to the Hancock utilitie authority meeting tomorrow. A couple of board members are trying to shake it up for the worst so that contracting it to fulfill promises made will be possible. Utilitie companies have been lobbying (free hunting and fishing trips for members) for some time trying to get them to privatise. Then we will all watch our waste water cost skyrocket. It’s a countywide concern. I hope Doug will help follow this. They meet on Texas flat rd tomorrow idk the time. I heard the first step is to fire the long time director. Idk what he done its been top secret.

    1. As one of two in our little tribe that lives in Waveland, last night’s status quo is more of the same ole same ole! Coleman Ave is a “don’t know how” mentality in a Republican State…I love these guys but voted for new ideas leadership. 15 years of empty green grass lots is enough. Utility bs, yep couple of mayors and Councilman trying to get rid of Mr. Pitalo. Sad controlling egos.

  3. 22% of Waveland’s total population decided that they thought it was important enough that whoever (or whomever) WOW 22% …. Don’t complain if you don’t vote … over 4,000 registered voters I was told by a candidate, today & there were 1200 votes cast. If you voted, you have the right to bitch & moan for the next 4 years, otherwise SSSSHHHH

  4. Alliance
    I guess you are saying Mayor Ice is going to fire Mr. Pitalo since no other mayor is on this board or councilman is on this board or alderman on this board.
    I call BS
    What proof do you have of this?
    My guess None
    Your ego may be hoping for this but I have read nothing or heard anything that supports your statement.
    Our mayor has yet to show a controlling ego you are speaking of.

    What is sad is that you and a few others can not stand that the mayor and council get along and things are happening.
    Killing you and your ego.

    Just like the ethic complaints that were filed against Ice and council by wells.
    Cost the tax payers thousands of dollars.

    Just like ethic complaints filed against Ice and Foulgoo last year by Oliver.
    Thousands more

    You file charges and give wrong information on your complaint you should be held accountable and pay the city’s attorney fees to defend this BS.

    2 highly respected companies you are accusing of bribing board members with hunting and fishing trips.
    You really believe your own BS.

    This is turning into the jerry springer show.
    Sounds like lying les along with fat raf and the gang.

    Pool man
    Not only electile dysfunction but
    Comments Dysfunction

    And yes Doug please be at the meeting on Texas flat road tomorrow.
    And get us some facts not speculation.

    Please get us some of them fishing and hunting trip booked that are being given away to these board members.

    1. Stone too defensive are you! I live in Waveland I voted! Ice and Council fine with me. Yes we were told Ice wanted to privatize by Wavelander and Mayor Smith wants to save money also, not take trips. Never insinuated anything about controlling by Ice just stating info like you. We too believe this is still a LesLegion of Cryers still stirring pot. Mr. Wells and his Alliance association we think follow Oliver’s annoyance to extreme.

  5. Mr. Stone Cold….

    Just a few cents…..if you truly believe that the politicians in this State do not receive free hunting, fishing, and deep sea fishing trips and many other perks, including money, for favors, then please….I have some property in the Louisiana swamps that I want to sell you for you to develop!! (These creeps will turn it into good land for you to use!) This “republican” administration has done nothing but do favors, stick to party lines, and take care of the good old boys. So please don’t waste the time of the good people on this site, by trying to deny the truth of the matter. It doesn’t matter what is good for the people of this State that these idiots represent; if it is other than their party line, they will quickly turn their back on the people and what is right. Fishing and hunting trips? no problem…just another day with the boys.
    It is sad and sickening. BUT, the Bible says that they will reap what they sow. Their crop is about to come in and the Taxpayers of this State are watching.

    1. Charlene
      Wasn’t talking about people in the state taking hunting and fishing trips.
      It was said that the mayors and board are also along these trips and I called BS.
      And if you believe it’s only republicans taking and sticking to party lines than I will sell you that very swamp land for development.

      Yes privatized was looked at to save money and approved by all 6 members.
      That’s their job.
      It seems all 6 of the board members are trying to save money and are looking at many ways of dong so.

      What happened at tonight’s meeting.
      Was unable to attend.

  6. Interesting that Charlene points out the political party of many elected officials in Hancock County. Was not many years ago when the majority were Democrats, same people-different party. The current Democrats in the county, state and country also tend to vote party line to protect their party’s interests. (Go spend some time in Jackson)
    It is what it is, and most politicians will make time out of their schedules to discuss topics of interest with contractors when it is on their dime and doing what they enjoy doing anyway.
    Not saying it’s always right, just the way it goes.

  7. Hunting and fishing trips are normally very discrete. Must be leaked by a guest for us to know. Some are dumb enough to post the trips on Facebook sometimes. Look at the more bolder form of bribery. Just follow Meal Man Mickey after a county supervisor meeting. The politicians follow him straight to the troff like a bunch of baby pigs. He pulls that Compton credit card out and pays every time. That’s why Compton engineering can do no wrong, never held accountable. The piglets most fed are: Bo Ladner, Eddie Farve, Blaine LaFontain, Timmy Kellar and a few more I don’t know by name. It’s a traditional Steve Seymour started with contractors, you must pay to play in Halfcock County. It’s probably the most corrupt county in the state.

  8. You hit the nail on the head. You can find them in the Kiln eating after some meetings. Bo uses his position to hussel dirt work just like Steve Stealmore done for years. A dirt hauler struggles in this county if you’re not connected with a politician.

    1. Yes Byrdman true! But we’re being directly told from other Dirtmen is that a Bay Councilman buying a dirt property off Bayou Lacroix to go into the business? Connects and secret info makes certain few in the know only. Maybe he and Bo can team up. Just not right.

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