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  1. Well, the citizens of Waveland put out a nice little chunk of change tonight at the regular meeting of the Mayor and Board of Alderman.

    The Claim Docket alone was $589,815.31

    Then there was the approval of an invoice from Eddie Favre for Governmental Consulting pertaining to the matter of Gulf Shore Properties vs. the City of Waveland in the amount of $12, 562.50. That seemed strange to me as to why the City Attorney couldn’t handle that for us?? No discussion by Board and Mayor.

    Mickey Lagasse of Compton Engineering presented a increase in the contract price and expansion of Scope of Work for the Herlihy St. Project in the amount of $234,410.00–approved.

    Mr. Lagasse then presented an amendment to the Standard Form of Agreement between City of Waveland and Compton Engineering Services regarding Herlihy St. Project and contract administration for the Edna St. Sewer Extension, Change Order no. 3 for DNA Underground for a cool $36,333.55.

    The Grand total for the evening is $873,121.36. All done in a little over 60 minutes with little to no discussion.


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