@CindyHydeSmith acts out on twitter and is now being #ratioed to hell…….

Words We’re Watching: ‘Ratioed’ ~ Merriam Webster

Ratioing (yes, it’s really a word) is common enough on Twitter that it has its own hashtag: #ratioed (also really a word). It refers to the negative response that a tweet gets.

Welp folks, evidently you can take the girl outta Lincoln County but you can’t take the chaw outta her mouth:

This led me to wonder what, if anything, Melissa Scallan had to do with that tweet since she runs Coms for Hyde Smith. While her time as an editor for the Sun Herald is best described as undistinguished, I never figured her for one that hated the media given her background. Whoever thought using Cindy Hyde Smith’s twitter account this way was a good idea is clearly a cyber-simpleton. Now for some reaction which shows how badly Smith has been ratioed:

These were the nicer responses folks. It will be nice to see a candidate possessive of more gravitas emerge in 2020 to challenge Hyde Smith in the primary.

27 thoughts on “@CindyHydeSmith acts out on twitter and is now being #ratioed to hell…….”

    1. The election is over, Mike Espy is not in the equation. Congratulations Concerned, you elected a moron for your Senator.

  1. Completely agree Douglas. I am up in Maine visiting my son and the people that found out I was from Mississippi ask me if Mississippi still racist 🥴

  2. Some people are chronic victims. Words mean little actions speak volumes. But it was a democratic election and she won. Take Espy’s position. He graciously conceded where most dems did not. I hope he gets a good appointment out of it. He appears to be concerned about Mississippi and is not going to repeat his misdeeds. Just sayn! Don’t be mad vote.

  3. Mississippi elected a racist moron. Excellent way of luring business to the state. Tourists will be paying top dollar to see a real live bigot.

  4. The left is always angry. The Flag, Racism etc. is going to doom everyone but they still coming. Tourism is up our economy is up unemployment is down. The left needs to quit trying to put a man in a womens restroom and get real agenda items.

  5. The left may always be angry but that piece on the Slabbed ticker says males Trumpies have problems erecting their peckers. May explain why all the young people are liberal these days.

  6. They all aren’t liberal. That’s one problem with the left you want package everyone who disagrees with you as a “Basket of Deplorables”. Being white and male is not a bad thing. It’s worked ok for me over 62 years.
    Get real agenda items and quit whining. Cindy Hyde Smith, Nancy Pelosi etc are all women it hasn’t hurt them..
    Again, get real agenda items not this hate rhetoric that y’all spew and act out. It is getn you nowhere fast. Criers and whiners are losers!

  7. Throughout the election I was often confused. I wasn’t sure who was running against Epsy—Donald Trump or Cindy Hyde-Smith.

    The voters got what they wanted. A mouth piece for the party and nothing will change for the better.

    1. The agenda items were already on the table and she spoke of them during her campaign. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that she was riding the Trump train and has no interest in changing anything in MS. We will still remain at the bottom of the barrel. Exactly and literally where Phil Bryant likes to be.

      These were two weak candidates. I would have been displeased with either one.

  8. IMHO the donut eater did as a poor job for Racoon Smith as she did at the Sun Herald and the DMR. Piss poor. The Donut Eater returns to the chaos at the DMR next week Raccoon Smith is dumping her like a hot potato. Rumor is that the DMR has upgraded her wide screen TV to a HD version so she can watch those tigers lose. Not much else she is qualified to do. Aside from ignoring all state personnel laws the Cake Eater has allowed another Rupblican Guard member to get special treatment. The Babylonians are excerpt from all law. My contacts at DMR have left in front of another impending scandal. I’m not going to comment until I have proof that will hold up in court as is my nature since I have been told Jesus Davis is conducting a criminal investigation of me because I am expressing my Constitutional rights of free speech. According to him those rights are only guaranteed from Arian Republicans. Hey Doug can you be a sweet and check your contacts at the DMR. I am hearing all kinds of rumors about secret accounts. Undercover cars trucks to use over night and drop the kids off. Undercover boats to torture the commercial fishermen with. The new CMR has an agenda also. The two used car salesmen have an agenda and with the help of Penalope they intent to achieve it. Meanwhile Christmas shoppers are looking for bargains on used lost handguns. The search continues.

  9. OK
    Mississippi is racist because we didn’t elect Espy and he is black.
    Or comments hurt one’s feelings 🤣😗😝

    So now I ask all the self righteous morons how many black senators are there in Washington?
    But Mississippi is racist for not electing one🤡🤡🤡

    Now we are on the bottom of everything because we are racists?
    Or elected a white woman.
    I believe if you check we were probably on the bottom way back when we had 2 democratic senators.
    And Alabama is right there with us on the bottom.
    You may ask what do we have in common?
    The 2 highest % of black population in the good ole USA.
    Coincidence? I do not believe.

    Again if Mississippi is so racist than why do they stay or come and make it home?

    Mississippi Smith 😇 or
    California Pelosi👺
    Smith 😇 and Trump all the way.

    So now I guess I am racist. 🖕

    1. Is Mississippi a laughing stock because he didn’t elect a black man or because we elected a lady that likes to play dress-up in confederate civil war uniforms and talk about public hangings? My personal viewpoint is to accept the latter as true because the former is nothing more than false victim hood. Own your vote Stone Cold instead of blaming the loser for what people think.

      This much is true. Hyde Smith lost republican votes from the November 6 election while Espy gained votes. Her lackluster margin of victory insures she will be facing a primary challenge in 2020. It’s needed, she is a bigger fluffer than Palazzo.

      Did anyone else notice Point Park mentioning that Scallan is reclaiming her old job at MDMR? I thought seeing an interview with Ms. Scallan a few weeks ago where she was telling CHS’s side of the story while wearing her LSU finery was surreal to the point of being weird. While I’m as hip to the Tigers as much as the next guy, the optics sure looked strange in a Mississippi Senate race.

    2. Yes and mush more…bigot, selfcentered, and blind. However, I am impressed how you defected and detracted from what came out of CHS mouth. Can’t take the confederate hat off. Can’t take back the mocking of lynchings in Mississippi. And statements about suppressing votes by “liberals”. What I got from her campaign was only white Ayran Republican Christians have the right to vote in Mississippi. And for the record I didn’t like Espy. But he didn’t talk about hinging white people (inference taken), didn’t dress up in a Klan outfit or mock suppressing the Republican Guard vote. Apples fall where they fall.

  10. Yes and I used a little hyperbole to address her mockery of state personnel rules. Of the cake eaters ignorance and of Amoeba Spraggins militrizing of a once helpful agency that has put public service in the rear view mirror. Politics, politics and more politics. All science is now creationism at the DMR. Look at what the charter boat commissioner is doing. Putting the commercial fishermen out of business while proposing that he get a pass so he can sell fish commercially. Not making this up. All this and more can be found in the public minutes found on the DMR web page. Once a used car salesman always a used car salesman. Of and Mr. CCA Khrushchev had a more open mind. Hyperbole. I play lose with charterization as you do with the facts. Meanwhile Santa is expected to toss a few lost hand guns off the ole sleigh. The hunt continues.

    1. PP – I thought that all of the Commissioner bunch was supposed to be cleaned out. All are gone (I believe) except for Mr. Gollotte. Why is that? The commercial fishermen are not happy. They all have to report fishing information. He is the only seafood dealer that does not have to report what goes through his factory to the State or Federal government. Do you have any intel on this? Who would have this information? The Marine Resource Division? Is there any way to view this information?
      Why wasn’t this Commissioner replaced when the rest of the boat ride, birthday party, and Alaskan trip Commissioners were replaced when the Feds busted the DMR. Wasn’t Mr. Gollotte on any of those boat rides? I am sure that there are photos floating around that could put that question to rest. I wonder if it is because his cousin is one of our State Senators?? Can you shed any light on this issue??

  11. A few points to consider:
    1) MS has had largely Republican leadership over the last few decades, but, solely Democrat pretty much before then….has the percentages in all of the categories you guys like to pull off Facebook memes gotten worse or better???
    2) Not all of MS suffers from the same shortcomings, does anyone know the area of the state that has the worst numbers? Do you know who the representative is in that area? How about his race or political party choice? js
    3) If it is so easy to forget Espy’s past; why doesn’t the same stand for Smith?
    4) Since when did private schools become known as “segregated academies?” There are MANY private schools in the state and I do not believe any are segregated. My children attend a private school and there are several races that attend, but, it is definitely majority white; so, do my kids attend a “segregated academy” that could eliminate them from holding public office? BS
    5) Why aren’t any independents making it to the ballot? If our only choice is between a perceived crook or a babbling idiot…….well, the numbers show exactly what a struggle it was.

    I should stop there…that’s already enough to make the Clinton list!

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