@CindyHydeSmith acts out on twitter and is now being #ratioed to hell…….

Words We’re Watching: ‘Ratioed’ ~ Merriam Webster

Ratioing (yes, it’s really a word) is common enough on Twitter that it has its own hashtag: #ratioed (also really a word). It refers to the negative response that a tweet gets.

Welp folks, evidently you can take the girl outta Lincoln County but you can’t take the chaw outta her mouth:

This led me to wonder what, if anything, Melissa Scallan had to do with that tweet since she runs Coms for Hyde Smith. While her time as an editor for the Sun Herald is best described as undistinguished, I never figured her for one that hated the media given her background. Whoever thought using Cindy Hyde Smith’s twitter account this way was a good idea is clearly a cyber-simpleton. Now for some reaction which shows how badly Smith has been ratioed:

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