Ethics Commission Dismisses Open Meeting Complaint Against Bay Mayor and Council

They sure did folks involving two separate incidents, the first involving the Delta water contract and the other involving lunch with developer Jim Macphaille at his restaurant 200 North Beach. This document is not yet online at Mississippi Ethics so Slabbed’s readers get the sneak peek.

Click to Obtain 6 page pdf
Click to Obtain 6 page pdf

I am aware of several other ethics complaints that have been made against the City, I suspect each is very close to a resolution. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Ethics Commission Dismisses Open Meeting Complaint Against Bay Mayor and Council”

  1. A lot of wasted money for these witch hunts.
    Would like to know how many thousands the city spent on these false accusations with miss information sent in to the ethics commission.
    Poor Mr. Wells being used and given false information to send in.
    Ice and council getting along and working together but some just can not handle it.

  2. The Council and Mayor are doing well. Hoffman and Zimmerman don’t show up. This should be a topic of discussion. Kidd and Wendy did it. It can’t just be get elected get a check n medical insurance on the taxpayer but apparently it works that way. Buddy told many people that s why he is running.

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