Mid-term election special: Trumpy and the Wingnuts got their asses kicked

Just not quite as bad as Bush did in 2006 or Obama did in 2010 but an ass kicking is an ass kicking. Ironically the reason Obama got his ass kicked in 2010 seems to have come around full circle:

Red-State Voters Opt for Obamacare – Mattie Quinn

Making sure the working poor have access to health insurance pays for itself, unlike tax cuts, and the unwashed masses appear to have figured this out. If you believe exit polling and I think there is a kernel of truth to what the exit polls found last week, health care ranked number 1 on the list of issues that were most important to those that voted. In Arizona, Wing-nut Senatorial Candidate Martha McSally resorted to lying about her record of trying to gut access to health insurance in a vain attempt to run from her past votes on that issue. You wonder who the hell these Wingnuts thought they were representing trying repeatedly to increase the ranks of the uninsured over the last two years but it wasn’t their constituents. Back to healthy workers being more productive, from Quinn’s article in Governing magazine linked above:

While the price tag of Medicaid expansion can come with some sticker shock, independent analyses have found that states often save money by insuring people — there are fewer instances of uncompensated care, and people are healthier when they have insurance. According to a 2016 report from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 11 states experienced some savings from Medicaid expansion.

2016 studies showing healthy populations pay for themselves are fine and dandy but is there more recent data? How about from next door in Louisiana:

Medicaid expansion created 19,000 new jobs in Louisiana, according to study ~ Marcia Clark

Phil Bryant’s mishandling of this issue will be the biggest stain on whatever legacy he leaves the state and the refusal of Phil and the GOP to take Medicaid expansion to cover the working poor has contributed to some very real problems in Mississippi such as community hospitals breaking under the weight of having to eat the cost of uncompensated care along with the sheer human misery of not being able to have sufficient access to the health care system.

It is against this backdrop that an idea from the far left has gathered significant traction even among the right wing:

70% of Americans now support Medicare-for-all—here’s how single-payer could affect you ~ Yoni Blumberg CNBC (August 2018)

A new poll found that a majority of Americans support a radical change to the US healthcare system – Bob Bryan Business Insider (March 2018)

With Democrats talking Medicare for all while Republicans sloganeer about socialism while telling silly lies about Denmark the contrast could not be more stark as attention already turns to 2020, where the Senate map is much friendlier to the Dems. In 2016 the Trump lost the popular vote by 2.1% but pulled a squeaker out of the electoral college by taking Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania by a grand total of 80,000 votes. Trump’s party didn’t do so well in those states in 2018 and lost the total popular vote by over 7% nationwide. At this point all the Dems have to do is let the uncouth Trump and his band of supporters be themselves to set up 2020.

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  1. Doug I don’t want Bernie’s liberal Health-Care bill for all. What I would like is for all Americans to get a good education and get a JOB. We have some Americans that have been on the Governments TIT for 3 generations. I read the article ” 70 % of Americans now support Medicare for all and it said a lot of Sanders bill is unclear.” Another comment was “It’s not clear to what extent those savings are politically feasible and socially beneficial . What I don’t want are a bunch of Democrats and Socialist providing my health-care.

    1. David the problem here is not only does the empty sloganeering “Bernie’s liberal Health-care bill” solve nothing, the people without access to Health insurance right now do work but can’t afford the cost of insurance coverage which destroys the rest of your argument. Those same people could sit home and ostensibly qualify for Medicaid but then you’d be bitching about the freeloaders.

      For example I think the people that work for Thomas Genin at the Blind Tiger not only have dignified employment for which they need not be ashamed, they are as deserving of health insurance and access to health care as you and me. That is what expanded Medicaid is about.

      The US ranks number 1 in the world on the amount of money it spends per capita on health care yet we are the only country in the industrialized world that does not provide access to health care for all of its citizens. The numbers are not even close. Of course we are also the only major country that puts for profit health insurance companies in the equation as middlemen. You may not have respect for your tax dollars David but I’m tired of being ripped off. Most of this country feels the same way which is why these polls are finding clear majorities do not wish to maintain the status quo (and why the wingnuts in more moderate areas of the country got their asses kicked). The refusnik, do nothing mindset about health care is why the Dems are killing this issue nationwide.

  2. Doug,
    Clarify sentence 1 in the third paragraph of your post, please. If we are “spending” more” per capita” on health care than any other country, how are we not providing “access?”
    The discussions I hear on both liberal and conservative media reveal that those working Americans who have ACA insurance are up against it because of the high deductibles. If we could work on that area of health care, to me that would be a place to start. That is where people (working) are losing.
    With regard to “for profit health insurance companies”– If we are the only “major” country that puts the private, “for profit” insurance companies in the middle, what other, not so major, countries do this?
    Health insurance is not the only insurance that needs an overhaul. The amount of $$$$ we spend on home, car, etc. is also high, and believe me, you would never wait until you were in an accident or your house burned down, to approach one of them to insure your “pre existing condition.

    1. Per capita means the amount spent for every man, woman and child aka everyone. In its simplest terms per capita health spending would be the total amount the country spends annually on health care divided by the population. It is the way you get an apples to apples comparison between countries.

      Access to health to health insurance (or in my shorthand health care system) means possessing it. This is not a question of high deductibles, this is a basic question of having insurance. In Mississippi last year somewhere around 20% of the population had no health insurance. States that took Medicaid expansion have uninsured rates about half of that amount.

      So let me ask you Lana, how is it in a country that spends more per capita (by far) than any other country on the planet not manage to cover everyone? Based on what we spend we should be the most insured healthiest country on the planet where everyone can go to the doctor anytime they need to. It clearly illustrates the magnitude to which we are being ripped off.

  3. Health Care: Those of us that have it want to keep it. Those of us that don’t have it want someone to supplement it for them. Many of these same people find money for cigarettes and live an unhealthy life style and some just don’t work and don’t care. Others have lost health care and were willing to pay for it but pre conditions prevent them from getting it.

    The question is who pays for who. Do selectively healthy people pay for selectively unhealthy people. Do non smokers pay for smokers. It all starts and stops with who pays, who gains and who loses on a individual level. I have had several acquaintances that brag that with the OBAMA Care they would enroll have surgeries performed and then leave the system. The problems are plenty but the answers are not.

    Personal responsibility is something that as Americans, we are losing, to the thought that someone is owed something by someone else.

    Ronald Reagan said if you have a problem…. if you get Government involved it will get worse!
    He also said, If it exists we tax it, if it moves we regulate it when it stops moving we fund it!

    This seems to fit the issues of this situation in many ways!

    1. The entire point to insurance is to spread risk, not cherry pick it. The Government gives you taxpayer provided Medicare and they do a fine job of it, just like they do fighting fires and many other things. Sometimes, as states that took expanded Medicaid are finding out, its a true win-win as the numbers indicate.

      Is it possible scapegoating the working poor is the way greedy folks justify their greed Concerned?

      Having a higher paying, better job than what Thomas Genin provides is not a matter of personal responsibility in my opinion. Personal responsibility is getting up everyday and going to work, especially at jobs that do not pay much, which is why I personally don’t scapegoat anyone that works, especially those that have the lower paying service jobs that seem to predominate the economy these days. I personally also do not begrudge them having insurance.

        1. The pittance retirees pay for their Medicare comes no where close to paying for the coverage. Given that the Republicans now suddenly love trillion dollar deficits that make Obama’s years look like child play, Medicare is projected to go broke in 8 years.

          At the end of the day we’re all in this together but the first step in solving a problem is to acknowledge it. All this talk about socialism and personal responsibility is beyond counter productive. If we can’t solve the problems in our health care system in a way that benefits everyone, including the uninsured, I’m personally in favor of letting it crash so a solution is forced.

  4. Doug I’m also tired of being ripped-off. We just have a different mind-set. Every person in this country can go to the ER and get health care. I also don’t believe Americans can afford another 32 trillion dollars after 8 years of Obama doubled our national debt. About the election. I believe the Repubs increase in the Senate. The reason they lost in the House was because mot races were in liberal districts.

    1. The ER is the least efficient way to treat health care problems which is part of the reason we spend so outrageously.

      The Repubs increased in the senate and that was no surprise to anyone who followed the news. Your analysis of the house races reeks of Koolaid my man, just ask former congressman Dave Brat.

      1. Doug, the ER is not the least efficient when you are having a full blown heart attack, or have been in a life threatening accident, and you are uninsured.
        Ask some of these hospitals about their maternity wards???? Not just the ER in peril. And pregnancy is not an emergency under ordinary circumstances.
        Do you support health care for citizens and legal immigrants only?

        1. That’s true Lana but that is not what David or I was talking about. People without insurance must go to the ER for everything including bad colds, the flu, ear infections etc etc etc. It is the last place you want those kind of patients who can be seen for a fraction of the cost at a local doctor’s office.

  5. U.S. News and World Report story by the Fraser Institute– in 2014 and 15 over 52,573 Canadians crossed the border seeking health care services in the U. S. Canada has a health care system but it is not entirely free–dental, ambulance, and prescription drugs are not covered. They are out of pocket or a combination of public programs and private insurance. There are long waiting lines for life threatening illnesses–8 month average. Canadians wait an average of 9 weeks for a necessary procedure AFTER seeing a specialist.
    Does ours need tweaking? I am on board, but when over a half million patients are coming to us to escape their government run health care system, I am paying attention.

    1. That’s true Lana. Canada has the worst wait times of all the industrialized countries. According to the Frazier Institute Switzerland (a universal health care country) has the best wait times to see a specialist, far better than the US. Switzerland is also No 2 on the list of per capital health spending, behind the US by a couple of thousand dollars so they deliver that service cheaper.

      1. All I am saying is however our elected officials tweak it, I want my doctor making the recommendations on my health care, not my Senator or Representative. And, I would want that for all as well, not just myself. Let every professional wear their own hat for the best outcome. Just my two cents.

      2. The Switzerland program sounds very similar to what we have through IBM and our Social Security. But, they allow providers to compete nation wide for business. They are not confined to states or cantons, as they are referred to there.

        1. The private sector has a role in Switzerland and Germany. There are for profit hospitals scattered across Europe as well.

          Several years ago PBS ran a multi-episode program on the various universal systems out there. No country does things exactly alike and the private sector can still have a role with products like wrap around coverages, supplements and even writing primary coverage.

          The US has a buffet of real life, tested options to choose from. If Trump wants a second term one way he could get there would be to work across the aisle to fix the mess that both parties have had a hand in creating. This is where resistance Democrats have Trump under estimated because the man can cut a deal when it serves him.

          1. One of the things President Trump advocates is opening competition across state lines as in Switzerland. Why the resistance to that I don’t know. He wanted to scrap Obama Care and start over, one vote killed that. I wonder what percentage of American taxpayers would be comfortable with the government making their health care decisions exclusively. Congress approval rating is so low now that I can’t imagine anyone buying into that.

            1. The insurance industry has an anti trust exemption. We covered that particular topic in depth back in our early days.


              Brian Martin still reads us and was there working for Gene when the affordable care act was passed. Brian’s work on insurance started after the coast was hosed on wind-water coverage issues after the storm. Maybe he’ll be moved to chime in.

    1. Part of living in a community comes a responsibility to pay taxes to deliver services. If I can get a service for less, like the rest of the world is doing with universal health care, I’m all for doing it for less with more people covered. Why do you want to pay more for less?

  6. That is the basic problem a large amount of people only enroll when they need it. Affordability has been an issue since modern civilization. Med Care is now at the forefront. I want it cheaper but I’m a diabetic, high blood pressure etc. I pay an increased premium because I didn’t live a good life style. But is it your responsibility to offset that. I am an insurance expert. There is a thing called adverse selection. That is wanting coverage when a peril is imminent.

    Fair and right are not always the same.

    1. Let’s apply your logic and solution to Medicare shall we:

      1. People that do not benefit from the program that are paying the tax, that tax should be immediately eliminated on those wages.

      2. Medicare premiums should be raised to the point where the program pays for itself.

      3. Seniors that can’t afford financially sound premiums are out of luck and simply go without.

      That would not be my preferred solution but at least all the freeloading is out of the system right?

      1. Seniors pay a lifetime of taxes. Dead Beats are the free loaders. Much like Switzerland is to the world. They supply nothing to world hunger or defense.

        1. The seniors obviously aren’t paying enough or Medicare wouldn’t be going broke. Worse, the program depends on people who are not drawing any benefit whatsoever for taxes as well. Worser still, old folks represent the worst of the medical risks. Why should anyone younger pay for a senior’s lifetime of smoking and bad eating habits?

          Medicare is 40% of the federal budget. All the other welfare programs you complain about put together do not even come close to the money we throw down the black hole of Medicare. Freeloading is freeloading Concerned and Medicare is freeloading according to the definition you gave earlier.

          You’d think the baby boomers would not want to leave such a mess for their kids and grandkids to clean up but that is clearly not the case far as I can tell.

          1. Not free loading is a choice most people don’t make. I personally make that choice. People need to pay for their problems. Becoming 65 there is no choice. Collecting disability and working for cash, being illegally here and not paying is a choice, being a dead beat nonprofit is a Choice. Being a progressive is a choice. Being afraid is a choice. Not contributing where you can is a choice. Even being successful is a choice. Success is where you want it to be. Happiness is relatice.

            1. Paying labor cash under the table is freeloading and enabling freeloading for gain. If I need sod laid I pay a contractor or 1099 someone to do it. I do not hire migrant labor for cash and hurt the legitimate worker. It is an on and on thing. Most don’t Veiw it that way if they benefit!

              1. Generation Snowflake, or Snowflake Generation, is a neologistic term used to characterize the young adults of the 2010s as being more prone to taking offense and less resilient than previous generations, or as being too emotionally vulnerable to cope with views that challenge their own.

              2. I’m glad you brought up the younger generations because I’ve seen this Fox news inspired meme about them being snowflakes way too many times. You do understand these are your children and grandkids to which you are referring Concerned. Or is it just everyone elses kids?

                From their standpoint that generation was asked to fight a war based on a lie (Iraq) and a quagmire in Afghanistan all while their elders bankrupted the country running up $178,000 (and climbing) in national debt per US Citizen.


                To that generation the baby boomers are nothing more than a bunch of old, angry misers that shit in their nest spending money they don’t have. Talk to one instead of forming your impressions of our young people off of Fox News. You may be surprised and perhaps even motivated to look in the mirror.

            2. The bad choices that preceded 65 are the problem Concerned and not one of y’all should expect those that are younger to pay for those bad choices. They should have thought about it well before then. After all this is the standard you apply to everyone else so it is not unreasonable to expect the same from others.

              As far as people taking cash and not paying taxes, my experience doing taxes is people that pay cash do so because they think they are getting a service for cheaper than they would from someone who played by the rules so it is a two way street. The best part, and I guess the part (I’m guessing the people that take cash haven’t shared this with you) is that by actually claiming these meager incomes typically results in cash back on the ol’ tax return via EIC. I’ve personally never been quick to judge others that way because unless you seen someone’s else’s tax return, you have no clue whether they evaded tax or not. I can see where that mindset would help you justify being a cheapskate when it comes to dividing the pie but you are assuming way too much about others.

              1. I watch my buddies do it every day! Unreported in one problem but indeed one of the problems with SS and other government programs. It also holds down wages and other benefits that may come with a lack of option to cheat. It is American and universal to try and cheat the anonymous tax system. I don’t. As a result, I was audited and was guided to get a deduction I was not or my CPA awhere of that resulted in a substantial refund. That s just me. But now it is being abused from the bottom to the top and according to progressives thoughts heading to socialism. I’m glad I grew up when I did and hard work and sacafice paid for the life style I wanted.

              2. It is not and individuals choice , legally, on how much tax they pay. It is only their choice on how much they earn.

              3. Levels of taxation, trimming unaffordable giveaways like social security and medicare or choosing to insure everyone are political decisions.

                Republicans got crushed among young people — taking just 32% as compared to 67% for Democrats among those aged 18 to 29. But it’s more than just the youngest segment of the electorate where Republicans are struggling. Among voters aged 18-44 — at 42 years old myself, I’d say that includes people who are no spring chickens — Democrats took 61%, while Republicans got just 36%.

                Younger folks know you boomers will be as extinct as dodo birds soon enough. It is why the Wingnuts got their asses kicked last week. If they turn out even better in 2020, the Democrat margins will only grow. For those of us that are the youngest of the baby boomers, we aren’t fooling ourselves that social security and medicare will even be there due to out of control spending and tax cuts for the wealthy so I see my interests aligning with the younger folks here.

              4. Mr.Handshoe you need to do more research before you make inaccurate statements and lump people together. There is good and bad to be found in every generation. It looks to me like you have an agenda……..

              5. More research? I simply wanted to see if these so called conservatives would take the medicine they prescribe for others. The answer I’m getting is not just no but hell no. Did you notice in the unsupported comment by concerned that you amen’d that Concerned race baited in assigning the cause of our national debt? A reasonable person would conclude that three rounds of tax cuts and 2 unpaid wars over the last 18 years are the reason for our spiraling national debt rather than out of control racial reconciliation spending. That stuff is straight out of Lala land.

                The irony of the baby boomers, of which I am one, spending tax money like drunken sailors and blaming the Mexicans for being broke is rich indeed.

  7. Chris Conover, as reported by Forbes, offered the following statistics on American health care going to unauthorized immigrants:
    In an interview with Dan Gorenstein, a health care reporter for National Public Radio’s Show Marketplace, the following statistics were revealed:
    1. Current policy is to prohibit federal tax funding of health care to unauthorized immigrants through either Medicaid or Obamacare.
    2. Nevertheless, rough estimates suggest that the nation’s 3.9 million uninsured immigrants who are unauthorized, likely receive about $4.6 billion in health services paid for by federal taxes, $2.8 billion in health services paid by state and local taxpayers, another $3.0 bankrolled through “cost-shifting” i.e.. higher payments by insured patients to cover hospital uncompensated care losses, and roughly $1.5 billion in physician charity care, and $0.9 billion in implicit federal subsidies due to the tax exemption for non profit hospitals and another $5.7 billion in tax expenditures from the employer tax exclusion.
    All told, Americans cross-subsidize health for unauthorized immigrants to the tune of $18.5 billion a year. Of this total federal tax payers provide $11.2 billion to unauthorized immigrants in 2016.
    That’s a cool $18.5 billion. Imagine what that could do for working Americans who are having trouble finding affordable health care and meeting high deductibles.
    I would say, “build the wall while we tweak the system!” Good grief.

    1. I’m not big on denying health care to anyone, whether it is a US citizen visiting abroad or a visitor here. The undocumented immigrant angle does not light my fire Lana. What does is not being able to find anyone to lay sod this past summer.

      1. They are not being denied health care here. Just listed how much we are paying for it annually. By the way, we always cut our own grass. Now our boys do it for us!!

        1. Overseas they will bill your health insurance company if you have one and hope its pays. Care is not denied, even if it becomes uncomepensated. There are biblical references to showing charity to travelers, so it must be good public policy IMHO.

          1. And we have lived up to that Biblical reference in a big way here in the USA through our obligation as taxpayers to the benefit of not only those entering our country, but through our aid to other countries, building back countries after wars, etc. In Switzerland a person living there over 3 months has to provide themselves with insurance (if they cannot prove they have it in their home country), but may apply for subsidies to assist if they qualify. The current 11 million undocumented illegals (Pew research) who are in the US have been here an average of 10 years, are primarily Mexican origin. I don’t know if I would refer to them as travelers, but we have accommodated them as far as I am concerned, and continue to do so.

      2. The good man that does that works for cash! No taxs no SS no nothing!!i personally only hire legitimately employed people who pay into the system! Then do you?

  8. I personally have offered work to people but they need cash because they cannot compromise their handicap, or other benefit status. The system is rotten! Most do it to save money! I do not!

  9. Doug you are fighting an evenly divided system! Now the affluent are taking the same angle! It is called nonprofit! YC ‘s Chamber of Commerces Etc! It has to stop somewhere!

  10. I planned as SS was just as it was supposed to be suplamental and not necassary. The young need to strap on their big boy or girl or gay or transgender or other boots and face the world with excitement and adventure and hopefully with a lifetime of good decisions be where they want to be. We will have to agree to disagree.

    1. I have confidence they will rise to the challenge like the greatest generation and clean up the mess left them by the baby boomers. It took a generation to screw things up and it will likely take another to fix it.

  11. If what the upcoming generation is counting on is us old folks, aka “wingnuts” being out of the way soon enough so they can fix the mess we’ve made, just one word of caution—
    don’t make big plans to be at someone else’s funeral. They may be at yours. We’ve worked all our lives, paid the taxes we were responsible for, supported private charities because we know the government can’t take care of everyone. Let the young ones figure it out if they think they know so much. It should be a no brainer. Every generation considers themselves smarter that the ones before.

    1. That’s all true but normally the older generation leaves a legacy to those that follow. The greatest generation survived a depression and fought a world war – and still managed not to stick the baby boomers with huge amounts of National Debt. We are leaving our young just our unsolved problems.

      What kind of news outfit would even begin to pit the generations against each other. Fox News that who. They are a societal cancer of the worst sort, second only to Facebook.

      1. I don’t get that impression from Fox or Facebook. But K do get it from some of the main stream media such as NBC that carries Saturday Night Live where they actually made fun of s veteran who lost an eye. That’s your sick networks. But K guess for some in society that’s entertainment.

        1. SNL is past my bed time so I do not watch but they get props for making a bad decision right by having the guy on.

          I do not consume much news from either Fox or Facebook or the TV networks, Fox because it is propaganda and Facebook because of the clickbait fake news.

  12. Generation Snowflake will have their turn in the barrel. That is an actual term as has been posted. They will be left to pay for their own ideas. I view them as idealistic and that they will mature. The worst thing anyone can have is unrealistic expectations and I believe they may have that. But again we will have to agree to disagree. That is something they don’t seem to be able to do. Bernie Sanders may be the answer but I don’t see it. He and his wife have made a career off the system an see it as the way to go.

  13. During my lifetime there have been many achievements. Socially, Medically and technically. Don’t know if it was my generation or not but it happened in my lifetime. Color TV, cyber space, Integration, Trillions spent on racial advancement, Sent a man to the moon and back, and even put a Black Man in the presidency just to name a few. This Generation wants to put a man in a women’s restroom. If that is advancement in their minds so be it but I believe they should strive for higher goals.

    1. Well said, Stupid. And all with our tax dollars but they can’t
      wait until we die because we are so costly. But it’s okay to spend $18 billion annually on people who have yet to pay s penny in taxes.
      By the way, pick a new screen name– stupid does not fit you.

  14. Over 17 trillion spent on racial advancement bout the same as the national debt! Racial Advancement is many many programs over last 45-50 yes. Now we are being told we wasted our money as it apparently hasn’t worked! Unemployment is at a low not seen in generations but that ain’t their idea of doing good. I’m old and puzzled at it. We have raised our children to be resilient and self supportive and respect all people and they are passing it down to theirs. Maybe we are not American Enough. What happened to what can you do for your country not what your country can do for you. It isn’t perfect but people are trying to get here as fast as they can. Try country first and let it trickle to you. Make a life time of good decisions and it works out just fine. Spend all your money on tech shit and custom coffee and craft beers before you can afford it and you will be unhappy in the end. America is the greatest Republic on this earth. Trying to denegrate us with disparaging talk and anarchy is not going to work. We need to protect ourselves from enemies both foreign and domestic! I’m just old and disillusioned according to some not most!

  15. Doug, I did not blame the deficit on the 17 trillion spent to uplift the the so called left behind but merely used the deficit as an example of how much it was. You know that. I personally have not taken or participated in these programs. I made more good decisions than bad. I did not have children I could not afford nor have I ever taken when not owed didn’t finance my life style or buy things I was ready to purchase. My hole point is we have moved light years in regard to social reform in my lifetime and take insult in the fact that we have abused and created problems. We have dealt with problems no one before us has dealt with and so will the future generations. I believe in fiscal responsibility unfortunately I can vote. I’m not scared. I grew up in the worst of social strife in the 1960’s we also grew up and got a pair and deal with it. The next generation will as well. Occasio is already bitching because the government pay check won’t pay for what she needs in DC.

  16. Doug I new you did’t watch Fox News because they have both sides to a issue. That’s why they call it Fair and Balanced. They have both Dems vs Repubs, conservatives vs liberals debate and then you decide. The networks and cable news channels spew nothing but Dems and Liberal views. When I got out of college after serving 4 yrs. in the Navy, got a job I saved money from every paycheck for 20 years. I never lived off the system. The only time I borrowed money was to buy a house. I lived on what I made, that doesn’t happen to this generation of Americans.

  17. David,
    Kudo’! Custom Coffee, Craft beers, safe zones, emotional need animals, shaming only acceptable if you disagree with them, techy gadgets etc. I think they may mature if they have tuff love like all generations. They call that bullying!

  18. Correct, I was told she and her boss, the wicked witch of the east, had a falling out. Tish said she would crush her if she stayed in her county. So much time and energy is being spent on national issues here where we have very very little control over, while Waveland voters in two weeks. Something we can make a huge difference in. Expose their education, experience in leading, success is personal finance and faults or hiccups with the law. All the candidates mayoral and alderman. We all live or know someone who lives in waveland, help educate them. Then the county and state election will follow soon. We have some good elected officials and we have some corrupt politicians that need to go. That hospital deal needs investigating. The largest and oldest in Louisiana knows how to pay to play, and I’m told some of our current stupidvisors are for sale cheap. Now they are wearing the helicopter out hauling patients to new orleans, telling staff where to park so the parking lot looks full. I wouldn’t be surprised if we are without a hospital in a couple years.

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