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  1. Our crew finally got all together to light the pit and raise our glass! #1: BSL to propose bonds for streets and drainage…nothing against our neighbors in Ward 6 who wants the most but our group wants the ditches cleaned, culverts fixed or replaced and drainage plus streets first please Council. We’ll pay but hearing School Board wants Bond, BSL wants two and BSL Council has raised millage twice in 1 1/2 years. Please proceed with caution and not continue taxing the hell out of us….thought those guys ran as conservatives????

    1. They ran as Republicans, didn’t hear any of them declare to be conservative. You can thank the local Republican Party for your Council.

  2. I live in Ward six and Les did nothing for six years. I hate your ditches need cleaning, but we need paved roads. We probably pay more in taxes than any Ward in the city. The last rain we had standing water on most roads I bet you didn’t.

    1. Mr. David, we all agree that you need it but we all live in Wards 1-5 and we all had plenty standing water, grass and filled ditches still today. We support all getting major drainage relief and fixes then do needed roads. Standing water on new roads doesn’t solve issues. I live in Ward 3 and Mr. Reed knows we have flooding problems that are ruining streets. I disagree with your tax assessment since 3 of our tea tottalers live in Old Town and pay pretty hefty taxes. Drainage one, roads then begun!

      1. Alliance,
        I think David may be referring to taxes as a whole. They also probably have the greatest number of taxpayers that do not receive Homestead Exemption since a large number of them are second homes. Don’t pit yourselves against each other. Band together and request the city officials adopt priorities before applying for any funding. You know how grant money has been misappropriated in your city in the past? Hold them to the grant application based on priorities.

  3. They raised taxes but the law suits left behind by Raff n Less gobble up the gains.

    We need more protection from the nonprofits that are getting rewarded for things that are not benefiting the general public. In a lot of cases it is just a switch n bait for other financial gain.

    1. Rod,
      Excellent point. When tax hikes are the subject at hand, you need to ask your officials their opinion on the non profits that are paying nothing, such as the Yacht Club, while the rest of you pay. And, Alliance mentions the School District wanting a bond? Yacht Club is also not paying school taxes–unheard of. That favor isn’t even offered to corporations to induce them to invest in the area.

  4. Rod I was told MML paid for all lawsuits except police chief because last Admin.did not inform MML of lawsuit in timely manor. WE need to go after Les and Raft bonds. Come on council do your JOB.

  5. Rod It was not the Pol. Chief lawsuit it was the wrong house the city tore down that they did not pay for. I think that cost the taxpayers about 1000,000 cash. The city got 50,000 on DeNardo’s bond, but that did not cover all he took.

    1. Plus Attorney fees Mr. David I’m wrong house. I agree Ms. Lana, we must make this Counsilly do our drainage problems first… that’s on everyone’s mind especially FEMA/MEMA and our insurance carriers. Drainage problems addressed, insurance rates go down.

  6. Alliance,
    The clever so called non profit, Bay-Waveland Yacht Club would never stand at the podium and ask the city for a contribution, but they had no qualms about doing it behind closed doors at the Tax Collector’s office where they were awarded a total exemption and removed from the books. That totals now around $60k coming up on 3 years!!$$

  7. I just noticed something on the Hancock County Chamber of Commerce FB invite to tonight’s Business After Hours at the Yacht Club. The published address is 666 North Beach Blvd, not the more genteel 1 Yacht Club Drive. Now they can claim that the devil made them do it!

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