Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Liars, Creeps Suck-Ups and Saudis

We’re being governed by liars, creeps, and suck-ups. What other words would you use to describe Jared Kushner, John Bolton, Giggling Mike Pompeo, Chuckling Prince Mohammad bin Salman, Donald (He Denies It) Trump, and the behavior of the Trump Administration in the aftermath of the gruesome murder and dismemberment of an American Resident inside the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul?

Who sits at the top of this suck-up chain of command? A name no so-called liberal dares to mention, Sheldon Adelson. He is, by far, the most powerful private citizen in both the United States and Israel. Say that out loud and some jerk like Bret Stephens at the Times will charge you with “dealing in anti-semitic tropes.”

Liberals are cowed. Unfortunately, that’s their default state. They’ve got no problem gang tackling Kavanaugh, waxing outraged at comparative nobodies like the Mercers and the Kochs or some dopey evangelical with a bird nest hairdo who gets caught on a recording talking weird with his mistress. Rachel will work that for weeks.

Where the hell did the Saudis get the idea that they could kill and dismember an American Resident in the Saudi Consulate in a NATO State, Turkey? Reflect on that please. Turkey is a tried and true friend of the Untied States. They fought and died with us in Afghanistan after we were hit by individual Saudi citizens under the direction of Saudi Osama bin Laden. Continue Reading……..

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  1. It is mind boggling that in this juncture of human history we are still committing barbaric acts like this against each other–totally horrific.
    But, it is happening right here in America as I type this post. Somewhere innocent children are being legally murdered in abortion clinics, dismembered, and their little body parts either thrown in the trash or sold on the black market. Where is the outrage over that? They never even had the chance to offend or insult anyone.
    I am as horrified and upset over this journalist’s torture, and horrific death as anyone, but I would suggest that it is no more horrific than what goes on here every day, and the vast majority of those who protest over this, are silent over the innocents.
    Mind boggling.

    1. Lana,

      Always good to hear from you. You have thoughtful observations.

      On the Abortion matter, I come at it this way. If the people who want to make abortion illegal in all states
      get their way, are they willing to take the next step and say any one who has an illegal abortion will be considered a premeditated murderer subject to criminal penalties up to and including capital punishment. Most are unwilling to go that far. Many say treat the woman as a victim and punish the person who performs the abortion.

      Back to the Kashoggi matter. I’m convinced Ronald Reagan would be disgusted with the moral equivocation of Trump in this matter. Reagan was very good at drawing bold lines between good and evil. Isn’t that what the “Shinning City On the Hill” is all about?

      A very evil act has occurred. The victim is a legal permanent resident of the United States entitled under our law to all the protections of our government. Trump has no moral core. He has expressed no sympathy for the family of the victim. He views the whole matter as an annoyance stopping him from an
      unnecessary confrontation with Iran.

      1. Tom,
        Thanks for tolerating my philosophical and religious point of view.
        I do not mean that sarcastically. I mean it sincerely. But if this man had all of the protections under our law, why was he going back over there for documents to be married. Could he not marry here? I am asking for one reason–I don’t know.
        I think he was being watched, and ambushed. But how far can our country go? Obviously we need to console the family. That is a given. But politically and legally, how far can we go?

        1. I can’t give you a detailed answer on that. I believe he was led to believe by communications from the Saudis the he could safely go there to get whatever documentation he needed or thought he needed.

          What is clear is that the Saudis knew he was coming. Two Saudi Jets carrying up to 15 people including a Doctor and someone carrying a bone saw landed and did their “work” and were gone in two hours.

          Our so called new “friend” the Crown Prince somehow must have concluded that he was untouchable. We’ll see if this story has staying power. It should.

          If our country has gotten to the point where nothing shocks us or nothing is viewed as morally wrong…that’s not a good place for us to be. The guy who showed the most outrage so far, that
          I’ve seen, was Lindsey Graham. I called his office and left a message commending him.

          Peace be with you.

    1. He could have started with an immediate expression of sympathy and concern for the man’s family.
      Visit his place of employment, the Washington Post, and express concern with his co-workers.

      When it became apparent he was probably dead, talk to the King and Crown Prince at the same time
      and talk to them the way Reagan talked to the PM of Israel in 1992 about the excessive bombing in Lebanon. Say: “I need a full explanation within three days. Everything in our relationship is at stake.”

      If our intelligence tells us the Crown Prince is behind the hit, say so and suspend all dealings with the Saudis and ask our NATO Allies and the Israelis to do the same. The goal would be to force the Saudi
      Royal Family to make a decision on whether they are ready to get rid of him.

      Sending laughing grinning Pompeo was disgusting.

  2. I’m probably going to regret this, but…

    If I may ask, where did you two operatives get all this inside information so as to know exactly what happened, where it happened, who did what, who ordered what, etc.? So far, various news outlets have reported what the Turks have _claimed_ happened to Khashoggi (who has long been suspected / rumored to have been an operative of one or more Kingdom intelligence agencies and possibly one or more US intelligence agencies). Granted, the evidence is mounting that something happened, but until more is public, everything else is a rush to judgment. If substantive evidence is forthcoming, that will be the time for appropriate action and commentary about that action or inaction.

    I will offer this: while it is in the realm of possible, I find it unlikely that Salman or MbS instantly dispatched a 15-man team of men with widely-known ties to themselves, the royal family and the Kingdom, to Turkey on two Kingdom jets and two commercial flights and using their own passports, with orders to dissect Khashoggi alive inside a Consulate, also in Turkey. Again, unlikely, not impossible. Now, do I find it much more possible something on the order of: MbS making some comment about getting Khashoggi back in the Kingdom, a subordinate thinking snatching him up was a way to ingratiate himself but things went horribly wrong, and now Salman is VERY pissed, MbS is VERY embarrassed, and life in the palaces is, um, tense at the moment? Yes, and especially so based upon what is actually known at this point.

    One especially Monty-Python-esque tidbit from the alleged Turkish recording is the Saudi Consul supposedly asking the “hit team” not to chop up Khashoggi on his desk lest he “get in trouble,” whereupon he then allegedly walked out of the room, went straight to the Istanbul airport, and caught a flight to Riyadh. Possible? Sure, anything is POSSIBLE. Likely if Salman or MbS had ordered such a thing? No.

    As to “the Turks” being friends of the US and/or Erdogan being anything other than a dictator and/or “the Saudis”/the Kingdom NOT being a friend to the US, please do some reading (and I don’t mean Fox News, MSNBC, the WP or NYT, or other pundit-driven drivel) about each before making such comments. Such comments do nothing but reveal a complete lack of knowledge about the situation.

    1. I’ve put my name and face on my opinion and conclusions. I referred you and other readers to testimony by Netanyahu before a House Committee one year after 9/11.

      That’s who I am. Who are you and where do you get your information?

      1. Yeah, I figured I would regret it. I claimed no privileged or otherwise “secret” information such that my identity would support anything I wrote, I simply commented on what has been widely (and in my opinion, over- and mis-) reported. My life experience is different than yours and as such we have different insights, but you posting what you claim is your name and picture does not give anyone any information in that regard, nor would me posting such information give any particular substantiation to anything I posted. I am not suggesting that you are falsely depicting yourself, only that in today’s online world, claims do not equal facts.

        As to what Netanyahu said over 15 years ago, I saw no citation to it or even a mention of his name, but in any case, he has made a lot of comments about 9/11, much of it non sequitur and all of it non-contemporaneous to the present Khashoggi situation. If you have some particular comments he made in mind, please post them.

        Lastly, do you have anything directly relevant to controvert what I posted?

        1. Nun ya Bidness:

          You should know by now that Tom does not address what you or anyone says he just spouts his beliefs like all liberals do these days…… no true debate or addressing your statements or questions to him…..

          Just like Nazi Tom the liberal universities especially those on the east and west coasts don’t even allow conservative speakers on campus much less address what they say cause only what they say is true and right and you are either a racist, talking hate speech, dumb and clinging to your gun and Bible etc……..

          Tom is just like CNN…. all hate and resist Trump……never speak about his accomplishments in the economy, producing jobs, putting America first, getting better trade deals worldwide, suppressing NK and China’s aggressiveness, etc….

          The Tom loves on Obama despite Obama’s weaponizing the IRS, DOJ and FBI to let Hillary off her e-mail and Clinton Foundation crimes and her Russian Dossier connection….. and trying to overthrow Trump with all the other scum bags in the globalist Deep State consisting of some so called GOPs like The Bush Crime Family, Romney, Koch bros, etc.

          Tom doesn’t talk he 🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗when you challenge him…….. he’s just a paid internet tout for the Obama team trying to get Trump out and the liberal, globalists back in

    2. Nun,
      I don’t know who the other “operative” is besides Tom that you are referring to, but I have not claimed to have any inside info on exactly what happened. But I will take my chances with Tom or Fox News. I would guess either of them may be at least as accurate as your speculations
      . Watching the evening news made me so grateful for the dull life I lead.

      1. As delicately as I can possibly put it, if you put ANY reliance on Fox (or MSNBC) as a totally reliable source of news, “news,” or even information on anything, you might wish to rethink things.

        From what I’ve seen, Tom has offered his opinions on what has been reported, not offered himself as a source of news. Perfectly acceptable and reasonable, but not news (or even “news”).

        Oh, the “two operatives” was a gentle gig at you and Tom going back and forth commenting as though it is established fact the various reporting on Khashoggi’s disappearance. I meant nothing more than a wise-ass but friendly gig – no offense meant and I hope none taken.

        1. Suggest you Google Coalition Casualties Afghanistan for a list of our friends. The fact that Israel has been spoiling for the US to go to war with Iran is well documented and indisputable.

  3. I love reading your posts Mr. Tom and Ms Lana. Please continue to post your opinions even in adversity. You both do a wonderful job.

    1. Thanks, Charlene. It’s always fun to dialogue with Lana. She’s always interested in locating the right
      thing to do…not make debaters points.

      1. Aggressive , hate filled , ant-Semitic ,Nazi -like 🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗


      2. Tom you like Lana cause she doesn’t “ make debaters points”…..WOW

        In other words , you admit she asks you no questions to answer nor challenges you on what you say……..

        Tom you definitely have Nazi tendencies of authoritarianism and anti – Semitism but you are so lost you can’t even see it……

        You are dangerous to liberty, freedom of speech and world-wide religious diversity….


        1. Lock,
          Ouch!! I think I have debated Tom on issues here several times. I think he said something about me always looking for the right thing to do.
          If anyone on this site has been persuaded by you to think I don’t challenge folks, I submit my first witness to the contrary—-Doug!!! He has a list of the ones I have pissed off from the locals to the state. And, looking for the right thing to do is a really good way to piss off some of these lack luster public” servants ” (and I don’t really like to describe some of them like that)!!! Opportunists and Government parasites is a more fitting term. Been at this a looong time.

  4. The antisemitic charge was used by the Israeli government of Prime Minster Menachen against
    Ronald Reagan in 1982. You can find it in Reagan’s Autobiography somewhere around P. 416-419.

    1. Jimmity……

      If you and other liberals want to blame Trump for the Fla. fake bomber then….

      I’m blaming you for your anti- Semitic hate for producing 8 dead people and 3 wounded officers inside the Jewish Center in Pittsburg……..

      Can’t have it just one way……the Pitts shooter is alleged to hate Trump…..

      Let’s see what CNN has to say about a liberal who hates Trump killing Jews….

      xoxoxoxoxoxoxs Giving you small kisses because of your anti-Semitic rant

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