Why Hancock County Can’t Afford Nice Things Part 3: Sups Refuse to Hold Tax Collector Accountable

Reader Submitted Photo of Front Gate of the Bay Waveland Yacht Club
Reader Submitted Photo of Front Gate of the Bay Waveland Yacht Club

Paul Hampton’s take on the Yacht Club tax exemptions is worth reading because it tells the story of two tax collectors, Tal Flurry and Jimmie Ladner. For lack of a better term the wordsmithing was artful but it is also clear Flurry reads past the comma in the tax exemption statute:

Pass Christian, he said, is chartered as a for-profit business. Biloxi’s clubhouse is exempt but its marina, where it has slips for rent is on the tax rolls.

Lana Noonan suggested in comments that Ladner get a seeing eye dog pronto because he is fooling no one following this story:

The Biloxi Yacht Club officials get it. They pay taxes on their Marina because, as he said, “we receive revenue on the Marina slip rentals.” I like Jimmie personally, but does he need a seeing eye dog? Read past the comma on that statute. In fact, Jimmie said to the Sun Herald, “do we want public officials who interpret the law anyway they want?” No, Jimmie, but that is what we have right now. Allowing the poor to subsidize your fun is about as low as it gets.

For the taxpayers in Hancock County this is a simple matter of fairness. The Sups as a deliberative body have chosen to turn a blind eye to the problem which is rich considering that Board President LaFontaine recently announced he is running for State Senate against incumbent Phillip Moran next year just days after defending the Yacht Club tax exemption at the Supervisors meeting.

When this issue was first raised in comments here, we recognized this was a core issue of the kind Slabbed would never compromise on editorially; Is your local government operating mostly for the people or the good ol’ boys, also known these days as “the Swamp”. Over the last six weeks the answer we’re getting in Hancock County indicates the good ol’ boys are taking care of themselves first. It’s a message that does not resonate well in the community and yes, in terms of how Jimmie Ladner has handled the Yacht Club Tax exemption the Optics are indeed terrible.

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  1. Let’s ask ourselves this question:
    If the Board of Governors at the Biloxi Yacht Club thought they were being unjustly taxed, would they be in Tal Flurry’s face?! They’d be a “flurry” for sure. There are some pretty smart attorneys east of us.
    For the record, this is not personal or political against Jimmie Ladner, not on my part anyway. Do I like and trust Jimmie? Voting for him for 20 years should answer that question in his mind and any readers here. When I told Paul Hampton I was shocked, I meant it!
    I am shocked even further after reading the documents the Yacht Club officials gave Jimmie to justify this exemption. I don’t know which is worse. Either Jimmie didn’t read and study them, or he did and doesn’t care or doesn’t get it.
    The bottom line is: in Bay St. Louis we have an affluent pleasure and recreational organization (at least that’s what Chris Roth is telling the IRS over his signature) allowing the poor and underprivileged in the community to sacrifice funding for their schools to subsidize their pleasure and recreation, while not allowing them access to the activities and property they are subsidizing.
    That’s fine. Let it be for now. When first approached, Blaine reacted as if he had no knowledge of this. Then two weeks later he was on board with it. I guess he had to lick his finger and hold it up to see which way the political wind was blowing. Apparently he perceives in his favor.
    When the Board of Supervisors told me if I didn’t like the law, I needed to call Jackson and have it changed, all I could think was, “no, we have a good law here, it just needs to be enforced. Maybe they are the ones that need to be changed.”
    Taking away needed ad valorem taxes from our educators and their students to fund your fun doesn’t sit well with a lot of folks.
    I believe Phillip Moran’s wife is a teacher. He’ll be able to relate to this. Should liven up the debate for that state seat next year. Lack of funding for public education in our state is an ongoing issue. It will be hard to present yourself as a supporter of public education with this on the books!!!!

      1. Trixie,
        I don’t see why not. Especially since the by-laws were changed without required notice to the members a month in advance in the club’s newsletter. In my opinion, the by-law change is not legal since the Board of Governors did not execute it as dictated in the by-laws. They have a fiduciary responsibility to operate the corporation according to the by-laws adopted by the membership, and they didn’t.

  2. He may have taken a bribe to turn a blind eye, and didn’t realize it. Hunting trip, fishing and yatch cruises, free meals and travel are common practice in Hancock County government. I’ve been told the yatch club gives out free shirts with the club’s logo for influence to dumb politicians. I bet all the county supervisors got a free shirt bearing the yatch clubs logo just before Lana approached them. They could have easily told the do nothing administrator to check it out with the state and neighboring counties and report back. They were already compromised, Blaine the most, he said a lot of nothing. He sounds like a moped with a bad muffler, he makes a lot of noise but is going nowhere with it.

  3. They need a state sales tax audit if they want to shaft the local taxpayer. I worked in waveland for a contractor for many years who was a member and had a boat slip. I remember a couple years ago he had a fit because the club just started charging him sales tax on slip rental. That law has been in effect for decades, they started paying sales tax two years ago, what about the back taxes, penalties interest? Your not exempt from paying if you’re not charging it. The club’s been renting and selling taxable items for years. The sales tax codes are very clear, the department of revenue may want to check it out.

    1. We are talking about ad valorem taxes on the propery. Beth. Title 27 of the Miss. Code. Our local public schools rely on it for local teacher supplements, capital improvements, and whatever the legislature won’t fund.
      This stinks worse than when the Yacht Club property was an oyster factory😖

  4. Unbelievable, possibly a fraudulent mission statement and potential sales tax fraud. Audit the club and all the business owners that are members. Birds of a feather flock together.

  5. You would think with all of the talk around town, the current Board of Directors of BWYC, would reconsider its position and go back to paying taxes. They really should. For the small amount of taxes to pay is not worth all of the bad publicity. I am embarrassed to admit I am a member when I hear conversations around town of various people talking in public.

    1. Our Friday night talk! We want to give a thumbs up to last Council’s final audit 2016/17.. great report by Auditors in the accounts setup and safeguards in place plus “BSL is on firm financial ground than in the pass.” Final salute to the 3 stooges on exposing the wrongs and standing their ground. Remember Mr. M. Favre was one of them.. Now let’s hope these guys can do the same!

      1. Alliance, Dead On
        It all started 5 years ago.
        Slowly the amigos/ stooges grew to three.
        Other 4 council members still dumbfounded. Two still here.
        Marking the 3 as stooges, amigos, musketeers or trouble makers.
        But they stuck to their guns 💪🏿 and didn’t back down from lying les, Rafferty or the others.
        They pushed for the truth, which no one could tell, not lying les or Kolf or Rafferty.
        All the misspending, lying and misappropriations started to come out.
        Than one night the amigos asked for the state auditor to step in and get to the bottom of the BS.
        With the police dept. in criminal turmoil and the state auditors report,
        and like 20 separate bank accounts,
        The rest is history.
        Still stand with Ice and the stooges.
        Hopefully this council will support what was done by the stooges and continue to do what is best for the city. 💪🏿🎱💪🏿🎱💪🏿

        1. More Lyin Les mismanagement out: $100k wrongful demo, didn’t notify Ins., Rafferty blew them off! We pay! Stooges said Police Dept. corrupt : Bonding Company paying $50k on Denardo corruption. 3 stooges tried to bring Sheriff in to “clean up”, town folks and me shouted them down. Faulty contractor whistle blown, sues BSL and xCouncilman! Five arrests and counting. State Auditor report: priceless legacy for Lyin Les to run again! Tks Stone…

  6. I’ll tell you why right now. #1 the taxpayers of Hancock Co don’t demand that the BWYC immediately correct their charter #2 the holier than thou members, who judge others, descend upon your Board to immediately change the Charter & refund $$ to me

  7. I’ll tell you why right now. #1 the taxpayers of Hancock Co don’t demand that the BWYC immediately correct their charter #2 the holier than thou members, who judge others, descend upon your Board to immediately change the Charter … just a thought

    1. To be exempt under IRC 501(c)(10), a domestic fraternal society, order, or association must meet the following requirements:
      It must have a fraternal purpose. …
      It must operate under the lodge system. …
      It must not provide for the payment of life, sick, accident, or other benefits to its members.

      The above are the IRS rules for fraternal exemption. If this is what the Bwyc is alleging they are, does anyone know who the parent organization is? Fraternal status needs a parent organization, such as the Masons, etc.

      1. They are not filing (c) 10 with IRS. They are filing (c) (7) recreational and pleasure stock holder corporation.
        But with the State they are now filing as a (c) (3) claiming to be benevolent and fraternal😎 Catching those freebies on both ends!!

    1. Trixie,
      The sales tax abatement for the Cure hotel does not include school taxes. I am not that familiar with the type of abatement Cure received, but I think Doug mentioned here recently that those sales tax abatements usually are for areas that need development, and downtown Bay St. Louis does not meet that description in my opinion.
      Doug Seal ran some numbers, and claims that Cure will only receive around a little over $700,000 in abatement for a $15million dollar investment.
      The benefit to the existing businesses downtown still remains to be seen, especially the small shops, and especially during the construction phase, which could impact them negatively. It’s a d one deal, so going forward, everyone will have to deal with it.
      There was some language about how many years Cure had to be owner before he could try to sell in the event it wasn’t proving beneficial to him. As I said, it is a done deal now. I predict the restaurants and bars will continue to prosper. At least some of the restaurants.

      1. Our Real Estate member: Cure must get certification from MDA meeting their qualifications for money and conditions before Abatement resolution from Council is valid. Council vote was a resolution supporting it. Council can’t give Abatements without MDA certifications.

  8. He is only getting a Sales Tax Refund. If you were to estimate $2,000,000 dollar reported revenue it would be approximately $25K per year to BSL. County doesn’t get sales tax. BSL gets 18% if 7%. I was informed he was not getting property tax abatement!

    1. Correct, Pissed,
      His abatement is sales tax, not ad valorem, which is on property, which is used in part to support public education. I would have been very upset if he had gotten an abatement on ad valorem.
      Our public education system cannot suffer any more losses.

  9. Taxes Paid
    $60,000+ to the city
    $100,000+ to the schools
    $100,000+ to the county?
    $300,000 +- ad valorem taxes paid
    Not even including the trickle down effect on every business down there.
    Give up a potential $20-$30,000 in sales taxes a year.
    No brainer.
    Bravo Ice and Council for supporting this development.
    Bring one to every corner.
    Alliance, As far as lying les and that circus, we hope that is history.
    $100,000 for house torn down plus all the legal fees because lying les and fat raff didn’t turn it over to MML and let the insurance pay it. Neglect!! Go after their bonds.
    Dinardo fiasco, got his bond?
    Go get lying les’s bond for the rest. This wasn’t a 1-2-3 week time frame. This was years. They were friends and socialized together. He new when she was gone and still signed them checks every 2 weeks.
    I can oversee 1-2-3 checks but 3-4 years!
    BS he’s just as guilty.

  10. The Les n Raff Show was long over played! I am hearing Les is running again. I guess the private sector hasn’t been that kind to him.

    1. Let him run, our facts committee is ready! Our Winetoaster went to Mike F. Crusin Party, awesome they said except everyone antennas went on when Larry Les’ Lizard and Rhonda Les’ Rat came in like long lost friends. He said the whispers for Mike F. kept their months shut and ears open. Good laugh was had by all.. they think people are dumb.

      1. well I heard mike f is hiring rhona g. I was at mike f burn out party
        so long to lying Lonnie-you been favred!
        the whispers were about you LOL

  11. It’s not Donald Trump the far left is after, it is Conservative America! They just have to go through him to get to us!

  12. I guess it would be safe to say that mine and Ron Thorp’s jaws are still dropped over what happened at the Bay St. Louis-Waveland School Board meeting last night.
    Joan Thomas, former Board member, asked to address the Board, introduced herself as a member of the local NAACP, offered some remarks about and thanked Superintendent Reed for a meeting at which their organization had a good discussion on the District. She then asked Dr. Reed to clarify whether or not she was blaming the low test scores on the black students. Dr. Reed’s immediate response was, “absolutely not.”
    My question is: Where would a question like that come from? For what purpose? As if students are tested in demographic groups?! Truly unbelievable.

  13. Lana, This was a leader of our schools?
    And you wonder why things went south in the schools the past few years.
    Leaders like thomas bell singleton kidd ,
    are why we are a C School and falling.
    Guess she is still wanting a school board appointment.
    NAACP thomas reed seal singleton, none care about the kids. They say they do but their actions and words said it all.
    Play the race card when it’s good for them. When it helps them. So jump on the band wagon. Sad individuals.
    So Lana, the million dollar question is
    Who is Ice’s next school board appointment?

    Ice hiring Ms. Gamble?
    Don’t think she supported him but forgive and forget?
    Don’t really know her or what she does but do see her at St. Claire Church helping out. Can’t be that bad of a woman.

    1. Great points Stone! Hiring Gamble who is embedded with the Les, Oliver, Beaugez, Thomas families would spell 2021 death for Ice! From Waveland, has no proven background in any administrative or municipal way, hater of the former 3 stooges! Ice believe us is well aware of her motives! She’s fantastic, just ask her!

    2. The School Board situation could prove very “interesting” to say the least for Mayor Favre, and stressful as well. In December, if School Board Trustee, Mark Kidd, wins his bid for Alderman in Waveland’s 4th Ward, I am told under the current law, Mayor Favre would appoint the interim Board member to serve out his term since Bay St. Louis is the larger of the two municipalities in the School District.
      Then comes February, 2019, Mayor Favre will have another place to fill in the Bay when Casey Favre’s appointment comes to an end. The Mayor could have some Excedrin days ahead of him, but something tells me he has the stamina for the it.

  14. Joan Thomas you truly need to move on with your life. Try to enjoy it. Maybe go volunteer to read to students, help them with homework or just sit down and have lunch with them. So many students need this. Apparently you would not do any of the above because you want to be paid. I cannot believe you asked that question to Sandra Reed about black student! And you was a teacher! Shaking my head at the thought how you treated the white students in your classroom. You definitely one that sees color in everything and everyone! I am so happy you have meet your match Joan Thomas! Sandra Reed is not going to take anything from you. You cannot bully her or knock her down! You are definitely looking like a huge racist in this community! Keep up the good work on making yourself look bad.

  15. Alliance
    It shouldn’t be 2 councilman under investigation for talking to Thomas!
    They have every right to.

    It should be 4 school board member are under investigation for fraud.
    Singleton for going on a trip when he wasn’t a school board member!
    Thomas kidd and bell for approving the payment for his vacation!

    That my friends is FRAUD
    File that with the new state auditor.

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