Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: I Don’t Believe Dr. Ford

Posted on September 24, 2018

Why should I believe her? I haven’t met her. I haven’t seen and heard her describe what she claims happened to her and respond to questions about the details of that event. In fact, none of the the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, with the exception of Sen. Diane Feinstein, have met her.

So, she starts out entitled to as much respect and credibility as any human being one encounters for the first time. But, in Dr. Ford’s case, she has revealed herself to us incrementally, by what she has done. She has demonstrated that she is clever and strategic and calculating. Clever to the point of sneaky.

When President Trump announced he was nominating Kavanaugh to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court, Dr. Ford started the process of telling her story…anonymously. How is what Dr. Ford did with her anonymous campaign any different than writing on a restroom wall “Judge Kavanaugh tried to rape me”?

Isn’t there something wrong, on its face, with leveling a charge against someone without putting your name on it? If you’re having trouble with the question, you shouldn’t. It stinks. It reveals the character of the person making the charge. It puts their character in question.

For 60 days, Dr. Ford got her story out, anonymously, and allowed the hearings to come and go. With her story fully in the the public domain and the firestorm raging at fever pitch she reveals her identity, hires three (!) lawyers and public relations folks, raises serious money on Go Fund Me and says she’ll testify if her conditions are met. Continue Reading……

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  1. I agree, Tom, and as I said last week, you guys had better watch out. This is the man-hating demographic of our society, who will be empowered beyond imagination if they prevail. The precedent will be in place. Evidence will no longer be necessary to convict, just accusations.
    All of these so called abused women do have one thing in common. None of them can remember one damn thing about what happened to them except that it happened with Judge Kavanaugh.
    And, just in case you haven’t noticed, it is becoming more vile each day, because he will not cave in and be bullied out of this nomination. He’s going to make them “testilie ” under oath (coined a new phrase, did I?) on Thursday. He’s not finished with them, trust me.
    And the Judge has not challenged that any of what they claim happened, it just didn’t happen with him!!! And that’s what they have to prove. I hope!!!
    Grassley needs an IV of Geritol, and some hair implants on his chest so he can take back control of his Committee from Feinstein.

    1. Thanks Lana…

      Middle America should be incensed. You know me, I started this site in February 2012 to support Obama.
      If someone with my history can get in a hot sweat about how Democrats are treating a Republican nominee, Republicans and Independents should let their voices be heard at full volume. It’s totally unfair.

      The way Dr. Ford conducted herself, protecting her identity until the hearings were over is like some
      creepy guy writing “Call Suzy for a good time” on the Men’s Room wall. It stinks to high heaven.

      From my time in Washington, which was considerable, I know that the Country belongs to those who make their voices heard. McConnell and Grassley have to win this one or find a different line of work.


    1. I like particular people and fair play. I liked and still like Obama. I never was particularly in favor of either of the Clintons. During the Kavanaugh Hearings I was sort of rooting for the Ds and Corey Booker.

      When they brought out Dr. Ford I did a 180. Totally unfair. No different than writing on the restroom wall. The way I look at it is you’re going to try and take somebody down, put your name on it. Dr. Ford was attacking him anonymously for 60 days. Not Right.

      Senator Feinstein should have demanded Ford ID herself from the beginning. She bears major responsibility. She’s 85 years old…most people want to give her a pass.

      1. David and Tom,
        Let’s forget the players here for a moment. The ISSUE is what scares me. Evidence will become unnecessary and irrelevant if these people prevail. Accusations will rule, and although this case involves a man, anyone is at risk beyond Thursday, if this goes south for Kavanaugh.
        I am just going to put it out there: The mindset of this segment of society is not what we want to empower, nor the rules of engagement we want going forward for our judicial system.
        Mark my word, somebody is going to turn this around on these women. That is when they will screetch at fever pitch. As my Mother used to say, “they don’t think any further than the end of their noses.”

        1. You can leave a message at any Senate Office by calling the Capitol Switchboard at
          202 224 3121 ask for Senator_______ and if someone answers say in two sentences or less what you have in mind. If you get a recording same drill.

          It can be as simple as “Treat Kavanaugh Fairly” or “This is not right” or both.

          Three senators that are quite important now are Susan Collins of Maine, Joe Manchin of West Va
          and Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

          They listen even if you’re out of state.

          It’s fun to be in battle again. It’s been a while!

    2. One more thing…when the mob gets crazy as the D party is right now on the Kavanaugh matter. They lose me for sure.

      I sort of live by the Groucho Marx principal: ” I would never join a club that would let somebody like
      me in it.”

      1. Hilarious!!! And, as my Aunt Gladys used to say, “some girls are just more susceptible to rape than others!!!!!
        I am so glad Kavanaugh is hanging in there to the end, and making Congress vote on him. So many of those cowards were hoping he would back out under pressure. To me he’s looking more and more like the kind of Justice we need for the times we are living in. Not afraid to take the heat at close range.

          1. Okay, Tom, you have to weigh in again. Minutes ago Dr. Ford issued a new statement that she must have her other four demands met before she will be appear Thursday.
            Kavanaugh must go first
            He cannot be in the same room with her while she testifies
            She will not be interrogated by lawyers, just Senators
            I forgot the last one. Had to go grab a Rolaid.
            Good Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            1. I’m checking my usual news sources haven’t seen that. I did see most of Kavanaugh interview last night. He did not look as confident and strong as I was hoping.

              I contacted an old friend in DC with some connection to Kavanaugh and his wife. My message for his testimony Thursday: tell the truth and be confident and energetic. No tears.

              I may put up another post tomorrow, if I think it will do any good.

              I’m guessing one of two things will happen with Dr. Ford: 1. She doesn’t show or 2. she shows and her lawyers cause a big stink and it turns into chaos.

              Kavanaugh has to keep his cool and when he speaks knock it out of the park.

              1. Tom,
                You are a reporter. How difficult would it be to find out if Dr. Ford has even bought a plane ticket to DC? And why is Diane Feinstein acting as her spokesman, saying today “she” can’t be sure Ford will be there Thursday. I thought Ford had some attorneys speaking for her.
                I am going to refrain from judging the Judge and his wife. I don’t know what frame of mind I would be in by now.
                Maybe the good Dr. is getting the vapors because someone may ask her after she’s sworn, “who actually wrote this letter?”
                I did like Kavanaugh’s statement that for all he knew Dr. Ford could have been assaulted sexually some time in her life. He couldn’t say one way or the other, but what he can and will say under oath Thursday is that it wasn’t by him.
                And that’s what she has to prove since she’s alleging it.

  2. I am so glad to see Kavanaugh standing up for himself and what he believes is right. He definitely has the integrity we need. He will not be bullied. I sure hope they confirm his nomination.
    All these women after 20+ years make statements. Why didn’t she say something to her parents or people with authority back then. Oh let’s wait until the person you are accusing is in the spot light and maybe we can make some $$ off of this. Maybe book deal, TV interviews, whatever…..
    This country and people can not continue to allow false or otherwise accusations after all of these years. Murder is the only thing I know of with statue of limitations. Limitations should hold true for harassment as to not destroy a persons life years later.. Any crime should be reported at the time of the incident.
    Our country is crumbling. The parties in this country are dividing this place we live in more each day.
    One says white, the other says black. They split on everything. Not looking at whats good for the country.
    I didn’t like Obama, but he was the president and we had to live with it. I didn’t go around bashing him everyday like they do with Trump. You can’t even watch a late night TV show where the Host doesn’t criticize Trump in every monologue. It is horrible.
    Stock Market up, Employment down, lets move on. Even Kaepernick has a job!! Life is good…..

    1. Nixon used to speak about the “silent majority” when they get aroused they are a force to be reckoned
      with. We’ll see if they come to Kavanaugh’s defense. K. must be strong confident and convincing. If he makes his case strong and well he should be OK.

  3. Watching Kavanaugh testify. Very emotional.

    I don’t know for sure whether he’s helping himself or not. Any opinions from you all?

    1. 538 did a story a few weeks back, before the allegations came up and Kavanaugh was about as popular as Harriet Miers. The allegations of drunken sexual assaults made him even less so. If it were just Dr. Ford, he could maybe survive but we are now up to three women. I do not see how he gets this promotion.

      1. Doug…

        You know I’m usually left. The left lost me on this one when Dr. Ford made the charge anonymously,
        gave it to Sen. Feinstein and she held it for about a month.

        What is basic to me is that if one is going to level serious charges against someone they should be willing to do so publicly. They should put their name on it like you do and I do.

        Dr. Ford ultimately became known, but only after the firestorm that she stated was burning up
        political landscape.



        1. Tom your criticisms of Feinstein are spot on not to mention the fact she is a crook but that is besides the point. Kavanaugh was a weak pick at best and it is just not Dr Ford making the allegations either, something I’ve not seen addressed on this post. These women are all credible.

          1. We got ourselves a little dialogue here…its all good. When I wrote the piece above, I believe the Ramirez matter was just breaking and I sort of dismissed it in an addendum. The “gang
            rape” allegation doesn’t seem to have any support.

            My position on this matter is that the Democrats should not be rewarded for what I believe are very unfair tactics it their efforts to destroy Kavanaugh. I’m not really FOR Kavanaugh as
            much as I’m AGAINST the tactics the Ds are using against him.

            1. Politics has been a blood sport for as long as our country has been around. McConnell held Garland up for a year, which was a dirty trick according to those on the left.

              And if Kavanaugh is a cad, why would you want him rewarded with a lifetime appointment and stick the Country with a loser? Some of the SCOTUS justices are clearly on the take (see Clarence Thomas). Another reprobate is not what this Country needs on SCOTUS.

              1. That’s the question, is Kavanaugh a cad. Dr. Ford says one thing Kavanaugh

                No allegations of any kind until Feinstein springs her surprise. Most Ds are very upset with her for putting them in this box. Nobody thinks Kavanaugh is stupid.

                Before the hearing started, I rated Ks chance on Confirmation 30%. Now, after both sides had their say, I rate him 50%. As Donald Trump would say, “we’ll see what happens.”

      2. Doug,
        Come on. This is ridiculous. I’m older than you. I don’t remember what movie or event I went to at that age much less who I kissed. Come on. Ford was an emotional wreck. Mental treatmeant for a house renovation. She is a perpetual victim in my opinion.

        1. I am a product of the same testosterone laced all male catholic school culture that gave the world Kavanaugh. I heard things that some of the guys did that would get someone arrested today. Dr Ford has a good bit of evidence suggesting something happened to her in high school. Your entitled to your opinion but she struck me as credible and far from the professional victim.

          This all goes back to whose ox is being gored. If this was Bill Clinton or a Democrat you guys would be hyperventilating. It does not surprise me in the least that GOP types would be so dismissive of her claims, just like the Democrats in Minnesota are about Keith Ellison’s accuser. That gives you guys something in common, far as I can tell.

  4. Don’t think for a minute these Democrats care about morals and virtue. This is all about abortion rights. Susan Collins said that Tuesday.
    They will stoop to anything to keep the fight to kill innocent babies. Kavanaugh could be Jack the Ripper and as long as he would uphold that right for them, they could care less about anything else.

  5. I thought it was a toss up until Blumenthal (aka “I know I claimed I served in Vietnam but what I meant was I served during Vietnam, come on, what’s the diff?”) said to him words to the effect “if you lied about one thing why should we not believe you lied about another” which is disingenuous but completely ironic, in his case…
    Really does not matter who is right and who is wrong. The Republicans are gonna win, and this guy is gonna be a SUPE.
    Bye bye, Roe v. Wade.
    Welcome back, Doctor Coathanger.

      1. Jesuits call for Trump to withdraw nomination of Kavanaugh:


        “But even if the credibility of the allegation has not been established beyond a reasonable doubt and even if further investigation is warranted to determine its validity or clear Judge Kavanaugh’s name, we recognize that this nomination is no longer in the best interests of the country. While we previously endorsed the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh on the basis of his legal credentials and his reputation as a committed textualist, it is now clear that the nomination should be withdrawn,” they added.

        The American Bar Association is calling for an FBI investigation:


        If Kavanaugh is put on the Court under such a cloud of uncertainty, taking him off later becomes much easier, especially given his overall bad public approval rating.

        1. Oh, ye Gods! This is not the time for any order of the Roman Catholic clergy to enter this debate!!
          The National Catholic Register is reporting the Jesuits in a free fall themselves right now.
          It’s best the Church sits this one out.
          Kavanaugh said yesterday he will cooperate with whatever direction the Committee chooses to go.
          Call in the most corrupt agency we have and see what they come up with.
          This is all about Roe v Wade, as Susan Collins stated in an interview Tuesday.
          Let’s let it rip. But the Jesuits need to stay out!!

          1. Too late for that Lana, they had previously endorsed Kavanaugh.

            Watching Jeff Flake get screamed at by a group of female sexual assault survivors pretty much sums up these past two years, where our President is a self admitted pussy grabber that cavorts with porn stars and its OK because he is a Republican that is somehow now doing God’s work.

            Such hypocrisy explains why it is more than the Jesuits having problems right now and how that trend is accelerating with younger folks. Catholics have a bigger problem because there is overwhelming evidence the church is being run by a bunch of perverts more concerned with maintaining their place on the gravy train and having sex parties than actually doing anything useful for the flock:

            Vatican cops bust drug-fueled gay orgy at home of cardinal’s aide

            Secrets of the Vatican

            Last time I was in church all the priest talked about was the faith being under attack, families being under attack and other such false victim hood tripe. I’d respectfully submit the greatest danger my son faced being attacked growing up would have emanated from within the church, so everything the guy said had no applicability to my life experiences. I think this is why the youngsters are fleeing organized religion at even greater rates than the populace as a a whole.

            If there is a political calculus here, I am having a hard time seeing it given that mid terms are almost upon us.

  6. Dr. Ford made a key decision in the Kavanaugh matter that has brought us to where we are now.
    Specifically, she wanted to make a charge against Kavanaugh and keep her name out of it.

    Doesn’t our common sense tell us that is simply wrong and unfair. How could Kavanaugh defend himself
    against an unnamed accuser?

    Dr. Ford was not unknown to everybody. On July 20 she met with her Congresswoman for 90 minutes and gave her a written statement of her charges against Kavanaugh. Her Congresswoman immediately passed on Dr. Ford’s statement to Senator Feinstein who pledged to maintain Dr. Fox’s confidentiality.

    When Senator Feinstein received that information she should have had a heart to heat conversation with Dr. Ford and told her that fairness requires that she identify herself or the information would be of no value as far as denying Kavanaugh Conformation. That conversation did not take place but, at the strategic moment, about two weeks ago the information and Dr. Ford’s name was leaked to the press.

    Every weekday in countless courthouses around the country women stand up and identify men who have
    raped and abused them. They do it publicly. It’s not easy but they do it because you can’t do justice by secret information from secret sources.

    No matter what happens next in terms of the vote, Dr. Ford will forever be known as an icon of the Me Too movement and Kavanaugh will always be viewed with suspicion.

    I’ve always thought that the best evidence of what someone intends is the result they achieve. Things
    have worked out well for Dr. Ford and Kavanaugh is damaged.

    I don’t believe Dr. Fox.

    I do believe Judge Kavanaugh.

    1. Well said, Tom. But sad that anyone would have to explain this to a PhD in psychology who counsels others, and teaches students how to as well.
      Judge Kavanaugh is now in full “protect my family” mode, as any decent man would be. His wife received a vile threat on her life by email. This Judge is not taking this lightly, not at all.
      And he stated yesterday when he was being pushed for an FBI investigation, he would cooperate with any direction the Committee wanted to follow.
      He understands that, as a member of the Judicial branch of our government, he will not cross over and tell the Legislative branch how to conduct business, but will cooperate.
      The FBI’s current reputation leaves a lot to be desired, especially with regard to how they handle emails. But, I would imagine the Judge is a good 11 days ahead of them on at least the one Mrs. Kavanaugh received. He may be dislike by some people, but thus far no one has accused him of being stupid or not a good father and husband.
      This is just a guess on my part, but I would imagine that some of the “on the fence” male members of Congress watched the Judge’s emotional testimony, and thought they would never want to be sitting where he was. And, as long as they never meet a Dr. Ford, they are pretty safe, but one neve knows……

  7. OMG The Church making a statement is bizarre. There is an old saying “People who live in glass houses don’t throw stones” The church of all entities should not be making judgement calls or opinions. They have the worst track record for sexual assault in the world.
    She was drinking at 15 and says she was sexually assaulted. Why didn’t she tell her parents or even best friend. I have heard that 2 individuals have stated they were the ones that actually assaulted her not Kavanaugh. She says she does not like to fly because the confinement reminds her of her assault. She has flown 10+ times it was discovered. The other 2 women don’t want to testify..
    The county has become so divided among political parties it is totally destroying the greater good for the USA that we love and want to live in. No one can see beyond their political parties and worst thing they don’t care. There is no working together for what is best or who the best person is…..
    And the new generation of “liberals” is terrifying. This is a generation that has never had to experience any real life issues. They sit around with their cell phones to depend on everything. They can’t add, read maps, or other things totally dependent on the phone. I had someone recently say they couldn’t find my office. I am on a main st. in the city. Their GPS gave them wrong directions. Really. Use the brain that was given to you. They are out there opposing issues they have no clue about or what their Grandparents or parents fought for or lived through.
    I have never really listened to hearing before, but some of the questions they asked Kavanaugh but his composure impresses me. He is not backing down…
    They knew about this back in July and held it. Now the FBI investigation with the hopes they go into the NOV elections and get more democrats in office maybe.
    My big question is: he has had multiple FBI checks throughout his career being a judge. Nothing was found out. Where was Dr. Ford when he was appointed to Federal Bench? why not back then rather than now. This is a total Witch Hunt.
    I agree with Tom. I believe Kavanaugh, not Dr. Ford.

    1. They are the party of destruction, Outraged.
      They have condoned the destruction of over 60 million children waiting to be born, and they will destroy anyone who opposes that.
      Dr. Ford was lucid enough to leave the Country Club where she said she had been swimming; somehow made it to this party; went up a flight of stairs to use the bathroom, and after the “event” as she called it, was lucid enough to leave down those same stairs, and make her way home?! Amazing not one person she named saw her or knows anything about this.
      Now her attorneys are already balking at the format the FBI will use to investigate the matter.
      Congress doesn’t need speakers for each chamber, they need a zoo keeper!!

      1. I admired Lindsey Graham’s passion. There comes a time when you have to pick a side and fight for your side. That’s what Graham did. Good for him.

        Ordinarily, I wouldn’t be on Kavanaugh’s side. But the tactics of the Ds lost me. Falling all over themselves calling Dr. Ford a hero.

        Absolutely not so. Her intention was to conduct a character attack and remain secret. No better than writing something about someone on the restroom wall. And Feinstein, holding the information secret until it was clear he would be confirmed…then the leak.

        The Rs were necessarily timid in cross examining Dr. Ford…sign of the times. They couldn’t risk her breaking out in a bawling bout…three day recess…Ford rushed to hospital!

        Two things amaze me: 1. The country isn’t outraged at the secret accusation…gutless in the extreme.
        2. That the country doesn’t see how unfair Feinstein was in letting Dr. Fox proceed on this “secret
        evidence secret accusation” strategy.

        Feinstein should have looked her straight in the eye at the very beginning and said ” you’ve been harboring this story for a long time…this is the moment of truth…you have to come public now…basic fairness to the accused requires it.” The behavior of Fox and Feinstein was strategic and shameful.

        It stinks.

  8. Tom, is the go fund me account accurate? Does she really have hundreds of thousands of dollars donated? I thought her attorneys were gratis? This gets more and more bizarre by the day. Can’t these politicians see the forest from the trees? Oh wait, I forgot they are politicians. The women are sympathizing with here instead of looking at the facts… The fact is all that matters not personal feelings or political parties. What has happened to this country?
    I sure hope the donates that money and not make this thing for her financial gain..

    1. I saw information on her Go Fund Me Account about ten days ago. At that time, it was around
      $220,000. With the massive publicity of the hearings we can assume a significantly larger figure now.

      I continue to be amazed at the number of people who think its OK to level a career ending charge about someone and keep their name secret. That’s what Dr. Ford did. She put the charge out there July 20 and at the absolute optimum moment she hired some lawyers and it “mysteriously leaked.”

      1. I still want to know who actually wrote the “letter.” Are these “go fund me” accounts subject to any taxation? You can just collect money on the internet?
        This whole thing is becoming an education. Someone mentioned to me over dinner last night that they hope the FBI or someone could find a recording of Dr. Ford either giving a lecture or teaching to compare that voice to the Minnie Mouse one she used last Thursday. I never even thought of that.

  9. Just as an exercise, why do any of you believe either of them about anything when both of them are clearly not telling the truth about many aspects of what they have each said, even sworn, is the truth? Clearly, he spent much of his teens and early twenties drunk. Just as clearly, she did some amount of drinking as a teen and did so on the night in question, but she isn’t really sure what, if anything, actually happened or who, if anyone, did something. I suspect, but do not know, that wherever each was that night, both had too much to drink to really be sure about anything. An observation I’ve made is that when people say they are absolutely sure about anything under these circumstances, they are not sure at all.

  10. Yes, someone should compare her voice. When I heard it listening on the radio I could hardly wait to see her face and see her speak on TV.
    If the FBI is going to investigate Kavanaugh, will they also investigate Ford. She should be included. Let’s get everything out in the open about both persons.

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