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You know him, the guy with the “punch me” face, yellow teeth, and negative charisma. Remember the Rodney Dangerfield line…I told my dentist my teeth were yellow, he said I should wear a brown tie.

Kavanaugh could go down. But, as Dan Rather would say, “don’t bet the double-wide.”

I really didn’t care one way or another during the hearings. I was sort of rooting for the Ds with Corey Booker doing his thing and the other Ds tepidly supporting him and Chairman Grassley talking to Booker like the very sound of Booker’s voice was exacerbating Grassley’s anal itch and causing him to break out in hives.

Then, enter Dr. Ford. She’s 50 years old and claims she was assaulted by Judge Kavanaugh when she was 15 and Kavanaugh was 17. Even though she’s been dribbling her story out for several weeks in contacts with Representative Eshoo of CA and Senator Diane Feinstein, also of CA, she has insisted on anonymity until four days ago, after hearings on Kavanaugh had concluded. Now, she wants to set conditions that must be satisfied before she will testify before the Committee.

What’s up with that?

We’re not talking about a scared poorly educated teenager here, Dr. Ford is a PhD from a wealthy family. Did she think she could anonymously dribble her story out after hearings had been concluded and that would be that? Did she think she would not have to face cross examination on her own credibility as Kavanaugh had? And now that her identity is known, where did she get the idea that she could set preconditions for the committee to meet before testifying? Continue Reading…….

8 thoughts on “Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Kavanaugh?”

  1. Tom,
    Something for you guys to think about:
    If Dr. Ford (who I personally think needs to see a Dr.) prevails, all of you guys had better take notice. With no evidence, and a bad memory, any woman can take you down. I have born both male and female children, and see both sides of this, but this is way beyond the pale.
    Grassley needs to grow some, tell her what time to show up Monday to be sworn, and take care of business.
    Personally, after reading her “conditions” for appearing, I think she and her lawyer are developing a scenario for her to decline because they “feared” (that’s a word I am tiring of too) she would not be treated fairly.
    I know I am getting old and on my way out, but this needs to be done with. Period.

    1. I like you point of view.

      It’s really in the hands of Chairman Grassley and his Republican colleagues on the Committee. He has to
      make a decision and stick to it. Dr. Ford told her story to Rep. Eshoo of CA and Senator Feinstein (CA)
      shortly after Trump announced Kavanaugh as his choice on July 9. She demanded that her name be kept secret.

      At the last minute she decides to come out and demand special treatment. That should not be allowed to work. She wants to take over the process and make it “THE DR. FORD SHOW.”

      My feelings: NO WAY JOSE

  2. I feel it is a left wing Soros backed operative. Dr. Ford is a Zealot that is wanting attention. She has it, now testify or shut up.

  3. It is all BS. Say something when she was 15 to her parents. I think she is working on a Book Deal. Its all about the Money!! Who is she to demand conditions?

    1. I agree that it is totally out of line for any witness to demand certain “conditions” be met before they
      agree to testify. I called and left a message in Senator Grassley’s office this AM encouraging him to be firm on when and how the hearing will proceed. This back and forth is absurd.

      Any US Senator or Congressman can be reached through the Capitol Switchboard: 202 224 3121.

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