And now its time for a Pascagoula Financial Disaster Update……

Slabbed has been keeping one eye peeled on the machinations in Pascagoula, where property taxes are set to increase a whopping 34%, to make up for the financial mismanagement of the current administrations ($9 million of the $14 million dollar total deficit in 1 year) and the prior administration ($6 million of the $14 million dollar deficit over 4 years).

For those catching up, current Mayor Maxwell dropped the budgetary bombshell in late July and blamed a bookkeeper and the former Mayor for the $14 million dollar deficit. Slabbed was the first media outlet to call BS and for good reason as the math didn’t add up the way Mayor Maxwell claimed. Soon the forensic audit report was made public and the more traditional media outlets caught on quickly. Here is the evolution of Tyler Carter’s coverage for the Mississippi Press:

Budget numbers show overspending may be to blame for Pascagoula deficit

Reports show current Pascagoula city leaders have overspent by $9 million

Now for the more recent stories, which are very good, the first containing a nice summary of the events that got the City to a very bad spot:

Pascagoula was nearly broke in 2015, according to forensic audit

It was pretty clear to me that the first set of budget cuts Maxwell announced was little more than window dressing on the administration’s part. Buried in the pre-labor day holiday “bad news Friday” news cycle was this informational nugget:

More employees shown the door amidst Pascagoula budget fiasco

Sources say that 11 city workers have been cut from the city’s beautification department and, around noon Thursday, the Pascagoula Police Department was notified that five vacant patrol positions and one vacant dispatcher position will not be filled and five current department employees are being let go.

When the Mississippi Press inquired about the new layoffs this was the respsonse they received from the very well paid City PIO:

City spokeswoman Lauri-Ellen Smith, however, did respond via a prepared statement:

“Until such time as all activity related to our budgetary process is complete (including realignment of service lines, fees, personnel changes, etc.) and a balanced FY 19 is budget presented to the City Council for their consideration, we can’t comment. It would be improper to discuss active personnel matters, other than to confirm your numbers are inaccurate.”

The reader comments to that particular story tell the tale of public opinion as they wonder when some of Mayor Maxwell’s 6-figure cronies will be let go from their City Hall jobs. If I were them, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Of note is the fact that as of today at 7:45 AM, the City’s FY 2017 Single Audit, which is required by both state and federal law is still not available on the State Auditor’s Office website. Federal law required it be submitted to the clearinghouse no later than June 30, 2018. State law requires it be submitted to OSA no later than September 30, 2018. I figure the report is being stonewalled by the current administration as its content will likely prove embarrassing to Mayor Maxwell.

The bottom line is City has been living off bond proceeds and one time revenues like BP money for the past 5 years or so (massively violating the bond covenants along the way) and the current administration is looking for easy ways out of the financial hole they dug for themselves, so tomorrow there is a public hearing scheduled to discuss the whopping 34% property tax increase Mayor Dane wants to maintain the City Hall bureaucracy in the style to which they are accustomed.

I bet tomorrow’s night’s meeting will be a happening place because I do not think the locals in Pascagoula are sheep. Time will talk. Stay tuned.

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  1. The dire need for transparency is no longer debatable. You just can’t make some of these public officials understand it.

    1. One guy in the meeting said something like he will work to unseat them all, then pandemonium set in for a little while. The elected were very sensitive to that, calling it a threat.

    1. Now that is an audit failure classic right there. Zzzz Best was the audit failure poster child until Enron and Worldcom.

      I wonder the gang ever considered the fact those bond covenant violations should have appeared in the 2015 and 2016 audits and yet they did not? In fact those audits are now distinguished by what we now know should have been in them but wasn’t in several spots. If the forensic audits are to be believed about the magnitude of the “prior period adjustments” being massive such implies the prior financial statements were materially misstated and essentially worthless, except maybe as bird cage liner.

      At least selling all of the town’s parks and playgrounds seems off the table.

  2. How much transparency?

    It’s time for a juicy link twofer!

    “There’s a party over here
    A party over there
    Wave your hands in the air
    Shake your derriere
    These three words when you’re gettin’ busy
    Whoomp there it is”

    Whoomp There It Is – Tag Team < click to get

    Minutes, audits, resolution, loan document. All public records and legitimately obtained through the internet
    and Public Records Request.

    Document labeled:

    For the Year Ended September 30, 2017”

    click to get document

    1. Hmmm, I am almost rendered speechless. The City used same auditors that did 2015 and 2016. They reported no bond covenant violations, heck they did not even report a single problem with the City’s system of internal controls. You’d think with an $8MM prior period adjustment in the general fund would have resulted in at least one internal control finding.

      I do not know how much the taxpayers paid for that audit but however much it was, it was no bargain IMHO.

      1. Yeah.

        I gave it a quick scan and you’d be hard pressed to find much mention or details of the
        financial derailment.

  3. Audits are random files. But how does $14mm dollars evaporate? They better hire Filingame to help answer those questions.

  4. If you truly want to make a change – just talking will not help. The only way to help ourselves is to vote against anyone with association to F@t@$$, Philly, Billy the Boy, Puhl-@$$o, Walkers and associates, which all lead back to Bush. F@t@$$ is the link and big problem. All of this network was put together in bars with mostly alcoholics leading the way. Until we all stand up against them, we are the problem. Vote against them all. They are afraid of David Baria and McDaniels. I am willing to give those two a chance. I am voting against the bunch of crooks that are running this State now. If you want change – then you need to do the same. Nothing can be worse than what we have had for the last four terms. If you have had enough, then vote them out and pass the word to your family and friends to do the same. We have to start with cleaning out Jackson and our congressmen/women. Show them we mean business. Give someone else a chance to do the job that the current crew were hired to do and just will not do! They only serve themselves… our money imo.

    1. Oh, wow! Such memories! I recall it like it was last week (and it was all the way back in July!)!

      GW, Laura, Mrs. Bidness and I were sitting around THE ranch after dinner one night and GW suddenly said there was something he felt he needed to tell me, but not there, lest “they” hear us. I must admit, I was intrigued. Would he tell me that Roswell really was alien life forms? That there was a second shooter? What really happened to Hoffa? So, the Secret Service put a hood over my head and we took a limo to some secret military installation that I suspect was either at Ft. Hood or some bar on 6th Street in Austin. There, GW told me the awesome secret: that F@t@$$ was the ringleader of it all, that F@t@$$ controlled not only Billy the Boy, but Baria and the Walkers, too. The whole thing, his presidency, everything, was all so Scott Walker could get some free furniture and his participation- trophy wife could make an ass of herself, him, his family, her family and most of the residents of the coast in the Sun-Herald. He seemed scared, bad-scared, that Baria and McDaniels were out to get him and might succeed. I was flabbergasted. I was astounded. I was nonplussed. The only things that managed to escape my lips were, “Are you sure you even know who any of those pissant redneck idiots are?,” and, “GW, I thought you had quit washing down blotter acid with Johnnie Blue years ago.” Ah, good times, good times…

      Anyway, I’ll ask you the same thing I eventually managed to ask GW: “Who in the hell is F@ta$$ and Billy the Boy?”

      NB – since asking for the Slabbed codebook garnered no response, I thought it might help to, um, “embellish” my request a bit.

      1. I’d hate to leave you wondering…my .02 is that you might find that

        F@t@$$ can be replaced by Haley Barbour (click to view>>: Haley Barbour Talks of the “Fat Redneck” Higher Standard),

        and the rest of the players could be as follows:

        Philly = Gov. Phil (aka ‘Phildo’, aka ‘lawn mower fumes in the gulf sea breezes’ ) Bryant,

        Billy the Boy = Gulfport mayor Billy Hewes,

        Puhl-@$$o = Cong. Steve Palazzo,

        Walkers and associates = Bill Walker (ex DMR*) + Scott Walker (JaWa Investments**) + a motley crew of cons and assorted fellow traveler unindicteds.

        Bush = all them Bushes =Bushco=”Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.”, also “Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning?”



        1. Thanks. It was clear who “Philly” and “Puhl-@$$0” are, I knew who the Walkers are (or thought they were) and Baria and McDaniel[s] were named. If “Billy the Boy” is Hewes, see my other reply. If Haley Barbour is “F@t@$$,” with respect, Charlene, washing down blotter acid and magic mushrooms with grain alcohol and nuclear waste is not good for your long-term health. Studies show the downward spiral begins with posting insane conspiracy theories on the ‘net. Haley’s penny has long since lost its pretty, or really, the checkbooks he could once open have mostly closed – whatever power he may have appeared to have, it was, at best, merely and purely transactional. Obviously, Bush the younger knows who Barbour is, he just has no reason to care. The idea that Bush (or anyone with real juice, past or present) would be in cahoots with or afraid of any of them, especially Hewes, Baria, and McDaniel, is so far out there I would just feel cruel really making fun of it any further.

          1. thanks Nunya….but back to my original question that started this crazy conversation. Why are these people still walking the streets that owe restitution money? Why are they not in prison? This would include Papa and Baby Walker, Joe Zeiger, and the list of others that the Sun Herald posted about. Is this Jim Hood’s job to do this? Or is it the FEDS? And whose ever job it is, why aren’t they doing their duty? Why are these felons still free??? Now tell me that F@t@$$ doesn’t have anything to do with this.

  5. P. S. Don’t we throw people in jail who do not pay their fines and restitution? I could name several that are serving time for that right now. Why aren’t the Walkers and the rest of the list that was in the Sun Herald a few weeks ago not in jail? What is wrong with our Judicial system in this State? Has everyone gone mad? Is everyone afraid of F@t@$$? Is this still the Mississippi that I was born and raised in?? Have we been infiltrated by aliens?? Inquiring minds want to know the answers to these questions. Why aren’t these crooks serving time and why aren’t our Judges doing their jobs by following our laws?

    1. P.S. AHA!!!!!!!!! and for good measure, !!!!! I KNEW ALIENS WERE INVOLVED!

      Seriously, anyone, is there a codebook?

      1. You are so funny Nunya. 🙂 I thought you had been reading slabbed for a long time and knew the lingo. So as not to rile any feathers, F@t-@$$ is the same as Boss Hogg. Billy the Boy is Philly’s favorite grunt that has the little man syndrome over Gulfport way. Both Billy and Philly are minions of Boss Hogg. Billy the Boy is the one who sold the Coast out to the Jackson thugs for a little recognition and dreams of being a Lt. Governor but alas, it was only dreams and wasn’t in the cards. Not sure what he’s dreaming of now.
        Riddle me this? What is the common denominator for Puh-l@$$-o and Miller Lite? Any takers?

        1. Um, OK. So, anyway, next weekend, GW did it again. The hood, the limo, etc., etc. This time, however, I was expecting it. So I spoke right up: “GW, you really need to lay off the recreational chemicals…and just who in the hell is F@t-@$$ and Billy the Boy?”

          Presumably, “Philly” is Bryant, but the only recent coast people who come to mind vis-a-vis “dreams of being a Lt. Governor” are Tate Reeves or Billy Hewes, and while Hewes fits by name, the idea that he, Reeves, Bryant, the MSGOP, and the national GOP are all on the same page and in cahoots for anything other than momentary transactional convenience is laughable. The idea that George Bush (either) is somehow in league with, beholden to, or even familiar with any of them (save the national GOP, of course) is even more laughable. I’d bet there isn’t a President, past or current, who would know immediately who any of them are without several hints and wouldn’t give a tinker’s damn about them once they were told who they were. The only exception being Bryant and Trump and Trump knowing who Bryant is would not be a positive for Bryant. As to the Walkers, Baria or McDaniel (even I can guess that “McDaniels” is probably Chris McDaniel), Bush wouldn’t know or care who any of them are and there is absolutely no reason he should be expected to know. So, anyway, is there a Slabbed codebook?

            1. As I stated before….slabbed watchers know who these people are because they have been following the headlines and stories for years, so for the sake of one of the ninny’s getting mad and siccing their lawyers on slabbed or anyone else, I recommend that you go back and research the old slabbed archives and it will be very clear. BTW, the connection with the Bush administration is through the billions of dollars that he freely gave Boss Hogg access to. It was then passed down through his minions. As to him not knowing any of these folks? You only need to see the photos of Baby Walker and the big man holding his son at his ranch to confirm that he indeed does know them. One big network…run by people who couldn’t do a hard day’s work if they had to. So sad – but true. And imo, the common denominator seems to be alcohol. Hope this will help you out some Nunya….although I fear that you are not as clueless as you may seem? Good day!

              1. FBOP isn’t there…

                I’m not the only one wondering if Tesla is the next Theranos.

                This: Tesla (TSLA) Chief Accounting Officer Dave Morton Resigns After Less than One Month seems like it might be another Tesla smoke signal.

                The Theranos superseding indictment now circulating makes for some interesting reading…in a ZZZZ Best sort of way. Lots of important board members now look like they were used as baubles for the investors to look at – and they were highly paid for their ‘efforts’- rather than ever looking behind the curtains. Not that something like that has ever happened before!

  6. It is funny how many people have a problem with Trumps crudeness, and yet have no problems doing it here.

    1. Good thing the Mississippi Press can read and understand the Mississippi Code because, despite all the high powered legal on board at the City no one evidently knew that you can’t just raise municipal property taxes by 34%.

      Pascagoula’s proposed tax hike requires city referendum ~ Tyler Carter

      It’s beginning to look like a clown show over Pascagoula way, featuring some very well paid clowns.

      1. “BEGINNING?!” OK, it that from the Slabbed codebook or is it Choctaw for “at least the last 50 years?” As to the “high powered legal” remark, even I can spot sarcasm without translation. It might be said that there are lots of things “you can’t just do.” However, that is often no impediment to them being done. For example, sensible people would know (without any input from lawyers) you cannot spend millions of dollars you do not have, lest a serious problem arise. And speaking of serious problems, I wonder how many in Pascagoula are sweating over the potential for various Feds to expand sniffing around the various situations in not only Pascagoula, but all of Jackson County.

        In any event, while simple humanity dictates some measure of sympathy for the people of Pascagoula, they are getting exactly that for which they voted (or failed to vote against, as the case may be).

          1. Just an quick, off-the-cuff observation, do with it what you will:

            Maxwell has trumpeted far and wide how tight he and Trump are. Trump has pissed off, offended or outright cursed enough Feds at DOJ, from Sessions on down, that while they aren’t out to get him (well, HIM maybe, but not the POTUS), many wouldn’t mind embarrassing him in little ways (and, for various reasons, Trump and Co. would likely turn a blind eye to them doing it, just to keep them well-fed and otherwise occupied). One would be hard-pressed to come up with better fodder for them to go after, and for Trump & Co. to ignore, than southern white trash like Dane Maxwell and some Jackson County/Mississippi rednecks. The left would eat it up, the DOJ gets some payback without any real damage done, Mississippi voters are still Trump supporters (a housecleaning might even add to the ranks) and Trump & Co. can crow about how it proves they are draining the swamp even if it is their own supporters doing wrong.

            Besides, some of the sniffing has been on-going anyway, so they already have some trails to follow and strings to tug.

    1. I thought all of this consolidated Coast Wide Tourism Council was going to put everyone on the map and have people fighting to get here and spend their money???

      1. Well, sure…it’ll take millions in public money to let gamblers know that there are casinos and seafood now available on the MS coast. After all, how much can one count on the well-paid, highly-experienced, and competent advertising and marketing departments of numerous gaming corporations to let their potential customers know about what’s happening?

        1. Let us not forget that wonderful marketing tool “coast living” that I am sure taxpayers are paying for in some form or fashion. A waste of good paper and ink…just highlights members of the “fraternity” and friends mostly.

          1. What is “coast living?” If you are referring to “South Mississippi Living,” yeah, it is a “society magazine” and not my cup of tea either, but as far I know, it is privately owned and advertiser supported. I wouldn’t call it a news magazine and don’t think the owners would, either. I cannot imagine it receives any taxpayer money, but I don’t know that. If you know something, by all means, post it.

  7. Insain Maxwell is traveling down the wide path his father cut. Blame, blame and blame. Blame the previous administration, not your poor management and spending practices. Blame Pascagoula employees not your lack of financial judgement and leadership. Blame lack of revenues instead fiscal responsibility and vision. I didn’t really expect anything different from you than your father. But unlike other voters in our great city, I did not vote for either of you thugs. The Pascagoula City attorney got his degree from a box of cracker jacks. A simple arraignment of the thugs misspending our tax dollars is the first step you Moron. Then a preliminary hearing to find out exactly how incompetent you are. Then off to arraignment, you will likely be part of this process along with the corrupt city officials. Then some Pretoria’s hearing to assure the public all the corrupt city officials are properly indicted. You will have to hire your own private lawyer at this point to defend your Cracker Jack degree. Then some fake motions by you and this Insain mayor to delay the inevitable. Finally the jury will find all you thugs guilty as non of you idiots will have the smarts to cover up all the idiot mistakes make. Oh and Shaddy Dobbs should stand beside you because his thug administration is in the same house. Only they are not as bad as us simply because we have generationally more experience. Should cut are reclaim all the friends and family tax breaks and benefits not the Police departments. They at least have the integrity to arrest you. Your time is coming.

    1. I hope you are right PP, and this isn’t some more Pickering, Walker and family friends thing….

  8. I hope Slabbed will continue to follow this mess in Pascagoula – it sheer enjoyment to read the articles and all of the comments. While I am not particularly happy with the Mayor, he was the better choice in the election and I know many who remind themselves of that on a regular basis. For those of you that do not know, the choice was between Dane Maxwell and Lazaro Rovira, a local real estate agent who has not resided in Pascagoula very long. I, for one, was interested in Rovira to begin with; however, the closer we came to election day, the more he exposed himself to be totally incompetent and more than a little crazy. If the Rovira for Mayor website was still available you could read it and decide for yourself. As my daddy used to say – it is better to vote for a known crook, than an unknown crook and as you know, the city of Pascagoula voted overwhelmingly for Maxwell. I would say not so much FOR Maxwell, but AGAINST Rovira. It has been disappointing from the get go beginning with the appointment of Corder who began his tenure as the “Liaison” between the old administration and the new by immediately terminating the previous City Attorney. At that time Corder was not yet the Asst. City Manager and thus it would appear not a city employee so I have often wondered what Mr. Williams’ initial response to that termination at the hands of the “Liaison” would have been! It was probably not an unexpected termination because Williams had the nerve to question the ties to the JCUA held by Colmer & Burrow and whether they should be allowed to hold office should they win election by seeking the opinion of the AG. Personally, I feel if Williams had NOT sought that AG opinion he would NOT have been doing his job. It would seem that the City Manager would be the person to terminate Mr. Williams and I think it is quite likely that Williams may have been acting as the Interim City Manager at the time since Joe Huffman had made the break in mid-May 2017. And I digress, my thought is on what authority could Frank Corder dismiss Williams from his employment? I would have asked him to have the man himself, the new Mayor, come on down and do the job himself. And this was just the start to this new administration! The new council, with one exception who regularly votes no (Scott Tipton) continues to spend like nobodies business. In fact Mayor Maxwell’s first order of business after the first bang of the gavel was to request a new City Logo – a request that would cost the city thousands of dollars all so he could put his mark on the landscape of Pascagoula. After much hoopla from the citizens the new logo was not pursued at that time last July. But fast forward to May 2018 and low and behold, we have a new seal! It isn’t a new logo but it is something new! And guess what? It is a Lighthouse! Just like our neighbor to the West – Biloxi. We couldn’t even get something a little more original – we got something some other city already had! To go with that new seal we have new stationary, business cards and who knows what else to the tune of $1,500-$2,000, that we are aware of right now, more spending could certainly come with it. While that is just a drop in the bucket it is indicative of the spending that does add up. And when you are in debt you just cannot have everything you want. Mrs. Colmer and Mr. Tipton have both been concerned with the non-essential spending or the frills of which I speak of above during this budget process. In fact, the talk around town is that Mrs. Colmer is just plain out of control with all her questions on spending! There is nothing wrong with questioning the spending of tax payer’s money when you are in the hole up to your nose and the fear of drowning is a very real proposition. During the budget hearing CA Frederic refuted the statute referred to in Tyler Carter’s article and cited his own statute and reasoning which is on video on the City of Pascagoula website for closer inspection if someone was so inclined. I promise it would be very entertaining to watch! Perhaps the AG would like to give an opinion on whether or not taxes can be raised in Pascagoula in the manner that is being prescribed by the present administration. We all wait with baited breath for the results of the FBI investigation and the D. A. investigation because the truth will come out – or at least that is the continuing promise. The carrot of truth being dangled while they keep working to raise our taxes so high that living here will be next to impossible. So keep writing about Pascagoula – the “sheep” over here are very interested.

    1. Well, Sally, I’m pressed for time, but I would ask this: when the Son of Flubber tossed his hood, er, hat into the ring, why didn’t those of you who claim to have known what was coming find amongst your midst an honest person to run?

      Most of Pascagoula fell for Maxwell’s nonsense about his buddy Trump and all the billions (Really? Seriously? How unsophisticated are you people?) that would magically flow into everyone’s pockets. Greed set in and a lot of folks stupidly thought it was going to be, “ask and ye shall receive!” No offense to your father, but what thinking person would vote for someone they knew to be a crook, or even offer what they apparently considered an amusing story about doing so? The bottom line is that you plainly state you voted for a crook expecting him not to be a crook. Well, Sally, you got exactly what you voted for and Pascagoula has received something, but it isn’t what that greed led folks to expect. You folks screwed up bigtime. Learn a lesson. Or don’t. At least have the grace to own it.

  9. Oh Nunya – are you always this nasty to new people trying to comment or is that your usual state? Don’t worry – I don’t plan to infiltrate every conversation here, just the tempest in a teapot we call Pascagoula. I mistakenly thought that the commenters here on Slabbed might like a POV from someone who is living dream over here on our end of the Coast. Now, let me see here ……. Where to begin? Simple is best and I will try that. Precisely, what I mean by my dear daddy’s quote was this: it is better to go with a known entity, than an unknown entity. The crook part is not fully established quite yet, but I am fairly certain we will be arriving there before we get to vote again in 2020. Now having said that, there was a hope, if you will, that someone smarter would turn up and throw their hat into the ring. It just didn’t happen. By the time I realized we were in trouble either way it was too late for anyone else to qualify to run. Look back to the election of 2013 – 4 or 5 people were in the running for mayor, including George Wolverton and Frank Corder. It was pretty easy to separate the wheat from the chaff in that election. At the time, I felt that the election was narrowed down to 2 candidates who were both smart guys and I backed the one I thought was smarter. One candidate was a former Chevron employee (who pays no city taxes) while the other candidate would have liked to have annexed Pascagoula in order to bring Chevron into the city limits so they could pay city taxes. The former Chevron employee won that election (big surprise as I am sure Chevron would not want to be annexed into the city limits) and during his administration he could have used some of your nastiness, Nunya. Had he had any of nastiness in him the whole chemical balance of that administration might have been different because he got run over by his council lady at large quite often. But that is another chapter in history and not a conversation for today and truthfully, I doubt you are interested. Fast forward to 2017 and the pickens are even slimmer. We actually had 3 candidates so I must correct my earlier post here. We had Maxwell, Rovira and a third female whose name I cannot even recall now. None of the 3 had lived in Pascagoula for any length of time prior to the election, including Maxwell. Rovira wouldn’t even show up for the debate and the young woman could only agree with whatever her opponent said. Maxwell was riding the coattails of his father, as well as the perceived coattails of Donald Trump. That did not impress me at the time and it still does not impress me today. Rovira had a bit of a checkered past it would seem and like yourself, was just a nasty person when you tried to get to know him or have a conversation with him in person and online he was even worse. The one way Dane Maxwell was smart was that he recognized Rovira’s nastiness early on in the campaign and he capitalized on that. You know presentation can be everything and Maxwell appeared to have a plan of action, he was nice, he was friendly and he acted interested in what other people thought and it worked. Now I realize those might be hard concepts for you to understand Nunya but those are the facts of the matter as I see them. I, for one, never believed that just because Maxwell worked on the Trump campaign and had a few congratulatory photo ops with him meant that money would be funneled into our small town. Why would Trump even care about Pascagoula? In short, there is no reason for him to care and no matter how many trips Maxwell makes to Washington, I don’t believe Trump will begin to care either, certainly not enough to send money this way. In fact, Trump might just tell his former campaign employee his famous line from The Apprentice, “You’re fired!” for not being smart enough to dig deep into the accounting system of our city before he ran for office to check out the situation and know what his administration was starting out with monetarily. Plainly put, I don’t think Maxwell did his research before deciding to run and/or take the oath of office. It looks like he thought he could just waltz in and take over spending money regardless of the consequences. It was clear to me from that first meeting that the road of the present administration was not going to be an easy one. In fact, it appeared to just be a change in the cast of political characters in Pascagoula. And Nunya, in case it wasn’t clear, I said the City of Pascagoula voted Maxwell into office, I never said I did.

    1. Well, Sally, if you confuse frankness with “nasty,” I cannot help it. I don’t see anything in my reply that remotely approaches “nasty” or even “personal” (the latter of which, in any case, would be impossible). As to your father voting for crooks, I based my reply on what you wrote, not what you meant. As to all of the rest, I’m simply not interested in reading it carefully enough to be able to reasonably form an opinion and/or reply. I’ll say this: you are as entitled to your opinions as anyone else and I respect everyone’s right to voice their opinions.

    2. Welcome aboard Sally. This is the exact type of topic Slabbed excels at covering so we’ll be checking in from time to time while the disaster unfolds.

      If the City I lived in tried to raise property taxes by 34%, I imagine enough of us would get together to file a Bill of Exceptions. Here is a good Google search string to use to learn more, [“bill of exceptions” mississippi]

  10. I love Frankness, in fact I have been called Frank so many times in my childhood I started thinking it was my name. Just please do me a favor and don’t confuse me with that other Frank from Pascagoula – Frank Corder! I look forward to the future coverage here on Slabbed re: Pascagoula. Nunya, I knew you probably weren’t interested so I will take the win on that point. I just wanted you to know I could dish it out, as well as take it. Thank you Douglas – that Bill of Exceptions is something to think about. Charlene – thank you for the great sense of humor and the welcome! I will be watching for the next installment of the Perils of Pascagoula!

    1. If you would like to “take the win,” feel free to take them all as I have no scoresheet and no interest in personal “wins” or “losses,” and especially not via the internet. My only goals are to learn, gain information and insight, and if I can, offer information and insight. If my comments help in some small way to better the coast’s communities, I am glad and if not, that is life. I will say that all the unsupported gibberish and accusations on Slabbed is disheartening and does little but drive otherwise-interested citizens away. If you and those few of a similar mind want to have a mutual admiration society, that is certainly your right. But don’t expect anyone else to take it seriously and by extension, anything posted on Slabbed seriously. It is a hollow victory but I have no doubt you can and will convince yourself otherwise.

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