Welp, word is out….

Slabbed has another story coming on the Bay Waveland Yacht Club exemption but we are waiting for Paul Hampton over at the Sun Herald to check in on the sail boat donation. We’ll see.

Bay-Waveland Yacht Club charter changed; club now exempt from paying property taxes ~ Geoff Belcher

Belcher snagged quotes from Jimmie Ladner and Yacht Club Treasurer Chris Roth which is good. Slabbed has some additional quotes to share from Jimmie while Lana got an important clarification from the Mississippi Department of Revenue. We also are in the final stages of information gathering on how the by law change went down at the Yacht Club. This is really a discussion that should have taken place in October 2015 at a Supervisor’s meeting that is open to the public but that never happened folks so we’re going to have it now.

If you are a church or a 501(c)(3), I would urge you to read Mississippi Code Ann. Section 27-31-1, which has the property tax exemptions listed. I imagine there will be some fear mongering and there is no reason for that. Churches are exempt as would most 501(c)(3) organizations.

Finally folks, consider what the statute that Jimmie Ladner is relying upon actually says because there are words after “fraternal and benevolent organization” that are very important and they appear in the very code section (MCA 27-31-1(d)) that Ladner told Slabbed he relied upon to grant the tax exemption to the Yacht Club:

All property, real or personal, owned and occupied by a fraternal and benevolent organization, when used by such organization, and from which no rentals or other profits accrue to the organization, but any part rented or from which revenue is received shall be taxed. (Emphasis added)

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  1. I’ll kick start this comment thread by observing that per Geoportal, the Diamondhead Country Club is listed as a “Fairway” with a zero property tax assessment.

  2. Instead of raising taxes by the supervisors and city council it is obvious the tax accessor is not collecting what is due. There is no due diligence just status quo or secret deals. Check out his own geoportal and see how many houses are not paying taxes with no inquiry. Elderly people decease and the family leaves the taxes in the deceased name and rent the property or live in with all the elderly exemptions. Lazy and content is what I see. We have the best county geoportal I’ve ever used why doesn’t the tax accessor use it and ask questions?

  3. If I may add something about the geoportal; do you know how far behind it is in updating property ownership? In my neighborhood it’s at least 18 months. According to Blaine Lafontaine there was only one person trained in Mr Ladner’s office to use it. I believe they’ve hired or are training another person

    1. Let’s not open the door for this to be blamed on the help, because it has occurred in the history of mankind that the underlings get the shaft. If more help and an update of the resources to keep us up to date in the tax office are needed, let’s not forget it’s budget time of year. Those needs should be addressed. But then that would be sacrificing an excuse!

    2. I believe 18 months is a comical figure. Years is more accurate. If the geoportal is true and correct, then why am I paying an attorney to find an error in property ownership? Sometime between 1958 and the present, property ownership names have been changed (with or without proper paperwork) by either Chancery Clerk or Hancock County Tax office. If you think that is amazing, also on the geoportal, someone has moved a 16′ x 44′ pole shed from the property in question onto the property that is not in question.

  4. Facilities Rental
    Overlooking the Bay of St. Louis, the Bay-Waveland Yacht Club offers the best views on the coast for your private event. Our creative, caring, and professional staff can help you plan a special party or meeting that will provide memories to last a lifetime. Our facilities and grounds offer many spaces that can be used as a part of your event.

    Although, we are a private club and the facilities are not available for hire to the general public, club members may host events for non-members. Please contact the office at (228) 467-4592 or email us at [email protected].


  5. The back taxes need to be repaid by Jimmy and the board of governors with the same interest rates the people in the paper have to pay for back taxes. And the NAACP needs to question why a family photo is required with your application.

    1. Spot on Beth but only after the tax rolls are audited so we can quantify the total of the improper exemptions Jimmie Ladner has doled out.

      Under that law Jimmie and Slabbed both agreed applied here, a property like the Krewe of Nereids float den would be slam dunk to get a property tax exemption. Like the Yacht Club they are a 501(c)(7), unlike the Yacht Club they are the essence of pro bono publico.

      I think we are fixing to find out what kind of State Auditor we have in Shad White.

      1. Best not to be the softball young Shadrack gets to swing at in the first inning. Because he’s looking to make his bones. If you are the softball then you are fixin to get hit outta the park if he wants to swing for the walls.

        I think Ooops for both Hancock County and some of the Hancock County tax exempters.

        Any reason to think this is isolated to Hancock County? Good ideas usually travel fast in my experience.

  6. Re Diamondhead’s golf course exemption, I’ve heard repeatedly that that deal was made back at its beginning by then-assessor Mauffray; also recently heard that Ladner will end the exemption shortly.

      1. Couple of corrections: this aging brain substituted “Mauffray” for the real previous assessor, Eddie Murtagh, and I’ve learned that the D’head exemption pre-dated Mr. Murtagh’s term of office and its ending is not a settled matter.

        I’m not anxious to pay more taxes, of course, but there’s far too much exempt property everywhere. The rules need to be more tightly drawn, and in cases like BWYC and D’head, you should have to produce convincing evidence each year that you qualify by your actions, not just your charter, for the exemption you’re claiming.

        1. Thanks for the clarification, Peggy. I’ll take your brain any day to some who are in charge right now!!
          Our Yacht Club Officers might want to also start reporting to the IRS the same taxing status they are telling the Secretary of State, and in the future publish all By-Law changes to the membership in our monthly newsletter before voting on them as our current By-Laws require! Jimmie should have stood his ground, and told them to appeal his refusal to the Board of Supervisors if they didn’t like it, as the law requires. But that would have had to happen in public😳 We can’t have that😩 Poor judgement, very poor on so many levels.

  7. I guess the “old boys” are at it again. We should try and find out what prompted all of this and who encouraged the BWYC to change their status? Someone had to initiate it and bring to Ladner. What members were involved in this and how did it transpire.
    Maybe someone should check the tax rolls for McPhaille. On his 1 mil purchase of school he is only paying 8700 yr. actually Ladner dropped his taxes 2,000 from 2 years ago. He should be paying about 16,000. It is only assessed for 478K. That is his choice it is vacant..Not the citizens. The house he bought on beach for 1.5 he is paying 13,000 should be paying 24,000. they only have him assessed for 750 yet he paid 1.5 The assessor knows what these properties are selling for. Not sure what his other purchases are assessed for but I can assure the public they are not what they should be.
    Maybe the state auditor needs to check Mr. Ladner and see if his properties are being assessed accordingly to market value and not “Jimmy’s Value”
    If everyone would pay their fair share we would not need an increase in taxes across the board. But the politicians don’t want to touch it because they won’t get re elected if you increase your taxes, but you don’t mind if city raises taxes. The whole system needs an adjustment in taxes.. I wonder how many millions of taxes are not collected because houses are under valued by Mr. Ladner to his friends and family???

    1. And all of this at this time of year, Outraged, while our elected officials are scratching their heads trying to make every mil count and looking like the bad guys. Are they being hung out to dry?

      1. And our BSL Council raised mils last year, plus 2 mils to free up R&B money so they can do another bond and pay it with R&B money from Supers? This info from our local rep. Keep adding mils and increasing debt fellas, real dumb.

        1. mike farve has raised taxes, every fee in the city he could raise, bought million in equipment
          out sourced payroll, grass cutting ip service, paid off police officers for wrongful firings
          contracted with Mississippi power for 603 lights …damn can he manage
          LANA, WHERE ARE YOU-
          take this man’s check book –

          1. Tired,
            By law Mike Favre can’t do any of the things you listed. I think your ire needs to be directed to the Council. They are legally charged to manage the money. If Mike Favre wants something that is not legal or smart, they can say “NO.” Maybe you ought to take Council’s checkbook.

          2. Tired,
            Mike cannot do anthing with out the council. If you are reading this post you would certainly figure out that it goes out the back door to non profits and other services that provide nothing to the tax payer!

            Nothing wrong with not knowing just read and learn from it. You are on the right track but need to know how it is given away without their control but it rests with the county! Tax Collector and Supervisors give the lions share away and we have to absorb it.

            Watch what is getn ready to happen to your garbage bill. We donot have competitive pricing as they have given one site complete monopoly over us for political reasons/money only! He is know sticking them in the ass after they protected his monopoly. Good story that will soon play out. There is no loyalty amongst thrives. No one can say anything about the other as they become partners in crime! Ask Bo Labner n Blaine!

          3. Tired,
            You sound a lot like les lying Oliver at the meetings with her BS.
            And 6-8-10 mill increase last year.
            Raised taxes and fees but they are still the lowest.

            Million in equipment. Show me.

            Payroll, Smart move. Cost about $25,000 , employee cost about $65,000 with benefits. Talk to employees about how screwed up their pay checks was.

            Outsource Grass cutting , made the cuts to pay for it. Takes 🎱🎱

            Not only outsourced 603 lights but 90 as well. When was the last time you seen lights on 603 working. Smart

            Paid off police officers , one got back pay, lost nothing and if it was wrong doing g there would be a lawsuit filed not settle for back pay. BS

            Guess you want your lying unqualified buddies back with the city.

            Ice has and still seems to be cleaning house , doing away with waisted positions 💩💩💩
            and putting money where it’s needed.

            And show me where they have wasted money.

            Our roads in ward 5-6 still need paving. We deserve this.
            Ice Josh and Council
            Raise me 2 mills for paving , show me where it’s going and what we are doing with it.
            Mileage still the lowest except for Biloxi. Look it up.

            Waveland has the tax base still has high taxes high utility rates and services still suck. That’s fact.

            Do your homework and put the truth out there not BS

        2. Cedar
          Paving and Drainage needs to be done.
          Dirt streets , steadily putting rocks on them.
          Bond to solve this problem
          Spend a $100,000 a year on paving 1-2 streets a year
          20 years later I’m still living on a dirt road.
          Really NOT

          1. With you Stone! But please let’s do what’s right and needed in necessity of every Ward. Ward 6 been left out till Falgout got a little going but Ice said “every street out there needs fixing”. That’s absurd Ice, that Bond alone will be 5 million before even touching the other 5 Wards. Plus Stone, City drains got to be fix deplorable. Ice doing right but it can’t be overnight. Millage will go up again folks….for this Bond. Got to.

            1. Cedar , every street paved is no $5M. As stated $1-$1.5M
              Drainage yes $5M+
              But Falgout didn’t get it going by himself.
              We need roads paved.

    2. Mr. Mcphaile is trying to develop property. People need to focus on government spending and nonprofits that get our money. Not how private money is spent!

      The school is sitting vacant because the nay sayers that want government money have stopped him from moving forward. We are lucky he is Savy enough to take them for what they are.

  8. I think this new auditor should check out all of these “tax free” organizations on the Coast. Too many people are using these organizations for their own gains. All of the Coast Yacht clubs should be checked to see if they, too, are under special umbrellas. It is my opinion the our new auditor should check all of these (501) (c) non-profits to make sure they are in compliance with State laws instead of “Good old boy” laws.

      1. Non Profits are moving to Hancock County faster than new businesses! Most of them are courted by the chamber of commerce. 22 to be exact! Katrina got everyone educated on how it works and Federal Money was flying around. Now local money is back filling their wants not nececarily their needs. They typically want prime Real Estate because they have no cost of ow nership. That cost is passed on to the other property owners. Non Profits typically pay better than for profit because nearly all the money can pay salaries.

        Good Note: Waveland just cut them all out of the budget. It’s a shame that the Chamber lost another give away and

        BSL is cutting the library $100,000 a year. The citizens have been double dipped for years. The chamber has been eliminated for their request. We have not funded them for several years and BSL is busting at the seams!

  9. It has been brought to my attention that the exemption of the Yacht Club from ad valorem taxes is being defended on the premise that even though the club does rent their building out for events, it’s primarily rented to members. First of all that is not true. The Club advertises for rentals and will rent to non members at a non member rate.

    Miss. Code 27-31-1:
    “The following shall be exempt from taxation:

    All property, real or personal, owned and occupied by a fraternal and benevolent organization, when used by such organization, and from which no rentals or other profits accrue to the organization, but any part rented or from which revenue is received shall be taxed. ”

    There is no distinction as to who rents the property. The determining factor for taxation is that revenue is received by the organization. You have to read beyond the comma after the word “organization.”

    We can’t pick and choose how much of a statute we are going to follow.

  10. Just a little Trivia:

    There are more Non Profits in The United States than Corporations!

    Anyone feel the need to revisit this Law!

    I’m trying to find out how much land they control. Notice I said control not occupy! They only occupy some of it the rest is controlled at no cost due to tax exemption!

    1. If I was a Hancock Bank Stock holder I would be pissed the Chamber of Commerce, a Non Profit, has free rent on my nickle!

      If they don’t pay land taxes they get free rent. Chamber can’t buy property because 70% of their revenue goes to salaries. They have to spend the balance promoting the chamber! LOL

      They had to go to a publicly traded company because private members would not do it. It makes no sense. They either get it from government or publicly traded stock companies that non owners run!

  11. Yes Blue Eyes Mr. McPhaille is developing in BSL, but as of today, after several years of purchasing vacant buildings, the only thing he has done is the controversial drive thru coffee shop, still under renovation. He purchased the 200 N Beach, but that was a working business prior to his ownership. All of the other properties are still vacant. And the house he purchased on the Beach is for personal use. So he gets a pass because of his business on his personal house at 50% of its value. Is that fair to the other hard working property owners that don’t have the money to develop and pay the market rate on the property taxes.
    How many more of these are around, not just McPhaille. I understand there should be a review every certain amount of years to verify the Assessor is properly assessing the homes. I wonder who conducts this audit and checks the books. I’d like to be on that team. Maybe Lana and her group could volunteer in Hancock and help Mr. Ladner do his review of assessments????

  12. Oh and he also purchased another on going business with the Antique Mall on Second St. So basically he has not personally done any NEW development in our town.

  13. Outraged not sure where you have been but McPhaile tried to pump in 8-10M on the old school. Stoped by a few lefties ❄️❄️❄️ in the neighborhood. Hopefully he will get this done.
    N Beach was a failing And now seems to be thriving.
    Antique mall same as n beach.
    PJ’s again tried to be stopped by the same lefties❄️❄️❄️ And slowed down everything.
    Controversial drive through only because of the same lefties ❄️❄️ that park in the road in front of mocking bird. Drive through comes out in HIS parking lot 100 feet from the main road.
    So my thing is don’t blame McPhaile for no progress
    Blame the few lefties ❄️❄️❄️ who is trying to stopping everything he tries to do.
    Same with the alcan building. Trying to stop him before anything starts.
    Sounds like your may be one of the❄️❄️❄️ That’s against the administration and progress on the city.
    I think you should show up and support McPhaile and his projects instead of bashing him if you think he should develop his property.
    You need to be bashing the ones that are stopping progress in our city.
    Show up and support progress.
    One thing we can agree on is that everyone should pay fair value for their property.

    1. Read this then called my rep???? Confused? Why tell me “areas of concerns” when all areas HAVE concerns? Tax bases should be spread for usage of all. “We need Drainage in bad way” as stated. Hell, hire specialist engineers not local friends. Tell us the Citizens what, why and where we need to fix and roads need fixing and how much it cost! I’ll vote for it! Fix it, stop faking it. One pay we all pay but fix all of it..

    2. Stone,
      Thanx for that truth. Hasn’t done anything personally? Outraged should name himself uninformed. What has outraged done personally or professionally?

      Watch public spending and give aways and leave private money alone!

  14. I am not against progress by any means. I fully support all developments in BSL and Hancock County. Not a naysayer. The PJ’s I hope does succeed. Great coffee shop. I only said the ongoing businesses he has purchased are still going. He has NOT brought and NEW development to the city.
    It was my understanding that the paperwork he filed for the old school was not specific enough and the neighbors were concerned. If he had properly filled out the forms and said what his development was maybe he would have succeeded. Would you support someone in your neighborhood asking for a “special use” permit but not saying exactly what the use was? We all thought it would be a hotel or condos. He has great ideas and has been very successful in LA. I hope he has the same success here.
    My issues are people not paying fair share taxes. Why should he be assessed for half of the value ?
    I have done a lot in BSL. I suffered severe damage in Hancock County losing 2 businesses with NO flood insurance. But that did not stop me. I reopened as soon as I could and still do what I can for the area and businesses. I support local businesses on a regular basis and encourage my friends from LA to come here and shop, eat and enjoy our wonderful community.
    So don’t bash me and put me in the category of against progress. That is so far from the truth. I hope he does succeed and add to the great city we have. I go on record saying I have NEVER opposed any development Mr. McPhaille has wanted to do. Only giving my opinion on his property taxes. I’m tired of increased taxes because the taxes are not being charged across the board as they should and some get special rates. It is on the record what he has paid for his properties and not assessed the same.
    Go ask Mr. Ladner why he has chosen to reduce McPhailles taxes and not yours.. Give me a few days and lets check other businesses and what they are paying in property taxes. Maybe spend the day on the computer and go up and down the beach to start and see what property taxes are. You will be surprised at how many people are only assessed for half the value of their properties.

    1. You’re right, Outraged. MacPhaile went into P&Z with a plan for the Old School to be a Yoga Studio/Gymnasium/Condo/Event Space …. HUH? Dude may be some kind of genius, but give me a serious plan. In the real world, I think if the ice cream place & PJ’s was finished & open & people were going ooh & aah, his other projects may have a better chance

      1. Trix
        Again, really. He is trying to figure out the deal. Development is a big undertaking. 10 million is huge. It looks to me that the smallest stake holders get power and exhilaration out of stopping the biggest stake holders. The Casinos faced this same insane BUll Shit! The Chamber of Commerce and local banks were against it! That shows you how they are and what they know. Just like you. Now they want to date them and take credit for it. Yep that is how y’all roll. The casino pays 42% of the BSL budget. Let’s run them off because they didn’t do it the way you wanted. Now you cough up another 42% on your home stead. I know you don’t know any of that because you get your info from uninformed sources!

        The harbor took tremendous criticism. It is now considered one of the best locations on the coast. The Blind Tiger was fought tooth and nail by their competitors and other nay sayers and the chamber people trying to tell him how to name it how to build it and As soon as he built, well the rest is history.

        People are scared and extremely jealous! It will all happen whether y’all like it or not because the silent majority see past the jealousy and need the development taxes. He didn’t propose a strip club. Y’all actually want a say in how he spends his investment money and whether he has a hair salon or a ice cream shop. That shit is laughed at by the silent majority.

        No one can actually express exactly what the problem is Just hysteria!

        The city can’t survive on homestead exempted properties and nonprofits. Maybe you could shed light on how to do that and have good schools and all the other benefits you would like. Give me that business plan and then let’s discuss it! I bet you can’t becsuse you never considered it. Thoughtless opinions are the problem. Sit back homestead complain about grass cutting and every other thing you don’t like and never consider what it takes to get it the way you want! Waiting on your business plan! Next!

  15. Outraged,
    I read too much into your comment as we all do at times. You are correct in the restatement. That is the process for huge development. It can take many meetings to get it right. I believe Mcphaile was looking for input but got blasted not informed. No ill deeds on his part but $10,000,000 is a huge investment and a lil cooperation goes a long way to get it going.

  16. First of all if someone is investing 10 mil in a project they better know exactly what that project will be and the projected income. Don’t walk into a room and say I have 10 mil to spend but can’t decide. As smart as a business man McPhaille is, he is not going to play that game. He had to have a hidden agenda for not wanting to be specific to the public. Don’t hide behind special use. Tell the public what you want and be honest then maybe you will get the support. Don’t bait and switch on the citizens of BSL. His original plan was condos or Hotel.
    I’m waiting for the Theater project. What do you think he is going to propose there? Seating for how many? and where are the people going to park? Don’t tell me the city garage 4+ blocks away. It is very difficult to find a parking space now with all the traffic down there. It is great to see all of the businesses, but parking is a problem. Now 2 more venues have opened. Thomas Genin has opened a new bar across the street from Blind Tiger and will be opening RAW in the next month an Oyster Bar.
    It will be interesting to see how all of this evolves.

    1. At the last Council meeting, when Lulu’s was asking for ingress/egress, a couple of Councilmen mentioned a 3 story parking garage where the Lulu’s parking lot is now.

      1. Late great Council At Large Billy Taylor said it best: “BSL doesn’t have a parking problem, people have a walking problem.” My rep said that there’s over 400 parking spots including Harbor per our engineer within a quarter of a mile of Main & Beach Blvd. ???? Ate lunch there yesterday and looking out window, employees were taking up a lot of Beach Blvd spaces. Harbor was empty… ??

        1. Businesses that do not have their own parking have owners and employees in public parking. That is a fact. Two hour Parking meters will fix that problem. They will get there early to get in the garage! Businesses need to help address parking issues not only with ideas but with $$! Otherwise meter it and they can pay for it.

      2. The only person benefiting is LULU. There is no benefit to the city. Easements are permanent and influence future city needs and use of the public parking lot. The property next to her was for sale for years now she wants a freebie on the taxpayer. It never ends.

  17. The employee parking situation is a HUGE problem and the business owners should realize that every space an employee takes could mean a customer they are losing. Until the owners have a serious conversation and penalties with their help nothing will change.
    I have sat in the morning watching or anytime an employee pulls up parks right in front, not down the street, hops out of their car and goes to work. Meter may or may not work, the help will just run outside and put money in the meter.. It has to start with the owners and monitor it with their help.
    The other is called consideration, and this generation has no clue as to what that means or even some of the owners….

  18. lu lu’s , another les supporter wanting something free. ❄️❄️❄️
    As for parking, everyone is correct in saying the workers and some owners are the problems. I can not believe the other owners put up with that BS.
    It pisses me off to see a bar owner park in a handicap space all day. Even though he has a card he could park in a regular spot and save it for a true handicap person. He is not. 💩💩💩 Don’t spend a dime in there because of this.
    Wish the depot area would get their restaurants back. Something for families.
    Parking meters is the answer. Most workers want pay.
    Trick, parking Garage , Harbor Parking and talks on more harbor parking.
    Parking is there. Park and walk.

  19. I realize this may be too much common sense, but why not begin with the premise that the employees are decent people who want to do right but haven’t been given direction as to what “right” is. So, create an employee-only parking area or areas, issue them stickers or dash cards and ASK that they park there when working. If that doesn’t work, then move to instructing them that is where they MUST park but only during working hours. If that doesn’t do it, then move on to strict enforcement and penalties. It would need to be a two-way street, pardon the pun. Make it permitted employee-ONLY and only while working. If enforcement becomes necessary, if anyone without a sticker/card or an off-duty employee parks there, or if an employee parks where they shouldn’t during working hours, tow ’em. Plus, the spaces/areas can be variable, i.e., if, for example, on Monday-Wednesday from 6am to 6pm, there are fewer employees working, fewer spaces are needed, Friday and Saturday nights, more spaces needed. How hard can it be to determine how many spaces are needed when?

        1. The businesses would pay for the stickers/dashcards/hangers and if enforcement became necessary, the transgressors would pay via the towing charges (or via tickets, boot removal, etc.), which would be a fixed amount sufficient to fairly compensate towing companies and deter offenders, but not so overly onerous so as to offend reasonable people. A 3 to 6 month parking ticket period (again, enough to get the attention of transgressors, but not so much to elicit accusations of being unreasonable) prior to towing cars would probably be a good idea. I have no idea what tire boots cost, but if it enforcement became necessary and boots were cost-effective, the city could invest in some and garner some additional revenue. If the city did handle enforcement, it could have an escalating scale for repeat offenders (I am not sure, but I do not think towing companies can escalate charges). And yeah, it really is pretty simple common sense.

          1. Very complicated.
            Public parking metered and business owned parking is simple and the user pays one wY or the other very little management.

            Good thinking but multiple businesses and government n employees. Come on

            This ain’t stennis it is a tourist town with lots of moving parts.

            U are entitled to you opinion but I’m just a little too realistic to make your idea work. Who pays, who has the most employees, who has the most need, who pays how much based on what, who enforces it? Too utopian for me. But hell I’ve been wrong a lot of times. Kinda why I have my opinion!

  20. Good idea Nunya ! I would think on a weekend there might be 50-75 people working in the area. This is all the spaces on Beach Blvd. I do see that 200 N Beach has some parking behind their building.
    It definitely is an issue that needs to be addressed with the business owners and employees. I really don’t see this happened, but we can still try..

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