Why Hancock County Can’t Afford Nice Things….. (Updated)

Reader Submitted Photo of Front Gate of the Bay Waveland Yacht Club
Reader Submitted Photo of Front Gate of the Bay Waveland Yacht Club

It all started with a comment left by Sold Out on The Optics are Terrible:

The Yacht Club was paying over $19K a year in advalorem. She showed them how to go non profit and quit paying local taxes run the non profit thru her and just pay her.

That comment raised two distinct questions in our minds here at Slabbed. The first question is whether or not the Bay Waveland Yacht Club was paying property taxes. The second question would pertain to the local Chamber of Commerce being involved in getting tax exemptions for a social club. I’ll answer the second question first because we need to line through it for the purposes of the rest of this post as we found no evidence the Chamber was involved in the Yacht Club’s local property tax assessments. The Yacht club however, was given a tax abatement by Hancock County Tax Collector Jimmie Ladner and that is plenty interesting on its own.

On October 5, 2015 the Bay Waveland Yacht Club, Inc filed a status report with the Mississippi Secretary of State which indicated it changed its corporate charter:

The period of existence is perpetual Second: The purpose for which it is created are: Mission and Purpose: Associate as a
fraternal and benevolent organization for the common purpose, promotion and pleasure of doing good works related to boating, racing, athletics and related activities Donate use of its facilities, boats and personnel for the advancement of high school sailing, sailing instruction to the children of the community, providing boat storage and launching to the Department of Marine Resources and for search and rescue initiatives, sponsoring annual events open to the community in the celebration of national holidays, hosting civic club functions and fishing rodeos Encourage the owning and use of power and sailing boats for pleasure and a safe harbor for boaters in distress Host international, national and regional regattas in order to exhibit the resources of the Mississippi Gulf Coast to international, national and regional visitors Erect and maintain a building and marina facilities to be used for its good works, charitable endeavors and as a club house for its members Provide periodic donations of use of its facilities and property for the benefit of the community.

That is interesting that it donates its facilities for sailing instruction. The summer program cost $450/child so I am not sure what is exactly being donated to the public but boy that new mission statement sure sounds good. Jimmie Ladner indicated to Slabbed that after the club changed its by laws he gave it the property tax exemption under authority section 27-31-1(d) of the Mississippi Code, which does allow for certain nonprofits to gain a property tax exemption. The problem is the Bay Waveland Yacht Club, per its own 990 forms filed with IRS, is a 501(c)(7) social club. Worse, the 990 forms indicated that no changes were made to its governing documents so there is a fundamental contradiction between the story BWYC is telling the local tax collector and the one it is telling the IRS.

Lana Noonan, on behalf of Slabbed New Media contacted the Ad Valorem Property Tax Division of the Mississippi Department of Revenue. She spoke with a Ms. MacDonald who told her that social clubs, such as member only Yacht Clubs, do not qualify for an ad valorem exemption in Mississippi. She further indicated that tax abatements such as the one given the Yacht Club are required to be reported to MDOR and there was no such report on file in Jackson for the Bay Waveland Yacht Club. (See Update below)

From outward appearances, corners have been cut and the politically connected yacht club, whose members include luminaries such as James Carville, has been given a nice taxpayer funded handout in the dark of night. This handout is special because every other property owner in Hancock County is paying for it each year to make up for the back door leakage. It should be lost on no one that the Bay City Council is currently considering going up 4 mills on its taxes with Bay Waveland Schools going up 2 mills. The local yacht club, whose membership includes some of the most financially successful members of the community gets a freebie pass on all of that.

Slabbed contacted Bay Waveland School Board Trustee Mike Bell for comment on the Yacht Club’s tax exemption. He indicated to Slabbed that he was speaking only for himself and not the entire Board of Trustees but that he would be bringing this matter to the School Board’s attention. “We make our ad valorem request in dollars. The payment is then assessed to the tax payers. [The Yacht Club Exemption] does not affect the Bay Waveland Schools annual request for local support.” He added, “It is not fair to the average Joe”, alluding to the fact that everyone else that pays property taxes has to make up the difference for the Yacht Club exemption.

Slabbed also contacted Bay St Louis Councilman at Large Gary Knoblock for comment. He responded that he was unaware of the Yacht Club’s property tax exemption adding that, “he was not looking to raise [the City’s] property taxes”. He indicated the Bay Council would be taking a look at the issue.

Slabbed has also contacted Mayor Mike Favre, Bay Waveland School Board President Casey Favre and Hancock County Board of Supervisor President Blaine Lafontaine for comment but we have not heard back before initial publication of this post. As we get additional reaction we will update this post.

Update 1:

Slabbed has been contacted by the Department of Revenue in response to communications from Jimmie Ladner’s office. Jeff Foreman of MDOR indicated this this type of tax exemption does not require MDOR approval:

As I understand from ……. below, the Bay Waveland Yacht Club is claiming exemption as a “perpetual or fraternal and benevolent organization”. As you have already established in this thread, such an exemption is clearly authorized under Miss. Code Ann. Section 27-31-1(d). Under current Mississippi law, case law and guidance from the Mississippi Attorney General, the duty to determine eligibility for such an exemption lies solely with the county. The Department of Revenue plays no role in the approval of such exemptions and, as such, there is no requirement for any information regarding such exemptions to be filed with the Department.

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  1. I bee’s, if it’s tax free it must be public. I’m going to launch my skiff boat now and catches me some crokers, put my craben nets off the pier while the chillrens are in the pool. It’s time for the black man to move on up.

  2. OMG. That mission statement could not be further from the truth. It’s time to investigate or audit the book’s of everything the chamber is involved with.

    1. Jimmy Ladner just up and did this with no reservation. Come on Jimmy, 455 bites is big for your election but to stiff everyone else for it. I suspect you coached em on what to write!

      Jimmy, You also supported the Solid Waste Authority! But you never said but my Daughter is the attorney and makes a living off public entities like yourself!

      Jimmy you tried to dissolve our Tourism. We would loose the 2% room tax but you are your family we’re not personally benefiting!
      Your day in the sun is coming fast!

        1. Rachael,
          Not sure where our stock stands now. After my conversation with Jimmie this week, this is what he explained to me: then Commodore, Dr. Rowe Crowder, “promised” me he would have the Yacht Club’s By-Laws changed for them to become eligible for this tax exemption. This change ultimately means that, according to Jimmie,” if the Yacht Club should ever become insolvent, or whatever, the Board of Governors has agreed to turn it over to an “educational institution.” So, what happens to our stock? You are a former banker, Rachael. What say you?
          Jimmie made it clear to me that this was not his idea. ” The minute I got elected, they started on me— Basil Kennedy, Corky Hadden, and then Rowe Crowder. I refused them at first, but then Rowe promised the By-Law change.” Jimmie and I have had a conversation about social media being responsible and truthful, so I am relating what he told me out of his own mouth. Don’t want to assign statements to him that he did not make, and can’t produce any evidence to contradict him as to them going after him for this $$favor.
          AND, not to contradict Doug, but this is not an abatement, there is no time limit on this. It is also not a reduction as in Homestead Exemption. This is a complete and total removal of this private organization from the tax rolls, as per an email response to me from Jimmie. Go to the Hancock County Geo Portal site. They have been removed.
          These “facts” are important because they are coming from the Tax Collector that granted the total exemption.
          I could be wrong, but I always thought that a By-law change in an organization, had to be proposed by the governing Board and voted on by the general membership. To date, at least, we have received no letter to vote on this.
          Do those signs on the front of our property need to come down now that we are on the public dole? If any tax lawyers are reading here, please post. We are still receiving tax supported services, and not paying for them.
          For the record, since we filed a 990 to the IRS as a 501(c) (7), it is my understanding that those who take chances on raffles at the club, or make any kind of donation, cannot use that as a tax exemption.
          This whole situation creates more questions than answers.

          1. Lana,
            Does this apply to the Viper Sail Boats where checks were made out to The Hancock Community Development Foundation AKA Chamber of Commerce?

  3. Doug,
    I hope your update to this report was not suppose to be a consolation to this situation. In my opinion, what MDOR said reveals no oversight. Very troubling indeed. Makes it even clearer how this happened.
    I am so disappointed on so many levels here. I remember when Jimmie was the guest speaker at the Waveland Economic Development Committee meeting two years ago, and the topic was the possibility of tax abatements in the Coleman Ave. area to encourage development. He was very straightforward in saying to the Committee that while he understood our dilemma, he viewed his role as Tax Assessor and Collector as the guardian of the ad valorem tax base because it was crucial to the operation of all government entities and services. Everyone respected him for his candor. It was just about that same time this “deal” was being done. What an enigma!! And we wonder why only 33% of registered voters go to the polls? May be a little easier to understand now.
    As for the Yacht Club officials, as an active 40 year member, I am still waiting for the “powers that be” to communicate to the membership the amendment to our By-Laws. As Beth stated, the Mission Statement is flawed to say the least, and to think one year after this was sent to the Secretary of State, they filled out our 990 to the IRS stating no changes in the organization. Sad commentary here indeed. All of this for a $20,000 ad valorem assessment that can be shared by 445 members. That comes to about $43 per member a year, or $3.50 a month for the most well off individuals. I don’t think you can buy a drink at the bar for that.

    1. It is an important clarification that some of the information MDOR gave us was not correct. It still doesn’t change the propriety of the ad valorem exemption that Jimmie Ladner gave to a private club that does little to nothing for the public in the Bay. As Beth pointed out that Mission Statement is bullshit, artfully worded bullshit but BS none the less.

      I have no problem with private social clubs. I do not think they should get a free ride though.

      The problem with the shrinking value of the mill in Bay Waveland can be traced to factors other than a general economic decline as this post illustrates.

      1. It is an important clarification that some of the information MDOR gave us was not correct.

        I’d like to be able to say I’m shocked.

        Sadly, I can’t.

        Funny how that works to certain peoples benefit.

        A brief digression If I may:

        Here’s another not surprising report – WLOX State still waiting to recover thousands after DMR embezzlement scandal
        Wednesday, August 15th 2018, 9:54 am CDT


        Nearly five years after the embezzlement scandal at the Department of Marine Resources, the state is still waiting to recoup hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Mississippi Auditor’s office released its annual report on the misuse of public funds.

        Former Director Bill Walker, his son Scott Walker and ex-DMR Chief of Staff Joseph Ziegler, Jr. were ordered to pay a cumulative $779,651.75. Since November 2013, the parties have paid $215,324.89 just more than 25 % of the restitution payments.

        Of course the actual OSA report has a set of numbers that could suggest a different headline. See page 18 of the OSA report for FY2018

        Perhaps the blog operator can lend a hand by posting a screenshot of the appropriate page.

        Then the slabbed readership can read and weep without the need to hit the link and scroll.

        Payment of $2,517.42 was received in FY 2018! At that rate it would take how long to pay off $357,364.29…even with no interest accruing…never mind!

        1. Rfp = am I overlooking something? I clicked on your link to view the funds owed by the culprits. I did not find a listing for Baby Walker stating that he owed anything! How can that be?

          1. IIRC daddy Bill and Scott wad some joint liability for one amount of restitution and then there was individual for other amounts for the two. I may have to look all that up when I get a chance.

            To answer your question “How can that be?”, assuming there has been some sort of ‘mistake’…

            Several things come to mind in no particular order.

            Good old boys club

            Friends and family plan


            Deputy Feel

            1. I had the 2018 and 2017 reports pulled up early this AM. Kerwin Cuevas paid up at least.

              I’ll have something up tomorrow on that topic.

      2. The clarification is very important in that it makes clear that while the state does not oversee these tax exemptions, it is “solely under the authority of the “county.” Guess we’ll have to start reading some Supervisor’s minutes to see when they officially approved it. Surely Jimmie wouldn’t do this on his own. I would think “county” would refer to the taxing authority–Supers. Anything other than their approval would seem to be way too much authority for one official, even in Handcuff County, Miss.!!

        1. A “control f” search of the Hancock County Board of Supervisors minutes (available online) from the entire year of 2015 found not one occurrence of the word “yacht”.

          1. Due to the dates involved the abatement did not begin until 2016. I found where the Sups approved the rolls in total but nothing specific to the Yacht Club. The Supervisor minutes are voluminous so I may have missed it.

          2. The county officials don’t use fancy words like that, rfp. Try again for something like “note”rig, etc.!😂🤣

          3. On a serious note, the Assessor should present the tax list for the year to the Supers with a list of all exemptions, not Homestead, that is a partial exemption. We members of the YC are getting a total free ride off the taxpayers while enjoying all the same services they pay for–Fire and police–public works, etc. The report needs to become more specific– dang– another big word for them to have to use!!

    2. What about just letting the stock holder membership know our tax status changed much less the mission statement that is as laughable as it comes!

      If all this is true they have allowed many innocent people to be tainted by tax fraud or tax misrepresentation at the least.

      Sorry Jimmy Ladner! I bought you very few votes as really on about 15 -20 members knew it was happening. By the way thanks for looking out for the TaxPayer! You are really something else. Follow your sister and retire or is there still a little meat on bone you want?

      1. Beyond just being “tainted” what exposure do the stock holders have if something has been done wrong with regard to the tax exemption offered for a donation toward the purchase of a sailboat? We can’t offer that exemption as a 501(c) (7). Can we use another entity’s tax exempt status? The Yacht Club advertised in our Dec. 2016 Jib Sheet for donations with checks to be written to the Hancock County Community Development Foundation. This offer was on a Yacht Club publication. ????$$$$ When you are share holder of a corporation, you don’t just own the good things that go on. I think we have exposure to and responsibility for the not so good too!!

        1. The Decelopment Foundation is an one arm of 26 that the Chamber of Commerce has? Does that have something to do with the 3% dues increase to the membership that occurred about the same time? Wow the more you know the worse it gets!

    3. They financed the pool with this tax savings. Basically, the got the money from the taxpayer and gave it to the membership. Whew, with city partners like the YC and the chamber who needs enemies.

      Next question. What Bank and or what Bank Officer lent the cash on the the pool based on this. YC has plenty Bankers.

  4. Gary Knoblock is a very active member of the Rotary.
    They meet at the BWYC.
    Perhaps they should find a for profit place to meet.

    1. Thought about having our 50th class reunion there; until I saw the price list. Rent, $800.00 for 4 hours. Based on 70 people attending, $260.00 just for cheese. It made me constipated before I ate it. Benefit of the graduating class of 1969 Bay Waveland School District. Non Profit?

      1. They rent out the YC Facility to CCA for over $2000. The CCA is another Non Profit that gives back to the community. They raise money by their members and give it all back to the local community.

        Benevolence is not a YC Trait. They are a great organization that has great people in it but it isn’t the membership that voted for this. I was never disclosed. It was the Board of Governors that did it with apparently guidance from elected officials to the Chamber.

  5. Some questions to ask is why the tax acessor employee had to retire early, how much did she steal? Why does Jimmy encourage checks to be made out to himself? Did she have something on him? Who else is getting free rides like the yatch club? What happened between Blaine and the county workers 17 year old son? Why does Eddie not show up and still get paid 40 hours? I have more.

  6. You members should demand explanations. My contact at the department of revenue is well aware of the situation and follows slabbed. State and federal audits are inevitable, the chamber, the nonprofits, and possibly the entire membership of all. They realize Bird’s of a feather flock together.

  7. Timmy,
    I got a similar response from the State Auditor. They are getting lots of activity on this. They weren’t as open about it but they are concerned and are getting their ear to the ground and gathering info. Looks as if those political connections may be needed except it is an election year. Not sure how much baggage they want? Jim Hood may need to get involved!

    1. If the State Auditor’s Office was not “open” about it, that means they are looking. They will give out opinions like the banks do suckers unless something is going on, then they clam up.

  8. I have never heard of a “Private Club” getting property tax waiver. The city needs all of the money it gets. Plus the “members” of the club or supposed to be Civic Minded and care about BSL. Whats a few dollars more in membership to help support the City. This is not the place for Tax Free. Give it to clubs that really need it. If you go up there and see the members, it is a lot of business people in this city that need and want more people to move here spend money in their businesses and not have taxes as high as neighboring towns such as Pass Christian and Long Beach. Their taxes are about 30/40% higher. Lets keep our community tax friendly and make the Club pay their fair share.

    1. Agree, Outraged. And the members being kept in the dark is very troubling to us as members for 40 years.
      We are certainly the demographic of our community who can be givers, not takers. Apparently our Board of Governors are of another opinion. Wish Jimmie would have done the math, and stood up to them. Supervisor Pres. LaFontaine finally responded– knew nothing about this now over 2 year total write-off. Shameful.

      1. I am just a small member of the club and I knew when they were trying to do this not sure where you were Lana but yes we were aware !!! It is not like the city of Bay st Louis does not profit from the club it does we have several large sailing races through out the year that the people stay in our city and eat in our restaurants !!

        1. brenda,
          That has nothing to do with being a 501c3. I bring lots of people to town from all over the state and country and put them in hotels and vrbo’. Should I get a tax break. The club is private. Hell you have to show your family photo with an application that can be black balled by unknown board . You wa t special tax exemptions and maintain elite private status where everyone is not welcome without paying privilege fees. Please don’t try to brow beat people with a social conscience. You are shooting yourself in the foot!

          1. Sold Out—The Yacht Club files with the IRS as a 501(c) (7), which requires a “members only “set up. We have signs all over our fence and by- laws that state non members found on the premises will be prosecuted. The 501(c) (3) is the Hancock County Development Foundation that handled the contributions for our new Viper sailboats. We can’t
            offer tax exemptions for donations to the club under our (c) (7) filing. Did the Foundation get a percentage of the donations? Would like to see the agreement between Yacht Club and Foundation.

            1. Absolutely, members trying to paint it to be right will look foolish. It was an attempt to have our cake and eat it to. Not a fiber of right in it! Retaliation should not be used we are now in forgiveness mode. The chamber does this all the time with many things and needs to be audited! They hijack everything for personal gain not chamber gain.

              1. I feel that the Taxpayer should be reimbursed by Jimmy Ladner or his Bond. He did not have a public review in front of the Board of Supervisors and made his decision on his opinion. Promises or no promises he did it!

                All the YC did was ask for a unwarranted tax break and got it. Now it should be a private matter on how to pay for the swimming pool.

                The Chamber has their own set of problems running donations thru them for tax deductions. More investigation should be had by the public on Mr. Ladner and the Chamber. We know Jimmy bought votes with our tax dollars and the chamber made money with the YC taking donations that were not valid.

                Three separate situations. Let the cards fall I say, what say you?

        2. We have been out with sickness all year. Bringing in business to the city is not a free pass on ad valorem taxes. Have to disagree there. Just my opinion. As a club member, I want to be a contributor to the community. After all, we have been getting city services these past two years while not paying our fair share for them. Some of the great restaurants and other businesses bring people to town as well all year long, but don’t get this kind of pass.

  9. It shouldn’t be a write-off if the tax abatement is found to be granted based on fraudulent paperwork. Hancock should demand the taxes back if all this is true. Fraud has no statute of limitations.

    1. Rumors,
      I was thinking the same thing you have posted here. How valid is that deal based on that so-called By-Law change, which is a joke as Beth said. And it is such a contradiction. They are now calling us fraternal and benevolent, but to maintain the c (7) we have to restrict our facility to members only? Are we to believe in Miss. you can get a free ride on ad valorem taxes while continuing to receive city services, and restricting access to your tax free property to members only?? This is screaming for an audit.

  10. Lana and rumors,

    There are many members whose job and position in the working world could be coompromised for BS they didn’t even know about. Guilty by association.

    1. This deal right or wrongly given stinks at all levels of how our works. I am understanding, that if you want an Advaloem abatement you can convince Jimmy Ladner can do it on his own opinion even a promise from the grantee to do something you are not doing. Like I said this smells at all levels.

  11. This Yacht Club tax dodge is the straw that broke the camel’s back! How many more ” non profits” are there in Hancock Co.?
    Since our tax checks are made out to Jimmie Ladner, I suggest that he identify and publish all of those entities that claim tax exemption, and for sure, details as to why the Yacht Club is tax exempt.
    The Hancock County Community Development Foundation? Come on!
    The Yacht Club should be made to pay their back taxes, plus interest, and be put back on the tax rolls as a for profit entity, as they are!
    Jimmie Ladner has a huge amount of latitude to make these “tax or no tax” decisions.
    It’s time the books were cleaned up, and regardless of your connections or social status, EVERONE pays their proper share.
    It’s obvious. The ball is in Jimmie Ladner’s court. Let’s see what happens!

  12. The Hancock County Community Development Foundation is an Arm of the Chamber of Commerce! They are involved in tax dollars every step of the way.

  13. The corner of main street and beach Blvd will be the next under the table abatement. The busiest spot in town don’t need whatever they are proposing if it must have an abatement. Just keep paying your taxes and let people park for free. Unfortunately it’s not so simple, some supervisors and other elected officials like to hunt and fish on developer’s money. Some councilmen enjoy free meals from developer’s. And Im not going to say how Tish gets her way. That’s how we get sold out over and over.

  14. I think they were discussing that property yesterday at the board meeting held at The Kitchen in waveland for lunch. Meal Man Mickey Lagasse sponsored as usual Blaine, Bo, Scottie, (which is a quorm) Eddie to lead them around on a rope and some other county officials. I didn’t know by name. I think I heard them talking about the yatch club, something about the chamber, the port and a landfill. Sounded like a regular board meeting to me. Why does the county engineering company feed them? Are they buying influence or they just being benevolent to get free property taxes? Either way it’s BS.

    1. Beth,
      You need to go to Ethics Commission website, download a complaint form, and take care of business. I like all of them, but the law is the law.

  15. Y’all are missing the point. They hire low paying wage workers. They have meetings with groups that don’t allow certain folks in. BUT damn The amount of liquor consumed by the old drunks probably supersedes the amount of tax that the county loses the state revenue for liquor is probably huge from that place I’ve seen the Chamber Maid and her flunkies Drinking guessing for free.

  16. Lana if someone saw an ethics violation and didn’t report it to ethics they shouldn’t post it on slabbed. Stand tall sign your name and fill it out or stop passing false rumors . Hummm yes still a Hibernating grizzly bear…..don’t make me paint a new van…

  17. Is Mickey an engineer or is he a lobiest to ensure Compton engineering can do no wrong. Whats his education? He can probably suit Compton for reuning his health. Making him take crooked politicians to lunch, he probably has to eat 5 lunches a day to accommodate all the different entities.

    1. Meal Man Mickey is not an engineer. In fact, not sure he has much college. Compton charges Waveland over $46 per hour for Meal Man Mickey and only a little over $47 for the engineer, Geoff Clemens, services. Waveland has been getting ripped off for years by Meal Man Mickey and whichever engineering company he is working for. Meal Man Mickey worked for CDM with the Garfield Ladner debacle. It was built below flood elevation. Now, Waveland is paying outrageous dollars for his “services”.
      Two out of three candidates in the upcoming Waveland mayoral election have benefited from Meal Man Mickey. Grand Isle fishing trips, a recent Biloxi offshore fishing trip, too many to count meals, etc. Meal Man Mickey recently made a trip to DC with Waveland’s mayor to try to get the deobligation on the bladder tanks that Longo ripped off FEMA with. Why did a city contractor go to DC?
      Same thing is happening now in BSL and the County. Meal Man Mickey is buying all the business. It’s time for the citizens of Waveland, BSL, and Hancock County to wake up and quit putting the Good Ole Boys in office. The Adam, Ladner, Favre families are ruining our community! The taxpayers are the real ones footing the bill for all of this!!

      1. He doesn’t hide it. Lil Kitchen is his favorite place. Cheap n plenty of room. All county people are there everytime plus or minus a few but predictable!

    2. Just heard on WLOX that the chamber of Hancock county is going to fix their problems with no cost to the citizens. Mayor Schaffer + Chamber Director = no money. Don’t be foolish!

  18. What we have here on this particular blog is nearly everything is crooked in Handcuff County! The money just circles in little loops. Hell, several years ago Mr. Ladner was using the Community Center free of charge for his Chili Cook Off. For the nay sayers, it was for a good cause but the BSL Tax Payers have a nonprofit rate. Apparently he and Les felt he didn’t need to pay that while BSL Citizens saved their pennies to afford to have their weddings there at full costs!

  19. Host international, national and regional regattas in order to exhibit the resources of the Mississippi Gulf Coast to international, national and regional visitors Erect and maintain a building and marina facilities to be used for its good works, charitable endeavors and as a club house for its members Provide periodic donations of use of its facilities and property for the benefit of the community.

    I did not know that was why we have Regattas! Who have they donated the facility to? Come on Man!!!

    1. I hope they are not talking about the Christmas Bazaar. The local vendors pay for their spaces at the club to sell their goods.
      You see, Pissed, we are telling the IRS one thing, and the Secretary of State something else!! As a member and share holder, I find that disturbing. And I am not alone!!

  20. The whole deal is a shame/sham. The Silver Slipper and even Hollywood Casino should get this exemption based on the claim YC makes! The Casinos not the YC all donate their facility and resources for public safety and Bring in tens of thousands of guests to enjoy and see our natural resources and spend untold dollars enjoying our county and support tourism with actual money. The YC is just reaching to get a free ride on unverified actions. If someone can contradict this please do so. They are connected and finally have a polition to recognize it! Jimmy has very little skin in the game. He is right at retirement and ready to cash in on us! Make no bones about it he is made and could care less! What is the politicians last claim one more year and I’m flush/finished! Jimmy tell your story unverified and no public discussion. Yep, last time you brought something like this before the supervisors you had your ass handed to you! I’m sure you didn’t want that again. Like always the whistle blowers will be the bad guys until the story comes out. Like they say in boxing”Protect Yourself at all Times”! We are the majority y’all have an uphill battle!

  21. Jimmy tried to get rid of our Tourism. Bad decision. He didn’t want to f—k with it do we were going to lose our room tax. He supported the solid waste why at $250k a year why. Don’t know but his daughter is the attorney and brings municipal contracts to her firm. You do the math. Great guy but why is he the end all say all for public giveaways and spending? You tell me. I’m asking for a reasonable explanation! Jimmy the ball is in your court!

  22. The Long Beach YC leases their land from the City of Long Beach.
    Pass Christian YC leases a small portion from state for $261 yr but also pay $31,000 in property taxes.
    There seems to be too much going on always in BSL.
    For Jimmie Ladner to even consider giving the BWYC free of taxes is criminal. I wonder what benefits he or his daughter is getting from this. A large majority of member are from out of state so he doesn’t benefit from that for votes. Something else is fishy. there is NO reason for them to have that status. They should pay their fair share. I am a member and don’t know what benefits I get. My dues were not reduced due to no property tax. Members should have benefited. Where did that money go with the club?
    I agree with Sam Moore the Assessor should publish once a year all of the Tax Free entities in the County for the benefit of the Taxpayers. We are taxpayers and have the right to know. It is not private and the public should be aware. So Let’s challenge Mr. Assessor to publish the list !!! The entire list of all TAX WAIVED properties and entities in HANCOCK COUNTY.

    1. I agree, Outraged
      The Supervisors spend a lot of money with the Echo this time of year publishing the list of properties that owners have failed to pay taxes on.
      I think it is time we saw a list of parcels that the Tax Office has waived taxes on, and have that published and made an attachment to the Supervisors’ minutes upon their motioned approval. Not annually though. No one could digest that all at once. I would say a monthly report.
      Miss. Code 27-35-113 states that the Tax Collector AND Supervisors are vested with the absolute authority to investigate and determine the assessed valuation of individual parcels of property located in their particular county in a manner consistent with the laws of the state. Property owners who are not satisfied with the determination from the Supervisors and Tax Collector can appeal their decision to the Circuit Court.
      This information was provided by the Miss. Department of Revenue.

  23. Roth had the audacity to use the 40k in sales tax they pay in the echo. Roth we are not stupid, y’all just collect it, it isn’t the yatch clubs money. It’s a mandatory tax added to your sales and rental. That probably needs to be audited also. If sales tax was a factor every business in town would be exempt. All exempt properties should have a large sign out front stating “This Property Is Tax Exempt “. It could hang on one of the ragidy boats by the road that never move.

    1. No, Beth,
      It could hang next to one of our signs on the fence:
      Members Only
      Surveillance Cameras watching you
      Rotary Meets Here
      This is so humiliating😩
      C7 to IRS and C3 to Secretary of State–??$$

    2. Sales tax is the biggest misconception by residents of cities. Only 18% of 7% of the sales gets back to the city. Example: $1,000,000 in sales produces 7% or $70,000 in sales taxes. The city gets back 18% of the $70,000 which is $12,500. So, if BWYC pays $40,000 in sales tax then only $7,200 comes back to BSL. $7,200 is better than nothing. Like Beth said, BWYC needs to remember that this was never their money. It’s a pass through from the customer to BWYC.

      1. Actually, I hate the “tax offender” term. In fact, I would prefer them to go away hitch is why I support The Fair Tax. Most accountants won’t because it removes the need for the tax dependent ones. If you don’t know what is is, look it up..

  24. Rachael,
    Good question. The membership is so misinformed they may not know. Some will cling to the boat others will be mad and others just won’t care. It is a private issue for them. Until they possibly have to refund the money.

    It’s tbe public that has a problem and when they raise their head things tend to happen.

  25. Good Question Rachel, if it is a NON PROFIT are our dues donation? I don’t mark mine as such but maybe we could…
    Doug you are the Accounting person, what do you think? If it is a 501 are the dues charitable donations?
    This whole situation could turn into an IRS nightmare……

    1. Our dues nor any other donation to the club is tax deductanle because our 990 to the IRS is filed as a 501(c) (7). ThUS the entrance of the ” middle man” the Hancock County Community Development Foundation, to handle the donations for the new Viper sail boats. The Club has been purchasing boats for over a century. Was a ” middle man” ever used before?
      As a share holder organization, hopefully we have not been exposed to any liability. I think not since our Board of Governors did not publish the change in by-laws to us as required by our by- laws. We had no input, so I would think
      they own this one, especially the individuals who signed off on the 990 and by- law change to the Secretary of State, which Doug has pointed out contradict each other. Nightmare? Yes, but not ours
      We don’t claim dues either. Never have .

      1. Hmmm.

        Middle man?

        I wonder if someone papered this in advance with a legal opinion?


        If s,o who got paid for the opinion?
        And if so, who paid for it???


  26. The Chamber has the same situation. They created the Hancock County Community Development Foundation to take care of the problem. It is akin to the Foundation the DMR Director Bill Walker started and landed him and his son in shackles. Just a diversion from the actual beneficiary.

  27. Not saying anyone is going to jail just saying it needs to be reviewed. There is little oversight to these foundations in a lot of cases the only exist in name only as a pass through.

  28. BWYC and other Yacht Clubs or even Great Southern are all “for profit” If they did not operate on the assumption of making a profit and pay directors and other staff then they would not exist. They do not continue to operate based on donations to them. The main financial support is dues and the restaurant and bar plus special events whether hosted by members or outside individuals. Bottom line, they operate on the basis of creating a profit. Ask to see their Budget each year and P & L statement. That should satisfy everyone.

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