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  1. More on the DMR shut down. All esential public services will be denied to the public on September 5 for the First Baptist of Gulfport religious revival at DMR. That’s right folks go get your prayer on at the DMR. This bunch of heathens need as much of the Lords gospel as possible. But from a public point of view denying the public the services they are their for is stunning. Are the DMR employees going to be forced to take leave this day? Will they be paid with your tax dollars to be baptized as Gulfport Baptist? I wonder if the high and mighty Reverend Gunn approves of this silliness. Jesus Davis once had a gun blessing at the First Baptist Church of Gulfport. With the Governor in tow. Oh and Doug, sweetheart, I hear you have proof. Not nice to withhold evidence of public trust. Meanwhile the blessed guns are stolen and in the hands of criminals. What happens when the blessed stolen guns are used against the very public they were supposed to protect. Well more cover ups. Elected officials protecting malfeasance in office. Mardi Gras just won’t be the same. Nimrod pulls the bow from the high and mighty Tower of Babylon. Yet it will fall.

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