Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Hit Him in the Base

Posted on August 14, 2018
You want to beat Trump? Hit him in the base.

But in a nice way. Sort of like how Reagan beat Carter and Kennedy beat Nixon and Obama beat Romney. Cheerful, with a bit of self deprecating humor, not angry. More mensch not momzer. (Harry Truman was a mensch, Rick Santorum a momzer).

What we need, right now, is for someone to go out into Trump Country and take it to him. Go to where he goes. Speak before he gets there and after he leaves. Stalk him. Rebut him. Correct him. Kid with him. Make it fun. Turn it into a debate. Bring a band. Make it a show. Follow the advice of my old friend Sheldon Adelson (who I haven’t met) “do something different and success will follow you like a shadow.”

By the way, I like Sheldon Adelson and Steve Bannon and Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama. I don’t like sappy suck ups like Ted Cruz and Tom Cotton and John Bolton and Mike Pompeo. Oh, yeah, and I like Pat Buchanan and I don’t like Rachel Maddow and I like Babara Boxer and I can’t abide Joey (Jo-Jo) Lieberman and I think Steve Kornacki is great and a damn sight better than many of the MSNBC hosts that have their own shows and he doesn’t. I also like Malcolm Nance, Bob Costa and Ian Bremmer . I’m even starting to like Jennifer Rubin, but that took a while, a really long while. But, I digress…

We need a happy warrior. A fearless warrior. Doesn’t have to be a Democrat or a politician. It has to be someone known and respected. Could be retired military, business, academia or it could be a politician. The key qualification is that the person has to view Trump’s continued presence as President of the United States as an ongoing insult that has to be checked in the short term by, at a minimum, flipping control of the House of Representatives. Continue Reading…..

3 thoughts on “Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Hit Him in the Base”

  1. Jimmity;

    We finally are in perfect symbiotic rhythm as I would also recommend Terry Mc Cauliffe cause he is fearless…. but he also has the testicles to be a big time political bag man…..

    And everyone knows he’s also close friends with the Clitons and was the vessel who passed on $750,000 ( probably from the corrupt Cliton Foundation) to the fired and disgraced FBI power house, Mc Cabbe , so Mc Cabbe’s wife could supposedly run for a state legis seat …….but we all now know what that money was all about….now don’t we

    Come on Terry come out of your closet cause by 2020 Trump will have an Attorney General who will not be blackmailed and will start to prosecute some of these hangon Snowflake Obamanites and maybe even the Cliton Foundation itself which had/has so many political whores feedings from its hand


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