“The Optics are Terrible”

And worse, Bay St Louis City Councilmen conducting the public’s business in secret being defensive upon hearing (well deserved) criticism for holding closed door meetings with no public notice with vendors discussing a large contract (or a quorum of the Council being wined and dined by developer Jim MacPhaille at a meeting discussing one of his proposed real estate developments).

Bay Council bickers over utility audit contract ~ Stacey Cato

When Knoblock questioned DeSalvo on who initiated the meeting with Delta Water, things got a bit heated.

“I’m not going to get into this political argument with you Mr. Knoblock,” DeSalvo said. “They met at my office.”

“Who was there?” Knoblock asked.

“Myself and them,” DeSalvo said.

“Was the council president notified?” Knoblock asked.

“I notified everybody that they were coming at the (previous) meeting,” DeSalvo said.

“I’m just saying that if you’re going to negotiate contracts, that’s a council procedure,” Knoblock said.

Worse is the City Attorney that would advise a City Council to not bid large contracts just because the law says you don’t have to bid them. It would be nice if public officials would treat the public’s money with the same respect they treat their own.

“Mr. Mayor, you didn’t listen to everything I said,” Reed said. “I said I heard her stand up there and I heard her say things word for word that was in that contract. I did not say they did (read or copy the contract) so don’t go back and say that I said it. I said she said some things that were word for word. I didn’t say she read their contract.”

“But you said you didn’t like the way it was done,” Favre snapped back.

“I don’t like the way it was done,” Reed repeated.

“I’m saying this was up and up. Nothing was done illegally,” Favre said.

Mr. Mayor, would that exchange have been possible if both companies had appeared publicly before the council and given their best offers? Closed door meetings with Mayor-for-a-day City Councilmen discussing contracts with would be vendors breed that kind of speculation and for good reason. The Optics are terrible.

Slabbed will be following this developing story.

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  1. Stone? Lana? Damn…… lunch, Ms. Thomas, Private Water Meeting, Mayor Office Water meeting! Really… this is what BSL put up with for 8 Leslie years… where is Alliance? Rachel Ramsey? please stop these Mayor Josh & CAO Larry wannabes? They must act thru the Council and President. Hell Mr. Lonnie replied sending back a email and got his hand slapped. Ice going along with this, he raised heck when Leslie did it. City Attorney? Someone needs to bring Ethics in and stop this BS. Why wasn’t a AG opinion asked for by other Councilmen? Here, In Waveland under past Mayor, Alderman stopped Ex Mayor by bringing in Ethics. This is sad Ice, they’re running amuck….

  2. I like the idea of thoroughly reviewing any contract. Look at the debacle we have with Alice Mosley.
    They promised a Quid Pro Quo on a grant for free rent but no language in place to rescind if promises are not delivered.

    1. I agree, Pissed, but it should be done at their official meetings where the public can at least listen. It’s the law, and every one of them took an oath to uphold it when they were sworn in.

      1. Wish Reed would have had the presence of mind to ask Mayor to identify who
        “we” was when he kept going after Reed saying,” are you
        saying “we “did something wrong?!”
        Who were the “we” he was referring to ? “We” is plural so who all was at Josh’s office or wherever this meeting was held with Delta Water!

  3. Is him talking with someone unofficially just not recommended or a violation. He did mention he was talking with them. I just don’t like that he voted to use another contractor then want to use another. I chalk it up as I experience but worse things have happened.

    Why get a legal opinion and not go with it. It only puts the tax payer at risk if it results in a suit. I have more questions than answers!

    Where was the attorney on the lease to AM? There is always aperformance items for each party in a lease! You can terminate or agree to adjust.

    1. If more than one councilman is involved there is likely a problem. If a quorum was involved there is a major problem. You would not believe the number of pictures I’ve received over the last year of councilmen meet ups. I was told recently of one held by Councilman Desalvo that was attended by three Councilman and former City officials. Bay St Louis is a small town and people have their eyes peeled.

      The process, of letting a second company come in a week late, after a proposal has been accepted reeks from an appearance standpoint. And I’m pretty certain that the council voting the rescind a contract as a result carries legal implications that are beyond my level of expertise.

      If I were to put on my Karnac the Magnificent hat and make a prediction, it would be the ethics board is not gonna be happy and yes, I am aware of complaints that have been made and I assume more are coming from people that do a better job with such things than the perpetually angry Rhonda Oliver.

      I think everyone wants Mike Favre and the City Council to do well for the sake of the community. Keeping the process clean and open will keep the sniping at a minimum.

    2. I agreed, here in Wavy land we learned a big lesson: speak thru all Alderman not the select ones and if it’s in the contract you fulfill the contract or lose it. Garcia and Smith have continually done this. Plus Lisa has been a good City Clerk! Correct me Ms. Lana but coffee group says BSL hasn’t had a fully accredited City Clerk since a Mr. Park was fired in 2005… is this true? Damn that’s ridiculous. So lady Ms. ? is not a certified City Clerk?

      1. You are so right, Tellit. We do have a good City Clerk in Waveland in the person of Lisa Planchard. Totally qualified, and responsive to the public at meetings and in between. She is in attendance at every city meeting, and stays to the end. Does not create a tail wind flying out of the door after the docket is presented like the one in the Bay.
        Also, Bay Councilman-at-Large, Knoblock, requested of the Mayor at the last meeting that Dept. Heads start attending one Council meeting a month for questions from Council.
        In Waveland our Comptroller, Clerk, Police Chief, and other Dept. Heads are on hand at meetings.

        1. Haven’t been in awhile. Good to hear tho. Hasn’t she been with Bsl for few years? Another one at the feeding bin like Charles not certified but I’ll take money! Same old Bay Ms Lana!

    3. Stupid,
      I think poor Heather was rendered speechless over AM. Council had already gone against her advice on the VRBO ord. As far as me, the Reed/Lonny connection is as suspect all the others.

  4. Tellit And Lana , Great city Clerk in Waveland?
    Isn’t this the same one that the city went bankrupt with?
    Not Good
    Took a new mayor with some 🏀🎱🏈⚽️ To straighten the city out and now you praise her.
    Why the hate on the bays clerk.
    Believe she is certified but not sure.
    I will ask.
    Why she needs to stay for the entire meeting when she finishes her agenda?
    Listen to reed ask engineer stupid questions?
    Or to hear the same old stupid public comments?
    Or reed being concerned about how the city looks all of a sudden. He’s one of the idiots along with the other six at the time that voted to do away with RCI with no plan in place to cut grass. Now one of them will tell you how we have les workers than before the storm and twice the area. Well original plan went well after annexation until les and puppet council decided to terminate the contract with no plan. No extra workers or equipment. Last council started replacing equipment and added personal. New administration is doing the same. Not quick enough for some.
    As far as dept. heads at meetings. They are available 24/7. Just what is needed, ad another hour so reed and co. can discuss the birds and the bees.
    As far as WE that you are so concerned about ?
    Have you ever heard Ice say I except when taking the blame for things not happening?
    He uses WE all the time.
    My God, Go Pick your nose or ass or daffodils, but damn you just can’t take things are going good in the BAY.
    Again turn your version over to Ethics or AG. I’ve done heard 4-5 versions of all this BS.
    As I stated before I believe they have every right to hear what companies have to offer weather its equipment, services or anything else. Y’all sound like reed, a lot of insinuating and assuming.
    And finally I do think tax abatements could be good. And don’t be mad at the bay because Waveland got screwed.
    Doug , you are 100% correct in saying we want Ice and the bay to succeed and the same for Waveland. If you really want to see criminal look no further than Pascagoula

    1. Stone,
      Thanks for clearing things up for us, especially the part about Waveland going broke because of Lisa Planchard. We all know David Garcia, along with the investigators from the state Auditor’s Office, would have allowed her to continue to handle the finances of the city if that were true.
      At least we know that the Bay’s problems are because of Ward 3 Councilman Reed and the public’s stupidity, according to you.
      I appreciate your zeal, but you may want to review your “facts.”

    2. Stone, I agree with 95%, you get it… I don’t know Lady at Bay just wondering if coffee shop bs true. Kolf wasn’t…??? Is she? Asking not attacking… Ms Lisa was not blamed or slammed or lost her City Clerk license per a past Mayor. We’re good just no houses. Ice keeping his cold pad on. Meeting, meetings somebody get the law straight!!!!!

  5. Lana, I never blamed her for Waveland going broke. Just made a statement she was there. Hear she is very good.
    And as far as reed, no it’s not all his fault, it’s what the entire council allowed les to get away with for so long.
    That was until the 3 stooges rode in to town and started asking questions.
    My point with reed is all of a sudden he wants answers after 20 years of nothing.
    And yes I believe some of the comments are stupidity just like reeds questions all of a sudden. And there is some good questions as well but this doesn’t explain why the clerk needs to be there.
    Or why the hate on this lady?
    Lana, I always appreciate you speaking your mind and the information you give but you are not right all the time as is none of us. It just so happens we have a different opinion on the meetings and the city clerk. Maybe if you could state why she is so bad and should not be the city clerk I might understand. Not because she don’t stay and listen to BS. Or you don’t like her. Or other reasons.
    Now tell me she misspent, stole,lied or something like les, kolf, and the others did than I might say you have a strong argument. Remember she was not there when all this happened.
    But once again let’s put our effort to being positive instead of trying to destroy a group that has BSL’s interest at best.
    And the same in Waveland.

    1. The heck you didn’t say Mrs. Planchard was responsible for Waveland’s bankruptcy. Go back and read your post.
      I never said Ms. Gonzales was dishonest. Just think she should attend the whole meeting. I have actually seen the Council need questions answered on finances after she departed. Just my opinion.
      It’s not negative to hold public servants accountable. They took oaths to uphold the laws of this state and nation.

      1. Stone, Mine is a question per a question of BSL citizens at morning coffee talks. Not hate. Not any city can reap benefits or info good or bad without a City Manager or Clerk to guide them thru. One lady stated BSL hasn’t had a certified Clerk since Katrina! Nothing malice. Plus someone said she’s not, my only question is why not? Most cities have one, our Lisa here is?

        1. It’s a 3 year certification program. Bay clerk was appointed October 2016. Clerks cannot be certified unless they are a municipal clerk or a deputy municipal clerk. She still has 3 more sessions to become certified. They are held in October and March each year.

          1. Rumorsr4dummies,
            No one has questioned Mrs. Gonzales education, credentials, or training. What I am questioning is her availability to the Council and public she serves, and who compensate her. The Alliance members attend meetings of every entity in the county–cities, school boards, and supervisors. Everyone of them have their financial officer present for the entire meeting, and I have personally witnessed them have to answer questions on different items throughout the meetings. Most everything can lead back to money when you serve a public entity. And, most of them have to wait until the end of the meeting to give their report.
            So, there is a lesson in “transparency” for dummies.” By the way, you may want to rethink assuming that citizens who ask questions are all dummies. It’s their money you are spending, Rumors, and that attitude reflects on your intellect, not theirs.

            1. Lana,
              I totally agree that she attend every meeting & should stay until the end of the meetings & I trust that she will be certified at the end of 3 years or answer to the taxpayers; she’s being paid a good chunk of change. I think she’s an honest, hardworking City Clerk.

            2. I was not addressing you, miss noonan, but answering Tellitlikeitis. Didn’t realize that truthful statements weren’t welcome here. If I wish to do any cyber- bullying, however, I now know where to share that in future. Appreciate your insight into why only a handful of people post on this site.

  6. Gosh ladies I have to disagree. Mrs Gonzales should be there for her purpose. It should be first on the Agenda. If she is needed for later comment arrange for it. She is not an elected official and it is a council meeting.

    1. Stupid,
      Neither are the financial officers of the other entities I mentioned elected officials, but they are there. The Council, like these other entities only meets twice a month. Not a lot to ask of her, but we don’t expect change.

  7. I see the point but I want her to work hard during working hours and give the financial report at the meeting. But not sure whT standard protocol is. She shouldn’t be punished by enduring some of the many issues that have no affect on her or her job. Just sayn for discussion not argument.

    1. The non profits are starting to get in a feeding frenzy for tax payer dollars. The door got opened by Alice Mosely and now they are all wanting to get grants for funding.

      1. Deplorable,
        The door did not get opened by Alice Moseley. While Tim Moseley was paying rent and other expenses at the Depot, the Chamber was getting free rent.

        1. Lana, come on move forward! Do you want to pay reparations for slavery? The chamber issue was resolved. The here and now is they want free rent! While you are worrying about the corrected past the chamber is slipping back into the fray for pay for grants like AM. Two wrongs do not make a right it is just wrongs.

          1. Stupid,
            I am not worried anout anything except maybe your lack of comprehension or refusal to admit that the Moseley Foundation is not in the same category with the Chamber or other Museums located in the Depot building.
            I’ll try this one more time-
            Tim Moseley compensated the city for his space and then some-
            unlike the others.
            Don’t know how the new Council will act moving forward, but please stop
            portraying AM as a free loader– they are not.
            If you are truly offended by freeloading, take the podium Tuesday night and ask the City officials to start cutting off the utility users who don’t pay. Those numbers will make the Depot look like first grade math..

            1. Again don’t defer. I will say one more time as slowly as writing will allow as you said! 2,3 or 4 wrongs makes nothing right! You get it or not your refusal to accept that is your choice whether u get up to the podian or not!

              1. Defer? This conversation is about free loaders!$ I don’t like giving away taxpayer property either, and that includes utilities , but there are bigger fish to fry than AM?! And they are in much better standing than most, or all of them.

        2. AM has never asked from BSL or any Hancock govt for one penny plus when told they had to pay $850 per mo. for last 5 yrs., Mr. Moseley did! Then we find out we that past Adm. overcharged per Muncipal standards us a total of $14k! That’s why we asked for and Council agreed to let us regroup with both of us looking at P & L next March, 2019. Mr. Moseley has officially spent $189k of his own money and still spending to honor his Mom and give Hancock County a folk art museum! As a former Councilman, MANY so called nonprofits each year appear but AM has never requested funding of cash or other help till now. There’s four Museums in that building, Mardi Gras, Blues, Railroad and AM that’s free to the public…. Ms. Myrna and staff, plus our volunteer staff send hundreds of emails out urging them to visit us and BSL! Yesterday Myrna and staff and our staff welcomed over 100 people from out of state who SCHEDULED a stop to the Depot Museums then they went to “look for restaurants to eat.” Tks again Ms. Lana for your membership and as a Board Member. We showcase not lineup each year for ??????.

          1. Thought you were done.

            Nothing is free first off! Someone pays! Kudos to mr mosely! He is personally vested in his family’s legacy and has a few supporters that is even more awesome! If it was worth it’s salt people would pay or donate as they came! Yea! Most of us do not want to hear free when their tax dollars go towards funding it! Attracting people who want free is like a Mardi Gras parade! They leave their trash exhaust our resources and pay for nothing! Charge a modest fee and watch the interest dwindle. Just the other side of the coin! If we are all thinking the same who is thinking. Y’all get what you can as long as you can and be happy you get it. I’m not mad at y’all I’m unhappy with the elected officials who allow it to happen.

            Now we have the chamber and other non profits rushing to the table to get city funding to get grants!

            This is not capitalism it is socialism! My opinion I can live with yours!

            1. Deplorable, you new here? NOW you blame AM! Nonprofits and many others having been lining up for many many years. Go back 8/10/15 years and look who got what! Us three dumb amigos stopped funding 90% of askers 4 years ago. I believe we cut all but 3: Library with mils, GRPC which is a govt agency to get grants and Tourism. Also we cut Chamber and sold their building. We turned down a ton of requests for 4 yrs. just making sure facts are straight as Ms. Lana says….once again AM has been paying “overcharged” rent by BSL for 8 yrs while others are STILL lining.. Tks

              1. Lonny you and Mike and Boudin were hero’s as councilmen in my opinion! Y’all took on status quo and won! No good deed goes unpunished and the voting public wanted decorum not results! They will face this fact again in 3 yrs! If the tax payer is in the arrears by all means it should be corrected! But we can’t have the non profits lining up for hand outs! We need good roads, utilities, lights, safety etc. we only have 10,000 residents and much fewer legitimate taxpayers. let those who have passion for certain cultural things support it the best they can afford! I think we could all agree to that.

          2. As a financial supporter of AM, I have NEVER received an email from you. Neither have any of my friends who have supported AM in thanks for the AM Pavilion, & the few concerts that you’ve put on.

              1. Stupid Tks for truth lesson 101. We fought for all your statements, but BSL is not broke now, Police Dept. In tact and their $299k is in their account! AM never asks! We have been self sufficient since 2006. We asked for a year not a long term freebie! If we weren’t over charged by past Adm. we would not be asking for anything. There are 100’s of 1000’s of Government Grants that has been and are still offered for 50 plus years. 1000’s for the arts alone. There is tuff competition US wide and even harder to get certified. That’s why we offered to give BSL that classroom grant, that’s what we were told to do with! I know it’s all taxpayer generated but we saw the opportunities to bring them to BSL for whatever the use. FYI, we have and will submit for a operation grant…. if we get it, it HAS TO go to BSL…have no idea about emails from me, Trixie, but call the museum I’m sure our two wonderful interns can help you.

    2. The rest of the financial officers of the other entities work hard during the day and endure every conversation at the meetings they attend. Give me a break!

  8. No! The chamber is back trying to get to the trough! Again promising big gains for our city through grants! They say they are connected! LOL her husband couldn’t get elected as I recall! Where was her clout then? There was a saying several years ago that rang loud! Support the masses not the Haases! LOL great people but run for office if you want political power! Oops that didn’t work!

    1. Funny facts! Mayor _____ said it’s “standing in line at ad valorum time”. He said he gets 10 calls a day during budget time! “Ground Zero and Moseley Museums does not get City cash, Tourism gets Waveland and BSL cash, Chamber wants cash cause they do!”
      that’s funny too….

  9. Tellit: free rent equals cash. This is not the history of BSL in the museum it is the late life work of an artist! Let’s rename Frida Fest to Alice Fest unofficial but public recognition at no cost!

    1. Stupid,
      Who cares what’s in it, as long as they are trying to do something positive for the city. And you want to compare Alice Moseley and her family to Frida Kahlo, an avowed communist who hated America and everything we stand for??
      UNBELIEVABLE! Yes, the Bay is on the record now as a venue honoring a communist in their streets with a special event dedicated to her each year!! Please don’t use the AM MUSEUM, the life of an American folk artist in the same sentence with the other one. As the wife of a U.S. Navy Veteran, I find that repulsive.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

      1. You read more into that. Don’t know why you are so angry. Just sayn have a commeratuve day in place of the commy artist! As far as everything else the AM decision by the Council has opened the perception of city handouts for grants! The county raised taxes 2 mils, the City 4 mils yet everything we spend money on is supposed to save the tax payer. The trickle down of 18% of 7% doesn’t pay off for the taxpayer doner! You may dis agree but that is fine with me. But you tell g people to shut up and other things like that is laughable! LOL! Who are u to control the opinions of others? Just sayn!

      2. Oh yea! It is Mr. mosely’s Right to support any candidate he wants but Berny Sanders. That tells me how he feels about tax payers n tax dollars.

    1. If AM had not paid anything over the years, I would say,
      “Yes. They are just like the rest of them, but I sat through the Council meetings where the city determined their rent and collected it, and Moseley paid the utilities for a while also if I remember Council’s deliberations. It’s just not the case, and to me, not right to portray them as such. They had a hard time getting a lease signed by the city, but paid their rent each month. If Council wants to turn them down, so be it, but it shouldn’t be because they have been free loading off the city. That’s a shame.

  10. Do they want free rent or money back from an over charge? Free rent means they are moving into the free loader realm. Credit on rent is different!

    1. Don’t know where the negotiations are with the and Museum. I have not heard any plans for request for a refund. Lonnie was simply pointing out that former City Attorney, Judge S. Trent Favre, pointed out to Council last year that the Museum had been overcharged by the city for the years they paid rent according to the Municipal Appraiser Ratings. And Judge Favre also pointed out that the city had no legal instrument to demand the amount they were charging because they had never signed a lease with Moseley, but he did continue to pay regardless. I think it was for 6 or 8 years. The Museum Board is not a free loader by any means.

      1. MR Favre pointed out that there had not been an appraisal before and that, according to the current appraisal, the rent should be a certain amount. However, AM had been paying the agreed upon amount of their own accord. If my landlord charges me $1,000 rent for a dumpy one bedroom shack but I pay the rent every month, whose fault is that? And if I continued to pay it with no signed document, I would consider myself not very bright. It also sounds to me like then City Attorney Favre was working for AM … no hate just observations

        1. Trixie,
          I think what happened was Moseley accepted a number from the Fillingame administration and Council for the rent. Is that a lack of intelligence? I would imagine there are quite a few out there who question their own intelligence for getting into “business” with the former administration! Then comes a new city attorney who actually has some background in real estate issues, and knows just where to go for the numbers.
          The fact that Moseley overpaid without question (or at least we are assuming he never questioned the rent) did so without a lease, and even paid the utilities on the building, may convince some that he’s not very bright, but none of it points to him being a free loader.
          Trent “working” for Moseley instead of the city he’s under contract to? Not buying that one.

          1. No it is just another learning experience. Happens to all people who are trying to do things. If you have enough capital you survive and if not it creates challenges. I assume he is a very smart guy. He just has things his organization needs or wants! I say promote what you got and not try to take in the arts community. I think organically it will make it and be fine without the other stuff.

        2. Trent is an honorable servant! His knowledge impeccable! Mr Moseley repeatedly asked for lease and got the Raffaround. Mr Moseley and Myrna, our Mgr, paid religiously BECAUSE Les wanted to move Museum out to give to Chamber that’s why he kept paying because he gave his word and kept it! Municipal overage of this sort cannot be reimbursed. We’ll regroup and get thru this. I applaud ALL of our Councilman for personally visiting us to see us, to know what and why we are a good responsible partner for this City. We also thank them for approval of our classroom grant project for kids despite the mouth “that’s always roaring nothings” and grandstanding of the illustrious Ms O of her frivolous personal “untruths of the week.” Wonder why she abruptly left when Council approved classroom and I began to speak? Can’t stand progressive teamwork for kids? 🙉🙈🙊

          1. The chamber is still sniffing! I say make it a goat roping arena before they get it! They are chasing out tax dollars around! Tish is relentless!

  11. I see both ends of it. But, they are all businessmen and must do their own due diligence. If the law says repay no questions but otherwise take it as a education. They, AM, as I understand, based on what AM did with their property across the street felt it was a great deal. They apparently got more value from their own property than to occupy it themselves etc…. The approx. $800 a month sounds reasonable to me as well. Now, the question is what would it be worth if Amtrak started running? Lots of questions and it is public. Non Profits and Government should be open to the public for financial scrutiny and for the most part are. The one exception I can name is the Chamber of Commerce. As I recall, a councilman asked for their financials when they were pandering for money and were refused. Although the Tax Returns were found by digging because asking was going nowhere. It is obvious why they don’t want the returns viewed publicly and you all know why. Just an FYI. They may not have read the disclosure in the top right hand corner, “For public viewing upon request”. This may not mean me but it does mean Elected officials who are considering giving them money! They need to see how tax payer dollars are being spent before they give it to them. For instance marketing or just inflated payroll budgets.

    1. Great point Rod! What they don’t know about nonprofit Grants are we have to spend it, show pictures, invoices, advertising and front and back of checks with matching funds of Mr. Moseley THEN we get reimbursed. Like this Festival and classroom, we have to do it for the community then wait to get funds back. Strictly enforced by State Tourism and Arts Commissions even more strenuous red tape for Federal Art Grants.

  12. Quick re-cap of tonight’s Bay St. Louis City Council meeting:
    Haven’t been able to attend a full meeting in quite a while, but wanted to catch tonight’s actions.
    First out of the box was my Director of Utilities in Waveland, Brent Anderson, going to bat for Delta Water and encouraging the Bay Council to engage their services because, according to Brent, they did such a fine job in Waveland that our officials have been able to lower utility rates, meters are being read, etc. I asked Council if any of them would mind sharing what their average utility bill was in the Bay. Doug Seal said that for his household of two, sometimes a few more, his averages around $50. I told him for our household of 2 all the time in Waveland we pay $84.68. And read meters??? Our bill has been a steady $84.68 for the past 3 months with fluctuating usage. Four years ago, in August of 2014, our utility bill was $85.61. That’s a .$93 savings.
    I hope the utility users in the Bay are ready for this since their Council awarded a contract to Delta Water tonight.
    At Public Forum, Ward 6 resident, David Wells, requested a clarification on the “pending litigation” section of the agenda under Executive Session. He asked that they be more specific, as to who the city is suing or who is suing the city? Council claimed to know nothing about it, and City Attorney Heather Smith would not reveal the litigants. She did quip back at Mr. Wells something about if he wanted to stay until that part of the meeting, he may find out if Council wanted to tell the public.
    As it turned out, it was announced after Ex. Session that a Mr. and Mrs. Warren had filed a bill of exceptions against the city on the Vacation Rental Ordinance, so instead of defending their ordinance, Council passed a motion by Ward 6 Councilman, Josh DeSalvo to rescind the motion to adopt the ordinance. So, what happens to the Ordinance? Will the city relinquish this revenue stream on Vacation Rentals? Was this the ordinance Mrs. Smith had just finished writing for the city? No details were given. Apparently Council didn’t feel like they could defend it in court?! Wells then advised Council that last year former City Attorney, now Judge Trent Favre, prepared, upon request of the Alliance for Good Government, a complete list of all litigations the city had at that time. Seem like there were 24 at that time. Wells handed the City Clerk a Public Records Request Form for an updated list of the current litigations as of now.
    And, City Clerk/Comptroller, Sissy Gonzales, stayed for the entire meeting. She answered many financial questions from Council throughout the meeting too, over and above her financial report which takes all of 5 minutes.
    Rhonda Oliver levied complaints against Lonnie Falgout regarding the use of the “kitchen” at the Moseley Museum. Ward 4 Councilman, Larry Smith, set the record straight by saying the kitchen area would be used by MAP, the organization that works with the youth in the area in arts and entertainment endeavors. It will be a classroom, no cooking involved. appliances don’t even work. Council amended the lease with Moseley for the use of that space for MAP.
    Raises were approved for several utility workers, fire fighters, and a dollar an hour for the building inspector.
    The city will begin advertising for a new Commissioner to the Historic Preservation Commission.
    Council and administration will continue with workshops preparing the budget for the upcoming fiscal year. Stay tuned.

    1. No, nothing public on the Chamber being the city’s grant writer. Could be those “negotiations” are being done in private as well. I was told late yesterday that cities don’t use Grant writers anymore because the state does that and takes the percentage of the contract for writing the grant. Maybe someone here can post on the accuracy if that info.

      1. I have asked for the chamber proposal and no one has it or has seen it. Doug Seal said it was a great investment. How would he know?

        Doug was onboard with Farve, Boudin and company to get them off the backs of the BSL Tax Payer.

        When the Director of the Chamber asked for $15K Councilman Boudin asked for their financials they rescinded their request. Seal was their and he has more knowledge than anyone about the chamber and needing their financials. His Sister in Law was the Chamber Director who was shackled by the law for embezzling money from the chamber and now he just wants to give it away as if he is in Bliss. WOW how things go full circle.

  13. Pissed, you are correct. Director Carleen Moran was arrested for stealing over 80K. Doug was on the council then approving payments to the chamber / Carleen. He should have been held accountable. He showed no inclination for oversight. And Tish makes Carleen look like nun. You should have seen Tish telling the last council about Murfreesboro Tennessee, to get funding. She got imbaressed when exposed for lying.

  14. There you go! The Director takes a piece of all the action for her pay. Doug obviously doesn’t learn or doesn’t care.

    The first caution to all potential donors is know who gets your money, what do they do with it and how does it affect what your concerned about! Easy fix! Ask for the financials. There are chamber directors arrested all the time for embezzlement and over compensation!

    1. Chamber doesn’t represent all the people! Call them see if you can get help or info without hearing “ you’re a Chamber member? Sorry our bylaws say you got to be a member!” Tell them go get the grant on your dime for all of Bsl usage and we’ll pay the normal 3% Commission when you’re successful.

  15. My wife and I don’t eat or shop at anyplace that has a chamber sticker on the door. When the chamber is pandering the taxpayer at every level of government, I’m done. Our politicians are too stupid or too weak to say no. Ask the council members or the supervisors for a personal donation, try to sell them an add or tickets. They are tighter than a crabs butt when it coming from them personally. I just want my canal dredged as promise by Les and Buddy.

  16. Why does the city want to pay a membership? If it is so good they ought to join personally and test the water and see if it is worthy! They also should contractually not receive personal benefits like free gala tickets and VIP passes

    1. It’s all about votes, Stupid—votes. Politicians are in the paper “supporting” the Chamber. Ahhh, he’s our man!!! Not rocket science.
      Let’s say the city contracts with the Chamber for their services to write grants. That contract should be very clear that no Chamber member is eligible to bid on any project that is being paid for with a grant written and secured by the Chamber. Little conflict there, in my opinion. An organization contracts with a public entity to secure money for projects the city needs, and in the end that organization’s members are the recipients of the grant money?!!!!! I don’t think so……..

      1. Lana,

        what the hell…Mike Farve wrongfully fired a police officer and gave him all his back pay-
        Taxpayers money…where are you alliance for good government.
        Over five thousand dollars-not the first officer and won’t be the last…
        Do you know how is the Chief Issman case-heard it went to federal court-do you know?

        1. Susie,
          We can’t report on anything we don’t know about, BUT, that should be in the Minutes and on the tape of the meeting.
          Maybe Doug can weigh in, but all expenditures have to be reported to and approved by Council. I don’t think the Mayor can just do this.
          We need to look into this one.
          Maybe it was one of those
          “Pending Litigations” they love so much!!!!!
          But the act of paying the officer would have had to be done after they returned to open session.
          Help, Doug!!

        2. Susie,
          I went back and reviewed the Agenda for Tuesday again. This is what I found:
          2. Consent Agenda
          h) Spread fully executed Full and Complete Absolute Release for the Canaski Civil Service case.
          Was the Police Officer’s name Canaski? Could this be the pay off?
          You see, that Consent Agenda is where the sneaky stuff goes on because there is no discussion required for those items. Most public bodies and organizations have a Consent Agenda and an Action Agenda. Now, that this fully executed release has been done, it is a public document. I would invite anyone to go to the City Clerk’s Office and ask to see it. If you want copies, you can take pictures with your phone. All legal under the Public Records Act.
          You may find what you are looking for.
          By the way, they don’t have an Action Agenda, even though they took a lot of action Tuesday night. They spent a lot of money under Consent Agenda too– Contracts, raises, Civil Service Release. To me, those items should be under Action Agenda. Things like Street Closings for the Snowflake Parade are Consent Agenda items. Yeah, that was quite sneaky if that is the Police Officer.

        3. What wrongfully fired a chief! Please, the first one that retired from the HIghway Patrol was not a saint! Was ask to take early Retiree because he was caught give the test to rookies that had to pass the written test to be a patrolman! And let’s not forget he chocked a handcuffed man in the back of the patrol car! The second one that was only there for a few weeks! Omg ! I saw that video, He tried to cover up a incident with several of his patrolmen! Arrested a girl with her 6 month old child. Let her out of the back of the patrolcar to go change the baby! Unhandcuff her and let her go to her car, meantime, they was drinking there big gulps by there cars and she took off in her car with infant in front seat! They all chased her and one December to shoot at her car with a infant in the car! Omg, Really wrongfully fired someone ! Please, let’s not forget, another person jumped out of there Patrol car left it in gear and it rolled across the interstate! All of this was at this one seen! That chief wanted to cover it up and not fire anyone for wrong doing!

  17. City raised taxes 4 mils, the County 2 mils…. now that the check books are balancing they want to start giving it away to the Chamber because of a private sales pitch!

    Infinity put em to the curb over wanting too much money, Waveland is stuck with an unneeded incubator that the chamber encouraged but walked when the city couldn’t fund em to operate it. The Chamber says Show me the Money. They are not community partners they are community parasites! They don’t support taxpayers we are only opportunities to them.

  18. The Bay should be charging rent for the DUI classes. I’m being told a highway patrol officer charges personally for the class keeping 100% of the proceeds and conducts class in a city building rent free. Profiting on government property. Also morning after morning state police are dropping children off at school in a patrol car. Is the child covered on insurance, workers comp. What if a crime happens, do they pass it up or get engaged with a kid in the car. Too much liability. And another example of profiting from the use of government property.

    1. DUI classes were in the Garden Center for a while. It would seem there would be an agreement between the DMV and the City.

      1. Lana that is not the DMV or DPS, it’s a cop making $$$ on the back end of the tickets he writes using City facilities for nothing. I’m surprised, given the bashing of Alice Moseley on this thread that Trooper Dale’s side gig has not come up sooner.

        1. OMG!! Wonder where the classes being taught now? Garden Center has been leased out for well over a year. GEEZE!!

        2. Wow! I had DUI. As I recall I did not make the check out to the DOT but a checking account name that made no sense for the situation. So the state doesn’t provide the service it is private! No rent no insurance no costs just let the ole taxpayer pay for the overhead! The real thought is if you do the class look for Hancock county drivers and make money! WTF?

        3. I totally agree with you Doug! Dale needs to be looked into. He teaches the class ( a total joke ) they have to watch a film. Really ?? It is not just his tickets, it is all tickets issued in Hancock County. You still have to pay the ticket but it will keep it from being reported to your insurance copy! Any age and anyone that has received a ticket can take this class. Do not know who gets the money or who you pay. I was told you go to court department and pay but not for sure. The classes was being taught across the street from a City Hall. Do not know personally what that building is called.

          1. Is the Grand Jury still convened in Handcuff County? They probably just seated a new one in July. This DUI class situation sounds like something they need to hear. Ricky may have to
            take this bull by the horns, unless it would come under the purview of a State Grand Jury since a State employee is allegedly involved?!

  19. I remember 20 years ago that they were using the library and they tried to get the HP to pay for the grass cutting as it was knee high and they said they have nothing to do with it. Yes, but they didn’t say who did. Now the elected officials know why we scrutinize every financial transaction. Always some benefit. If you are elected and a family member gets DUI these guys get em off or just give em there certificate of training! It never ends!

    1. Yep, there you go. What deal did the chamber cut to em for state political influence for money to silently get into the proposed BSL Budget after 5 years? It never ends! You don’t always get what you vote for. Raise taxes and then start buying votes when the check book is Full of tax increase money! Terrible. 3 yrs comes fast!
      Doug Seal thinks it’s a good investment! Only problem is he doesn’t invest in it we do. He just gets the public exposure and free gala ticket for he and his wife who is a big chamber supporter also on other people’s money. Great meet greet and photo op!

  20. Just an observation, but I’d suggest much of this thread is terrible optics. Stop using “insider nicknames,” non-standard grammar and other anomalies. Just write in reasonably standard English so that those not fluent in whatever the hell slang/ euphemisms/code are being used can easily understand what is being said. Many people actually do care about the goings-on on the coast and might consider Slabbed a source of information, but when readers are forced to try to decipher a lot of the comments, all but the already-converted are lost. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but damn, it does have to be reasonably understandable and semi-literate or it is just comes across as a bunch of kooky local gibber-bitching.

    1. Nunya Bidness, please, no one is wrong about grammar, insider nicknames and other anomalies. Most people are using there phones, of course doing it to throw others off, working with some of these people or even friends with them. Auto correct is faster then you can type. It’s life and not that important as long as people get there point across! I have had several people tell me about on Point. I just laugh because one day “ On Point “ will not misspell a word and use correct grammar. The next day, grammar & misspelled words are thrown out to the curb! One last thing, you cannot correct on Slabb after you hit send! Move on!

      1. Not really what I mean. For example, consider the following three examples:

        City Councilman John Doe voted to spend a million dollars on cupcakes from his wife’s bakery.

        Sity Consulmen Jhn Doe vote to spend million dolars on cpcakees from his wives bakree.

        Doughboy is just spending more taxpayer funds on treats from you know who.

        The first two are understandable by any reasonable reader as the same thing regardless of errors, while the third requires either an in-depth knowledge of the situation, people, etc. or a decoder ring. Who the heck is “doughboy” and what “treats” are being bought and from whom? Is it a rich or fat man hiring hookers, buying drugs or ordering pizza? Moreover, whoever is doing the spending and whatever it is being spent on, not all readers know to whom the money is going.

        My comment isn’t about the inevitable spelling error or mistake of grammar we all make, it is about clear communication. Some of what gets posted to Slabbed, bluntly, comes across as illiterate or even ignorant raving. The sad thing is it might well be reasonably accurate and well-informed if it could be understood, but because it cannot, it reads like ignorant raving and it will be viewed that way by a lot of readers. I’m not judging anyone, just offering a viewpoint that some may or may not wish to consider.

  21. I understand the Bay police chief delivers his kid to school in his unmarked police vehicle. More personal use and unnecessary liability. What next? Pull your camper or launch your boat with government vehicles? Ice helllllp.

  22. ICE is courting the Chamber now! Maybe they will vote for him this go around. Probably not. Ice is getting them in the door and Les will hit us with the Coup De Gras!

  23. The state auditors office is horrible. They should be watching the abuse and prosecuting offenders more often. Remember “operation pretence”? If you don’t, look it up. Stings like that should be going on continuous to protect the taxpayer. Elected officials get bold and complacent at an alarming rate when left unchecked.

  24. I believe the city has a vehicle policy that prohibits unauthorized passengers in city vehicles. Not to mention state law prohibiting personal use of government property. Just saying.

    1. In BSL the police are questionable and do nothing to help their own image. Abusing taxpayers and taxpayers money is kind of the norm.

      After raising taxes 4 mils maybe they can reward em with a raise instead of giving it away to the Chamber!

    1. Trix,
      Here is what has been accomplished this election cycle in BSL.
      1.Raise Taxes 4 mils and deceive the public it was 2 mils because the school lowered theirs by 2 mils.
      2. The school now needs their mils back and the elected officials are pointing the finger at them! We are not stupid but sometimes deceived.
      3. They are attempting to get the Chamber of Commerce back on our Tit now that the check book is ALMOST balanced due to unprecedented building and tax increases. We can’t park another car. Saying the Chamber brings political connections. Really, they won’t help us without specific payment when we fund them at every level of government from the Fed to the City! They think the Chamber Director is going to pull a rabbit out the hat! Believe me she never met a camera or microphone she didn’t use to take full credit.
      4. They have installed more speed bumps to special friends and potential voters than in the entire state! Several thousand dollars for each bump to be installed and endless car damage to taxpayers.
      5. Secretly meeting with a hotel developer for tax abatements. Not limited to the city officials but also the county supervisors.
      6. Private Car Club using the harbor for free while stopping other citizens and guests a place to park and enjoy our city.
      7. They have turned the Depot Building into a convoluted mess by picking and choosing who can get free rent based on nothing but favors.
      8. Grass Cutting and trash pick up is at an all time low. Poor logistics management and a nil maintenance program.

      I’m going to stop there as I am becoming Pissed thinking about it!

      Just Sayn!

      1. Now taking 100K from library and going up two more mils this while Cedar Point goes to crap and a anointed few of non achievements gets huge raises while normal workers get 50 pennies. Soon as they see a penny they spend 3! Where’s our development and drainage projects Seal? Quit reading your computer of yesterday and look around you sir. Sold Out is solely right. Thank you

  25. Doug Seal said the money with the chamber was a good investment! WOW! When asked what we are investing in they say political influence! The real story is that the chamber is just the Deep State! They will have their handout every budget year! Seal and Wife will proudly be at the Gala with the free tickets the 1st Ward voters bought em! Call him and ask what they are investing in? Ask him or his wife if they pay chamber dues or just the entities they work for that expect this taxpayer support. Doug is cheap and doesn’t pay for much unless it is your money! The best he can say is Promises. Kind of like Wimpy in Popeyes! The Chamber will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today!

    1. Just read the Sea Coast Echo! The same Councilman, Doug Seals, that said the chamber was a good investment, just got the City in a Law Suit. He motioned to go against the legal advice of our attorney on a zoning issue! It doesn’t cost him just the tax payer. He also motioned to raise taxes. I suppose to help cover stupid decisions that have been made since his first election. He also voted to give the chamber money in 2003 when his sister in law embezzled it. Wow! He kows investments!

  26. I’m being told the chamber handout is Mike Farve’s idea. Tish must have hooked him up, she has no limits when it comes to money. I’m sure the 7 dwarf’s will follow along like good little boys and take the easy road.

    1. To All
      Ice courting the chamber?
      Not sure but
      Waveland belongs
      County belongs
      Diamondhead belongs
      Every city I checked on belongs to the chamber in their community but bsl and its not just in Hancock county but everywhere.
      Maybe some of these haters don’t want to see BSL move on or try to get some economic development or advertising?

      Speed Bumps for friends, thousands of dollars each? How many are actually Ice’s friends?
      I believe lying les tried to sell them to some citizens for that price when citizens offered to pay for them their self.
      I looked up the price of the bad yellow ones and they are around $400.
      Hate them all.

      Depot for free?
      Lying les gave free rent to the chamber
      Thieving les gave free rent to Carter for his Mardi Gras costumes
      Don’t know who gave free rent to tourism
      AM was paying
      Now free rent

      Grass cutting at all time low?
      Don’t be a FOOL
      No service since it was taken back over by lying les from the contractor.
      One area kept up.
      Not 90, 603 or anything
      If you believe different than I pitty you FOOL.
      90-603 been cut more this year than the past 2-3 years combined.
      Yes city grass needs cutting everywhere
      So does Waveland and the county
      But Ice and Council are trying to get it done.
      They are looking at more help.
      They are looking at out sourcing this service as well.
      Bet if that happens grass gets cut and he’s still NGSB
      All in All OK with the progress BSL is making, not sure about the chamber, don’t know that cost,
      But do believe a mil increase for services would be ok, we are low but don’t want to get crazy with it. Show me what it is for.

      Also believe some people need to worry more about their own city / county or personal backyards.
      Not just here but at the public forums as well.

      1. yes, just keep pecking at it-
        Mike Farve can not manage -outsource “everyding”-as he says
        maybe he can outsource his English too

  27. Stone,
    Stone they are funded at the Fed Level, State Level, County Level, and the State Port. Diamondhead, Waveland and BSL citizens pay taxes to all of these levels.
    The Chamber Directors Salary is paid by what she brings in. We are paying her 4 times from the same payor! She makes in excess of $120K per year plus she runs 22 other non profit that pay her and that includes the Yacht Club which she is a member and Library which she gets a stipend!
    The Yacht Club was paying over $19K a year in advalorem. She showed them how to go non profit and quit paying local taxes run the non profit thru her and just pay her. The library has the same gig! How many times is she entitled to be paid? 22 plus every level of government! I will assure you the YC is not a benevolent organization! The Chamber is not either! They are a business working on non taxable dollars to a payroll that is over 70% of their budget. Let me know when to say UNCLE!

    1. Sold Out,
      What criteria has to be met for an organization to be a non profit? Do their membership
      and amenities have to be open to the general public?
      If so, I am amazed that the Yacht Club qualifies. We have been members for 40 years, and I can tell you no one uses that place without membership unless you are a guest and that is allowed once a month.

      1. Filing with the Secretary of State, Lana; that’s the difference between a non profit & a not for profit. Please don’t pretend like you don’t know.

    2. Sold Out, that is a damn good salary. I was wondering how many employees she has? Are they all volunteers? I had to call the Chambers a few time with questions for some events and the first thing out of there mouth is Good Morning this is _______ , how May I help you? Start to ask questions and interrupted with “ Are you a member of the Chambers”? Of course no I’m not and that tone completely change. Never have answers or will return my call after finding out answers. Nope, no phone call returned and never received my answers after I called several times! People better wake up and realize who is making out on this deal!

    3. Sold Out,
      Does it matter that her brother is the Attorney for the Library Board? And, where can these 22 non profits she manages be viewed? I think our Museum in Waveland is one of them. Let the rest of us know where you got the list, please.

    1. Yes, Trixie. Currently the recorded history of the Bay-Waveland Yacht Club with SOS is it was organized as Business Corporation in 1895, and acquired status as Non Profit
      Corp. in 1949. Had nithing to do with Tish or Chamber. Way before her time.

      1. It was a not for profit and has changed in the last 3 years. Time will tell, shit will smell and water seeks its own level! Very few know but I will agree for now!

        1. The Yacht club redid its bylaws a couple of years ago. The articles of change on file at Dweebert’s office sounded like a typical mission statement to me.

          The last 990 for BWYC did not reflect any huge salaries or payments required to be disclosed to independent contractors. The form was prepared by a reputable coast CPA. This fact pattern still raised some questions so I sent an email to Jimmie Ladner to get a clarification. The BWYC is a social club [501(c)(7)] and there is no exemption in the main Ad Valorem exemption statute but there are tax exemptions scattered throughout the Mississippi Code. When I know more I’ll be happy to share what I found out.

    2. Trixie you are not correct. Mississippi law provides a form of business entity in the not for profit corporation. But forming one does not make it tax exempt nor is it the exclusive form of tax exempt entity. As a practicing CPA I see more Trusts as tax exempt organizations than the old fashioned Corporation, privacy of the contributors being a major issue but not the only issue.

      Only the IRS can bestow a tax exemption and only those entities that meet the definitions contained in 26 U.S. Code §501 get the IRS exemption.

      Its a duality because the entity is formed under the laws of the state where formed but is only tax exempt by upon letter issued by the IRS. Nonprofit, not for profit is otherwise meaningless jargon.

  28. Not sure what non profit but the ad valorem tax was exchanged for chamber stipends to file and track! Yep Partners!0

    1. Yes that what the chamber is everyone is there partner. They help you avoid taxes and direct it to themselves! Take that to the bank! Not the chamber the bank!

  29. The problem is the deep state are awarded and appointed not elected! Make no qualms about it. It is real and it hurts people who don’t agree!

  30. I know some of us are getting caught up in who hates who in this thread, but as I read this, I can’t help but step back and look at the situation from another angle regardless of who the players are.
    Here we are in the poorest state in the union, in a community where 75% of the children in the public schools are on free lunch, where the School Board relies on local ad valorem taxes to provide a local supplement to the teachers who are left in a state that lost close to 2,000 teachers this past year. They had to seek greener $$$ pastures in other states to survive. After the 15 year struggle to build back our community, local ad valorem taxes are the last thing we should be giving up regardless of who the architect was of this “deal” it’s not a good one for the community as a whole, although it may be good for the “architect.” And it may open a door that will become more difficult and maybe impossible to shut. This definitely is creating more questions than answers, but we will get to the bottom of it.

  31. Lana, 100% correct. All this love and backfilling of government for the betterment of humanity is out of control. We need to start taking of and benefiting those who are paying the bills. The Chamber fosters 22 non profits that the as a nonprofit benefit from. The forced benevolence of the nearly extinct our taxpayer is increasing our existence in this country and city. The chamber flourishes while the city services and schools barely exist. Soon to become extinct taxpayers are dying off. Business owners who provide services are better
    off going non profit and just paying themselves big salaries much like the chamber! They have no civic give back just show me the money and I can get a raise! No questions asked. Get a big gala invite the philanthropic elected officials and wAtch the money pour in!0

    1. Duped,
      These 22 non profits the Chamber or their Hancock County Development Foundation manages keeps coming up. Where can we view this list?

      1. Lana,
        Look on the Hancock County County Community Development Page, there are 22 groups listed; Ruth’s Roots, Friends of McCloud Park, etc . I think that must be them.

        1. They run them through the Hancock Development Commission? The Chamber has aliases that siphon money. They need an IRS Audit!

  32. Lana,
    Look on the Hancock County County Community Development Page, there are 22 groups listed; Ruth’s Roots, Hancock Co Sheriff Canine Operations, etc . I think that must be them.

    1. The Chamber of Commerce is the Mother of all Non Profits. She shows them how to do it and they all benefit while the lonely competitive businesses and taxpayers pay! They do not show their long reaching arm to their membership or elected officials and scam them too.

      Now the City wants them to write grants! They are a scam for money and deception of duty to the public at large.

  33. They are entrenched at every level of local government except Bay Saint Louis. We got away from them and the business district grew at levels never seen before or anywhere else for that matter. Now our impotent elected officials want them back to do what?

    It is the deep state!

    1. Lana and Sold Out,

      Really you do not like the chamber -interesting
      And you have not said a word about Mike farve mismanagement of tax payers money
      one prime example-five thousand in back pay for wrongful firing of the officer-interesting not one word from the alliance-I could go on and on –
      the les haters would have been all over that one
      lol kind of hypocritical-just saying

      1. Cookie,
        I know when a thread gets this long things can be missed, but I did post on the alleged firing of the officer on August 9, at 10:25pm, if that will help you.
        No hypocrisy here.

          1. Mistakes are one thing calculated wrong deeds are another. I don’t like paying for anything that does not provide me a better quality of life! He fired someone he didn’t pay his spouse for over year while she was employed in another state. He didn’t misappropriate funds and lie in meetings and deplete the utility funds. Actually we are starting to get a check book account again. But, giving money away shame on him!

            1. Mike Farve and the Council are doing the best they can on the information they have. The people are part of the process if you do not give them truthfull information there are people that will not and take advantage. I say get involved they want to know and they want to represent. If you do not talk with them logically and truthfully you are not fulfilling your part of the obligation! It is Of the People, for the People, by the Prople dont sit on your hands and expect them to be Savants then criticize after the fact! I have not had one of them not entertain my input. They don’t always agree but do give me the chance to have input along with everyone else who does!

      2. Cookie, please get some facts before you comment! Mayor Favre mismanaged tax payers money? You are so confused, that was Les that did that. As far as paying back pay for firing a officer, yes he should have been fired! I saw the video! He was gonna get us taxpayers and city into a lawsuit! It did not cost the taxpayers. The money was there and never spent. Ok he was granted back pay but that did not prove him to be innocent in his wrong doing! He was granted backpay period not granted anything else! If he had a chance, he would have went for more money but knew by the advice of civil service and attorney that was all he was gonna get and in title to! He was fired! Don’t you think he would have went out to protect his reputation and career, couldn’t because Video does not lie! As far as people would have been all over this if it was Les, hell there is not enough megabytes in everyone’s computer to comment on what he has done wrong ! Slabb would also have to get Slabb 2 to keep up with all those comments! I am using your comment, I could go on and on about Les! Yes it is funny ( lol ) how Les got away with so much !

  34. This is more than humorous. Council Lady McDonald wanted a public swimming pool. She is a member, maybe she can just go down to the over crowded water park on carroll and ulman and invite them to the swimming pool!

  35. Cookie not sure where you get you information.
    Sounds like les Oliver arguing with council at the meeting tonight that the city went up 8 mll last year and used the school board money.
    Pitty that Fool
    One was paid back pay according to the minutes.
    But that money was there
    It was never spent.
    Didn’t cost money he tax payers nothing extra.
    Do you know why Ice may have changed his mind?
    Seems if it was wrong doing he would be suing the city.
    Not receiving his pay.

    Doug Lana, this yacht club – chamber is crazy. Not sure what the hell is gong on here.
    Doug you stated a 4 mill increase for city and a 2 mill increase for school.
    I listened to the budget meeting tonight and previous workshops and at no time did I hear a 6 mill increase .
    If I heard correctly Ice stated tonight that everything was based on a 2 mill increase for the city.
    Not sure where they ended up.
    Also stated looked like the school mill would stay flat.

    Pissed you are dead on

    Doug & Lana keep up the good work.
    Will look forward to the yacht club follow up.

    Remember seeing a post where lying les Wendy Tish Rhonda spouses in a big limo all dressed up. Anything for votes.
    Ice Council don’t fund the chamber.

    Rather you go up the 2 mill.
    Build up some reserves that Ice some council& Mr. David talked about during the public forum.
    That’s smart thing to do but Doug crawfishes on tax increase. Talks a good game till time to act.
    Gary goes crazy on fire guy. Even wanted to go on a closed door meeting. Hmm
    Gene wants a .5 mill increase.
    Gen the few that oppose an increase is going no to bash your ass if it’s a 1/2 or 10 mill increase.
    You three need to grow some 🎱⚽️🏈🏀
    I’m a Republican with y’all but cuts have been made , services must be provided
    Don’t be scared you were elected to make hard decisions and this isn’t hard at all.
    You need money. Unless a pot of gold is hidden raise the mill and provide me with the services that was promised.
    Don’t handcuff this administration. They have done right the first year with my money.
    Trust is the key.

    1. Stone,
      The revelations on the Tax Collector get worse by the minute. Diamondhead Country Club and all Veteran organizations still on tax rolls while Bay-Waveland Yacht Club takes a free ride with Jimmie and the Supers driving the get away car $$$$ I have emailed Blaine—Silence!!
      And, Department of Revenue clarified yesterday, this act is “solely” in the hands of the “County.” Is the “County” one elected official, or 5 ? I have never witnessed at any Supervisor meeting, the Tax Collector called on to vote on any issue. The buck stops with the 5 Supers. Period. Good questions for their Town Hall meeting next week!!$$

  36. In time the Chamber will get to them and explore their taxing status and give them an option. They are busy working the politicians right now for services and $$$$$$. Government pays better and they don’t have to do anything. They also don’t check out their sources. That has become our job.

  37. Lana you will always get silence from Blaine, David B, Philip M. They are all about “me” and getting campaign money. They will definitely know how to call you when they need financial help.
    The whole bunch are all self centered. Please remind me of something good any of those 3 Muskateers have done for the County, city or whatever?? What legislation in Jackson has benefited our area? Help me here…

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