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  1. Fellow Choctaw’s, and citizens lend me yours ears and keep those stone hearts cold. Pascagoulans is this what we have come to? To left bereft of security, abandoned to malfeasance and indebted to entitled self serving thugs. Dangwood Maxwell came to office with his mouth almost as full as his gut. Typical politician promises, promises and more promises. Him and his dimwit accompances council members pass a budget forget all the political kickbacks they made and suddenly discovered they ‘overspent” by 14 million dollars. My fellow citizens who do you think will pay for this? Who do you think ad valorium taxes wil magically increase? Shady White like his Rat predicesor is busy the janitorial staff and those ruthless secretaries. Prison terms for 14 million in stolen office supplies. Meanwhile Maxwell Smart and his crooked linch mob get away with collusion. 603watts is bling city. You think after let’s say 5 or 6 hundred thousand or so this idiot attorney Ryan Fredrick would have deployed his backbone and warned somebody. Or after a couple million or so figured he is the city official that is responsible for financial overbite. Dope nope. This incompetent moron toots the whistle at 14 million. City needs to hire a real attorney not a fake one. These idiots including conncil members Parker Kennedy and Barrow are extremely busy tonight figuring ways to blame the janitors. So Doug how about some love over here in Pascagoula. May not be the inbreeding found in Hancock County but we can steal lie and cheat the taxpayers with the best of them. And the Moron author Barr sounded like he was giving a high school math project at the last council meeting. So Doug lend me your blog. Give the debit ridden City of Pascagoula some of the attention you shower on those Bay St. Louis folks. We so richly deserve it.

  2. I thought for sure, that by now, his son would come to his aid and bring his bestie, Baby Walker! What’s this world coming to??

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